Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jon Corzine – More Right-Wing Sensationalism…..

BY: J Robert Giles

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“Don't tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish.’      - Mark Twain


Before we begin, I want to take a few moments to thank all of the people who helped to make this past week so special. To my family: Thanks for the indescribable memories you forged over the time we all shared. To my readers: Thanks for the support, the feedback, and the occasional difference of opinion. Even when you’re disgustingly wrong, you’re motivating!

Now, Jon Corzine; there are very few names out there with the ability to make my skin crawl as quickly as that one. In fact, just to keep things in perspective, here’s the list of the Top Ten Most Offensive People on the Planet (in my humble opinion)

10. Michael Moore (His relevance has declined enough to warrant the 10-spot)

9. Matt Lauer

8. Rosie O’Donnell

7. Jane Fonda

6. Jon Corzine

5. Janine Garafolo

4. Any Clinton (Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Hillary’s Ankles, etc)

3. Nancy Pelosi

2. Dan Snyder

1. Barrack HUSSEIN Obama


I realize there are literally hundreds of people in the entertainment industry alone who deserve a spot on this list, but these are the ones that currently irritate me more than all the rest. I reserve the right to update frequently.

As we are all too aware, our current President is always at his most convincing when discussing the economy. Between his courageous blaming of an  fatal-error “inherited economy” and the strength he shows while staring down his nose at me, I personally feel terrific about the future of our nation. If you can sense the sarcasm there, it’s because I was laying it on pretty thick. Barrack always seems to fire off comments you know he’s just memorized but never taken the time to actually learn when he’s pressed about the economy. I’ve always hoped that someone would eventually get close enough to the benign sovereign to make him aware of his missteps. I’d prayed for someone to gain enough of his trust to maybe influence him in a new direction. One of those “slap in the face” moments that causes change at the deepest core of a man but Obama seems impervious to such progress. He’s shielded by a field of idiocy that logic simply can’t penetrate. Much of that idiocy comes from the people with which good ol’ Barry chooses to surround himself. Jon Corzine being named the “Administration Counselor on Economics” is a lot like accepting a completely unjustified Nobel Prize, is it not?

Jon Corzine is our President’s Counselor on Economics. Let that settle in for a moment. Jon Corzine: Former CEO of MF Global. MF Global seems to be “missing” 1.2 BILLION dollars of CUSTOMER MONEY. The company that was run by our President’s Advisor on Economics is missing $1.2 BILLION of customer's money! It’s no surprise whatsoever that very little can be found about this story in the mainstream media outlets, but there are some fascinatingly atrocious facts surrounding this tale of dishonesty. My question concerns the complete lack of outrage regarding this criminal behavior. Where are the painfully concerned reporters demanding answers on behalf of the “little man” who lost everything he owned? If this was a conservative, he would surely be forced into exile but when it comes to the esteemed Jon Corzine, reports tend to be supportive rather than critical. There are reports of praise for his “expected courage” as he stares down another onslaught of right-wing sensationalism with the full backing of the fifth amendment.

Okay, hippies…..time for another Constitutional Lesson: The Fifth Amendment, as written by our Founding Fathers, was never intended to allow a man topleadingthefifth B hippy rip-off his customers for $1.2 billion and then walk away without having to answer for such crimes. Like so much of our  Constitution, the Fifth Amendment has been twisted and manipulated over the years so that it is now a shield of the arrogant, guilty, and well-connected. When you hear of someone “pleading the fifth”, don’t you just sort of assume that they are guilty but have a good lawyer? I know I sure do. To “plead the fifth” is to avoid self-incrimination. In Jon Corzine’s case, he doesn’t want to say anything in Congressional Testimony that might “incriminate him” in the ongoing criminal and civil investigations surrounding the collapse of MF Global and his involvement therein. Seriously….doesn’t the wording of that last sentence just reek of sleazy attorney?

It’s shameful enough that Jon Corzine is most likely involved in the loss of billions of dollars. The fact that he’s the subject of as many investigations as he finds himself should automatically negate him from association with our President, right? Not at all my friends. See, you just don’t understand the complex wisdom of Obamunism. He didn’t give a no-bid contract to his buddies so that they could study and research $500 million (taxpayer dollars) worth of Small-Pox even though the disease was eradicated in 1978. No, no, no…..he simply “protected our biological interests.” He didn’t give away $443 million (taxpayer dollars) to Solyndra. He simply “moved America forward.” Get with it people. The train is leaving the station and you’re not on board.

Like most things that bring to question the ethics or credibility of anyone involved in the Obama administration, the Corzine affair has been swept underbailout,dollar,economy,funny,humor,money,photoshop,usa-e8139709ab481bfc6b30404184b80b6e_m the rug and scoffed at. Those of us who demand answers are just sensationalizing again. (I know I’ve used that word several times but THEY started it!) When we dare to ask questions of great leaders like Barrack HUSSEIN Obama and Jon Corzine, we are treated much like mere peasants questioning royalty. Where’s the money, Jon? That’s none of your concern, peon. Go do my bidding.

Get this man and all of his maniacal “advisers” out of office, NOW!! We simply can’t afford another term with this lunatic at the helm. We will not survive, America.



As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.”   - W. T. Purkiser




Do you think the Pilgrims, fresh off their previous label as “Christian Separatists”, prepared the first Thanksgiving Turkey according to Islamic Law? I highly doubt it. Apparently, somewhere along the way, Butterball Turkey got the impression that Thanksgiving was not an American or a religious holiday. Butterball gave into the demands of some form of lunacy and began slaughtering and preparing their turkeys in accordance with Islamic Law. The Butterball Turkey that you buy, prepare and bless in your own home with your family this holiday has already been blessed in Islam. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel like standing up and voting some people right out of office? I sure hope it does. Not only out of office, but out of American leadership altogether. I’m not just talking about politics either. It’s time the logical, moral, Christian majority of this country stand up and squash the lunacy that surrounds us, but that’s a rant for another day. That’s a rant for a day when rage is released through printed word and hopefully sparks action, but today’s article is about Thanksgiving itself. The history of the holiday is interesting and worth exploring.


Liberals beware: we’re about to discuss actual history, not the made up fantasy world you try to shove down our throats. You might want to step off here.


  • 1621 – Pilgrims went “fowling” in the woods around their community. Most likely hunted for geese and ducks since turkeys were much harder to capture and written Thanksgiving1accounts of the events suggest there were as many as 90 birds gathered for the feast. Thanksgiving, among the Pilgrims was a religious feast designed to acknowledge God’s blessing in some facet of daily life. Perhaps a good harvest, perhaps the end of a drought or an ample hunt; thanksgiving feasts were held as regularly as humiliation fasts. While the 50 or so villagers gathered for the feast, they noticed the Wampanoag Indians gathered at the gated entrance of their primitively fortified  community. The pilgrims welcomed the savage strangers and the two groups socialized peacefully for several days. The result of the rather raucous party was a 54 year peace treaty between the Colonists and the Wampanoag.
    • Before you left-wing nutbags start claiming this as the first example of open immigration policies, let me remind you that the Wampanoag WENT HOME after the party. They came in, behaved appropriately, honored the customs of their hosts and graciously offered gifts from their own. Nowhere in any of the accounts of the first thanksgiving is there mention of a union demanding that the colonists abandon their religious beliefs, their spoken language, or their customs in order to spare the feelings of the visitors.


  • 1789 – The first official Thanksgiving holiday was proclaimed by President George Washington. Congress had urged, and Washington agreed that “Thursday, 26 November, 1789 as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal thanksgivingfavours of Almighty God.” After  1798, the decision of celebration was left to the individual states. The South was reluctant to adopt what they viewed as a religious holiday.
    • Wow, how times have changed. Imagine a Congress free to make legal suggestions with religious overtones. Heck, just imagine a politician brave enough to openly attach their names and in some instances, their life to a belief such as God’s necessity in the rule of our country. Wouldn’t that be amazing? These guys didn’t just talk about God during campaign season. No, they believed in His Word so fervently they were willing to die to give us the chance to worship freely. Think of the bravest human being you know and tell me if you honestly believe they would have the courage to do what the Founding Fathers did.


  • 1867 – President Andrew Jackson declares last Thursday in November as National Thanksgiving Day. Prayers were spoken in public. Future liberals  wept.
    • Ronald Reagan got his political inspiration from somewhere. Anyone ever studied Andrew Jackson? Fascinating.
    • “Without sacrifice there can be no blessing”


  • 1876 – Yale played Princeton in what is widely believed to be the first ever Thanksgiving Day Football game. After forming the Intercollegiate Football Association the previous day, the two teams played the first rugby-style football game. It was an answer to the “rather rowdyish and less scientific” style of ball being cheered for at Harvard.
    • I would just like to point out that the phrase “rather rowdyish” and the word “scientific” have no place in a discussion about football. Several violations of man-code in that sentence alone.


  • 1939 – 1941 – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving back a week in order to extend the Christmas shopping season.
    • FDR – the father of Social Security; the man who enacted laws to officially recognize unions in the American workforce; creator of the welfare state; overseer of the Great Depression……surely this man was a liberal, right? Surely such a great liberal would not have done something that so obviously and directly enhanced capitalism, but it’s true. FDR extended Christmas shopping season by simply moving a national holiday. Can you imagine if Obama tried to move Christmas? People’s faces would literally melt with rage!
    • Texas and Colorado didn’t agree with the “New Deal Thanksgiving” but were forced to celebrate as it was federally mandated. In defiance, both states formally celebrated Thanksgiving twice those years!


  • November 26, 1966 – Cowboys 26   Browns 14
    • The Cowboys have hosted a rotating list of AFC opponents every Thanksgiving Day since. America’s Team is 27-15-1 in their traditional battle. (Let’s go get number 28!)


Thanksgiving is still a distinctly American holiday for obvious reasons. Like so many of the facts that have been twisted and erased from our history in a storm of political correctness, Thanksgiving is based on religious principles. Whether you look to the actual feast between Pilgrims and the Wampanoag, or if you look to President Washington’s first declaration of Thanksgiving as a National Holiday; both were based on religious compass. Tomorrow, when the kids are running around like sugared-up crackheads, the turkey is taking longer than expected, the sweater your wife made you wear is causing you to sweat in places you normally don’t sweat, and your pants are mysteriously too small…..remember that it is through the difficult times that we see our most precious memories. Thanksgiving is not just a day to be thankful for the good things. We must also make sure we take the time to acknowledge the difficult times and give thanks for the lessons learned. Life in colonial America was not always easy. There were diseases we’ve never heard of and winters we can’t imagine. The men and women who survived, and welcomed the strange savages into their community, were suffering through the most difficult time in America’s history yet they didn’t know it. In their heads, they were exploring new lands and just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Can you imagine what the Pilgrims would say to the sight of America today? Set aside all the technological and medical advancements; set aside the aesthetic differences of our times. What do you think the Pilgrims would say about our morals and our general way of thinking? What do you think the Pilgrims would say about our misinterpretation of their vision?

I’ll leave you with this thought…..The Pilgrims made seven times as many graves as they made huts yet they still managed to set aside a day of thanksgiving. Shouldn’t we do everything in our power to truly honor what sprung from that noble pursuit? Pray, feast, and relax because tomorrow is a new day and you will have missed your opportunity to do so.

Happy Thanksgiving, God Bless You, and as always; Thanks For Playing!


J Robert Giles

Monday, November 21, 2011

Leadership Void…..

By J Robert Giles – November 21, 2011

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  - John Quincy Adams


Well….do you feel led? Do you feel as though the man at the helm of the sinking ship that is the United States Government is a  leader according to the definition above? The man who spoke the words in the quote above was more than certified to speak on the topic of leadership. Is the man pictured below?

funny-politicians-12 The audience I imagine reading my words; the people I hope feel a sense of connection to the messages contained in my articles are definitely not the kind of people who would answer yes to such an absurd question. There is absolutely no leadership whatsoever in the current White House Administration. None.

There, I believe that should have gotten rid of any overly caffeinated liberals simply trolling for locker room motivation. (I know, they don’t believe in competition and a locker room would only separate the genders and would therefore be unacceptable in a liberal world, but you get my point, right?) I’m not just spewing anti-liberal / anti-Obama rhetoric in those words. I can find no definition of a leader that could truthfully be attached to our current president. Using the definition above, the one by John Quincy Adams; Obama has done nothing to inspire others to dream beyond the color of his/their skin. Has he inspired you to learn more? Honestly? Has Barrack Hussein Obama inspired you to do anything but run and hide and wait for the storm of his lunacy to pass?

People have died as a result of this administration’s arrogance. Yes, soldiers died under Bush. Yes, 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. Did you ever once see Bush shift the blame onto the American people themselves? Did you ever once hear Bush refer to us as “lazy”? Did Bush’s Attorney General sign off on an operation that handed over the keys to the plane’s used in that horrific attack? Did Bush then act as if questioning his or his cabinet’s direct and proven involvement in those events was an absurd right-wing smear tactic? No. The only answer that should be coming from your mouth right now is “no”. Anything else is simply a lie. I’m sick of being told that I “just don’t get it” or that I’m not “enlightened enough” to see the greater plan at work with the Obama administration. There is no plan. His “plan” is to take his wife, you know…..the one that looks like an extra from a movie about prison riots, and travel around the globe at taxpayer expense. Have you noticed that all the ‘critically important’ trips our fearless leader seems to take are in tropical locations? Do they not have summits in Northern Europe anymore?

I am not a racist because I believe we can do better than a president who uses our tax money like his own personal checking account. I am not a racist because I believe our president should march Eric Holder directly to the front doorstep of Kent and Josephine Terry’s home so that he may deliver a heartfelt apology for the death of their son. I am not a racist because I want a president who openly admits his failings instead of looking down his nose at me as if I am to blame for his ineptitude. I am not a racist because I cringe every time I see Barrack Hussein Obama ‘honoring’ our military with obvious disdain scrawled across his arrogant face. I am not a racist because I demand a president who would not have signed off on projects that put billions of dollars of taxpayer money at risk. (Solyndra, Smallpox research, Light Squared, etc)

I could not care less what color the skin of our president happens to be. Failure is failure. It doesn’t matter if it emanates from the blue flesh of an Avatar, it’s still failure. Smiling and reporting that everything’s “all good” simply doesn’t make it so.

ObamaVacation Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. A man like ourReaganGorbachev current president simply tells us that he’s done all those things. The problem is that those things; the education, the genuine passion to lead and to lead well, can only be faked for about the length of a campaign. When it comes time to do the actual work required of a leader, falsified qualifications are easily spotted. Misplaced loyalty or loyalty given to those who serve only themselves and not the governed, are ferreted out with ease. Barry and all his little frat brothers are going to learn that lesson as soon as vote-counting begins next November. Well, at least they will be given the chance to learn that lesson. Their arrogance will most likely negate the wisdom available to them.

I want a leader who is passionate about the success of America. Not just one who makes clever speeches, or points to limited success in another area of their life as reason to trust them with the future of America. I want someone who wakes up every morning with the same drive, passion, and desire to lead this country as I do about writing my book and these articles. That’s the very least I think we should expect yet I’m not so sure we have been given that option as of yet. If we have been given such an option, the political system we’ve created for ourselves is doing its best to keep them quiet and in line with the established way of doing things. I believe that system requires the following: (1) Investigate all sexual relationships because sex is obviously the most important qualification. (2) Attack him / her for things that have no bearing whatsoever on the candidate’s ability to lead. (3) Lock onto one misstep in speech, fashion, or family and drive qualified people away from the race in favor of those who look good on camera. (4) Check with the most vocal of celebrities to see if they have granted us our opinion yet.

Bush never gave an overly eloquent speech and he sure as hell didn’t shine in any debates. Reagan obviously looked good on camera, but so did Clinton.patriotic-flag-respect-devotion-1 ClintonSquint Only one of those men based their political career on appearance and “charm”. The other man simply behaved as he would when the cameras were not around. One man lied about diddling fat chicks while the other brought sledge-hammers to the Berlin Wall. (See if you can guess which was which.) My point is that the qualified candidate IS out there. He or she may even be one of the candidates with whom we are already familiar but we have got to allow ourselves to see beyond the established template of campaign. We have to look beyond those stories that grab sensationalized media adhesion and look for the candidate who will passionately lead this country back to the pride we felt under men who didn’t fake their sincerity or their citizenship.


As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

Friday, November 18, 2011

They Just Can’t Let Us Enjoy the Good Things…..



“Our will was only emboldened by Mayor Bloomberg's heavy-handed attempt to eradicate Occupy Wall Street; our brutal eviction from our homes at Liberty Square has strengthened both our resolve and our legitimacy.”   - Actual Quote from OWS Official Website


Dammit! I was having such a good morning until the Occupy nutjobs had to go and ruin it for me! Woke up without the cold / fever that’s been hanging on for the past several days; 3436146348_f330ea5598 had a great morning with my beautiful bride, Jackie; the sun’s shining and despite the fact that he’s a Gator, I find myself inexplicably fascinated with the success of Tim Tebow. I’ve said many times that God doesn’t care about sports. He doesn’t. That’s a fact. But I have to believe that He’d give more than a passing glance to someone likeTebow Tebow who so openly discusses his Faith when shying away from the topic is most certainly the easier option. I’m not a big Bronco’s fan and I absolutely loathe John Elway (personal reasons – he’s worthy of my ire, I assure you), but I have to give a big smile and a manly nod to Tim Tebow.

After I filled my head with useless commentary from a former-Cowboy-riddled panel of experts (both openly Christian as well, just far more confusing attire), I flipped over to the news. I watch the coverage of ‘the movement’ in much the same manner as we all watch coverage of anything that takes place in a trailer park. I personally lend no legitimacy whatsoever to these jobless, clueless, deodorant-less idiots but some of their quotes are just comical. The passion they show for something about which they know nothing is amusing. I’m not even sure which channel I was watching this morning, but the commentator made some comment about the OWS Website. A website might lead to good material for an article, but instead it just got my blood boiling.

When I stumbled upon the quote above, I nearly ruined a perfectly good chair. Let’s break it down, word by enraging word. Okay, first…..your “will was only emboldened”. Use Bullshit of the word ‘will’ suggests that there is some kind of organized mission. That’s not true. You’re all uninformed morons who aim to disrupt capitalism. You can’t. Go home. You claim victory in the size of your crowds, but I’m not impressed. Finding a thousand people who want to attach themselves to a group whose flame is being fanned by media   exposure is not legitimacy, idiot. Second, “heavy handed attempt to eradicate Occupy Wall Street”. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that you “have the right to peacefully assemble.” I know it’s a moot point since nine out ten people who cite the First Amendment as their claim to legitimacy couldn’t tell you what the second or third amendment are. Heck, most of them couldn’t even tell you what the first amendment is about, they just heard someone else say it. Anyway, you do have the right to peacefully assemble but you do not have the right to poop in the streets. You do not have the right to turn a park on the border of what should be considered Holy land into a tent-city, slum-village. You do not have the right to keep anyone from going to work and you most assuredly do not have the right to interfere with the construction efforts going on across the street from your ‘headquarters’. That land belongs to patriots and fallen heroes who worked in buildings dominated by capitalist organizations. (Those buildings were destroyed by another ‘movement’) Your free speech ends when mine is restricted, got it? Third; your “brutal eviction” from your “homes in Liberty Square?” Seriously? Your ‘homes’? What the heck, bro? Dude, like, you can’t lay claim to public property and stuff, man. It’s like, not yours to claim. Go take a shower and an absurdly painful round of immunization shots. Congratulations, you’ve brought back Scurvy.

The last part of the quote, the part about “strengthening the resolve and legitimacy”. Well, that’s just nonsense. You have no legitimacy. You may have resolve, but it’s misguided and will soon fade just like everything in your world seems to do. Logic and true legitimacy will soon wash away the stains of your movement. (Kind of like your mom washing your undies for you, huh dude?) The holes in your theories will begin to expand as your demands are shot down methodically and logically. Your movement is nothing but a chance for a bunch of entitled, lazy, morons to get together and try to lay claim to something they didn’t earn. You have no leadership. You have no direction. All you have is blame. Sooner or later, blame fades to need. Those numbers you point to as signs of victory will continue to dwindle as quickly as media interest. Public interest is already gone.

article-0-0E55A3ED00000578-860_634x438Your movement is based on insanity. Your chants about “99%” are axiomatically false. That 1% you seem to hate so much has every right to use their wealth to influence government. They’re the ones paying into the system. Without the 1% you hold in such disregard, there would be no police to keep you safe in your “homes”. There would be no sanitation departments to clean up after you. There would be no parks for you to claim as your own. There would be no refunds for you to receive. Our corporations pay more in taxes than the corporations of any other country in the world. But that’s not what you’re complaining about, is it? You believe corporations should stay out of government, correct? So vote for someone who doesn’t take contributions from them! I promise you that candidate is NOT the one currently claiming to ‘have your back”. That man is as clueless as you are!

I’m willing to bet my left pinky that a minimum of 50% of the people in any “Occupy” location around the country either received refunds from the government last year, or didn’t file a return. I’m sure the number is actually much, much higher than that but if you want to wage your own finger to prove it, be my guest! You rant about billionaires but receive funding from George Soros. You vehemently oppose corporate greed from the platform of your pithy Tweets sent from your iPad while sitting in Starbuck’s personifying Massengill. Nothing you stand for makes any sense, so go back to your mom’s basement and assess your priorities. Perhaps use the time to remove the bolts from your face, wash the disgusting mess on top of your head, shave, and fill out a few job-applications. Don’t be afraid to contribute a little hard work to one of those evil corporations if they offer you the chance.


As always, thanks for playing! Have a great weekend!

J Robert Giles


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giving Away the USA….

By J Robert Giles (November 16, 2011)

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"There's no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation." – Margaret Thatcher


Ever heard of the Universal Service Fee? Ever see it on your cell-phone bill and just assume it’s a fee you signed up for at some point? Guess what…’s not. The Universal Service Fee is a program by which you, me, and anyone else working hard to pay their own constantly changing cell phone bill are actually paying for “low-income families” to enjoy cell-phone freedom. You see, the money you pay to cover this fee each month is then collected from your carrier and turned into cell-phones for the poor.

“According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) telecom providers receive money from the Universal Service Fund to provide cell service to lowbanger_with_blackberry income residents. In order to qualify for the program you need to show you are receiving additional forms of assistance like food stamps or TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). The Universal Service is funded by fees paid to telephone providers when customers pay their phone bill.” {Chris Nagus – KMOV}

I’m sick of providing for those unwilling to provide for themselves. Just because I have something you want does not mean you are entitled to it. Welfare, dependence, entitlement……they’re all  damaging but prevalent mentalities in our country. Remember the old days when you worked your tail off with a goal in mind? Our country has become the equivalent of 312 million little brothers and sisters whining because we don’t get gifts on our big brother’s birthday. The liberal in you is laughing dismissively at that comparison, but you know as well as I do that it’s true. We’ve got to put an end to it.

spending government-spending Where’s the pride? Where’s the American Spirit we all claim to hold so dear? That spirit, the one we all claim to understand…….it says nothing about getting crap you didn’t earn!! If you didn’t earn enough money, and carefully budget that money, to go out in your own car, fueled by gas that you paid for, and buy your own damn cell phone then you don’t get a cell phone. You’re just going to have to wait to call all of your life advancing associates so eagerly awaiting your contact. It’s easy for me to sit here and complain from the safety of my computer, but what can we do to make a serious dent in this crippling mentality? What can any of us do on our own? After all, you didn’t get a choice in whether or not you paid this Universal Service Fee, did you? No, you didn’t. It was something that was simply added to your bill, never explained, and forced upon you. If you don’t pay it, you don’t get to continue using your own phone. That’s fair, right? Pay for someone else’s free phone, or we take yours away. Exactly how our forefathers drew it up, right?

It’s high time we start letting the people responsible for actions such as the Universal Service Fee know that we are sick of funding mediocrity. We’re sick of supporting a system that allows and encourages lucrative unemployment. There are streets that need cleaning, graffiti that needs erasing, highways that need repair, and neighborhoods that need policing. Do some of that and then we can talk about getting a cell-phone, okay? Being unemployed has become a full time job. If you’re good enough at it, you can get pretty much anything you want without having to work for it. Truly indigent is one thing. Poor, uneducated, and loud by choice is quite another. Why do I have to give a cell phone to a man that refers to me as “whitey” or “cracker” and then insinuates that I’m racist if I don’t vote for an unqualified, unproven, un-American candidate? Obama was elected because an overwhelming number of people believed he would provide them with more free crap than John McCain bea-income-550x330would have provided.

The biggest problem is not the laziness and loudmouthed pride in borderline illiteracy. It’s not the “gimme that cause you got it and I want it” attitude that seems to have   gripped our nation’s youth. It’s not even the welfare system itself. The problem is that we have let lawyers and corrupt legislators get us to a point where there are more people taking from the system than there are contributing to it. There are more people with their hand in the cookie jar than there are cookies. Do you understand, or should I come up with another way to say it? There are more foxes in the hen-house than chickens or eggs. Giving to those truly in need is a noble, generous cause. Expanding the definition of ‘need’ to include those who simply don’t want to work is criminal.

Here’s a short list of just a few of the entitlement programs YOU are funding…..

Universal Service Fee

Medicare / Medicaid

Social Security

529 / Coverdell

Supplemental Security Income

Pell Grants

Unemployment Benefits

Welfare/Public Assistance

LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program – 1 in 10 recipients are fraudulent!!!)

Stafford Loans

Food Stamps

TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program)

Consolidated Health Care Centers Program

As I’m sure you are aware, these are just a few of the literally hundreds of ways people are continuously milking our country dry. To make matters worse, the people tasked with running, monitoring, and enforcing the guidelines and policies of these programs are “mentally unemployed” despite the fact they collect a paycheck backed by my tax dollars. Fraud, failure to identify fraud, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement…..there are too many stories to count. We continue to get screwed while manipulative people manipulate a system that encourages and thrives upon manipulation.

You know what has to be done, make sure it happens!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


Happy Birthday, Dad!




Monday, November 14, 2011

(R) vs. (D)…..You Won’t Be Surprised

By J Robert Giles

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He who lies for you will also lie against you” – Bosnian Proverb


First off, I hope everyone’s weekend was as enjoyable as mine. I seem to be experiencing more enjoyable weekends lately than any man has a right to experience. Those people responsible for this welcomed change know who they are. Thank you.



Now that the niceties are out of the way, there were a few things that just made my jaw drop over the weekend. No, it wasn’t the combined scores of my two favorite football teams. (89-14; if you’re wondering.) It wasn’t the fact that my least favorite teams ALL lost, although that was pretty nice. Sadly, those are happy thoughts. The thoughts that inspired this article were more flummoxing than happily enjoyed.

I know I spew a lot of anti-liberal rhetoric. The fact that I recently received my first piece of poorly written, vaguely vulgar, hate mail tells me the efforts are paying off. There are very few things in this world that bring me more joy than infuriating a liberal. (Keep ‘em coming, Hippies! Your hatred fuels me!) That being said, I’m starting to get overwhelmed with the frequency of the lunacy coming from the left side of our planet. I can’t keep up. I am literally going to have to get one of those recorders that journalists and Rain Man carry to help them remember stories and ideas. Today, I think I can combine two or three stories into one. Perhaps it’s a cheap trick to get a bunch of ideas stuffed into one article, but there are others that need to be written and researched so I’ll take the risk, Forgive me. 

There are two pieces of news that broke this weekend. I want to take a look at the way the two stories are being reported and followed by the media. In fact, I’ll go ahead and throw the Herman Cain scandal  and the Solyndra scandal in there for good measure. Four stories……how are they followed"? Which ones will you hear more about? Who do you think benefits from the “appropriate” levels of coverage and interest?

US President Barack Obama gestures for the crowd to keep quiet about his visit to the O&H Danish Bakery to buy kringle pastries so that First Lady Michelle Obama wouldn't find out about the visit, during a town hall event on the economy at Racine Memorial Hall in Racine, Wisconsin, June 30, 2010. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) STORY ONE - “Obama Smallpox Debacle” It was revealed over the weekend that our brilliant and honorable President Barack HUSSEIN Obama, spent $443 million to research a disease that was officially deemed “eradicated” in 1978. What? Surely you would have heard about this, right? Oh, it’s absolutely true. $443 million in taxpayer money to research an irrelevant disease. Riots in the streets of almost every city in the country as tattooed and pierced morons demand an end to greed, yet the man who claims to be their political voice is giving 443-million of our dollars to a bunch of his democrat-funding cronies. A no-bid contract to well known democratic-donation-machine Ron Perelman and Andy Stern whose character is questionable at best. Hear anything about it? No? Interesting.

STORY TWO - “Solyndra Mishandling” You’ve heard about this one, right? President Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his little lap-lander, Biden travelled to the headquarters of the solar energy company and posed for lots of photos. There’s the famous video of Obama lifting the solar panel and flexing his massive pythons as he does. If he had only been wearing a pear of pink leggings and a red leotard, the image would have been complete! Anyway, it’s far from a laughing matter that soon after the photographers left, a taxpayer backed check was made out to Solyndra in the amount of $500 million. The company went bankrupt, and we’re left paying the tab. Oh, and to put the feces flavored icing on the turd-cake we’ve been eating for the last 3.5 years, the Senior Energy Department Official who authorized and monitored the loan was none other than Obama’s top fundraiser. You heard all of these details over and over again, right? Every lead is being thoroughly investigated, right? The level of media coverage surely has left no stone unturned. If you believe that, you’re insane. Get out of my way.

Okay, for those of you keeping score at home, that’s $943 million of taxpayer money; GONE! We’re never getting that money back and very little has been done to stop it from happening again. In fact, we are being asked to believe that the best way to prevent further outbreaks of random shenanigans is to re-elect this babbling idiot and all of his little cronies.

$943 million LOST in just TWO STORIES!!!!





Now let’s take a look at two more stories that you may have heard a little bit more about, shall we?

STORY THREE – “Spencer Bachus” Spencer, a Representative from the great state of Alabama with one of those ‘dirty little “R’s” next to his name, moved some of his personal money around so that it wouldn’t be exposed to the volatility sure to follow the upcoming bailouts Obama was tossing to all who demanded them. It didn’t take a financial genius to figure out that there would be some stock market reaction to the bailout solution Obama seems to believe is the Band-Aid we’ve been missing. It certainly didn’t require insider information to predict such reactions, yet the media would have you believe Mr Bachus withheld information from the public while he positioned himself for an exclusive gain. It’s simply not true. He moved his personal assets from one area exposed to the effects of Obama’s lunacy to another that would be spared temporarily. There is nothing illegal about what he did, but I’m willing to bet you will know every detail of Spencer Bachus’s dirty-republican life before the Holiday Season comes to an end. Cost to taxpayers - $0

STORY FOUR - “Herman Cain” Who hasn’t heard the tawdry details of Herman Cain and his perverted, deviant lifestyle. The man is apparently insatiable, and as we all know, anything sexual is simply offensive to the left. (See: Lewinsky, NAMBLA, ACLU, Jersey Shore, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Nancy Pelosi’s Girls Gone Wild appearance (Okay, I just vomited a little as I wrote that. I made it up, folks! Lighten up!)) My point is that the evidence against Mr Cain is miniscule to say the least yet there she is. Ms Gloria Allred, the original Femi-Nazi, hugging Mr Cain’s victim who has surprisingly forgotten all about the crippling pain he delivered to her life until such time as money could be made from un-repressing her 20+ year old memories. I say bovine-excrement, madam! You’ve heard this story a few times, I imagine. Cost to taxpayers: $0

Google Searches Relative to all four stories:

2:01 CST 11/14/2011 “Obama Smallpox Debacle”

ONE relevant story

2:18 CST 11/14/2011 “Solyndra Mishandling”

6 Relevant Stories (2 Praising White House for Rejecting Subpoena of Documents Relating to Solyndra)

2:21 CST 11/14/2011 “Spencer Bachus”

NINE results relevant to claim of insider trading + FOUR “related searches” + Personal E-Mail Address + Voting Record

2:28 CST 11/14/2011 “Herman Cain”

14 Relevant to Scandal ONLY + 3 Videos from Gloria Allred


Are you starting to see the trend here? Do you find it as ridiculous as I do? It’s not just the government. Our ire should be equally cast at the media who supports such nonsense and in return believes us to be too stupid to catch it. STAND UP AND CATCH IT, AMERICA!! If we allow this lunacy to continue, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Again, $943 million to $0, yet first page search results for the two topics featuring those little “(R)’s” next to the names of the subjects receive over three to one coverage. We have to stand up and stop this. We’re allowing ourselves to be led to destruction.


As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles 







Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran’s Day

by J Robert Giles – CLICK HERE for full site
“In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him. For then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”   - Mark Twain

Last night I had the distinct privilege of attending a Veteran’s Day concert at Bernard Middle School here in St Louis. My stepdaughter, Ellie, is in the school choir. She was very excited about not only her first concert, but to be honoring what she already considers a very deserving segment of our society. The entire production was very well put together and the songs chosen were as respectful as they were enjoyable. The large group of veterans in attendance appeared to have a good time.

Ellie sang her heart out when called upon to do so. She even developed a little “southern Baptist head-bob” action I hadn’t seen before. The smile on her face throughout the presentation told me the nervousness she felt all day leading up to the concert vanished as she released the first note.

I also had several “teachable moments” with Aidan, my 6 year old son, throughout the evening.(Brace yourselves liberals; I’m about to talk about “traditional family values” and patriotism. Seek shelter.) Aidan has always been fascinated with the military in all it’s glorious forms. Of course, his knowledge thus far has been limited to the things he’s seen in Transformers movies,  WebbAFBGate and anything covering the topic of SuperHeroes. He’s also keenly aware of the fact his “Pop-Pop” (my Dad) was a pilot in the Air Force. Jets are just about the coolest thing imaginable to a boy Aidan’s age, so the fact that his grandpa flew one makes for fantastic street cred in First Grade circles. During last night’s presentation, Sergeant First Class David Keefer, in full dress blues, spoke in his distinctly Army tone with his distinctly Army humor. His jokes were clean, his words were clear, his presence was commanding, and his message was sincere. Aidan was mesmerized.

SFC Keefer brought up a good point during his opening address. It is his opinion that “before one can lead this country, one must have fought for this country.” While I certainly agree with the sentiments behind that statement, I understand the reality of the world in which we live would never allow such a restriction to be enforced. Can you imagine the ACLUrection the liberal side of our legal system would be sporting of we attempted to pass such a law? No, SFC Keefer; your heart’s in the right place, but I think the best we can hope for is that we vote for someone in the next election who can, at a bare minimum, prove that he’s from this country.

Every year, on Veteran’s Day, I read articles, hear news stories, and listen to DJ’s on the radio saying  to “thank a vet today.” While the idea of thanking a vet is always there, I must say that I’ve never come out and done it in words. I have worked closely with the Armed Forces in my career, and will always feel a higher sense of commitment to the traditions, values, and community of the military than most. Today, I would like to thank the important people in my life that have served honorably and voluntarily.

“ Grant to our armed forces that disciplined valor and mutual confidence which insures success in war. Let me not mourn for the men who have died fighting, but rather let me be glad that such heroes have lived. If it be my lot to die, let me do so with courage and honor in a manner which will bring the greatest harm to the enemy, and please, oh Lord, protect and guide those I shall leave behind. Give us the victory, Lord.”  - General George S. Patton

Dad – Your service to our country in a time when such noble pursuits were openly opposed by hippies, easily fooled’s, and Jane Fonda has always been aWebb AFB source of inspiration. One of my earliest memories is of our backyard in Big Spring; sitting in the grass and imagining every jet flying overhead was you. The flight pattern was such that a turn was generally made just over the house, and I naturally assumed that was you waving your wings at me from above. (Facts like you sitting in the living room watching a Cowboys game at the time didn’t matter. EVERY plane was you!) Your continued dedication to all things military during your 35 year career after the Air Force didn’t go unnoticed either. Thank you.

CID BadgeTater – Army may have been kind of an “escape plan” at the time you enlisted, but your service made you the man you are today. Without the  disciplined lifestyle and the structure of military life, I think we can all agree you’d be a wandering idiot! You voluntarily entered the military at a time when our President was bombing anybody capable of deflecting attention from the fact he was diddling fat-chicks. You spent time away from your family, your freedoms, and your security so that we could enjoy all three. Thank you.

Ted & Karen –  You are two of the greatest people I know and your children are going to have a drive for success that only the military could have instilled in your family. Your love of Philadelphia sports is the reason you get no pictures next to your acknowledgement! Bad Flucks! Thank you.

Bill – Your time in Somalia and the personal stories you have shared with me about the experience have served as more inspiration than you will ever USMP know. Thank you.

Barry – Six years as a POW and you are one of the best patriots I know. While I may not always agree with your fashionPOW3D choices, your status as a hero was solidified long ago. Thank you. 

Chad – Your self-discipline and commitment to values (minus the Chinook-ing) came at a time in my life when such things would USACE have otherwise been easily abandoned. Your military service formed you. The fact you came out of the Army with as many of your values intact as you did is more impressive to me than anything else you will ever do. Thank you.

These are just a few of the people from my life deserving of thanks on this special day. There are many, many more, but these are the ones I think of most often when I try to teach my son a lesson of courage, or when I need a shot of inspiration myself.

To all of the men and women who have ever worn the uniform of our military; to all those who have shed blood, sweat, and friends so that we may sleep comfortably back home; to those who define courage as an intense will to live backed by a readiness to die; and to those of you who will be called “veterans” when your current commitment comes to an end – THANK YOU!!

As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Left…Right….What’s The Difference?

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janeane_garofalo_2A liberal listens to the ACLU and self-serving Hollywood scum. A conservative understands them.”  - ME  (Channeling Reagan!)


I often write about my overt disdain for all things liberal, but in a recent article I asked readers if they believed their children were strong enough to stand up and defend their conservative values in the face of the boisterous opposition. That opposition is often made to look ‘cool’ or enticing to young people through liberal strongholds in media, education, unions, and entertainment. Sadly, these sectors of our society hold more of our children’s attention than parental guidance can ever hope to obtain. Matters once considered to be exclusively those of a family are now openly viewed as “teachable moments” in our school systems. To insure that indoctrination occurs prior to family involvement, teaching of subjects once considered risqué at the collegiate level of American education are now being introduced as early as possible. Sexual discussions take place in first grade classrooms and to question the morality of this grossly inappropriate attack is considered bigotry. To suggest there’s too much vulgarity, or exposure to adult matters on TV means you’re not “progressive enough”.

It occurs to me that the best way to combat this ever-expanding indoctrination of our children is to arm them with facts, often and early. During a discussion with my own children recently, I was humbly surprised to discover the level of confusion when it comes to matters of Liberal versus Conservative. Despite what kids will tell you, they emulate what they see at home. If kids see their parents react negatively to a blatantly liberal slant in the media coverage of just about anything, they might feel negatively about an issue but not understand why they feel that way. I refuse to tell my children what to think, but I feel it’s my biggest responsibility as a parent to lead them down the right path as far as I can. At some point they will be on their own and free to live their lives, educate their own children, and view the world around them any way they choose. It is my job to lay the foundation upon which those future decisions will be based. Blindly voting because it’s what you’ve been ‘told’ to do is just as bad as voting for an unqualified candidate, regardless of party affiliation. Arm them with facts. That’s all you can do. (That doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on the facts as I have so graciously done in the outline below!)

Here are the facts as I see them…..use them to separate what is ‘said’ from what is ‘real’……use them to defend your own views as well as those of your family:



ABORTION: Government should provide taxpayer assisted abortions to help women who can’t afford children kill their unborn fetuses. Heartbeat does NOT equal life and therefore the fetus has no individual rights. ABORTION: Human life begins at conception. As a living being, the fetus has rights separate from the mother so abortion is murder. It’s important that your children know the difference between YOU and the nutbags blowing up abortion clinics. That’s who their teachers and media influences will point to in their arguments for abortion.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Government should work to insure that all those whose ancestors were once horribly mistreated in this country now receive free housing, career, presidential nominations, and Nobel Prizes. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Earn your job, your money, your possessions, and your rewards. The color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your religion, and your appearance have nothing to do with it. If you didn’t earn something, don’t expect it to be given to you!
DEATH PENALTY: Someone who murders another human being in a horrific, meticulously planned manner has “rights” and should be humanely treated at taxpayer expense for the rest of his or her natural life. DEATH PENALTY: If you take my child, my wife, my parent, or my brother from me…..I get to watch you die. Plain and simple. I don’t give a damn about your ‘rights’ and I certainly don’t think a penny of my taxes should go toward making sure you get three meals a day in front of a cable television.
ECONOMY: Give the government everything you can and then give some more. They are better equipped to spend your money than you are. You’re a peasant. ECONOMY: Keep your money and spend it how you see fit, just spend it in America. Conservatives believe that economic growth starts with the citizens living in the economy, not the government stealing from it.
EDUCATION: Public education is the only way to keep the liberal voting unions happy and it is the only way to insure that your children are properly indoctrinated at an early age. You can’t be trusted to choose an appropriate school for your own children, the government needs to do that for you.
EDUCATION: A Voucher system would encourage competition and promote better performance. Schools promoting ideological lunacy would no longer receive your tax-money under this system and such institutions would eventually crumble. Teachers could be awarded based on performance rather than tenure.
STEM CELL RESEARCH: Embryonic Stem Cell research is okay because, as previously discussed, a fetus has no rights. The blastocyst used in this type of research has no human features yet. That’s their stance. That’s their big justification. They don’t look like humans yet so kill ‘em. STEM CELL RESEARCH: Supports the use of adult and umbilical cord stem cells only. Stem cells are widely believed to carry answers to medical questions which have gone universally unanswered for centuries. Stem cells could provide clues to everything from curing diseases to reducing the impact of a physical deformation. Conservatives simply don’t believe a baby should have to be aborted in order to conduct said research. Effective cells can be harvested by other, non-baby-killing means.
ENERGY: While the left has not yet found a way to convince the easily fooled that we no longer need energy, they have managed to convince an alarming number of people that government is the only entity capable of exploring alternative energy sources. In other words; “give us your money and we’ll make sure we find a replacement for oil.” Liberals promote clean energy, but believe that government is the only one capable of researching it.  ENERGY: Government has made a colossal mess of the energy situation in our country. Enron was a criminal debacle and is often pointed to as a reason for government involvement in energy exploration. Please let your children know that a few greedy executives taking all of their employee’s money and running for the hills has nothing to do with competition and ingenuity among the private sector. What they did was despicable, but it does not mean you should hand more of your money to the government when they have conclusively failed to act thus far. They have created a system where action is impossible.
GLOBAL WARMING: Al Gore said it, so it must be true. Liberals believe that global warming is caused by our constant burning of fossil fuels and the carbon dioxide such actions create. GLOBAL WARMING: Al Gore said it, so it must be BS! Conservatives believe humans are not capable of controlling nature but that environmental care is a good idea for logical reasons. No evidence can be shown to indicate change in temperatures is related to impact of man. Actions called for by the left would only lead to increased government presence, expense, and inflation. (Seriously, Read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. It’s simply the best anti-liberal weapon you can have regarding Global Warming. Plus, a liberal gets eaten by the savages he’s trying to ‘save’)
GUN CONTROL: People don’t need guns, only the police and other enforcement agencies should be allowed to carry guns. (See Operation Fast and Furious) GUN CONTROL: The Second Amendment to the US Constitution clearly defines our right to keep and bear arms. Do not let your children be convinced that the Second Amendment only allows for a state to keep a militia (i.e. National Guard) as liberals love to claim. in 1787, when the Amendment was written, a ‘militia’ referred to armed citizens using their own weapons to defend themselves, their land, and their families.
HEALTH CARE: Government should be in charge of that too. Give us more money. (See Obama-care) HEALTH CARE: Privately funded healthcare means competition, research, and results driven care. The government should not be able to force sub-par health care upon us. Why should I be covered with the same care and level of knowledge as the gang member who was shot by another gang member over a nonsense based turf-war when I can afford better coverage in a private hospital? Because the government couldn’t rob me that way, that’s why!
HOMELAND SECURITY: They don’t care, just give ‘em more money! HOMELAND SECURITY: Secure our borders, profile everyone regardless of their “feelings”. The terrorists that conducted the 9-11 Attacks were very well trained to blend into our society. The only similar characteristics they shared were their skin-tones, language, and religion. If you’re not a terrorist, criminal, or illegal immigrant then you shouldn’t be worried. Don’t let your children believe that their “freedoms” are being stolen in the name of security. That’s just ACLU hogwash!
IMMIGRATION: Let everyone in as long as they are willing to vote democrat and of course, give more money to government. Porous borders do not pose a security threat. Let’s sit in a big drum-circle and find more ways to waste taxpayer money, time, and resources. IMMIGRATION: Conservatives prescribe to the silly notion that people allowed to vote, receive taxpayer funded government benefits, receive taxpayer funded healthcare, or receive permanent employment in this country should be US Citizens. Just because you sneaked into the country and had a baby, that doesn’t mean you get a chunk of my income. Learn the language, the traditions, the customs, and the history of this great country before you destroy it from within, please. No, that does not make me a bigot. It does not make me uneducated; a hillbilly; unenlightened, or any other annoying name you can conceive. It makes me an AMERICAN!
RELIGION: God and Christmas don’t generate a steady stream of income yet. They must be banned. Mentioning God in any fashion may offend the sensitive ears of the people in our country that pray to another god, or don’t pray at all. Liberals believe “separation of church and state” is a law. Liberals often chastise Christians, making light of our beliefs; deeming religion to be a tool of the weak. While there may be some very devout Christian liberals out there, it would be quickly determined that they are (1) only ‘liberal’ on a few issues or (2) Godless heathens who don’t know the first thing about Faith. RELIGION: Separation of church and state is NOT a law! In fact, the words do not even appear in any federal documents. The idea came from a letter by Thomas Jefferson written in 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Association. In it, he described the need for government to stay out of ruling the church but called for God to influence EVERY decision made in government. Our country was founded by Christian men. That’s a fact. If you choose not to pray to a Christian God, that’s the right afforded you by the sacrifice of men who did. That does NOT mean you get to tell me to stop praying or to stop celebrating the birth of MY SAVIOR. When Mecca allows a cross atop the Ka’ba to satisfy my “feelings”, I’ll allow “In God We Trust” to be removed from our currency. Deal?
WELFARE: Kids, if you study, get good grades for the first eighteen years of your life, show up to work every day and work as hard as you can; make sound financial decisions; save your money and provide for your family……you should have to give most of your money to the government so they can in turn give it to someone who has done NONE of those things. Liberals believe that welfare promotes equality and gives the poor the chance they need. (See Welfare Checks Cashed in California Casinos)
WELFARE: Conservatives believe we should stop giving handouts to those who are simply milking the system. Parents raising special needs children, people with true disabilities, and wounded warriors are about the only exception I’m willing to concede. You don’t get MY money just because you are too lazy or too intentionally stupid to earn your own. Take a bath, hippie!

(feel free to print, laminate, and distribute this chart for your children!)



I guess the best way to summarize the differences between conservatives and liberals, in a manner your children will be able to comprehend and recite, is as follows:

Liberals hate success, individual wealth, security, Jesus, Santa, and babies. (Probably puppies and cake too.) Conservatives hate liberals.


As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

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