Monday, February 27, 2012

We’re NOT Stupid…

By: J Robert Giles

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What's Changed????


Based on the above video, it would appear that His Barackness still has a few things to cross off the old To-Do List. To be fair, he was in the middle of the “Trust Building” phase of his great sales pitch when this video was made. If he were a man and the American people were a woman, this video would be one of his Immaculate Pick-Up Lines. “Hey, if you come home with me, I’ll create 5 million jobs for you. You’re so pretty.”

Things didn’t exactly work in his favor as far as those particular promises went. Barack Obama now finds himself in a position where higher gas prices help him and hurt him at the same time and his little liberal mind is racing in such a way that instantly visible graying can now be seen where the American Crown will eventually sit. (Assuming he gets a few more laws to turn their backs on his ego.) High gas-prices help create a need that the Obama Administration desperately needs in that it causes people to consider alternative means of transportation. This line of thinking goes a long way toward securing forgiveness for the billions of dollars he and Energy Secretary Chu have basically taken from us and then packed into a Chevy Volt full of highly flammable materials. If he can get his media buddies to support him until the Chevy Volt and other battery powered crap-coaches are the only form of transportation America can choose, then he’ll look like a genius. In fact, the Business and Media Institute recently released a study in which they found that the three major networks ran 4 times as many stories in the month leading up to April 24, 2008 than they have in the month leading up to February 20, 2012. The importance of those two dates is that they mark the days when national gas prices hit an average of $3.56 per gallon. The difference is that the earlier one occurred during Bush’s Presidency. The differences are not limited to quantity of reports either. The tone of the reports was remarkably different too.

In 2008, the stories were more personal. They focused on the personal impact high gas prices were having on American People. Businesses were closing, children were starving, and there were tears on the news. In fact, I think I remember seeing a story on MSNBC back in 2008 where one of their anchors had to eat her own cat in order to afford a tank of gas that week. (I may be “mis-remembering” a few details of that story.) Today, the stories have a much more matter-of-fact feel to them. No emotion, just facts.

Making the entire mess more frustrating is the fact that we have a President who seems completely unwilling to bend on the topic,. It shouldn’t surprise us any longer that he remains committed to liberal orthodoxy, but I think we all still hold onto hope that he will one day emerge from a spiritually impactful dream and change his mind on some of his more illogical and dangerous stances. Barack Hussein Obama said on Saturday during his weekly radio and internet address to his adoring public that “We know there’s no silver bullet that will bring down gas prices or reduce our dependence on foreign oil overnight.” Well, okay…that might be true, but in response I might point out that there is an equal if not higher caliber lack of a silver bullet that will increase American interest in flaming battery cars so stop trying to shoot us with it!

While Obama may steadfastly believe his own tired rhetoric about gas prices being the result of Republican based shenanigans, the argument simply fails under the scrutiny of logic. There are plenty of things that could be done TODAY to reduce the fear that is driving up the one expense in which we ALL share the burden of responsibility. Domestic energy producers are scared right now. They’re scared to succeed. Their reward for success has been fiscal punishment under the Obama Administration. In fact. here you go, Mr. President…..I’ll write you a speech that you could use this afternoon to reduce the price at the pump. I only give you this strategy because I know for a fact that your liberal supporters will never allow you to implement it’s inherent genius.

“My fellow Americ……..good afternoon, loyal subjects. I’m here today to bestow upon you more of my brilliance. (Pause for Beatle-esque appreciation)

You know, Michelle and I are regular people just like all of you. When you suffer, you can rest assured that we’re suffering right alongside you. I mean, Michelle had to leave two of her twenty four personal assistants behind when she flew to Aspen for her “fair share” of taxpayer funded skiing recently. (Pause for sympathetic applause) Tough times, y’all. I get it. Here’s what Papa Barry’s going to do for you though.

First of all, I’m committing right here and now to support responsible domestic drilling. Electric cars are a good idea but one that the American people will accept when they’re ready, not when I force them down their throats. I know the brains of my liberal brethren are literally shutting down right now but I’m serious. There are obviously some pretty serious and legitimate environmental concerns to contend with but you know what? The American people don’t want another BP disaster. The American energy companies don’t want the expense that BP just paid and they sure as heck don’t want the knee-jerk reactions of politicians like myself. I know it goes against everything I’ve ever preached, but let’s face it….I have ZERO chance of being re-elected, so who cares, right? I’m ditching the anti-capitalist rhetoric and letting these guys get to work. See, I now realize that it is not the job of the President or Congress to decide when a company in any industry has made enough profit. We live in a country that encourages capitalism and all the benefits of such. In capitalism, success is rewarded with money and shareholders. Greed is punished by collapse and outrage the likes of which regulations can never duplicate. I’m sorry I tried to limit your success.

Listen here Obamanites….here’s what I just found out. You see, when these oil companies make money, they send a lot of it to the government. In fact. aside from taxes, oil money is the US Government’s number two source of revenue. We’re partners and I had no clue. I would apologize for this lack of knowledge but to be fair, Republicans kept it from me. Bush put that information in a file on the Presidential Computer labeled “God Stuff” so I never looked at it. Anyway, when the oil companies make money, it helps all of us. See, they’re not owned by “fat-cats” like I’ve always been led to believe. Oil companies are actually owned by mutual funds, pensions, 401(k)’s and individual shareholders. When they succeed, tension is relieved. These guys need freedom to explore but even more, they need our trust. I stand before you as your fearless and heroic leader. In that capacity, I now decree that all restrictions that limit the exploration of domestic oil sources, natural gas distribution, and the use of natural gas as a means of transportation fuel to be rescinded.

The simple fact is that the US Government is too broad to regulate the energy production of the entire country. That regulation will come from the State level from now on. Now, go to work America. I’m going to step aside and let you do what you do……create, fix, and solve.

In a separate matter, I’m sorry about that whole contraception thing. I guess you could say I’m against drilling of all kinds. Now, I’ll have someone release Jay Carney from his travel crate and he can answer any questions you may have. Good day.”

Gas prices would be twenty cents lower per gallon by the time the last syllable rolled off his forked tongue, I guarantee it. Now, I understand the chances of Obama ever delivering that speech are about as good as the odds of me getting to make the game-saving tackle at the goal line in next year’s Super Bowl, but it sure would help wouldn’t it? Imagine a country in which oil production was free to expand without fear of tax hikes, regulatory restrictions, or veiled acts of extortion. We’re being told that gas-prices are high because Wall Street says it has to be, but that is simply not true. Yes, Wall Street has driven down the price of oil company shares, but that action FOLLOWED the maniacal regulations of the current Campaigner in Chief.

No, the Immaculated One will not read this speech off of Teleprompter-One any time soon, but maybe the guy who replaces him will have the courage to release the reigns of the oil companies in this country. Our ingenuity makes us strong, not our government. Our courage makes us undefeatable, not our government. Right now, we are not trusted as a people. Obama’s government believes itself to be our parents. They view us as dependent. Sadly, there are a large number of people who fit that view, but those people are not the ones who will save America from the mess they have created. Those people will be forced to answer for the sloth. They will be forced to justify the negative returns they have produced with our investment in their lives. Our voice is getting stronger, their fantasies are getting weaker. Our unified front is strengthening while their ideology is pulling them apart at the seams. Stay strong, friends.

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J Robert Giles