Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I was actually beginning to think I was going to make it through a Tuesday without finding anything to rant about, but then old reliable came through with strength to spare in the race to do something stupid. As is so often the case, the source of frustration today comes from the Bay Area in California. I hate that this part of the country is so far gone. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, but I have to carry a can of Crazy Repellent while I’m there.
Today, the news broke about a class of First Graders that were taken on a field trip to witness a same-sex wedding. I’ll say that again…..FIRST GRADERS were taken to witness a same-sex wedding. Children were transported from school to the wedding during school hours. Am I the only one that finds this horrendously unacceptable? 1st-graders-homo-weddingI’m the parent of a first grader. I take that title as a badge of honor and this news story has me more than a little on edge. I can only assume that the field trip was not mandatory. I can assume that the parents of the students in attendance were those ultra-cool, ultra-progressive types that want their kids to learn from this “teachable moment.” Great, that’s fantastic. My concern is with the fact that those kids are not being taught there is a controversy over such events. Instead, they are being taught that there is absolutely no difference between a same-sex union and a standard wedding. They are being taught issues such as sex, marriage, law, and politics at an age that simply doesn’t require such knowledge. My son does not need to know how to define the word ‘lesbian’. He doesn’t need to know what the hell a “Proposition” is. When the time does come for such knowledge, why is it not the responsibility of the parent? California Law REQUIRES teachers to discuss marriage as part of the curriculum for kindergartners through seniors. (Sec. 51980 California Education Code)
Is that what being ‘progressive’ means? Let me get this straight…..in order to fit into what you define as a progressive community, I have to leave the value system of my child up to your construction? No thank you! I’ll continue my meager existence in that vast area between you and New York that seems to get overlooked far too often. The conclusions to which my son arrives on issues such as same-sex marriages, abortions, religion, and politics will be formed by me and the family with which my son is surrounded. A teacher is a valuable part of a child’s upbringing, but they do NOT have the right to indoctrinate my son into their way of thinking, especially just to draw attention to their own personal cause. Again, my son has no need, at age 6, to know what the heck a lesbian wedding is, let alone be driven to one in front of news cameras, media, and other publicity seeking fanfare.
We’re letting this happen, America. We keep trying to be sensitive to the needs of every activist group out there and sooner or later, everything is illegal and legal at the same time. Soon, it will be illegal to convict a person of murder because it's insensitive to those with a killing disease. (Murderus Dickheademae I believe it’s called.) While that is hopefully a stretch, there are clear-cut cases of such “progress” taking place all over the country. Terrorists are not the only ones figuring out how to use our own social issues and convoluted legal system against us. I’ve asked this question many times in the past, but when are we going to start letting common sense prevail. Not everyone can be made happy all the time. Yes, the Constitution does technically give the idiots who protest soldier’s funerals the ‘right’  to do so, but does that mean we have to allow it? Why is their tasteless, baseless, and abhorrently inappropriate speech protected more heartily than the rights of a grieving parent to bury their son or daughter? No one has been able to explain that one to me yet. Yes, I get it…..it’s a First Amendment thing but that’s my point? Do you think the Founding Fathers (referred to as “Framers” in California because “founding fathers” is offensive to women who feel left out of the forming of our government. Sorry, I didn’t see Ms. Fishbreath McNasty’s signature there on the old Declaration of Independence.) really intended for the First Amendment to be used in such a manner? Stop taking the law so literally when it helps your cause and then bending it to the point of torture when it doesn’t. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to me. It’s not fair to my kids. It’s not fair to the rest of the world.
Let me raise my kids, you crazy progressives! Thanks.
Thanks for playing!