Friday, September 28, 2012

Undecidedly Needed…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” - Leonardo da Vinci


This article is an open plea to any “undecided” voter. It’s a counter response to the manipulated reality to which you have been over exposed.

Barack Hussein Obama would have you believe that you are part of a very needy group who receives little to no respect, attention, or money from your government. He would have you believe that the only way you can possibly get the life America “owes you” is to cast your vote for him and his ideology.

His Barackness loves to separate Americans into groups. In the world into which he is trying to cast America, every group has specific needs that only the government can fulfill. What was once the slow and measured spread of dependence has become a paralyzing epidemic.

Ladies first. Barack Obama would have you believe that Conservatives support a so called “War on Women.” This is false. You should be offended by such nonsense, not drawn into it. The women I know are strong. They are moral (for the most part) and they are logical. (Again…..for the most part!) The women I know; the ones who raised me and continue to put up with me to this day, would never go out in public demanding that the government provide them with contraception at the expense of others. Conservatives do not want to control your bodies, ladies. We don’t want to tell you when and where you can protect yourselves as those on the left would expect you to believe. Conservatives want you, and all Americans to succeed on your own. We don’t believe you need the government or anyone else making your most important life decisions for you. You’re smart. You can figure out how to budget birth control into your finances if it’s of importance to you, right? Please don’t get sucked into the hype and charm of Obama and his campaign. Single, married, young, old, black, white, divorced, or widowed….. cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Black people. The idea that conservatives don’t respect you is absurd. Respect has nothing to do with skin color. Respect comes from actions, not race. To that end; what actions has Barack Obama performed that make him worthy of your vote? Unemployment among your communities is over 6% higher than it is in the rest of America. That’s a verifiable fact, not political hype. I am begging of you to ask yourselves a couple of questions: Do you support abortion? Do you support gay marriage? These are both things that your “brother” has openly endorsed. Barack Obama claims membership in the black community, but ask yourself: How many of your neighbors, friends, or family members grew up in Hawaii and went to a Muslim School in Jakarta, Indonesia? Not exactly Barry from the Block, is he? I beg of you, look beyond the color of his skin. Look at his actions. Look at what he stands for. He doesn’t represent you. He uses you. He charms you and preys upon your blind loyalty and we all deserve better. He’s no different than the crack dealer who gives the first rock “for free.” They both know that once you get a taste of their “product” you’ll be back for more, and more, and more. Break the cycle of addiction and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Hispanics are another proud people being asked to abandon their beliefs in exchange for “favors” from His Barackness. Hermanos y hermanas, os ruego ..... no se dejen ver como tontos. No se dejen para ser utilizados como marionetas. (Brothers and sisters, I beg of you… not allow yourselves to be viewed as fools. Do not allow yourselves to be used like puppets.) The country to which you flee is only worth all the risk if it provides the glory you seek. That glory comes in the form of freedom and it is being stripped away by the very man telling you that you “owe him” a vote if he clears the path for your immigration. What has he done? Deportations are up, immigration is harder than ever, and he has asked the Catholic Church to set aside thousands of years of belief and scripture to make room for the scriptures of liberalism. He’s asked the sanctity of family to look the other way while the homosexual agenda is inserted into your home. The man to whom so much loyalty is given will take away the very country many of you risked your life to enter. Look at the facts and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Christians are being asked to forsake their beliefs. We have a President whose only mention of Christ comes when cameras are rolling. God commands a life foreign to Obama. Deep down in your heart, if you truly believe in God, you must also believe that so many of the arguments, actions, and statements made by the President and his administration are wrong. Mitt Romney is a genuinely good man. There are hundreds of stories that support his claims of sincere altruism, yet very few if any can be found of Barack Obama. In fact, his past actions are kept from us with such fervor; the question of “what’s he hiding” simply has to be asked. Trust your spiritual heart and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Jews who still insist on casting a vote for Barack Obama should be just as ashamed of themselves as anyone owning a copy of the Katy Perry movie. Barack Obama has made no attempts to hide the fact that his sympathies lie with Muslims in the Middle East, not Israel. His outright dismissal of Benjamin Netanyahu this week is just a small example of the disrespect given to Tel Aviv over the course of this failed Presidency. You have to be able to turn on the TV and see with your own eyes that no matter what he may say; his policies are failing in a part of the world that views Israel as an enemy. Apply simple logic to the decision and cast your vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November.

Business Owners, who do you honestly believe knows more about the ins and outs of business ownership in America? Mitt Romney who has created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars, or Barack Obama who has never run so much as a lemonade stand and considered Solyndra, Ener1, A123 Systems, and the highly combustible Chevy Volt to be “solid investments.” We can no longer afford tio run our nation’s economy on fairy tales and wishes. It’s time for a real leader to take the wheel. ObamaCare will cripple you with higher expenses and crushing tax burdens.

Men and women of the United States Armed Forces, you are the finest fighting force the world has ever known. You are strength in lands that have only known force. You are hope in neighborhoods that have only known terror. You make decisions and face consequences your detractors can’t possibly fathom and you do it all at the discretion of a man who takes credit for your courage. You do it all for a paycheck that most would consider small, and you do it with pride. Now, you are being asked by the man who is supposed to be your “leader’ to sacrifice over a TRILLION dollars so that his own agenda can be funded. Marines are not allowed to politicize their actions and dispatch United Nations goons to assign false blame when they screw up. They are certainly not afforded the sympathetic assistance of the American media. Marines own up, punish their own, and move on. I ask you to demand the same of your Commander In Chief on 6 November. Ask yourself, if Eric Holder had been a Marine would his Commanding Officer have invoked any kind of “privilege” to save him from his unethical actions, especially when those actions resulted in the death of an American?

Mitt Romney doesn’t look at America in terms of the groups we can be broken into. Mitt Romney looks at America as America. One great country that deserves a great leader. We deserve a leader with positive economic history, not a questionable past. It doesn’t matter what group you fall into because we are all in this together. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, where you work, or where you came from. It doesn’t matter where you worship. If you live in this country and have a sense of pride in that fact, you deserve better than a President who STOLE $1.4 BILLION from the American taxpayer last year so that he could fund the ridiculously extravagant lifestyle of his family. Our country has amassed $6 trillion in debt under his watch and his family spends $1,400,000,000.00 on flights, vacations, the biggest personal staff in White House history, and parties with celebrities and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. When was the last time you took a lavish vacation? When was the last time your servant made you a meal?

You know how many servants the Romney’s employ? ZERO. You know how many movers Mitt Romney hired to move his family’s belongings out of their Park City, Utah home when Hal and Corrinne Prewitt bought it from him in 2009? ZERO. He rolled up his sleeves, packed up the truck, and moved the stuff himself. (Click on the link to read this unbiased story.) That’s the kind of man I want running my country. A man who values the result of his own hard work. Not one who demands the fruits of another man’s labor and takes credit for another man’s bravery. I want a leader who can point to numerous stories of altruism and decency, not one who vehemently hides past relationships.

By the way, England’s Royal Family only took $56 million from the people of England last year. That included one of the most lavish and publicized weddings in the history of man! Think about that for a second. $1.4 BILLION for the Obamas…..$56 Million for the entire Royal Family.

Spread this article. Get this information into the hands of any undecided voter you may know. Beg them to ask you the questions that are keeping them in the “undecided column” and don’t be afraid to stand firm in your convictions when called upon to answer those questions. We must win this election. The media will not help as they are running negative stories about Romney at an alarming 13:1 pace over negative pieces about Obama. Obama is not a saint. He has zero business success in life prior to the White House and even less since moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s time to take the veil off the bride and reveal the thieving, lying, pig beneath. The honeymoon is over; it’s time to file for divorce!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transparently Dishonest…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.” - John Ruskin


Many believe that in the not too distant future, the act of deceiving a fellow human being will come to be known as “Baracking.” Although many of the words that flow so eloquently from the charmed mouth of our President are coated in thick shells of dishonesty, his actions are even more deceptive.

Set aside the horrific assault on American intellect that has been the White House’s response to the recent atrocities in the Middle East. Plenty has been written on that topic. The media won’t report it, but they are having a pretty hard time covering up the emboldened, suddenly inspired, anti-American speech being tossed about in the pit of the United Nations building this week. We’re revered as weak. Our Constitution is suddenly open to the interpretation of foreign ideology. No…..the media won’t touch that one.

For weeks we have been hearing about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Those who oppose Mitt Romney and all the success he has had in his life seem to believe that his immense wealth will somehow come as a surprise to the rest of us. Anyway, Romney releases last year’s return as well as a summary of the last two decade’s worth of tax records. Democrats are still not happy.

In fact, I don’t believe democrats will be happy until Romney hands them something they can really sink their teeth into. That’s the way they roll. That’s how they fight. They ask their opponents to drop their cover. Democrats are the types that pick a fight with a much bigger man, then ask that man to fight without the use of his hands, feet, arms, or legs and with his eyes closed so as to make it a “fair” fight.

Much to the dismay of the liberal agenda, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to have any of those proverbial skeletons in his closet. Instead, his returns show a level of compassion and charity most cannot fathom. The man gave away 29% of his income and the left claims it was “a trick.” Meanwhile, several of the leaders in the party known for spending YOUR money have not been so generous with their own. For example, over the last ten years, Vice President Joe Biden gave away a paltry .1% of his income to charity. Senator John Kerry, married to the Heinz Ketchup heiress…..he gave NOTHING in the last two years. Anybody hear anything about this in the media or was it trumped out by the noise of the Romney Witch-hunt?

Liberal hearts seem to bleed profusely, giving up money by the truckload when that money was earned by someone else. In their own lives however, their fat, rarely opened wallets and purses tell a different story. In fact, through analysis of Mitt Romney’s 2011 Federal Tax Return, we discover that Romney didn’t even take all of the deductions afforded him by law. Anyone think Obama or Pelosi would have missed a single deduction?

Now, since the media won’t do it…..let’s ask for some of that “transparency” Obama promised of his Administration. I realize that by now we should be taking Obama’s “promises” as seriously as Green Bay Packers’ fans take the integrity of the replacement referees, but let’s assume we have a man with at least some sense of honesty sitting in the Oval Office. Close your eyes and pretend that’s the case….

Okay, now that we’re all comfortably assembled in the land of make believe, let’s pretend that Obama was as much of an “open book” as his quivering little minion Jay Carney says he is. When asked in July if His Barackness would be making his college transcripts available to the public, Carney went off on a tangent about Donald Trump. “This is the same guy who insisted the president wasn’t born in the United States.”

That’s a discussion for another day, Mr. Carney. While there should not be lingering questions of any kind regarding the birth certificate of our President after four years in office, there seem to be many hanging over THIS President. Many experts have flat out called it a “forgery.” Many have said the same thing about his Selective Service registration form, calling it not only a forgery but a “crude” forgery.

That’s not what we asked though. The question asked of Jay Carney before he piddled himself and had to be put back in his crate, was whether or not President Barack Hussein Obama would release transcripts and records of his college days. It was demanded of George W. Bush. It was demanded of Texas Governor Rick Perry who complied only to be ridiculed for his relatively low marks. Why does His Barackness get a free pass?

This is not a “birther” issue, Mr. Carney. This is an issue of public interest. What classes did he seek out? With which professors did he align? These records would confirm the brilliance Obama so often claims to possess. Besides, who told the White House, especially their yipping little press secretary, that they get to tell us what is relevant and not? Maybe I want to see if The President of the United States of America applied to college as a citizen of the United States, or of Indonesia where he was living at the time of application. Maybe we want to see if he applied and attended as “Barack Hussein Obama” or if he was still going by his alias, Barry Soetero at the time. He attended Muslim schools in Jakarta, Indonesia as Barry Soetero. Foreigners were not admitted into Indonesian Public schools so there are some lingering questions there that America might want some closure on. Why are we not allowed to ask those questions?

This president has a propensity for downplaying and shrugging off serious matters. He has trained and commanded his loyal staff to do the same. I imagine training pads and shock collars were used, but I might be off base. Why is it suspicious when Romney releases records that don’t support your argument but Obama’s insanely expensive cover-up of his own past is dismissed as “laughable?”

It’s not laughable, Mr. President. It’s shameful. You promised us transparency but instead you have delivered paranoia, dependence, a weakened reputation around the world, dishonesty and manipulation of vitally important economic figures, and instability where we were once fortified.

Barack Obama simply must go. There is too much evidence, too many questions, and too little morale left in the wake of his orthodoxy. No matter what skewed numbers are thrown at us the fact remains that America simply doesn’t feel better off than we were four years ago. Until Jay Carney starts assigning me my feelings, I’m going to trust the ones God puts in my soul.

As always, thanks for playing!

J. Robert Giles

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop Playing Their Game…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Man is not free unless government is limited.” - Ronald Reagan


Why are we not rejoicing? Why are conservatives not dancing in the streets? We have a nominee who is clearly playing a different game than that in which His Barackness is perpetually engaged. We should be celebrating; tossing our hands to the heavens and thanking God for the blessing of Mitt Romney.

In fact, I truly believe that most of us are doing just that. It’s not the boisterous, riot gear necessitating kind of celebration demanded by our political opponents, but it’s a celebration nonetheless. Mitt Romney may have been speaking to a crowd of friendly “investors” in the ill-fated “secret video” but the message is one we have all thought.

The message in that grainy cell-phone video is truth but our celebration is limited. Why is that? Why is it that we have evidence of a man who is finally addressing the single most critical issue of our day but our joy is so silent? The man we all hope will become the next President of the United States finally applies logic and common sense to an issue the enemy has controlled in the past and we allow the media to control the public opinion. Folks…..we ARE the public opinion! Start acting like it.

Mitt Romney does not have the kind of personality that will allow him to attack Barack Obama in the manner we would all love to witness. Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney has a Vice presidential candidate to take care of that kind of specific workload. We should not hide our loyalty to a man who possesses the strength necessary to see the world as Mitt Romney clearly does. We should be embracing that quality. We should be emulating that quality. We should be admiring, touting, and vehemently applauding that quality. Instead, we sit in silence while sniveling little lap-dogs like Jay Carney control the flow of public mood.

Mitt Romney needs to be given the room to lead. We need to be the “knockout punch” we all hope to see Romney deliver to Barack Hussein Obama. We need to give Mitt Romney the room to point out the fact that Barack Obama has spent more time worrying about his own legacy and his ideological causes than he has spent planning for the security, financial strength, and labor force participation of this country.

Mitt Romney is a great man. He’s a terrific leader who has “gotten the job done” whenever and wherever he has been asked to do so. There are literally hundreds of stories that point directly to the natural altruism of Mitt Romney. He selflessly gives of himself in order to improve the lives of others. Mitt Romney is the one who closed down the offices of Bain Capital and sent the executives out into the streets to help search for the missing daughter of one of his employees. Mitt Romney is the one who sat with a dying boy, giving him hope in his last days. It wasn’t hope of extended life. Romney gave the boy hope that his absence would bring fond memory of his presence. Romney gave hope that final wishes would be carried out according to the boy’s wishes. That’s the kind of man Mitt Romney is and these are just some of the myriad examples.

I’ll send $5.00 (USD) to the first person who can give me one, legitimate example of such a story involving the anointed Barack Hussein Obama. Of course, the Supreme One will take his cut of that prize, so you’ll actually only receive $.38 and I am required by Obamanomics to pay you with a combination of pennies from my car’s cupholder that have the sticky residue of spilled soda on them, and the promise of hugs. In all seriousness, where are the compassionate examples of altruism from the man who supposedly “connects” so well with the average American?

Such stories cannot be found because they simply don’t exist. The little bit that we do know of Barack’s Immaculate Rise is shady and disconnected at best. His life has been devoted to the ideology that now controls his decision making processes. He believes any opposition to his brilliance is a crime. He believes blind loyalty is the truest measure of success.

The game that Barack Obama has made of this Presidential Election is the game his ideological orthodoxy demands. Asking Mitt Romney, with his good nature and propensity for selflessness to participate in this game is like asking Tiger Woods to play linebacker in the Super Bowl. The only way Tiger would have any success in that setting is if he had an absolutely amazing team around him.

WE are that team for Romney. He won’t deliver the knockout punch because that’s not who he is. We should admire that. We should defend that. We should praise that just as ardently as those on the left praise Obama and all the free crap he’s stolen from us to give to them. We should praise the goodness of Romney as vividly as those on the left praise Obama’s consistent abandonment of our core values.

We don’t need a President who concedes to pressure from radical Islamics who insist that we abandon our own freedoms in order to enforce their laws. Obama is all too happy to oblige. Evidence of this is abundant in the disgraceful video of the alleged “filmmaker” at the heart of the Mideast unrest being led away by a herd of Police. Why was this man arrested? He exercised his Freedom of Speech. Why was the video of his incarceration made public if not to show Obama’s “tough side.” Hey, d-bag….appeasement is not tough! Our president is weak. His weakness is showing up in all sorts of sandy little countries right now. It’s showing up and all the clever speeches in the world can’t save him from his own miserably failed foreign policies. A true leader knows that the role often requires steadfast resolve even in the face of a decline in popularity. Obama would sooner sacrifice his own children than his own popularity. A leader like Mitt Romney knows that alliances with strategic media outlets, pollsters, and reporters only win temporary battles but leave open the possibility of devastating defeat in the overall war.

Be the voice. Stand up and demand a leader who doesn’t believe that at some point “you’ve made enough money.” Deliver the knockout punch so that Mitt Romney doesn’t have to sacrifice the goodness and leadership this country so desperately needs.

Barack Obama has shown a pattern of redistributionism and it is breaking us. Mitt Romney has finally sounded the call, but it is up to us to lead the charge. Flood the airwaves. Blitz the comment threads. DO NOT let the victims win.

He believes in redistribution and he will try to say that his words are those of a much younger, much less informed man. Nonsense!!! Those are the thoughts he has now learned to disguise with clever speeches, but they are visible in everything he has done since taking office. They are visible in every skyward glance he majestically casts. These are the very thoughts that drive this man, and OUR economy.

“What’s yours is ours.” “No one deserves more than anyone else.” “Life is owed to you.” “You’re a victim and someone needs to pay you.” “You didn’t build that.” “You’ve made enough money.”

Stand up. Defend our nominee and demand that the issues be addressed, not twisted. Demand that the 47% feel a sense of shame, not pride in their dependence. Return welfare to the embarrassment it was when Eddie Murphy made fun of it while wearing a ridiculous leather suit during his 1983 “Delirious” tour. Welfare, or whatever politically correct word we’ve come up with to describe it this week, is a disgrace. It’s not the “family business” Obama’s administration, actions, and ideology have made it out to be.

Obama acts as if he’s offended by mention of “government dependence” but proudly posts “The Life Of Julia” on his own website. For those of you unfamiliar with this atrocious display of anti-initiative, “Julia” is an imaginary citizen who goes from cradle to grave without every leaving the government teat! THIS is the philosophy of Barack Hussein Obama! THIS is his idea of freedom! Who’s paying the bills for precious Julia? When does she pay her own way, or pay for the next victim in line? Is that a problem for another generation, Mr. President? Are you happy to pass that on to my kids? I’m not but then again, you don’t care about MY kids since your own will be protected and insulated forever, huh?

Give Mitt Romney the room he needs to spread his message. Get out on front of him and, as my High School football coach used to say “de-cleat” the opposition before they can get a hand on our guy. The media is aligned with Obama but they are more aligned with profits and ratings. They cower to public opinion. Let them hear nothing but our opinion for the next seven weeks. We can make changes but we have to do it loudly and in a unified voice. Start yelling. United we stand.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disdainfully Written Off…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Dependency is death to initiative, to risk taking and opportunity. It’s time to stop the spread of government dependency and fight it like the poison it is.” - Mitt Romney


His Barackness loves to refer to the “audacity of hope” when recalling his many acts of personal heroism. Unfortunately, the hope to which he so maniacally clings is not often accompanied by the “audacity of truth.” In the utopian world Obama has created for himself and those who worship at his altar of deceit, the truth is gasping for air. The truth is neglected, ostracized, punished, and left to die while glory is found in hype and charm.

Mitt Romney, once again finds himself battling this very resistance to truth. A video came out, as they always seem to do when opposition to Barackology is involved, in which Romney states that "There are 47 percent who are with {His Barackness}, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it."

What did he say there that isn’t true? This is what the uproar is about. This is what Obama himself has called “shocking.”

How is it shocking Mr. “President?” You have worked very hard to create an atmosphere of dependency. Is it shocking that someone was smart enough to catch on or that they had the scrotum contents to call you out on it? What’s shocking is the fact that you, the President of the United States, would dare to call the words of your political opponent “shocking” but can’t summon such stern rhetoric in response to the loss of American lives in the Middle East. What’s “shocking” is the fact that you care more about the respect you feel you are owed than you do about the people giving it to you.

Nevermind the fact that the comments were made by Mitt Romney back in May at a fundraiser. This was not a policy speech. Romney wasn’t even the official nominee yet, but these words are seen as the nail in Romney’s coffin by the left and the loyal little handbag Chihuahuas in the media. They’ve been yipping and piddling on their newspapers all morning. Romney was responding to people who were considering investing large sums of cash into his campaign and Obama is “shocked?” So, fundraisers at George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jay-Z’s house are fine? Those aren’t shocking, huh? You were nice to conservatives with every word you said or will say in these events, huh Mr. “President?”

Mitt Romney should not have to defend the truth. 47% of the people in the United States are going to vote for Obama no matter what. That’s what Romney was saying. It’s a fact. This idea that these words are insensitive and worthy of apology is preposterous. It’s a distraction and it’s fulfilling Obama’s goal of keeping the campaign focused on anything but his record. Reminds me of a saying my grandmother used to share often: Sweeping a turd under the rug won’t make it smell any better.

Nevermind the statistical accuracy in the statements. 47% of the people in America were offended by Mitt Romney having the audacity to shine a light on their dependency so naturally Romney has “disdainfully written off half the nation,” according to Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina.

Well, Jim…’s a few other numbers you may want to consider:

· 2.1 Billion – That’s the number of Christians in the world who were “disdainfully written off” when Obama referred to them as “clingers” in his 2008 campaign.

· 65 – 70 Million – That’s the number of Catholics in America who were “disdainfully written off” with ObamaCare’s Contraception Mandate.

· 27 Million – That’s the number of small business owners in America who were “disdainfully written off” when Obama said “you didn’t build that.”

· 7.8 Million – That’s the population of Israel. “Disdainfully written off” as Obama welcomes members of the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House but refuses meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu; “disdainfully written off” as Obama provides shelter under resumè padding, pseudo-democracy he has spread in Middle East.

· 6 TRILLION – That’s the amount of dollars Obama has “disdainfully written off” by passing on the outstanding balance to our children.

· 286 Million – That’s the number of Americans who believe in God and were disgusted with the ridiculous “vote” at the Democratic Convention. We were all “disdainfully written off” as was democracy itself in that shameful glimpse into the self-serving mayhem that is the new Democratic Party.

· 2 – That’s the number of Credit Downgrades assigned to the United States under the careful watch of Barack Hussein Obama. Our credit was “disdainfully written off” while Obama partied with celebrities.

· 23 Million – The number of unemployed people who continue to be “disdainfully written off” by manipulated labor statistics and forced government dependence.

· 49,000 – That’s the number of taxpayer dollars being lost or “disdainfully written off” with every ideology fueled purchase of the highly combustible, government mandated, Chevy Volt.

· 1 Billion – That’s the approximate number of dollars spent or “disdainfully written off” on Guantanamo Bay since 2009 when Barack Obama had just completed a campaign in which he promised to shut down the facility.

· 173,000 – The number of new food stamp recipients created under Obama’s watch. Work ethic has been “disdainfully written off.”

· 48 – That’s the number of days left until the 2012 Presidential Election. Are we going to allow logic to be “disdainfully written off” until then?

As Paul Ryan said last week “no one is better at striking heroic poses against imaginary enemies” than Barack Obama. These issues Obama keeps trying to force down our throats are not the issues with which we are concerned. Unfortunately though, this is the battle our current “President” believes he is in. He doesn’t see himself or his country as being threatened by Islamic extremism because in his mind he killed bin Laden. He honestly believed Islam would praise him but instead, they are vowing to avenge the death of their leader. Yet he dares to call Romney “new” to foreign policy. In his mind, Obama believes America is voting for the best speaker. The best wordsmith.

We have to take this election. It’s time to show Romney that he has enough support to ignore the distractions Obama keeps throwing at him. It’s time to give him the breathing room he needs. It’s time to unite and to take back this country from the 47% who are happier to take than to earn. Calling them out is not a mistake. Calling them out is not the nail in Romney’s coffin unless WE allow it to be.

It’s time to bring abundant shame down upon the 47% Romney spoke of. It’s time to return a degree of guilt to a life unearned. Obama’s praise is demanded in return for handouts. America has ceased to be the land of the free and is now the land of the free crap. The flow of dependency programs to those willing to accept them can only be redirected with our rudders of truth but we have to unite and stick them down forcefully into the unyielding current of Obama’s hype. We HAVE TO.

Stand up and defend Romney with the same vehement strength of those willing to take everything you own to avoid working for it themselves. Otherwise, you’ll eventually be one of them.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Religious Kindergartners…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The first reaction to truth is hatred.” – Tertullian

Islamic Tolerance

Tertullian was an early Christian author back in the days when years were marked with only three digits but his words in the quote above could not be more fitting or accurate in their application today. With so many disgusting actions being taken on the part of a religion which demands respect where none has been earned, it’s easy to spot the hatred in their reactions.

Take a few seconds and a few deep breaths. Step back from the situation and try to look at it through a lens free of the smudges of politics and religion. Try to look at the tragic situation for what it truly is.

Four Americans are dead in a country that receives billions of our dollars every year. They are dead because the people who live in that country are upset about a movie made here in the United States. The movie depicts the Prophet Mohammed in what most would agree is an unfavorable light.

That’s it. That’s the catalyst for four American deaths. That’s the reason that this morning we are forced to view photos of two different American embassies in the Middle East flying the flag of al Qaeda rather than the stars and stripes. Our own flags lie shredded and smoldering on the ground as throngs of angry Muslims chant “we are all bin Laden.” (I guess bin Laden’s not dead, huh Biden? Should we check the pulse of GM while we’re at it?)

Okay, now add politics back into it. Add your own anger back into the situation. Stand up and show the anger and disgust that your very own President refuses to show. Stand up and slap the notion of Islam being a “religion of peace” down to the ground and then stomp on that notion until its future mention is tantamount to political suicide.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. Islam is a religion of force and the only way to stop it’s advance is to respond with equal force. Our current President is too weak to see things that way. He’s too weak or he’s too loyal to the Islamic education with which he was raised. Whatever his reasoning, it’s destructive, it’s dangerous, and it is enabling our enemies.

Stand up. Stand up and demand that our President stop demanding tolerance and forgiveness in the wake of American deaths. Stand up and demand leadership from a President who has only displayed appeasement thus far. We deserve better. We deserve leadership, strength, and a devout adherence to the core values of this great country. We DO NOT deserve a President who, upon hearing of the deaths of four Americans on American soil within the Middle East; spends more energy and time attacking the words of his political opponent than he spends attacking those responsible for the murders.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what we deserve. We need a President who doesn’t try to twist the facts of horrific events to fit his ideology but rather confronts evil, no matter what the motivation for evil’s presence, with steadfast resolve. We deserve a President who demands that those who receive generous aid from the United States of America understand that the freedoms we enjoy are what makes that aid possible. We also need a President who is willing to step up to the plate and condemn actions that leave American Ambassadors dead.

Did anyone else notice the complete absence of the word “condemn” from the half-hearted speech delivered in the Rose Garden by His Barackness yesterday? Did anyone notice the absence of anger? It seemed like he was told he “had to” deliver a speech before he got to go on his trip to Vegas. Like he “had to” mourn the loss of American life before he could go have fun.

Did anyone notice the loyal handbag Chihuahuas in the media lobbing questions at Romney spoken in the deceitful tongue of Obamanese? Did anyone notice that Romney actually took the time to answer questions after delivering what was pretty obviously a heartfelt message while Obama took no questions and was probably on his way to Vegas before the reporters could even finish compiling their notes?

Stand up dammit! Stand up and demand better. Stand up and assert logic where none is present. Stand up and demand accountability where manipulation rules. Stand up and defend yourself against a religion who condones death and violence when their “feelings are hurt.” Grow up @$$holes!! If your prophet gets his feelings hurt this easily, then maybe it’s time you start following a stronger one.

Right now, we have the ruling party of Egypt informing the United States that we must abandon our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and religion in order to appease “one and a half billion Muslims.” Guess what, Egypt… have absolutely ZERO right to demand anything of America but you sure as hell don’t get to tell us who to prosecute based upon your beliefs. No matter how much President Obama may wish it to be so, Islam has absolutely no place in the history or values of this country. We are not in a symbiotic relationship. We are enemies and their attacks on our soil have solidified this fact.

This idea that the world owes Islam anything is ridiculous. It’s time for a President who will stop coddling these people. Barack Obama demanded praise for toppling Egyptian President Mubarak, but he had absolutely no clue and no plan for those who succeeded him. It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood did have a plan and we are now seeing its implementation.

By the way, did anyone know that Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner (of Weiner-Gate fame) is a devout Muslim with undeniable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Check for yourself, it’s true. They’re infiltrating and we’re allowing it. We’re giving a voice within the framework of our government to the very people who want us dead.

Demand better America. Never forget the fact that all of this occurred on 9/11 either. If you believe that to be a coincidence, I have a lot of stuff I’d like to sell you!

As always, thanks for playing and GOD BLESS!

J Robert Giles

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years Later…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat.” - George W. Bush

9-11 (Liberty)

As we watch family members read the names of those who perished eleven years ago this morning, we are all reminded of where we were. We are all reminded of the pain, the anger, and the patriotism we felt as those responsible for the horrific acts began to celebrate what they viewed as a victory.

We will forever be reminded of President George W. Bush and how he bravely guided America, as one, unified nation, through the most devastating day in America’s brief but illustrious history. We’re reminded of the courage he displayed and the humility he allowed the world to see as he looked to those he represented for inspiration. We all remember those feelings.

The memorials taking place this morning in New York City are free from the insincere presence of politics. Empty speeches made to insulted crowds are not taking center stage this year as they have in past years. This is how it should be. That ground is, and forever will be sacred. Those who don’t understand or accept the fact that no words or level of eloquence will ever place them above our own recollections of 9/11 should step aside until they can do both. While the memorials are free from politics, we cannot afford to be.

I have not heard a single person tell me a story of recollection that involves our current President. America will forever remember President George W. Bush as the man who led us through the dark hours that followed the attacks, but how in the world are we going to explain to our kids that George Bush’s successor was a man no one had ever heard of on 9/11/2001? How do we explain to our kids that in the years following those monstrous attacks, we let our guard down again? We weren’t attacked by violent terrorists, but make no mistake…..for the last four years, we have been attacked. How do we look our grandchildren in the eye and tell them that our own guilt allowed us to elect a man with a name sounding suspiciously like the names of the men who flew the infamous planes into buildings and fields that morning?

I want a president who recognizes the fact that his country is in a fight. The fact that His Barackness spent a significant portion of his life in a part of the world that openly celebrated the carnage of that morning has very little to do with it. The catastrophic leadership provided in the last four years has undone much of the efforts made in the wake of 9/11 to protect America from ever feeling the unified heartache we felt that morning. I don’t really care where he was born, educated, or raised; his focus has not been on the continued safety of America. His focus has been on his own image in every decision he has made since taking office.

Eleven years after the attacks, we have a President who among other things, simply can’t contain Iran with his charm, has refused to condemn Syrian President Assad for his horrific acts against his own people, openly weakens America’s relationship with Israel, and is now attending less than half of his Presidential Daily Briefs. (PDB – The meeting in which the United States President receives a daily briefing on the most critical intelligence threats to the country.)

We deserve better. We deserve a President who still feels anger at the recollection of his own emotions that morning. We deserve better than a President who claims victory for the actions of others while openly condemning the very practices that delivered said victory.

We deserve a President who has no interest in appeasing the enemy by diminishing the Christian history of our country. We deserve a President who will proudly embrace his Faith. We deserve a President who will look to God for guidance as he leads America, not one who mentions God’s name only when cameras and poll-takers are present. We deserve a President who understands that abolishing the things our enemies hate is just as much a defeat to America as losing a violent and bloody war. We deserve a President who realizes America is much more than just a country. It’s much more than just a community of human beings. America is an idea. It’s an idea worth defending, emulating, and aspiring to.

I’m still angry when I think of that second plane slamming into the Twin Towers as I watched on live television with the rest of the world. I want to confront the very ideology behind that indelible memory. The fight doesn’t have to take place with weaponry and bloodshed as those on the left love to claim. That confrontation can take place without the loss of more American life. That battle can be won with steadfast resolve in the face of a relentless enemy and in the consistent application of common-sense. Both of those components require a new President in November.

It’s time to show a man no one had ever heard of on 9/11 that his Presidency will be remembered as a failure. His attempts to abandon the Christian history of America in order to make room for a belief system that encourages death to those who reject it can only be thwarted in his November defeat. He must be removed from power so that the ease of access enjoyed by those hoping to celebrate the fall of Liberty can be restricted and cut off wherever possible. In his absence, we can pursue evidence that will protect America, not the enemy.

There should not be a political aspect to the emotions of this day. They attacked America – not Republicans – not Democrats. They attacked freedom, liberty, and prosperity. They attacked us in order to legitimize their own standing in the hierarchy of terrorist organizations. They attacked us to spread their message. To that end, we deserve a President who will be more than just a messenger for the enemy.

Go and elect the President America deserves on November 6, 2012. Get this buffoon out of office before the damage he leaves in his wake is viewed as a victory by those who delivered such somber atmosphere to this date on our calendars.

Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles