Friday, December 2, 2011

Politics Over People…..

BY: J Robert Giles

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Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.”  - James Madison


Wow! Am I the only one that believes Madison somehow got his hands on an advance copy of the Liberal Mission Statement? That quote, albeit in a distant, formal version of the English we now speak, sounds like a conversation between Barrack Obama and Santa Claus, doesn’t it? Like a wish-list for the left? Think about what James Madison was actually saying. Think about the times in which these words were spoken, and the forethought that must have gone into such a train of thought. Now think about the world in which we all now live. Is it much different from the fears Madison illustrated in this quote?

change-politics-congress-obama-president-democrats-funny-tru-demotivational-poster-1236921259Make no mistake about it, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama wants a “standing Army”. He illustrated this point with all the tireless work he put into winning that Nobel Peace Prize after all. Liberals love to spread and twist truth so that origins of their ‘facts’ can never actually be traced, but the bigger truth is often terrifying. Sure there are hundreds of well photographed, well publicized events where good old Mohammobama can be seen with a stoic, absurdly rehearsed look across his face as someone else honors the sacrifice and courage of the military. He and his overworked image consultants make sure that there are plenty of moments to point to and say ‘see….we love those guys” but in reality, their policies and actions say differently. Since day one, Obama has sought to pull all troops out of the Middle East. Our domestic interests have been set aside in order to coddle those who want us eradicated. Imagine a world where Barrackula was free to do as he pleased without fear of lost votes or approval ratings. If he were just a neighb0or of yours, you would have had him committed a long, long time ago yet here he sits, staring down his nose and us and treating the Constitution like a piece of wind-blown debris. A standing army does not mean an army with nowhere to go. A standing army is one whose faith in their leaders has crumbled. A standing army is one who feels as though the commitment they have made to defending their country is not being matched by the men who ask them to do so. A standing army is one who feels unappreciated by a leader who would lose hundreds of millions of dollars to Solyndra and then turn around and demand that money be taken away from those who have fought for this country. A standing army is one who feels that their leader is no longer fit to lead. Standing does not necessarily mean being still. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are much too good for the complete lack of executive level leadership they have been given over the last 3 years. It is unfair of us to expect a fighting force to defend a leader who would see them insulted in favor of his fundraising cronies.

An enslaved press? Are you kidding me? Did you ever think you would miss the days when Bill Clinton used to get all red-cheeked and lie to usPresident-Obama-Teleprompter while the press applauded his courage? The Obamanator is a creation of the press and it does not appear that they are going to let go of their pride and joy without a fight. Barrack HUSSEIN Obama’s entire presidency has been centered around what makes him “look good” or what actions will “improve his approval ratings.” The media loves this guy and he is everything they need him to be. Idiot who obeys orders – check! Obsessed with himself and his reputation – check! Ability to talk condescendingly to those who dare oppose him – check! There is absolutely no doubt that the left controls the press and any assertions to the contrary are, to put it lightly, hogwash! It’s not just our president either. It’s the liberal ideNickBergology that has unfortunately gripped our press, and media. Amnesty International, when started by Peter Benenson in 1961, set out to assist “prisoners of conscience” all over the planet. Their mission was to eliminate torture, ill-treatment, and in recent years, capital punishment. I personally subscribe to the “you harm or intend to harm my family or my kids; I get to harm you” mentality  but that’s a discussion for another time. Amnesty International is now trying to have former President Bush arrested in every African Country to which he travels. Active recruiting for protesting and general disruption during Bush’s visit to Tanzania and Zimbabwe are underway. Now, the beef Amnesty International has with Bush stems not from the horrific human rights violations taking place in the countries to which he is travelling. Those are handled by Bono and Brangelina. The crimes for which Bush is being so vehemently pursued are the water boarding of three al Qaeda operatives in Guantanamo Bay. The men being held in Guantanamo Bay are treated better than they would EVER be treated in their own countries, period. We do not behead our prisoners. We do not castrate them. If our tactics offend your sensitive emotions, then maybe you should sit this jihad out, pardner! If the picture to the left offends you, I apologize but it serves a purpose. The very men responsible for this horrific and unimaginable yet all too real scene are the ones being protected by the left. The pacifist laws and lifestyle we are now being asked to adopt are the laws that these men continue to use against us. Wake up and stop the illogical, childish view of the world. The men whose feelings we are so worried about hurting; whose religious freedoms we are so worried about disrupting……they’re the ones cutting our heads off. Stand up and stop it! These men do not care about the opinions of hippies and neither should we!

images (2) A disarmed populace? The left is too sleazy to take on gun rights head on. No, they are fighting this war on a subliminal level. Anytime a shooting takes place in such a manner as to gather public interest, the cookie cutter comparisons start to emerge almost instantly. “He had a gun, so he must be a conservative.” How is that any different than me saying “He shot someone, he must be black?” Guns are not the problem. Crackheads, gangsters, kids who think they are gangsters, and a society obsessed with reputation is the problem. In the case of Mr. Madison’s quote, however, I don’t believe “disarmed” referred to weapons at all. I believe in this instance “disarmed” means improperly informed. Liberals have long since tried to “disarm” us by making us believe that we’re destroying the sky by driving, and the earth by living. They disarm us by using weasel-ish connections to spread horribly sensationalized propaganda. Obama’s speeches seem more like a fundraising telethon than a Presidential address.Problems are created and miraculously can only be cured with more money. These problems didn’t exist yesterday, but now, all of a sudden we are in danger of losing the planet if we don’t bend to the will of The Great Obama. If Jimmy Swaggert is available to deliver the next State of the Union, it might be more convincing! An uninformed population is an unarmed population but a population armed with fictional information is even more dangerous.

Who do we target in our efforts to fix this problem? We waved bye-bye to our right to complain the second we allowed Jon Stewart to be recognized as a credible news source. We keep buying into the fear and the hype and eventually we’re left with a shell of what men like James Madison envisioned. A country is not just the land within a set of borders. When we go to war, we are not defending dirt and earth. When good men make the conscious decision to torture another human being, it is because torturing a violently zealous enemy keeps him from beheading innocent people and then hanging their headless corpse in the streets of their dusty city. A country is so much more than the land, the streets, and the people who sleep under it’s flag. A country is a set of ideals worth defending. A country is a collection of souls with the same common goals and vision. We were once within the scope of that definition. We can get there again. Stand up, slap your neighbor, tell him to wake up and fight for what’s right. It’s time!

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J Robert Giles