Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking Through The Wrong Lens…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“Falling down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die.” - Brian Vaszily

US President Barack Obama gestures for the crowd to keep quiet about his visit to the O&H Danish Bakery to buy kringle pastries so that First Lady Michelle Obama wouldn't find out about the visit, during a town hall event on the economy at Racine Memorial Hall in Racine, Wisconsin, June 30, 2010. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Put as simply as possible, it’s time to get up before we die. America is about to hear the tenth and final slap of the referee’s palm against the canvas beneath her disoriented head. What other analogy can be used? What will it take to call you to action?

Last night as I lay in bed, battling sleep with my trusted remote control in my palm, I was literally shot in the face with Obama’s latest insult. This ridiculous ad he’s running about Romney being such an “outsourcer” of American jobs. Just about coughed up the lemon flavored cardboard my wife tries to pass off as a cookie. Fiber has no pace in a dessert!

Before I attack the lunacy that is our current president, let’s respond to the horrendous allegations and implications of his campaign. Actions that His Barackness himself eagerly endorses at the tail-end of the agonizing smut. In the ad, Obama’s morality-free campaign asserts that Romney actively sought opportunities to send American jobs overseas. Has there ever been a more classic example of the liberal mind?

Liberals are incapable of seeing beyond the individual. They can’t look at things in terms of “the greater good.” Their only mindset is selfishness and they continue to prove this fact with every ridiculous cause they champion. They prove it with every absurd stance they take. They reinforce this fact with every misrepresented truth they scream from their imaginary mountain tops.

Liberals are incapable of seeing beyond the immediate gratification of their insane ideas. Obama couldn’t wait to get into office and give all of our money away. He couldn’t wait to impose this massive healthcare burden unto all of us. He couldn’t wait to cast our economy into a victim dependent abyss. An abyss from which escape will prove to be impossible if we don’t act in historic proportions on November 6th.

Liberals believe that a company is evil if it is successful. People have been bred by liberal rhetoric and subliminal attack to believe that success is something to be feared. Success is loathed because it is so envied. That is why liberalism is often “outgrown.” Eventually, life demands attention to self in order to survive. Life demands tough decisions that flimsy ideology simply can’t support. Life eventually demands that we all grow up a little.

When Mitt Romney ran the companies Obama loves to loathe, he did in fact send jobs overseas, but doing so insured the life and profit of the company he was running. See, in this respect…..companies are not individuals. A true leader cannot afford to look at his company through the needs of the individuals within it. A true leader takes the opinions and needs of his loyal employees into account when possible, but occasionally corporate survival requires decisions that are wildly unpopular at the “victim level.”

Business requires attention to detail, realistic vision, and the ability stand firm in one’s convictions. Romney has proven time and time again that this is exactly the kind of man he is. He has left a trail of verifiable success in the wake of his life, and his business decisions have exemplified this trait. Yes, Mitt Romney sent jobs overseas. It’s a fact. What’s skillfully omitted from this fact is that the company Mr. Romney was in charge of at the times in question all survived, In fact they flourished. Jobs were sent overseas because it made business sense. Jobs were sent overseas to reduce operating expenses while increasing profits. Those profits were then used to put Americans back home to work. The needs and opinions of the radical Islamic leaders of the madrassa Romney attended while living in Jakarta as a boy were never once considered. The needs and ambitions of Romney’s communist revolutionary alliances forged in his past were never taken into account. Sarcasm aside, Mitt Romney has the uniquely conservative ability to look beyond the manipulated madness of liberal reality and see the greater good. No good leader will EVER achieve 100% approval ratings. Even God can’t get that kind of approval, but luckily His existence doesn’t depend on such earthly endeavors.

Our government was not designed to insure the survival of you. Our government was designed to insure the survival of America.It’s time we start teaching people the difference. Success in America is not guaranteed. The right to pursue success is guaranteed but the journey is left entirely up to the traveler. Those who fail to plan appropriately will fail. Those who refuse to adapt to a changing market will fail. Those who align themselves with flawed ideology will taste defeat. Those who scream success when failure has been merely disguised will suffer in their own consequences.

Only a liberal could flash photos of himself in factories of companies that were given HUGE chunks of OUR money just before declaring bankruptcy and point to it as a ‘record of success.” Obama has not sent any jobs overseas because he doesn’t believe in jobs. Jobs are just a tool of those too stupid to see the brilliance of total government dependence yet. Obama’s outsourcing has been far more malicious and devastating than the opening of a couple of call centers.

Romney sent jobs overseas, but Obama has stolen our money in the name of insane theoretical beliefs and funded projects all over the world with it. Projects that serve no benefit whatsoever to America. To question these decisions gets conservatives labeled as selfish, right wing, racists. Am I racist because I don’t believe that stimulus grants to India for wind turbine farms built by Indians, manned by Indians, and constructed with Indian materials is as important as domestic projects? Am I a redneck because I don’t feel the Melanoma Institute of Australia deserved $162,000.00 of OUR money for tumor samples? Do we not have enough case studies here within our borders? Is cancer different in Australia? Am I selfish because I don’t believe Obama’s old stomping grounds of Jakarta, Indonesia deserved $15,000,000.00 of OUR money to clean up their air quality? Texas can’t get federal funding for flood damage, fire damage, mold damage, or crop damage caused by natural disasters, but Jakarta Indonesia; a destination to which Americans are “discouraged” from travelling for terrorism reasons, gets FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS of our money? THAT is the real definition of outsourcing. What Romney did was exactly what he was asked to do and the companies he represented survived. What Obama has done is to spread a sense of American failure and gullibility to the furthest reaches of the planet.

Here’s the rest of the OUTSOURCING in which Obama has participated during his Presidency as brought to us by the RNC.

· Switzerland – Over $50,000,000.00 in stimulus funds given to Swiss Firm Landis-Gyr. Obama Energy Department official Cathy Zoi, a former Executive Director at Landis-Gyr profited tremendously from the decisions of her own department. Outsourced cronyism.

· China - $39,000,000.00 to LED maker Cree Incorporated who used said funds to open and man a factory in China. Sempra received a $337,000,000.00 stimulus check to build a solar farm in Arizona. The solar panels are due to arrive from China soon.

· Finland – Fiskar Automotive was given a $500,000,000.00 loan guarantee to produce a $100k Luxury Electric Sports Car – being sold and built exclusively in Finland.

· Denmark – Danish wind mill maker Vestas received $51,600,000.00 in stimulus funds to build factories in the United States. Vestas recently announced they will be laying off as many as 1,600 Americans by the end of the year. Another solid investment of OUR money, thank you! $218,000,000.00 in Stimulus Grants to the Windy Flats Project – turbines used were purchased, built, and assembled in Denmark by Siemens.

· South Korea - $300,000,000.00 of OUR money given to the Korean manufacturer of electric car batteries. In return, they were to build plants in Michigan. They did. And they are now bringing in foreign nationals to work in those factories instead of local, capable, Americans. Our own Department of Energy has admitted that 11 of the 18 contractors on site are Asian firms.

· Mexico - $1,300,000,000.00 of OUR money to Mexico for the construction of the solar panels being used in the infamous California Solar Farm. SunPower, the firm building the panels has a factory in California but is choosing to build in their Mexico site instead. Mexican firm ABB received over $16,000,000.00 of OUR money to create green manufacturing jobs in the United States. After cashing our checks, they have laid off hundreds of Americans and transferred work to Mexico.

· Thailand – After taking our money in the bailout program, then showering union jobs with it, General Motors opens a $200,000,000.00 plant in Thailand. Why couldn’t diesel engines be built in Missouri, or at any other American plant? Why couldn’t our money have been used to give US jobs that we so desperately need?

· Vietnam – CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt is tapped to run President Obama’s Job Council and magically, GE gets $1,200,000,000.00 of OUR money. They build a $61,000,000.00 factory in Hai Pong to produce wind turbine components and have announced plans to ship even more infrastructure there in the near future.

That’s $4,210,762,000.00 of OUR money that His Barackness has shipped overseas and that’s only 50% of the 22 countries listed. (CLICK HERE for a complete list.) Grab one of these Prius driving fools who supports this imbecile and explain to them having calls directed to a call center in a foreign country for profitability and less government interference is a far cry from sending billions of our dollars to countries who feel they owe us nothing. Wake up, and educate those around you. Silence is literally tyranny because failure can only be the result of fraud or our own complacency. Rest assured.  

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

America The Beautiful…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” – John Adams (in a letter to his wife, Abigail)


What are we really celebrating under the fireworks and pageantry of July 4th in America? Some say it’s freedom. Others will tell you it’s a celebration of our uniquely brief history. Tangled within that history are heroic actions of countless Americans as well as a few rather embarrassing “growing pains.” Take a look at the textbook definition of July 4th and it’s easy to see why it’s called Independence Day. It’s the day that the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson and four other founding fathers, was officially accepted. The separation of the Thirteen Colonies from the Kingdom of Great Britain actually occurred on July 2, 1776, but the great national celebration has and forever will be held on July 4th.

So, again…..what is it that we are really celebrating during this “great anniversary festival” as John Adams so eloquently put it in the quote above? Quite simply put, we’re celebrating America. We’re celebrating the fact that this great land truly is worth fighting for. We’re celebrating the fact that no other nation on earth, no matter the span of their history, has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. We’re celebrating the fact that no other nation on earth, regardless of tenure, can claim as brilliant a governmental structure as America can. We are most certainly celebrating our freedom, but it’s not the freedom from England that President Adams spoke of. It’s the freedom within the borders of America that we celebrate. It’s the freedom to question the brilliance of our government when questioning is required that we celebrate. It’s the power to demand change based on the answers we are given that gives us cause for celebration.

Our freedom gives us the uniquely American ability to publicly question laws with which we do not agree but we celebrate the fact that as Americans we do so within the framework of a magnificently conceived system of government. When the freedom of one man is limited by the actions of another, we as Americans defend the victim. That’s the basis of America and it is that great responsibility that we celebrate with colorful fireworks, delicious barbecue, and baseball. What we do not celebrate is the abundance of “willing victims” present in our great country today. We do not celebrate the fact that “victim” has become a full time career for many of those around us. We celebrate our freedom, but we also celebrate our ability to grant freedom to so many who are currently imprisoned by a system that should never have gained such power.

This 4th of July, take some time to consider how far we have come in the exercise of true freedom. Consider the sacrifices made to deliver the America we have today and consider the brilliance that went into designing our unique system of government. The frustration we often feel is directed at men within the government, not the government itself. To celebrate American Independence on July 4th does not require birth within her borders. In fact, an argument could be made that those who struggled to obtain the freedoms offered within America’s diverse geography have a much deeper appreciation for the freedoms many of us take for granted. The men and women who fought for our original freedom from an oppressive Kingdom mired in antiquated systems of governance knew exactly what they were celebrating in the first July 4th Festivals. Do we? Are we celebrating the same kind of freedom those brave men cherished as they watched “the bombs bursting in air?” No. We are not.

Tomorrow, when you hear His Barackness giving a well rehearsed, well written speech designed to tug at the heartstrings of an exhausted nation, ask yourself honestly…..”does this man really represent the freedom” you are celebrating with your family? Does Barack Hussein Obama, despite the appearance of patriotism, care about tradition, history, and exceptionalism of the country Thomas Jefferson heroically declared “independent” two-hundred-thirty-six years ago? Only the most blindly loyal Obamanite would be able to answer yes to that question without an uncomfortable gurgle in the pit of their stomach. To that end, I ask you to consider the fact that while the fight may not involve muskets, cannons, militias, or caissons its outcome is no less important. We are fighting, once again, for our independence.

Make no mistake that the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama will be the modern day equivalent of losing the Revolutionary War. That’s not hyperbole. That’s not right-wing fear tactics, or uninformed exaggeration…..that’s fact. The country designed by the brave men celebrating the first July 4th festivities never anticipated the blatant manipulation of its inherent wisdom by a man adhering not to his patriotic duties but instead to an ideology completely foreign to them. Think about that as you watch fireworks explode against the night sky tomorrow night. Think about the America Barack Obama celebrates. Is it the one that our founding fathers envisioned?

Do you think George Washington would have signed a wildly unpopular law into effect against the wishes of the public, then manipulated its description to the Supreme Court, then publicly contradicted the ruling of that court to win political points? No. He would not have. That is NOT the system we celebrate on this day. That is the oppressor from which we now fight to free ourselves. That is the opponent, folks. The very people who have corrupted, infected, ruined, and stolen from a system designed to govern the greatest nation on earth. That’s both sides of the aisle. Enough time has been wasted; enough energy has been invested in the highly speculative task of properly assigning blame. It’s not important. What is important is the identification and seizure of opportunities in our future.

It’s time to get mad. It’s time to stand up and demand the return of American glory to the world. We owe it to the very ground beneath our feet to celebrate our independence tomorrow. So, the question remains; what is it that Barack Obama is celebrating tomorrow? He can’t be celebrating the founding principles of the United States of America because he has actively pursued devastation to such notions since his glorious ascension. Our celebration tomorrow should be emotionally similar to the months leading up to July 4, 1776. Tomorrow should be a day of celebration only if we are sincerely willing to stare down the barrel of every trick, deception, manipulation, distraction, and pathetic groveling between now and November 6th.

Celebrate tomorrow brothers and sisters. Celebrate the fact that you live in a country who, when faced with destruction has always found a way to recover. That’s exactly what we’ll do in November. We will begin the road to recovery. In the early 1930’s, the New Deal brought about an end to the misery of the Great Depression. Men and women went back to work with a common, unifying purpose. Projects were designed with the notion of endurance. Pride in American exceptionalism was not kept hidden. Is not a secretive notion discussed only in the safety of home and family. It was public. It was a common voice. It was a collective voice telling America as a whole to “get up and fight.”

Ladies and gentlemen; we’ve arrived at that glorious threshold once more. It’s time once again for fireworks to mean something. It’s time once again to stand tall as Americans. We will not give into the sadistic whims of a man more loyal to twisted ideology than preservation of greatness. We will not bow before a man who would actively seek the absence of Christ. We will not seek the approval of a man whose allegiance is to himself over all else. We will not abandon our principles in exchange for more unfulfilled promises and twisted logic. Celebrate your independence tomorrow, Americans. Celebrate it and then go retrieve it! United we stand.

As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

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