Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street…..Lunacy or Legitimate Cause?

From J Robert Giles

Am I the only one that thinks this whole Occupy Wall Street situation just reeks of liberal agenda? The protesters seem uninformed, yet very vocal. That behavior is traditionally reserved for liberals and their kind. In fact, it's play number one in the liberal handbook. Here’s an excerpt.
Rule 1: When faced with negative public opinion, presented with problems that can’t be solved with a drum-circle or patchouli oil, or confronted with logic; start a revolution. The revolution need not be based in fact. In fact, the more facts you can twist, the more beneficial your efforts will be to the liberal movement. Blame everyone, but most importantly, you MUST make your cause seem as if it will change the world. When asked what you hope to accomplish by skipping work, dressing like a terrorist, and protesting something you can’t explain; simply respond in the tone of our people…..ARROGANCE. If they can’t understand you or your cause, that's their problem, man.
Okay, so there's a slight chance I made some of that up, but you get the point. What are these people protesting exactly? The answer to that question seems to vary depending upon which stinking hippie is being interviewed. What’s the end-game? After all the signs are faded, all the pooping in the street is finished, and all the hippies go home, what is the desired result? Some say it’s to get money out of politics. Okay…..I can kind of get behind that. I can understand why people without jobs are upset thatoccupy-wall-street-protest-signs_stptt_5 politicians receive funding from companies that won’t hire them…..oh, wait. You say you went to an interview and voiced your ridiculous, anti-capitalism opinions to the manager of a bank? Well, moron, how do I put this tactfully… weren’t the best fit for that position!
Capitalism is not what you’re upset with. You’re upset with the fact that you don’t have what capitalism has brought to so many others you don’t deem worthy. You can work your butt off your entire life and never get the things you envy, so why not work your butt off and just enjoy what you earn? If it’s not enough to provide life’s necessities for yourself or your family, do everything you can do to change that. Don’t assume that somebody else’s wealth is somehow due to you simply because you’ve decided it should be so. Just because there’s a bunch of other people interested in getting their hands on some free money too, doesn’t mean you’re all right. History has proven that the masses don’t know $#!+, but that society’s elite know even less. Just worry about you and the challenges YOU face.
I personally don’t think that these types of self-centered displays are anything to be surprised about. We live in a country where Snooky and the rest of her Jersey Shore co-idiots are followed more closely than anyone doing any kind of moral or educational work. Of course there are a few CEO’s and other high level executives out there making an absurd amount of money but most of them have worked hard their entire lives to achieve the level of success they now have. I would personally love the opportunity to run my own organization; the chance to implement my policies and my ideas. From what I can tell, the people on Wall Street (the ones that smell like garbage, not the ones in suits) believe that they are owed a piece of that CEO’s wealth. As far as I can see, there is no interest in doing any of the work required of a CEO, there is only interest in his money. I’m not saying that Wall Street, the FINRA, the SEC, and the Federal Reserve couldn’t benefit from a complete overhaul but in no way do I believe that those changes should bring the wealth of a CEO to my personal bank account. You see, I didn’t do anything to earn that money.
Catch your breath, hippies. I realize we’re treading on Holy land here and I’ll try to spare your feelings. Birkenstocks and Ben & Jerry’s have formed a thin shell of toe-jam and selfish greed on your brains to the point where you actually believe that your revolution is based on anti-greed sentiments. If you really think about it, who’s the greedy one? occupy-wall-street-protest-signs_stptt_8 The guy who worked his tail off in school, college, and his or her company for thirty years of his or her life or the disheveled looking slacker with a poorly written protest sign? I realize I promised that I would try to spare your feelings so I will do just that in my next question. Why the hell do YOU deserve the income of another man? You say that millionaires don’t pay their share of the taxes in this country but the supporting evidence to the contrary simply can’t be ignored. 93% of the taxes in this country are paid by 7% of the population. (Once again, there’s a chance that figure has been slightly exaggerated in conservative circles. For true statistics, look here.) Still, despite my creative license with the numbers, the amount of income taxes paid by the wealthiest in our nation far exceed those paid by the people protesting on Wall Street. Stop it! Get a job and stop it! You’re not going to get a job as a CEO. You waved bye-bye to that dream when you decided to get a tattoo on your face. Sorry, Anarchy-Charlie, that’s not the way the world works. We don’t have to bend to your will just because you yell the loudest. Despite your atrocious public behavior on thehypocrisy_meter streets of cities all over the country, you have the right to behave that way because capitalist corporations gave money to a government that used it to develop the most technologically advanced military on the face of the planet. Sure it fails from time to time, but for the most part, the money that we get from the corporations and processes you protest are vital to your lifestyle even if you can’t see it. 

Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

Thanks for playing.
J Robert Giles