Thursday, December 6, 2012

Faith Realized…..

By: J Robert Giles


I’ve tried as hard as I can to put into words the emotions and feelings I had on the night of November 6th. It’s been exactly a month and to be honest, I still don’t really understand what happened. For the most part, I think the emotions I have are very similar to every other conservative American…..I’m relieved.

I know that sounds funny coming from someone who, for over a year, has written nothing but anti-Obama rhetoric. I understand that many of you who have read my articles faithfully are probably sitting there right now, adding my name to the list of people whose suffering you hope to witness.

Make no mistake; I am and always will be 100% anti-Obama. The man is a trainwreck of a President but he’s stolen enough of my energy. He’s stolen enough of my thoughts, my focus, my time, and my attention. To comprehend the emotions of relief that I am feeling, I have to explain the circumstances of my personal life in the days leading up to the election and the days since.

I was in Hawaii for the election. Anyone who has ever made that long flight to paradise can certainly relate to the fact that misery is hard to come by. As I watched the words “President Obama Wins Re-Election…..” scroll across the bottom of the FoxNews screen the anger that I had prepared myself to feel simply didn’t materialize. I simply turned off the TV and enjoyed the rest of my trip.

That’s a horribly simplified version of the details. My mood was enhanced by several other pieces of circumstance that may literally have prevented a psychological meltdown. As I’m sure was the case in many homes and minds across the country in the weeks and months leading up to the election, I prayed. I prayed almost daily. I prayed on the plane on the way to Hawaii. I prayed feverishly.

What was I really praying for? Was I really praying for the Dick Morris projected, landslide victory for Mitt Romney? Was I praying for a catastrophic defeat of liberalism? Well, okay….maybe a little but that certainly wasn’t the central message of my chats with the Big Man.

The thing about unanswered prayers is that they don’t truly exist. People assume that a loved one dying is God turning His back on them. People assume that a loss for their favorite sports team is God ignoring their prayers which as we all know, is only true when it comes to Chicago Cubs fans. People assume that Mitt Romney’s loss in the 2012 Presidential Election is a sign that God has abandoned America but that is simply not true.

God answers all prayers, but he does it in His time, not ours. If God intends for America to fail, she will fail no matter who’s living in the White House. That’s the thought that carried me through to the prayers I prayed on that long flight over the Pacific.

See… trip to Hawaii was with my lovely, beautiful, and terribly excited fiancĂ©, Jackie. We were headed to the island of Oahu, where we would be married on November 1st, at sunset. The prayers I prayed were that my mind would be focused on Jackie and not Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Jackie had never been to Hawaii and she deserved the excitement and awe of the experience. She deserved not only the sunset beach wedding of her dreams, but also the “twinkle” in my eye she loves so much. Barack Obama has, on many occasions, turned that twinkle into fiery rage. God answered my prayers.

Prior to the trip, I had been working on two articles… to release in the event of a Romney win, and another to release in the event of our current reality. Shortly after landing in Honolulu, I retrieved my laptop from my backpack, only to discover that the mother-board had blown and replacement was simply not an option. I was without a computer from the very start. (Not the way I prayed it, but it was an answered prayer.)

It took about 36 hours for my mind to wrap itself around the fact that I was heading into the election without any way to share my opinions, thoughts, or reactions. At least not electronically. Instead, I was “forced” to share those moments with the one person God truly intended me to share them with. The time difference prevented conversation with anyone back home. The lack of computer meant I was limited to text messages, Tweets, and Facebook postings from my phone, which after a while gets kind of old. I shared the experience with Jackie, as God intended.

By the time our wedding rolled around on November 1st, my focus was right where it should have been. The twinkle was in my eyes and to be honest…..if Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had skipped past us, holding hands on the beach that night, I wouldn’t have recognized them. God had answered my prayers.

When the election finally rolled around, I was disappointed, but I was not crushed the way I had anticipated. It was the same kind of defeat I feel when the Cowboys lose, or when the Cardinals blow a 3-1 Series lead in the NLCS… sucks but it couldn’t defeat the joy I was feeling in my personal life.

Barack Obama couldn’t take away the week I had experienced with Jackie all over the island. His Barackness can’t tax away the beauty of our sunset wedding. Liberalism, no matter how hard it screams, can never erase God’s presence from that sunset ceremony. (CLICK HERE for photographs)

I think many Americans are feeling similar emotions to the ones I experienced in Hawaii. Perhaps not as “tropical” but similar. Obama’s win did not end life as we know it. It certainly didn’t defeat us. Perhaps we put too much faith in Mitt Romney to do the job we needed to do ourselves, or perhaps we just got our butt’s kicked but one thing’s for sure…..America survived.

The sun came up on November 7th and has done so each and every morning since. The campaign ads are gone. The fear and the baseless predictions of polls no longer clog our psyches. Christmas is upon us and to be honest, the election seems like a distant memory. There is work to be done, but in the spirit and meaning of this season, I beg of you….. do not lose your faith.

Don’t lose your faith in America. Don’t lose your faith in yourselves. Don’t lose your faith in our brilliant system of government. Don’t lose your faith in your family. Don’t lose your faith in your goals. America is greater than its President the same as the world is greater than any one of its countries. America is an idea, not just a place. Fuel the fires of patriotic ambition that spread so wildly amid hopes of a new president. Don’t surrender your ambition so easily. Work. Have faith in yourself where government is failing and work. Create. Start. Fight. Think. WIN!!

There is no better time of year than Christmas to refuel your faith. God will answer those prayers that are prayed from a position of sincerity. He really will. It may not be in the fashion you envision as the prayer flows from your mind, but it will be answered. America will survive if it’s what we sincerely pray for.

Christmas means gifts and I can think of no better gift than our suffering through another four years of His Barackness so that my children can inherit a better America than the one they’re being raised in.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ask Yourself…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” - Satchel Paige


Ahead of tonight’s debate, your opinion will be shaped by whichever news sources you choose. While it may be hard for many of us to understand how someone could be undecided at this point in the election, it could be said that being decided upon Obama is far worse.

During the debate tonight, try to ask yourself a series of questions. Listen to the words of both candidates, but most importantly, listen to what your gut tells you. As soon as the debate is over, turn off your television and form your own opinions with those closest to you. Resist the “easy way out” which has cost us so much in the last four years. Resist the urge to rely on overtly biased news sources to give you what should be your most cherished privilege as an American. Vote with YOUR heart. Not the heart of your grandparents, or parents, or friends, or co-workers, or neighbors, or those within your community but rather with YOUR heart and YOUR mind.

Too much has been given. Too much has been lost. Casting a foolish vote for foolish personal reasons is simply unacceptable. Ask yourself the questions and answer them truthfully. If you can do that, then your choice is clear. If you allow the opinions of others to influence your answers to the following questions then you do not deserve the freedoms afforded you by this great country.

· Do you honestly believe that Mitt Romney wants to go to war?

Look at the way the two men carry themselves. One is out bragging about accomplishments that turn out to be so axiomatically false that the blood of four dead Americans will forever stain his hands. So arrogant was Obama about his uniting presence in the Middle East that he intentionally overlooked obvious signs of terror to come. So determined was Obama to pass off this “al Qaeda’s on the run” nonsense to all of us willing sheep. Notice the arrogance, the discomfort with the line of questioning.

Remember what was said and done in the weeks following the MURDER of Ambassador Stevens. Don’t listen to the reckless revisions of history that take place in Obama’s head. You were there! You were there and yet Obama will try to make you believe that what you saw and heard from him and his administration didn’t actually happen. He will say all this with a straight face, theatrical emotions, and righteous indignation but you must remain strong. You must stare down the blinding beam of his lies and form your own opinion.

Now take a look at Romney. Regardless of the words used, which man do you feel would show more strength, character, and American courage in the face of a suddenly emboldened enemy? Do you think Mitt Romney is really itching to send more troops into harm’s way?

· Do Obama’s words match his record?

On Libya – Nothing he says matches what he said last week. And none of that matched what was said the week prior.

We’ve heard time and time again that “Usama bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda’s on the run.” What we haven’t heard a whole lot of is the fact that Hillary Clinton actually gave the order for the strike that killed bin Laden and al Qaeda is gathering strength and support in parts of the world Obama has assured us were free of terror.

He claims a tough stance on terrorism but then refuses to classify anything as terrorism. The attacks at Fort Hood were NOT “workplace violence.” They were terrorism but admitting that would mean admitting terrorism had occurred, on American soil, during a re-election campaign. It would also mean quite a bit more money to the surviving victims and grieving families. Obama has no problem giving billions of dollars of taxpayer money to his generous donors at fairy-tale firms like Solyndra, A123 Systems, and Fisker but heaven forbid he spend an extra couple of bucks on a dead soldier when he can avoid it with semantics. It’s pathetic. You know it in your heart that this is not the way things are supposed to work.

· Would Mitt Romney EVER allow the office of the President of the United States of America to be represented on a radio show with a man calling himself “Pimp With a Limp?”

Of course it’s natural for a candidate to seek out “friendly” territory for public appearances in the course of a campaign but at some point His Barackness has to realize that the office he was elected to hold transcends cool points every time. He has to realize that the message he sends to other countries is not one of strength when he’s constantly pandering. David Letterman, Jon Stewart, and the “ladies” from The View are fine after your term, Mr. President but until then…..get your ass back in that office and fix this disastrous economy!

· When you look at the two candidates at the podiums tonight, which one do you believe will honestly make a better president?

Which one do you honestly feel more connected to? Sure, Obama has the cool words and the animated stage presence but is that what is going to get this economy growing again? Mitt Romney understands business. He understands negotiations. He’s not fake. He’s not disingenuous. Mitt Romney is realistic. He’s logical. Most importantly; he’s truthful. Barack Obama is none of those things. Barack Obama is a liar. He will say and do anything to remain in power but given the opportunity, there may not be a country left for him to rule.

We literally cannot afford four more years. Norman Mattoon Thomas ran for the office of United States President an astonishing six times. The problem was that he was the leader of the American Socialist Party and in a speech in 1944, he said the following:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened……I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

Do we want to prove him right? Is free crap worth living like the Greeks? It’s a reality that even the most eloquent and charming speech can’t avoid. Take a second to read up on the problems facing Greece and several other countries right now and then ask yourself who you think is better equipped to steer the United States clear of such troubling waters. There is ONE clear choice in this election and that choice is the man who has withstood every baseless, fact-free, straw-man attack the current administration has thrown his way. The truth is not always fun to look at. It doesn’t always make as interesting a story as the made up world in which Obama lives, but the truth is what we need to face as a country because you know what…..America has never backed down from a challenge and that’s exactly what we face right now. It’s a challenge but it’s a challenge we can defeat with integrity, determination, and a complete absence of Barack Obama in the White House.

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forward No More…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.”  - Mitt Romney


Isn’t it amazing how often the Obama Administration / Campaign tells us to ignore something as soon as the public starts to question their stance? Are you as sick of it as I am? Isn’t it mystifying how often Obama does something “heroic” in the hours prior to a potential ass-whooping?

This week, ahead of tonight’s debate, we’re being told that the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi is only an issue because Mitt Romney is making it one. Seriously, that’s the line being taken by the President of the United States. How many of you would have gotten away with such foolishness with your parents when you were kids? How many of you would have been permitted to stand there, look your father in the eye, and spew such nonsense?

Imagine if you and your friends had burned down a significant portion of the woods behind your family homes when you decided it would be a wise idea to light firecrackers in the hollowed trunk of a dead tree. (Again…..I’m sorry, Mom!) Imagine if you had come up with some story that blamed someone other than yourself and upon being caught in your lie, you claim that the fire is only an issue because the people you blamed are making it one. I believe my parents would have spent several nights crafting a sadistically creative and life-changing punishment for me!

That’s exactly what Barack Obama is doing right now. It’s been over a month since the attacks and just this week, in the days and hours preceding a debate in which a defeat would most likely leave him in need of a new home, Obama says he is “considering” sending in Special Forces to retaliate. Take a look at the facts for a few minutes. The timeline of events, as given under sworn Congressional testimony, simply doesn’t satisfy Obama’s claims.

In April of 2011, Christopher Stevens arrived in Benghazi. His mission was simple in its underlying theory but more difficult than anyone in the administration would admit in its implementation. Stevens was sent there to forge alliances with the rebel forces battling Ghadafi. Those forces won and as we all know, Ghadafi was removed from power after 40 years of rule. A “Commander” in Chief would have understood the dangers such an event would pose to a US Ambassador in the region. A “Commander” in Chief would have secured his assets against inevitable threats. Unfortunately, we have a “Campaigner” in Chief.

In March of 2012, Eric Nordstrom, the State Department Regional Security Officer sent a cable to his superiors in Washington. In this cable, Nordstrom requested additional diplomatic security forces in Benghazi. He received NO response. In July, he repeated his actions and received the same result. First, those who say “well, why didn’t he try another method of communication” have never worked within the strict yet necessary confines of an established chain of command. Why would Nordstrom lie? What would he have to gain by speaking out against his superiors? He’s risking his career by speaking out. What is Obama risking if Nordstrom’s version is the truth? He’s risking his Presidency. Now I ask you. Who has more motive to lie? Who has more history of creating scenarios which later turn out to be “seasonally adjusted?”

On April 6, 2012 two Libyan guards who had recently been fired threw an improvised explosive device (IED) over the fence of the consulate. That’s just six months prior to the attack on 9/11. Again, a bomb was thrown over the fence of the consulate and no additional security was provided. Two requests sent, that we know of, yet no additional security provided.

On May 22, 2012 a Facebook post by Islamic extremists in the region states “now we are preparing a message for the Americans.” The message is posted just hours after an attack on the Red Cross facility in Benghazi.

On June 6th, a hole is blown in the north gate of the embassy compound. The damage is ominously described by a witness as being “big enough for forty men to run through.” No arrests, no additional security. Later in the month, another Facebook post by increasingly bold Islamic extremists outlines the daily travel routine of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. He was being watched and the ones performing the surveillance were so emboldened that they posted their research online. Their “street cred” was propelled, our reputation was weakened, and no additional security was provided.

Now, all of this has happened and guess what happened in July…..the stupid video everyone on the left seems to believe was the root cause of all the “bumps in the road” was posted to YouTube. That’s right. A bomb thrown over the fence. An explosion rips a gaping ENTRY into the north wall of OUR embassy. Surveillance of OUR Ambassador is brazenly posted online and all of this occurred prior to the release of the apology generating film.

On August 14th, State Security Team led by Lieutenant Colonel Andy Wood is ordered out of Benghazi. According to sworn testimony, Ambassador Stevens begged Wood to stay. He was fearful. He felt as if he was living on “borrowed time.”Not only was no additional security provided; but the little bit that was already in place was reduced. Interestingly, Hazard Pay to those working in the region was increased. Why would they have increased hazard pay if there was no threat? Why would the State Department have acknowledged an increased level of hazard in paychecks but not in protection?

On September 8, 2012, the Libyan militia tasked with protecting the consulate warns that the security situation is “frightening.” Family members reportedly warned them of imminent attacks. No fewer than 48 hours notice given, yet nothing was done to secure the facility, the personnel, or the highly sensitive information and files kept inside the consulate. The warnings did not fit the narrative and were immediately dismissed. Any other description or account is simply false.

On September 10, 2012, al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls on Islamic Libyans to avenge the death of his Libyan Deputy, Abu Yahya al Libi who was killed in Pakistan in June by a US drone strike. The day before the anniversary of al Qaeda’s biggest victory over the United States a threat of this nature is made and yet we are told that there was “no actionable intelligence” to suggest that an attack was forthcoming.


On September 11th, after protesters in Cairo storm the embassy and replace the United States flag with the colors of al Qaeda, Mitt Romney released a response to the Obama Administration’s apology. In a quickly retracted statement, Clinton stated that the attack in Libya was the result of “inflammatory material posted on the internet.” Mitt Romney was right, folks. Now he’s being condemned for saying then what the administration is saying today.

He was right and it goes against the narrative we have all been spoon fed over the last four years. Obama has led us to believe that the spread of democracy in countries where dictators and extremist rule have been removed is spreading to adoring citizens who praise the efforts of His Barackness…..the great uniter. The fact is that Barack Obama did nothing more than set up a couple of campaign talking points in the middle east.

The United States is no stronger today than we were under Jimmy Carter. The comparisons are undeniable and the response of this administration is more political staging. They blame Romney for politicizing their mistakes as if Romney is not allowed to do so. Did they think he would just lie down and give them another four years?

Questions are going to have to be answered. For four years, Barack Hussein Obama has controlled the narrative. He has controlled the audiences to which he pitches his nonsense and he has controlled the questions that were asked of him. No more. That stops now because quite frankly, the teleprompter dependant buffoon owes it to the country he has failed to lead.

Obama’s entire Presidency has been centered on winning another one. His actions have all been aimed at future speeches in which he could take unearned credit for actions that either weren’t his idea or simply didn’t happen in the manner described. Labor numbers are consistently “erroneous.” (Last week, the day of the VP debate, labor dropped below 8% for the first time in Obama’s presidency. The next day, we learned they forgot to include unemployment numbers for CALIFORNIA!!! Does anyone believe that was a coincidence?)

No matter what is said in the debate tonight; no matter what the polls may say tomorrow…..Obama is simply not the leader this country needs. Forced control is not the same thing as leadership. Avoiding tough questions and criticism is not the same thing as strength. Popularity is not the same thing as success. Charm and celebrity friendships are not the same thing as “presidential.” A loyal media is not the same thing as freedom. 23 million people out of work is not the same thing as recovery. Weakened global reputation is not the same thing as progress.

The charm and promises fooled you in 2008. This time, there is a substantial record of failure to consider before casting your vote. There is a record of dishonesty that must be factored into voting decisions and that record falls entirely on the shoulders of the man with the little (D).

Don’t be controlled. There’s a reason it’s becoming popular to jump off the Obama ship. It’s sinking, folks! Obama, with a smug smile sprawled across his face, is literally praying that you are as dumb as he needs you to be. Resist. Educate. VOTE!!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Friday, October 12, 2012

Clear the Blockage…..

By: J Robert Giles


How many of you have seen Shawshank Redemption? Despite the personally liberal leanings of Tim Robbins, his portrayal of Andy Dufresne in that film has kept it in many top ten lists for years.

In the film, Dufresne is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover after catching them in the throes of passion. He’s a gentle man who clearly doesn’t fit the stereotypical definition of an inmate. Throughout the movie, and throughout Andy’s time inside the cold, stone walls of the prison known as Shawshank, he survives horrific acts with only the “hope” of redemption providing sustenance. “Hope” as defined by Morgan Freeman’s character, Red, is a dangerous thing in a prison but Andy refuses to let go. He is dogged in his determination and steadfast in his resolve. He was innocent. He was good. He would withstand whatever was thrown at him for the chance to one day set foot on the beaches of Zihuatanejo, Mexico…..”a warm place with no memory.”

If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. If you have seen it, then surely you will agree that Mitt Romney has tunneled through the wall behind the strategically placed poster of Raquel Welch, or “Fuzzy Britches” as the warden so eloquently put it. Romney is tucked away, inside the walls of the prison. He is synchronizing his patiently measured strikes with the crashes of thunder from the violent storm outside. He’s within a few desperate strikes, using whatever is at his disposal, praying against all odds to complete a carefully conceived plan that has spanned the course of his detractor’s time in his life.

Can a better comparison be drawn than that of Barack Hussein Obama to the “river of filth” through which Andy Dufresne had to crawl in order to finally taste freedom? Andy Dufresne made the most of the world around him. He didn’t accept his fate as determined by the state, or the sociopathic guards, or a sadistic warden, or any other outside sources. He smiled in the knowledge that his faith would see him through to brighter days. The same can be said of Mitt Romney.

Everywhere Mitt Romney has gone in his life, he has delivered success. He has left a trail of people who are genuinely moved by having crossed paths with Mitt Romney. The man doesn’t brag. The man doesn’t toot his own horn. He would never have gone before the nation and taken credit for the bravery of other men. That’s simply not who he is.

What some people see as “smugness” is not that at all. Mitt Romney is not a smug man. He is a faithful man. There’s a HUGE difference and I truly believe what we witnessed last night was the gentle wisdom of Mitt Romney starting to take hold in Paul Ryan. Romney’s gentle nature won’t permit the kind of pummeling we all want to see him deliver. His faith in doing things the right way, not the popular way, is what makes him perfectly suited for the office he seeks.

Paul Ryan had to resist, with more will power than most of us could ever hope to summon, the urge to get up and beat the snot out of a condescending, disrespectful, rude, and childish old man on stage last night. Joe Biden, whether drunk, nervous, or just being himself; behaved like an amateur last night. Whatever points he may have made with his logic and words, he gave back with his body language and abhorrent social skills. The man didn’t even have the decency to respond with a simple “you’re welcome” when Congressman Ryan thanked him for the opportunity to debate in his closing statements.

We were all hoping to see another nail in the coffin of the Barack “River of Filth” Obama presidency last night, but this was not that kind of debate. This was a debate that set a lot of stages for next Tuesday’s debate. This was a debate that, for Joe Biden, was meant to steer the narrative. This debate was meant to put Romney and Ryan back on defense and it might have worked had it not been for Biden’s psychotic laughter and incredulity.

Mitt Romney is faithful. His faith is not limited to God. Mitt Romney has faith in the goodness of America. Mitt Romney believes that there is more to America than the walls Obama has put around us. He truly believes that the foolish spending, dependency nurturing, national security weakening, economy destroying, labor crushing ways of Barack Hussein Obama and his parasitic media allies are the confining walls of a prison. The prison is not incarcerating America. It’s incarcerating the hope America holds so dear. He believes in the innocence of America and he’s willing to crawl through that river of filth in order to deliver the freedom we all deserve.

It’s time for us, as the recipients of Mitt Romney’s undeniable faith, to start living like the people he believes us to be and not the people Obama has made us. If we’re going to rid this country of the germ that is His Barackness, we need to start living beyond his reach. Romney has done just that. Can we, as a nation, emulate the genuine goodness displayed by Mitt Romney? Can we finally start to look beyond our own, individual needs and consider what’s best for the country as a whole? If that time is taken; if that consideration can be applied to your vote, there is no possible way you pull that Obama lever in November.

At the end of Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne and Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding embrace on the beach of Zihuatanejo. The plan that Andy implemented required the calculated and simultaneous defeat of unfathomable opponents and obstacles, but he emerged victorious and redeemed. Do we want to give up when we’re in the sewage pipe? Right now, it could be said that the “success pipe” in America is about 47% clogged. If we give up the fight and allow His Barackness to maintain residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for four more years, that pipe will become clogged beyond any possible repair.

Hope is not a dangerous thing in America like it is within the dehumanizing walls of a prison. Hope is only dangerous in America when we are told what to hope for. Hope becomes a danger when we are encouraged, by those we elect to defend us, to “hope” for the wrong things. Hope becomes dangerous when it’s unaccompanied by ambition. The two cannot operate independently of each other and that’s why Obama’s “hope” has failed so miserably.

Hope becomes a danger when it is faked. When Barack Obama celebrated the ousters of Ghadaffi and Mubarak he pointed to all the hope these actions had delivered to a region of the world unaccustomed to such notions. For a while, we believed him. Then the reality set in. Yes, these men were finally out of power, but were they the real threat we were led to believe they were? Was there a plan in place for what or who would succeed them in power? There are four dead Americans and several heavily damaged United States Embassies who might say “no.”

Mitt Romney offers us a better option. It’s up to us to make sure that option is taken. No more hype. No more falsified information. No more “oops, we forgot to report CALIFORNIA in our jobless numbers on the morning of a Vice Presidential Debate but we swear it’s just a coincidental omission” type of mistakes. No more flexibility. No more condescension. No more disrespect. No more abandonment of principles. No more casting aside of values and traditions. No more heroic stances against imaginary foes. No more looking the other way while the man holding the highest office in our land weakens us as a country on every stage. No more.

It’s time for us to clear the blockage. This 47% nonsense seems to be the one the Obama campaign wants to go with. They are literally defending the clog in the pipe. They’re happy to let the clog increase until the flow of success in reduced to a sporadic trickle.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles