Monday, April 30, 2012

It Starts At The Dinner Table…..

By: J Robert Giles
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“Each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”   - Charles R. Swindoll

It’s a cliché to say that being a parent changes the way you look at things. Of course it does. For most of us, becoming a parent means an abrupt, loud, and completely exhausting end to the life we had led to that point. It doesn’t matter how old the parents are or how well planned the pregnancy may have been, once that child arrives, the IMAG1226 world of the parent is a completely different one. Parents find a joy in seeing the world through the eyes of their children. There’s an indescribable sense of pleasure to be found in watching your child figure out a concept with which you yourself struggled as a child. Some are more momentous like watching them suffer a competitive loss but take away the appropriate lessons. Others are more humorous like watching a 7 year old boy in complete awe of the “curly fry.” The feeling a parent has at the end of a really good day with their kids is a spiritual experience. It can’t be duplicated.

Is it too much to ask for a government who feels the same way about this country? Is it out of the realm of possibility for us to take control of the spiraling mess that has been created in Washington DC? A parent, even one whose abilities may have been called into question a time or two, would move heaven and earth to protect their kids. Does anybody in this country feel that our government would feel the same way about us as their kids? Many of the values that parents try to instill in their children are values our government does not believe in. Even the most selfish of men will do everything in his power to steer his kids clear of the mistakes he has made in his own life. A parent would recognize trends in their children that have led down destructive paths in their own history. Our government has no such instinct. A parent would gladly sacrifice time and emotion to impart the wisdom of independence onto his children. A parent wants their kids to know the sheer joy of working towards a successful goal. Whether that goal is athletic, scholastic, or personal a parent knows that the work put in is twice as valuable as the goal itself could ever be. Our government has chosen a different parenting style. Our government has chosen to breed a mentality of dependency. An involved and effective parent would never allow a child to label laziness and greed as anything but laziness and greed and we would never encourage our kids to demand the fruits of another man’s labor. A good parent knows that there is infinitely more pride to be found in independence than there will ever be in dependence.

If the government cared about America as a parent cares about their children, then the issue of debt would not be at the center of every election this country will face for the rest of my lifetime. Think about that…..the amount of debt we have allowed to accrue under just ONE President will still be a burden long after any of the eyes reading these words have closed for the final time. A parent doesn’t prepare their children for life in such a fashion. Those who do are the ones who benefit most from our government’s complete lack of responsibility. A parent who feels no remorse in leaving a staggering financial burden to their children doesn’t deserve to have kids in the first place. That doesn’t mean that all parents who leave a debt to their kids are failures, it just means that those who actively plan to do so are failures. While I make no attempt to hide the fact that I am conservative when it comes to politics, this issue goes well beyond party affiliation. Figuring out who is to blame for the decay in the relationship between citizen and government is just as big a waste of time as trying to figure out who started the fight between brother and sister. It doesn’t matter, it just needs to stop.
A good parent would never, in a million years, choose the interests of his or her friends over the safety and needs of his or her own children. Every time our government makesObama Buffett a decision based solely in ideology, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Every time Barack Hussein Obama kills a job-producing, price-at-the-pump reducing, pipeline proposal so that Canadian oil can still be transported via the railroads owned by a “close personal friend,” he’s choosing that friend’s needs over yours. Every time Barack Hussein Obama travels to Maine and meets with the Union Leaders but refuses to meet with the suffering fisherman who desperately need a morale boost, he’s choosing the needs of his  friends over yours. Every time His Barackness eats a puppy, he’s taking it directly from the hands of YOUR daughter. Every time Nancy Pelosi speaks, she’s defying what’s actually needed in favor of what’s needed to keep her and her friends in “power.” Every time Bill Clinton smugly redefines the word “is,” he’s disregarding American need. Every time taxpayer money is used to advance ideology, it’s the same as you strapping your own children into the back of a Chevy Volt full of highly volatile, absurdly flammable, materials.

In November, it will finally be time for all of us to demand a better government. It will be time for all of us to stand up and scream until the “politicians” on Capitol Hill start behaving a little more like parents. The Presidential Election is only a symbol of that resolve. The results will come in our ability to stick to our demands well after the polls close. No longer can we stand by and allow horrible decisions to be made but only show concern when an election is looming. That’s what got us here. November will mark the family intervention that hopefully sets this country back on track toward the future we all know is waiting for us. A future that requires hard work by all, not just those who haven’t yet figured out how to milk the system. A future where dependency is frowned upon and integrity is honorable. A future where America stops wearing a diaper, puts on our big-boy pants, and finally starts to take more pride in the journey than the destination.
As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Part Of The Plan…..

By: J Robert Giles


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Let his days be few and brief; and let others step forward to replace him.  - Psalm 109:8


Late in the summer of 2007, I was a broken man. The marriage that had defined me for so long lay crumbling at my feet and for the first time in my life, I felt completely powerless. There was no fight left in me. I wasn’t even sure who my opponent would be if I did choose to fight. I prayed. I prayed hard, just as many of us do when the pressures of our time on earth seem to weigh more than our frail bones can support. I prayed that God would somehow step in and deliver what my wife and I were seemingly incapable of delivering to each other. I prayed that God would return the love and the admiration that had led us to marriage in the first place.

Photo Jun 26, 11 23 41 AMThat never happened. Our marriage officially ended with the unceremonious rap of a gavel and an abrupt finality only those who have been there can understand. My prayer was answered.

I understand your confusion. I understand why you may be sitting there assuming I just made a typo, but I assure you that I meant what I said. My prayer was answered. See, God doesn’t always answer the prayers that we pray with our mouths because He doesn’t hear those prayers through the ears of a man. In other words, the answers we receive are often not the answers for which we prayed. In my case; I prayed for a reconnection to my wife but what I received was the answer to the prayer I should have been praying. I received freedom from the separate path my life had taken from that of my wife. I was granted a relationship with my son that would not have been possible in the home for which I blindly prayed. God answered my prayers by giving me a home where I had only had a house. I received a love my ex-wife is simply not capable of delivering, and in return I’m able to give the kind of love my ex-wife ran from. The  path I was set upon with the pounding of that gavel is so much better than the one for which I prayed. The life I now live is infinitely better than the one I “lost” yet my prayers were prayed with the self-serving desires of a man. 

Our country is in a similar predicament right now. We’re praying for the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama in November. Many of us, myself included, pray for an extremely lopsided statement when the votes are all counted. We pray for the defeat of a man. Obama has become the face of our resentment. He has become the enemy in our prayers of protection. He has become the illness in our prayers of health. He has become the threat in our prayers of safety, but for what are we actually praying? Respect. We’re really praying for respect.

America has been slapped in the face by the popularity contest that has taken over our once great government. We have lost a lot of the respect around the world that once made us so enviable. Our prayers are that the respect once given to the United States by the rest of the globe be restored. We don’t want it to be restored because of our might. We’ve seen where those attempts have gotten us. We don’t want the world to respect us because of our ability to destroy, but rather for our ability to contribute. We pray that the world can once again respect the uniquely American freedom to dream, design, develop, and deliver our ideas through the intense scrutiny of our equally unique free market. We pray that the rest of the world respect our unique history, not at the expense of their own but as a complement to it. We pray that the rest of the world respect our sovereignty and let go of the belief that America is dependent upon them. resolute-desk

We pray that respect for our government be restored, both inside and out. Men and women were once proud to say that they worked for the Federal Government, not embarrassed. I would personally rather tell someone that I get paid to sponge-bathe Ruth Bader Ginsberg than to ever tell them that I work for the GSA, but it wasn’t always  like that. Federal employment can once again become something worthy of pursuit, not a position guaranteed by union loyalty. Obama’s presidency has cast an incredibly bright light on the fact that American politics have become a popularity contest as opposed to the board meeting they should be. The prayers that we are praying are for the defeat of Obama but what we’re really asking for is someone who will respect the office of President of The United States of America more than they respect themselves. We’re praying for someone who will stand in awe of the office. Someone who will treat the office as if it is not his to lose. We want someone who will treat that office as if any disrespect shown to it is disrespect to each and every citizen under its scope, not just to the man sitting behind its Resolute Desk. We’re praying for someone who will wake up every day with a passion and a drive to make America great, regardless of ideology. We’re praying for someone who can truly make the President worthy of respect.

We’re praying that our next President will respect the American people enough to treat them like equals, not underlings or subordinates. We’re praying for a President who respects America’s ability to defeat any failure. One who respects the fact that America’s unique freedom and determination enhance our chances of greatness. We pray for a President who acknowledges our Faith as more than an antiquated tradition and respects the guarantees that Faith provides.

Prayers will be answered in November but the real question is whether or not we will recognize them. Some of those prayers may have already been answered. Are we smart enough to recognize them if they aren’t answered exactly as we prayed? Are we smart enough to realize that Obama is just the face of a much bigger opponent? Can we look past selfish interests, revenge fueled hatred, and ideological indignation long enough to define the often mentioned “greater good.” It’s more than just a clever, emotion sparking catch-phrase. The greater good would have signed off on the Keystone Project. The greater good would not have cared about the American Burying Beetle, and they sure as heck wouldn’t have given away thousands of jobs so that Warren “Buffet-Rule” Buffett could continue transporting oil on his trains as long as Warren “Buffett-Rule” Buffett went out in public saying he wanted to pay more taxes. America deserves better than what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

The prayer we should all be praying is that we be allowed to show the world we are still worthy of their respect. We should be praying for the chance to live in an America where more pride is taken from the job than the paycheck.

The verse at the beginning of this article prays that “others” will step up and replace “him.” Notice it didn’t say “another” but rather “others.” The prayers God intends to answer will not be done through one man or one candidate. The prayers God intends to answer will be done through ALL of us…..even those who feel as though they have “lost” on November 7th. No matter who sits in the Oval Office, we’re all still Americans and it’s time we start respecting what that means.

As always, thanks for playing…..and praying.


J Robert Giles


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trainwreck of Thought…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”  - General George S. Patton

Class War

Many of you are still reeling from the blistering defeat handed to the Buffett Rule last week and I will try to be sensitive as I dance around your ridiculous feelings but the hypocrisy of the defeated bill shouldn’t go without broadcast simply because a few liberals might suffer more than their fair share of discomfort. No longer will we, as conservatives, sit back and let the liberals retreat into the comforting arms of their brethren when confronted with the defeat of their ideological offerings.

The Buffett Rule was soundly defeated for several reasons but first, it’s important to know what the rule, had it been enacted, would have accomplished. I’m not talking about the kind of back-pedaling knowledge that comes from constant historical rewriting. That kind of knowledge informs the liberal mind and it has no place in the real world. The Buffett Rule would have delivered a crushing blow to those evil millionaires who are simply “screwing” the rest of the world.  That’s what the media and those they support would have you believe. They believe you are too stupid to actually research beyond what they present to you as reality and that’s why their impact is diminishing by the day. The power of influence is rapidly shifting to blogs, social media, and talk-radio. Barack Hussein Obama, still campaigning for a law that has already been defeated, has been busy condemning the republicans for striking down yet another effort that would have delivered relief to the ill-fated “middle class.” Has anyone ever heard Obama actually define “middle class?” It seems to be his vague, mysteriously supportive, go-to victim whenever specificity eludes him. Whenever he needs to rally the troops…..those under-educated, government dependent, teat-suckling, race baiting, blindly loyal troops…..he brings out the old class warfare card.

The problem for Obama and for the media who props up the facade of his accomplishments leadership experience budget image is that his passion is unraveling. The infectious charm and passion he exhibited in 2008 was supported by promises he never intended to fill. Now, supported only by a horrendous record, he is having a wee bit of trouble garnering the kind of ardent support he enjoyed back in the days when “blame Bush” was actually an effective campaign strategy for the democrats. Well…..who do we blame now? Before you answer, libtard….. we know who YOU will blame. What we’re asking is who can you legitimately blame? (Legitimate means “conforming to the laws or to rules”) The Buffett Rule was just another in the long line of bastard children born unto the Obama Presidency. The Buffett Rule is the youngest brother of such infamous failures as the blackmail powered Chevy Volt and ObamaCare. It was peddled as a bill that would finally make people earning over a million dollars a year pay their “fair-share” of taxes. Any mention of wealthy people getting an advantage not handed to those who did nothing to earn it will get the Obama base all sorts of riled up. How dare a wealthy person enjoy a comfort not guaranteed by food stamps, welfare, ACORN, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security? “These wealthy people don’t pay any taxes!” That’s the message Obama attempted to deliver to his loyal minions, right?

Well, Mr. President, I’ll refrain from unleashing the sinful rage boiling inside me with each passing day of your Presidency. I’ll vent that festering displeasure on November 6th in exactly the manner in which our Founding Fathers intended…..I will vote angry! It’s a good thing BS doesn’t bounce sir, or you’d be in orbit by now. The reality that you and Mr. Buffett are working so hard to keep from the ears of those still fooled by your nonsense is that Mr. Buffett could have easily paid more in taxes than his secretary if he truly wanted to do so. In fact, anybody can donate more to the US Treasury than the paltry amount the IRS takes from you. If you would like to send more money to the IRS or to the US Treasury, please send your “fair share” of extra cash to:

United States Department of Treasury

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington DC 20220

For those of us who feel that we have already paid our “fair share” in taxes, the reality of the Buffet Rule is a bit troubling. The President is demanding that we all pay more than those who make less, but there are several key pieces of evidence he left out of this latest campaign frenzy. ONE: Warren Buffett is currently in the middle of multiple lawsuits in which the IRS claims he owes BILLIONS in unpaid taxes. Kind of easy to pay less than your secretary when you just decide not to pay your taxes, isn’t it Mr. Buffett? TWO: Obama also paid a lower tax rate than his secretary! His Barackness paid a measly effective tax rate of 20% on his $790,000 income in 2011. His secretary paid 21%. The average tax rate for people in the same income bracket as His Barackness was 24%. He demands that wealthy Americans forgo the deductions that allow such flexibility in liability, but he and Michelle took advantage of just about every loophole they could find. Salesmen who believe in their product don’t rely on the competition when nobody’s looking, you incompetent buffoon. Translation – If Obama really believed this crap-sandwich he’s forcing down our throats, he would be the first in line to participate in it’s wisdom. THREE: Warren Buffett benefited greatly from billions of dollars in Obama handouts. His support and the use of the great “Buffett” name were simply the agreed upon repayment method. You see folks…..Obama gives away our money to people who will help get him reelected. It’s as simple as that.

The wealthy have more money to invest. It may make you mad, you may even find yourself a tad bit envious at times. It’s human nature to want what others have, but to manipulate the government into stealing it for you is just plain wrong. Not only is it wrong, it’s dangerous. The Buffett Rule and the imaginary “Class War” that fuels such lunacy is tearing apart the unique ability of the United States. Snap out of it!

Obama doesn’t believe we can fix our country…..get out of the way and let us prove you wrong. Obama believes the government of the United States is more important than the people of the United States…..step aside and watch our ingenuity amaze even the most calloused of men. Obama believes taxes are the only way to fund future success…..sit back and watch capitalism prove you wrong once again. Obama believes the role of government should be to decide how to spend your money. Obama believes everyone should be given exactly the same life, no matter how hard you work, save, or plan. Obama believes he’s invincible….anyone care to join me in proving him wrong? Let’s say we all meet on November 6th, okay?

There’s always going to be someone that has something you don’t have. That’s just the way life goes.

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dog Eat Dog…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.”  

- Francis Bacon

Road Rage

That guy that cut me off in traffic this morning; the one in the crappy little sports car that might have been cool back in the days of Dawson’s Creek but even then was considered to be the vehicle of choice among guys who were able to articulate an opposition to their mother’s decision to stop breast feeding; the one who caused me to do the paternal “arm-belt” across the chest of my seven-year old son as I pushed my brakes to the floorboard…..I wanted revenge. I wanted to choke him with his own tie but eventually, cooler heads prevailed and thought I was I was going to be able to enjoy the rest of a peaceful and chatty ride to school with my bruise free mini-clone. A few minutes later, we pulled up beside the same vehicle. I had pretty much let the incident go and was fully immersed in the conversation and curious observations of a young mind when I noticed the bumper sticker on the back windshield of the moron’s coche de caca:

If God were real, she’d be a liberal.

Really? What purpose does that message serve other than to provoke rage in the minds of almost everybody to read it? And you drive like a blind, fifteen year old girl too? Interesting choice of life habits, but to each their own. The whole incident did get me thinking about the differences between liberals and conservatives. Before I ever laid eyes on the bumper sticker, I assumed there was a liberal at the wheel. I made this assumption based on his actions. The openly displayed sense that he and his needs were more important than anyone else or their schedule. Such an instantly recognizable symptom of the liberal disease. Some new information has come to light in the past week which may prove to make the identification of liberals even easier, but first, let’s take a look at a few of the other established and accepted differences as we currently know them.

CONSERVATIVES: We believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional American values. We believe in a strong, capable, and enviable national defense. We believe that the role of government should be to provide the freedom necessary for individuals to pursue their own goals. Our policies generally emphasize the empowerment of the individual, not government entities.

LIBERALS: Liberals believe that the government is too big to fit within the Constitution. Effective rule of an entire country of people shouldn’t be impeded by such notions as personal accountability, integrity, or physical beauty. Liberals believe that the government should be free to create and exploit as many groups of victims as necessary to support their insane ideas. Liberals believe the government should insure that those who choose not to work are guaranteed the same lifestyle and amenities as those who work hard everyday. Liberals will create victims to fight for, but they expect the vote of those victims in return.

That pretty much sums up the differences in the ideologies, but what about the issues that so often serve as the identifiers in such classifications? Everybody knows that one topic that will bring liberals and conservatives to the surface in any group…..those subjects that simply can’t be ignored by the ears of those who oppose or support the underlying cause. Here’s a few of the more common issues and what each side openly believes about them:

  • Abortion
    • Conservatives – Life begins at conception. Abortion is the murder of another human being. We vehemently oppose the idea of our tax dollars providing free abortions to those who pay no taxes.
    • Liberals – Liberals believe that a woman has the right to decide and when she decides to have an abortion, we should all pay our fair share of that murder. Liberals hate babies.
  • Affirmative Action
    • ConservativesDiscrimination and racism, where it exists, is deplorable. Where it is manufactured, it is even worse. “Equal opportunity” does not mean that the success of a neighbor guarantees you luxury. Equal opportunity means that you can make whatever you want for yourself in this country as long as you’re willing to work for it. In other words, you get what you pay for. Life’s not always fair, and sometimes others will get chances you think should have been yours but that doesn’t give you the right to take them from those who received their reward.
    • Liberals – Ability, drive, ambition, competitive edge, private enterprise…..these are just the words of greedy men. The fact that you have no education shouldn’t stop you from getting that executive level job. You’re the victim here and we’ll flex our big, unionized muscle until the big bad corporation gives you that job. Liberals actively preach against personal responsibility and instead keep a loyal, constantly multiplying, legion of support at their beckon call by promising to conquer the devil that oppresses them as long as they vote left. 
  • Economy
    • ConservativesFree market, competitive capitalism, private enterprise…..these notions would have avoided the mess in which the flaming ball of liberal infused Chevy Volt finds itself engulfed. Free market inspection and the scrutiny of competition would have ruined companies like Solyndra, A123 Systems, and Ener1. They never would have survived the “Blue-sky” periods. Competition and public opinion drive our economy. Give us the chance to do what we do best and we can shine like no other country in the history of civilization. Limit us with heavy restrictions, financial uncertainty, and global ridicule and our once bright luster begins to fade.
    • Liberals – The people who believe in free markets and capitalism should bankroll the opposing ideology…..hey, that’s us!! Awesome! More free stuff that those idiot capitalists are forcibly donating to us liberals. “Hey Barry… awake? What victim group do we assign this to?” 
  • Energy
    • Conservatives – Oil is abundant here in the United States and, in the frequent words of Bill Clinton, we need to “tap that.” The states where oil is being pumped on private lands are seeing record numbers. Government has banned drilling under liberal rule.
    • Liberals – That is not what Clinton meant! Oil is dirty and we should allow our friends in the middle east to handle it so that our beloved American Burying Beetle can once again flourish. The American Burying Beetle….as mentioned in countless children’s stories, is as much a part of our rich history as the stars and stripes themselves. Anyone who doesn’t agree is obviously uneducated. Seriously guys, I mean…..come on. Why can’t you all just accept a few more beheadings, jihads, and other acts of fanatical lunacy in order to save this precious, bug? Quick, someone get in touch with Pixar…..let’s get this thing rolling before nobody cares!Health Care
  • Health Care
    • Conservatives – The fact that there are those out there who cannot afford healthcare is sad indeed but it in no way means that the government should step in and force a “one-size-fits-all” form of care upon us all. This problem, like so many of the other problems facing our nation needs to be put to the test of private enterprise.
    • Liberals – Constitution be damned!! You pay for my morality free health insurance or I’m going to go on the news and make sure everyone knows you’re a racist redneck. I’m entitled to my fair share of baby-killin but I need you to pay for it, okay? I can’t work, I gotta bruised ego. Doc says it requires constant video games, bong-hits, and canned pasta. Don’t discriminate, man,
  • Religion
    • Conservatives - “Separation of Church and state” does not appear anywhere in the United States Constitution. We don’t believe that church absence should be c0nsidered a crime, but those who choose to attend should not be oppressed by those who don’t. This country WAS founded upon Christian morals and the belief Taxesthat individual pursuit of Faith should be afforded to every American.
    • Liberals – “If God was real, she’d be a liberal” Liberals believe that God is a crutch for those too weak, stupid, or easily manipulated to see things through a liberal lens.
  • Taxes
    • Conservatives – A smaller government requires fewer taxes. A smaller government oversees the defense of the country and insures that laws are passed to serve and protect only the interests of the country as a whole, not just an ideology.  
    • Liberals – Give us everything you have so that we can give it to those who give us nothing. Do it blindly because you never know when you’re going to find yourself right smack in the middle of one of our created victim pools. You’re too weak to support yourselves and we must do it for you. Now pay up. IMAG0696
  • Dogs
    • Conservatives – We love dogs. Dogs are happy to see us when we get home from a long, hard day of supporting others. Dogs protect our babies. Dogs don’t care  what color our skin is. Dogs, if they had thumbs, would support the competitive nature of capitalism.
    • Liberals: They eat dogs. That’s right folks, if you see a man eating a Dachshund and paying for it with YOUR debit card…..chances are that man is a liberal.

News came to the surface this week that His Barackness once ate a dog. I’m not sure if there was a great chase beforehand or if this braised pooch was served to him, but at some point in his life, Obama has tasted hound. Set the myriad other failures aside…..forget the outright disdain he has shown the Constitution…..forget if you can the billions of dollars he has cost us with his so called “investments” of our money…..set all of those things aside and just ask yourself one question: Can you trust the Presidency to a man who knows what dog tastes like?

Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Problem With Boomerangs…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“As favor and riches forsake a man, we discover in him the foolishness they concealed.”  

- Jean de la Bruyere


When he’s not busy scouting out Colombian vacation spots for Michelle, because…..let’s face it…..that woman deserves another vacation; Obama often takes a break from the campaign trail to tend to some genuine Presidential business. Far too often that effort results in devastating destruction yet the campaign goes on. The campaign continues with the support of a blind media. Luckily, people are starting to see through the facade of Obama’s accomplishments. That’s the problem with boomerangs. Obama tossed out thousands of promises in 2008. Each one of them specifically designed to tug at the heartstrings of a different group of “victims.” It worked. People voted and they elected the man who they believed would deliver them from evil. They voted for the man they believed would pay their mortgage, give everybody a free cell-phone, bring those evil fat-cats on wall-street to their knees, and pull every last soldier out of harm’s way. He flung a LOT of boomerangs out there into the atmosphere. Now those boomerangs are completing their flight; coming in on fumes, and sputtering back to their unwelcoming launch point. Obama has no choice but to seek cover and do what he does best…..convince us all that it was Bush who threw those boomerangs.

The promises of his 2008 campaign lie empty and mangled among the shredded hope and change of this administration’s debris trail. Touting the success of their efforts is the same as saying that the devastating tornadoes to strike the Midwest this weekend were just offering “aesthetic alterations” to the victims. The fact is that hype can’t Mission Accomplishedmanage the needs of a country. Hype can’t support the weight of scrutiny or demand. Hype without ability is simply a lie and we have all been lied to. We have all been promised a reality that lies well beyond the scope of Barack Hussein Obama’s limited capabilities. Even more troubling than the general lie of Obama’s effectiveness is the fact  that all the hope for his re-election lies in his belief that the American people are too stupid; too poorly educated to see through his nonsense.

Everything Barack Obama does is political. Every word out of his mouth is designed to incite some sort of response he can use in his campaign. He carefully dodges questions about his record and redirects our attention to a manufactured war on {Insert suddenly helpless victim here.} But those boomerangs are smacking him upside his smug little skull. They’re becoming impossible to ignore. The War on Religion didn’t bode well for Obama so it quickly became the War on Women. Obama cried as he spoke of Sandra Fluke’s “courage.” He travelled the country telling of his love of women and convincing all who would listen that he is just a woman trapped in a man’s body. He stopped just short of gender reassignment surgery, but if it would guarantee his reelection, I’m sure it would be discussed. These wars and deflections are entertaining but what has he done in terms of actual Presidential duties?

    • Budget Management – Nope. He has failed conclusively in this arena and no amount of spin, manipulated data, cronyism, or charm is going to wash away the stains of this nightmare. If Obama’s budgets were sandwiches, they would be meatless but would come on a really nice looking bun…..that was plastic…..and cost $7 TRILLION over the next ten years. We are headed for an absolute crisis and Obama hints at the “flexibility” that he will have after his “last election.” He has added over $4 trillion to our national debt and he shows absolutely no sign of slowing down any time soon. I don’t care about manipulated numbers that show he’s only added $1 trillion or that Bush made him do it by appearing in his dreams. Facts are facts and his charm can’t outrun them. From $120 million in benefits paid to deceased federal employees in 2011 to appointing Jon Corzine as economic advisor; Obama has done very little to show any kind of management in this essential role. SMACK!!! That boomerang just drew blood.
    • Effective Investment of Taxpayer Money – Nope. This one really shouldn’t require a lot of explanation but his insistence that he knows what he’s doing cannot be allowed to resonate. Obama has invested our money into only those endeavors which would promote his ideology. The auto-bailout is a perfect example. The successes of that bailout come form the original bill…..written by George W. Bush. The parts that delivered such catastrophic failure and shame were the work of Barack Obama yet he’s out there on the trail singing his own praises to crowds who believe he’s “one of them.” Bush didn’t demand the Chevy Volt. Bush didn’t invest billions of taxpayer dollars into A123 Systems, Solyndra, Ener1, or any other “green” shipwreck. SMACK!!!
    • Effective Defense Management – Yes, Obama was in office at the time that Osama bin Laden was killed. By the time this election is over, we will be convinced that Obama was actually there during the fire-fight. The fact is that Obama’s military strategy serves not the protection and safety of the American people, but rather Obama’s liberal ideology. Set aside all the uninformed “war-monger” rhetoric the left heaps upon anyone who speaks out against Obama’s lack of military knowledge and look at the actual facts. More soldiers have dies in Iraq under his command than Bush’s. His feverish pursuit of troop withdrawal has weakened our reputation in a region of the world where perception of strength is often the mightiest weapon and he has left us extremely vulnerable. We didn’t pull out of Europe completely and we were never attacked by Russia. We didn’t pull out of Japan completely and we have managed to avoid Chinese attack. SMACK!!! He’s getting disoriented.
    • Effective Interpretation of Constitutional Intent – Seriously? Is he even trying to convince us that this is one of his concerns? I think he has shifted his offense in this arena from “convince them I’m a Constitutional expert” to “convince ‘em the Constitution’s outdated….and strike down the legitimacy of the Bible while you’re at it.” SMACK!!! Night-night, Obama Administration.

When effective leadership is in place, flow of success is unimpeded by failure, doubt, and a dissenting majority. Campaigning is not necessary. Smiles and hype can’t cover the destruction of his inexperience but what if the success of Barack Obama was never the mission? He’s tested the waters in so many areas once thought to be “controversial” or “political suicide.” It’s like he’s probing us. He’s managed to wage wars on anyone who hints at opposition to his brilliance and has then convinced us it is he who is the victim of “their” war. Even if unelected, his presidency has taught some indelible lessons to those plotting our demise. His presidency has exposed the very thinnest areas of our armor. These are usually the tasks of a scout, or an expendable drone. What if that’s all Obama is to the left? They don’t seem too awfully concerned with his record, but more concerned with the emotional reactions he can invoke. If Obama was just a test-dummy…..a pre-cursor…..what could possibly be coming at us down the road? Remember the boomerang analogy? I have an guess…..

Bill Clinton has masterfully distanced himself from Obama while still giving the appearance of support. Hillary Clinton, who is looking more and more like one of the FoundingHillary Fathers every time I see her, has stated that she does not intend to attend the Democratic National Convention which seems odd for someone so heavily involved in the Democratic Party. They have both made public hint of a 2016 Presidential race. I find it suspicious that Hillary bowed out of the 2008 race so easily. Obama’s extreme left views provide a nice “crash-test-dummy” to someone who cares more about the power of herself and her family than she does about orthodoxy. Have we just been subjected to Hillary Clinton’s expendable “forward team?” Think about it…..the groundwork has been laid. That boomerang has been tossed out into the stratosphere. The problem is that Obama may not have been the one to throw this one. Here’s the blueprint.

Obama fails miserably, but manages to blame Bush for everything. We have blasted him for his complete failure to accept ownership or responsibility for his actions. If Romney fails, we cannot blame Obama. We would appear incredibly weak and hypocritical if we did. Hillary has spent the last three and a half years quietly gaining support around the globe. She’s remained quietly loyal, showing support for Obama when doing so would advance her cause, but otherwise remaining in the shadows of this raucously inept administration. Her presence has been like that of a corporate spy. If Romney comes in and fails, she can swoop in with lessons learned from two failed administrations….support from countries we once considered to be allies but lost to ineptitude…..the seal of Bill Clinton’s slightly exaggerated economic success and strategy backing her…..and her version of ObamaCare – with Constitutional adjustments made in light of Obama’s failures. Remember HillaryCare? Remember how obsessed she once was? Does that kind of passion just die, or does it lie dormant until someone else clears the obstacles of failure, pessimism, doubt, and rage? Like the captain of the Titanic once said of the iceberg on his horizon; “It’s probably nothing…..go back to sleep.”

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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Friday, April 13, 2012

Aiding and Abetting…..

By: J Robert Giles


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”The image is one thing and the human being is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image.”

-Elvis Presley


Is that our problem? Did the King (Elvis, not Obama) manage to sum up the entire scope of American politics and maybe even our society there in that simple, lip-curling, quote? Setting aside Elvis’ affinity for Quaalude flavored doughnuts, there actually is some sense in the words above. Especially when compared to the predicament in which we currently find ourselves.

Today, image seems to be everything. Everybody’s a star and nobody’s unique. Everybody’s better than everyone else so no accomplishment is worthy of praise. In fact, a genuine accomplishment is often frowned upon simply because of public opinion. Greed and an overwhelming sense of self-importance have taken over the very fiber of our country. We say that we want better for our children. We say we don’t contribute personally to the creeping kudzu of fabricated warfare, yet abstinence from combat is often not an option. Our brains simply won’t let us accept what we interpret as inferiority. The noblest of men in our country have, at one time or another, fallen prey to the proverbial “I want what he’s got” mentality. Entire industries have been built upon the notion of attaining what can’t currently be afforded. Our government essentially operates under this mentality.

Whatever happened to saving and yearning for something you can’t currently afford? It’s called entitlement and if you are in favor of getting life handed to you for little to no effort, perhaps this would be a good time for you to catch some form of public transportation right on out of this conversation. For those who believe in working your butts off and only going after that which you can currently afford with what is currently yours to give…..please read and share the following examples of desired image being provided to those who have done nothing to earn it.

  • We’ve all heard about the expansion of fraud within the major entitlement programs. Medicare, Medicaid, housing services, food stamps have topped the GAO’s list of waste, fraud and abuse for decades yet they have grown exponentially. In other words, more and more people have figured out that taking something for free is easier than working for it. I’m not saying that no one deserves welfare so put that ridiculous, race-baiting, victim creating nonsense back in your tent and take a little weed-nap, occupier! What I am saying is that the loopholes which allow such abuse are being ignored by those who could close them and exploited by those who gain from them. Our government is hemorrhaging money and all we hear from our leaders President and Congress is “it’s all his fault” or “it’s because {insert manufactured oppressor here} hates the {insert manufactured voting victim here}.”
    • Take a look at the so called Buffett Rule Obama is so excited about. Every time he gets to talk about increasing the tax burden of the “rich” or forcing the wealthyBuffett Rule to pay their “fair share” he gets visibly giddy. We, as a country, are trillions of dollars in debt. The Buffett rule, over the next decade, would bring in an estimated $46.7 billion. Under Obama’s proposals, our debt would increase by $7 TRILLION over that same decade. The Buffet Rule would make up exactly .667142857% of the money Obama plans to spend over the next decade. The men that Obama parades out onto the stage with him when he promotes this ludicrous idea are men who, like Mitt Romney, earn the majority of their income off of capital gains and dividends, not taxable wages. Notice no one is suggesting that those rates be touched. You know who will be affected the most by these new rules? It’s the young pro-athlete who is out there blindly promoting Obama because of a shared skin tone. He’s the one who earns over a million dollars a year in taxable income. It’s the idiotic little actress who uses her fame to promote Obama as the Messiah. Those people are the ones that Obama counts on in November. Those are the people that will promote Obama’s message of “fairness.” Their fame provides all the authority that will be needed to make them credible supporters in Obama’s constant campaign. In a society where disrespectful sound-bytes equal power and credibility, Obama has inserted himself as King.
  • This morning, I heard the delightful tale of another blatant misuse of a once noble idea. Kimball Clark, a 45 year old Boston man who has had a long history of “disagreement” with the police, was once again locked up for selling heroin. His “disagreement” stems from the fact that he believes he should be able to sell heroin while the police maintain that it’s still illegal and punishable by arrest. During the booking process at a Dorchester, MA Police Lockup, Clark was overheard making his one phone call to tell someone to “go get {his} EBT card and go to an ATM to get cash and bail him out.” He used his taxpayer funded EBT card to post bail for drug distribution. Now, I’m sure I will be called a racist for bringing this topic up in such a light but where in the hell does a man’s skin color give him the right to use MY money to bail him out of jail for selling drugs? I don’t care if Kimball Clark was as green as Gumby or as blue as a Smurf, he abused a system whose scope was never intended to cover his illegal activities and inherent lifestyle.
    • EBT Cards began replacing food stamps in the 1990’s. They essentially work like an ATM card only it’s you and me working for the money that goes into the accounts, not the cardholder. Since cash can be obtained from the cards, we are essentially funding whatever the cardholder chooses to do. Drugs, and porn all the way to tithing and baby formula. The intent of the program, like so many before it, was heartfelt. Unfortunately, loopholes are exploited and broadcast long before authorities can close them up.
  • Social Security Disability fraud is rampant yet very little seems to be done about it. In July of last year, Judge David Daugherty of West Virginia stepped down amidst an investigation into the fact that he approved almost every disability claim that came before his court. Eighteen months of Social Security disposition data show Daugherty decided 2,104 disability cases between Sept. 26, 2009, and March 25, 2011. He denied benefits in four cases. That equaled an approval rate of 99.8 percent. Anybody hear about this? No matter what was found in the course of that particular investigation, it points to a much bigger, systemic problem in our culture. It points to the fact that a judge was rumored to be giving out free money and 2,104 people lined up outside his court for their “fair share.”

Entitlement programs do not need to be expanded. They need to be enforced. The government does not need to support those who are simply lining up for a handout. If someone is truly unable to provide for themselves, then I praise God that we live in a country willing to step in and help. That’s what these programs were designed to do. That’s great. What I don’t agree with is this mentality that nothing is out of reach for anyone in this country.

I want to take my family to Hawaii for about ten days next year. Is there a government program I should ask to provide this trip or should I just buckle down and save my money and earn the trip? Remember when attaining the goal was as important as the goal itself? Remember when the struggle and the journey enriched the achievement?

“Fair Share” does not mean “free.” By living in this country you are given the fair share of the freedom due to you, but you are also expected to maintain your fair share of the responsibility. You don’t get the money without putting in the work. You don’t get to waste our precious electoral system by voting for the candidate you feel will give you the most free stuff. You don’t get to discredit the intentions of our Constitution by manipulating it to serve only your personal interests. Don’t expect His Barackness or any of his little handbag Chihuahuas to attack this issue. Don’t expect any politician to attack this issue. Doing so will immediately cost them votes. Besides, I’m not sure we want to know the entire scope of the fraud that has ruined our country’s initiative, motivation, and net worth. The change in this arena will come from a constant and impossible to ignore outcry whenever abuse is suspected. Politicians are afraid of losing the votes of those who benefit from fraud but why are those votes they depend on? Why is more not being done to bring shame onto those who are essentially robbing each and every one of us? Stand up and fight, dammit!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Delusions of Incumbency…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.”   - Sun Tzu



Yesterday, I read an article by Jana Neweley on her website. Jana writes from a perspective that is unfortunately quite unique but growing rapidly. In the article titled Note to Republicans: Pay No Attention to That Democrat Behind the Curtain; Jana does a fantastic job of explaining the democrat’s campaign strategy. D-D-D (Deflect Distract Deny)

(Excerpt from Jana’s Article)

In regards to the War on Religious Freedom, this is how it went on the Democrat’s side:

Phase One is DEFLECT = “This has nothing to do with religious freedom or the First Amendment. Republicans don’t want women to be healthy. They want women to suffer. They want women to die.”

Phase Two is DISTRACT = “Have you met Susan?” Introduction of a female college student, who uses birth control, in order to make their argument more convincing. “See, we told you so.”

Phase Three is DENY = Pay no attention to the “Democrat” behind the curtain. The continued denial that states the new HHS mandate has nothing to do with religious freedom. Nothing to do with the First Amendment. But then the Democrats, like Pelosi, go on to make it a national debate by declaring there’s a WAR ON WOMEN and it’s the Republicans who are to blame.


Jana goes on to explain the importance of honesty in defending ourselves against this type of attack. Everybody knows that “the truth will always find its way to the surface eventually.” That’s why it’s a cliché. Not only must we “tell” the truth, but we have to remind each other of what the truth is from time to time. Reality is going to be distorted over the coming months in ways none of us can currently imagine. His Barackness is going to manipulate facts, numbers, emotions, and opinions in his effort to obtain incumbency. It’s up to us to remain focused on the truth. His record will soon leave him unsure of what to defend and what to attack.  

The primaries seem to be all but over. Mitt Romney may or may not be the candidate you would have chosen on your own, but he’s most likely going to be the candidate facing off against Obama in November and the narrative has already begun. We must seize that narrative and maintain our ownership until we see Obama driving his brand new Chevy Volt off the White House parapet. It’s time to unite. It’s time to stop arguing about who would be a better candidate. That decision was made yesterday as Santorum dropped out of the race. Gingrich has terrific ideas and an even better passion, but he has no realistic shot at the nomination. Paul’s chances are even less likely, so put your personal differences aside and focus on the mission.

While defeating Barack Obama is certainly at the top of the priority list, I believe it is equally important to deliver a crushing blow to the ideology that has supported his Immaculate Ascension. We must systematically dismantle the very core of Obama’s belief system. The way to do that is to take the fight to them. Nothing is more demoralizing than to be beaten with your own weaponry. For example: Who doesn’t believe that Mark Sanchez will get hurt just before the inevitable Jets – Broncos playoff game next season? Tebow will step in, win the game dramatically…..give a sincere thanks to God, and then move on. Nothing against Peyton Manning but this story pretty much writes itselfSLAP. We must use the weapons His Barackness is giving us. We must use those weapons to kick him and all of his little minions right in their Obamacles!

S.L.A.P. – Stop Laugh Address Proceed

  • · Stop – Don’t react immediately to accusations and lies.
  • · Laugh – Take a moment to enjoy the humor in their fallacies.
  • · Address – Distribute legitimate, easily proven facts; dismiss twisted version of reality quickly, efficiently, and convincingly.
  • · Proceed –Direct the narrative immediately back to Obama’s record and the reality HE has created for this country. No more hope and change. He’s been reading us a children’s bedtime story but the kids fell asleep over three years ago. It’s time to read something a little more mature and nonfictional.

Predict what they’re going to throw at us. We’ve seen plenty of “film” of their “game plan.” Obama’s going to try to increase the level of pessimism in our country. He’ll fan the flames of the opinion that “nobody could do a good job with what’s left of our country so we might as well just leave it alone.” Jobs were lost because of natural disasters in Japan, not ineptitude…..”we’re drilling more than ever”…..”Bush raised the debt too”… Dick Morris so eloquently said yesterday in his daily message: By creating an atmosphere of pessimism, Obama “concedes the field of optimism to Romney.” We must seize that advantage and defend it with everything we’ve got. After all, it was optimism that put Obama in office. It was false optimism supported by fairy tales and pixie dust, held up by the efforts of other people, and constructed by outsourced labor, but it was optimism nonetheless. Optimism is the essential element of the American spirit and Obama has consistently ignored it. Optimism is what fuels free market innovation, entrepreneurial ambition, and success. Pessimism is the enemy of such things. Pessimism has never won a presidential election and we simply cannot allow Obama to take back the optimistic platform once he realizes pessimism is getting him nowhere.

He will skillfully insure that racism is manufactured in instances where it simply wasn’t an original motive. His media legions will make sure that those unwilling to look beyond the sound-byte see Obama as the only one capable of ending the sudden outburst of racially motivated hate in this country. Knock that one out of the air, folks! The color of Obama’s skin has absolutely NOTHING to do with his record. There is no “pigmentation” column…’s just wins and losses. It’s not a skin color that I’m voting against; it’s the horrendous track record of an appallingly inept President.

His Barackness will release the likes of Jay Carney and Joe Biden, his two most trusted little handbag Chihuahuas, to spread his scent wherever he is personally unavailable. They will appear in front of union supported crowds, trying to convince us all that the mistakes we think he’s made were actually the fault of his predecessor. He will appear in front of throngs of swooning liberal women. (Yes, that image is what the doctor shows you if you’ve had an erection for more than four hours! Cures that problem IMMEDIATELY!) He’ll tell us that voting against him is the same as punching your own mother, sister, wife, or daughter in the face. Again, we must S.L.A.P. this nonsense right in its ugly little face. There is NO War on Women…..that’s a distraction. There is a War on The Constitution and that’s the war to which we must allocate our ‘troops.’

He will continue to try to paint himself as sympathetic yet powerless in our fight against absurdly high gas prices. He and his drones will recite heavily manipulated statistics and figures to imply that these too are somehow the fault of another president. Nope! We’re not buying it, you walking psych study.

He will do his best to convince us that ObamaCare, even if ruled unconstitutional by the one branch with the authority and duty to do so, is exactly what we all need. He will paint the Supreme Court, who was gloriously capable when dismissing claims against his Birth Certificate, as inept and “unelected.” We know they’re “unelected.” They’re appointed by Presidents. They’re appointed to uphold the ideology of the President who appoints them. If the majority was liberal, he’d be praising their efficiency, I assure you.

He will inflate his accomplishments just as he has done with the auto bailout. He claims victories in a process that actually was designed by his predecessor. The parts of the bailout that failed were the parts that Barack Hussein Obama added to the original plan. Bush didn’t agree to sell Chrysler to Italy. Bush didn’t agree to the exclusive creation of union jobs. Bush didn’t suggest government ownership. Tell the truth.

Obama will use his media legions to convince us that he’s winning a race in which we can find no genuine evidence of his advantage. They will tell us that he’s so far ahead we might as well stay home on November 6th. I don’t plan to follow that advice… you?

Tell the truth. Tell it often and tell it loudly. Do not be afraid for you have much more support and backing than you can possibly imagine. Do not be swayed by clever wordplay or narcissistic charm. Do not be persuaded by manufactured commonalities and adjusted reality. Tell the truth. Remind yourself of the truth and compare it to what you are being told in the news, or from the mouth of your country’s elected leader President. Let the anger that follows fuel you until you cast your vote.

As always, thanks for playing!

J. Robert Giles


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Out Of Touch Than Cooties…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth.”   - Ludwig Borne

WFTX Tornado

This particular date on the calendar always brings about that special kind of morbid nostalgia in my life. Every year, I’m taken back to a special yet terrifying point in my life. A point that led to a few of the beliefs to which I currently cling. I was just a kid so a lot of the grown-up world was confusing and left up to my own interpretation. Those interpretations were often made through the lenses of youthful innocence.

1979 was a confusing year for a curious six year old kid. What the heck is inflation and why are so many people obsessed with it? It’s all I heard on the TV. I saw the word on the front of those fake newspapers they sold at the checkout lines in the local Albertson’s grocery store. I heard grown-ups complaining about the price of gas and the fact that we seem to be running out of it. Why can’t we get more gas? My parents assumed I was ignoring the stories I heard as they watched the news because I sure as heck ignored their instructions to do my chores on a regular basis. The truth is that I heard all those stories, I just preferred to interpret them on my terms.

I remember Three Mile Island. I couldn’t comprehend the concept of radiation, but I did understand the fact that there had been an accident at a place with  the word “nuclear” in it’s title. To me…..”nuclear” meant “blowing up the world” so I just assumed it was time to make peace with those I had wronged. At dinner that night, I ate my vegetables without being told to do so. Another frequent topic in the news those days was President Carter. The man seemed to invoke facial ticks in my father. Despite my young age, I too believed that Jimmy Carter was a wimp. He used that southern charm to convince people bad was good. He sounded like Huckleberry Hound but in reality, he was just a big old bushel of weakness. The President was supposed to be strong, powerful, and able to defeat all enemies. Everything I knew about kings, leaders, and great military men of history was that they had all performed some kind of heroic deed. My dad was the benchmark as he had just finished flying fighter jets for the Air Force. Heroes were men who had fought wars, won fights, explored uncharted lands, or defeated a determined enemy. Carter was none of those things. When the story of Jimmy Carter and the Swamp Rabbit hit the airwaves, all hope was lost. The man was a wimp.

America needed a leader. They needed a man who would lead, not follow. They needed a man who was slowly but surely starting to make waves on the campaign trail. I got my first taste of what leadership really means on this date in 1979. It was mid-afternoon in Wichita Falls, Texas and my Mom was two and a half hours away in Dallas for a class. My grandparents were coming into town the next day, so my Dad had run up to the bakery at the end of Fairway Boulevard to get some of the Cinnamon Raisin Bread my GrandBob loved so much. My brother and I were watching Popeye and eating a TV dinner when the programming was interrupted.

The sky was black. Not black like it is at night, but black like it would be if someone threw a thick blanket over the sun. There was a certain hue of temporary to the odd colors surrounding our house. A grayish luminescence alerting me to the fact that the calm afternoon I had been enjoying at recess earlier that day was long gone. The trees were bowing to the incoming force and all their leaves were turned over exposing their lighter colored underbellies as if shielding against an attack. As I stood looking out our sliding glass door into the back yard, the landscape was completely unfamiliar. I watched a large bird struggling to fly against the force of the wind. I remember wondering why the bird didn’t land and protect itself……and then BAM…..something big struck the bird and abruptly ended its ill-advised flight. Then it stopped. The debris dropped from the sky and there was an eerie calm in the air. The wind stopped. The hail stopped. The sirens stopped. It seemed like any other day except for the fact that every hair on my arm and neck were standing at rigorous attention. Goosebumps covered my flesh. This was the kind of calm a convicted killer feels in the seconds before the switch is thrown. A tornado was coming.

My little brother Ryan and I had been taught early and often in the Texas School System that preparation saves lives. We had dragged our mattresses into the hallway just as we had been instructed to do. We were under them but staring down the hallway at the TV. Woody Woodpecker had just started but its flickering images provided only a focal point to keep us distracted during the terror. The sounds that followed will never be forgotten. I hugged Ryan tightly as what sounded like a fleet of runaway locomotives hovered over our heads. The electricity went out and Ryan began to cry. He was only 3 at the time and this was one of the few times in his life where he ever shown fear. It was the first time in my life I ever felt like Ryan’s protector. The glass around the house began to shatter and sounds I hope to never hear again began to fill my ears just as Dad came bursting through the front door. He ran immediately into his own bedroom and dragged his own king sized mattress into the hallway. It was then that I noticed the two strangers he had brought with him. Two strangers that needed shelter and were offered such by my father when it would have been just as easy to fly past them and worry only about his own safety. They survived an ordeal that would have most assuredly ended their lives had it not been for the budding Giles family. Dad’s presence and enveloping arms allowed me to cry and panic like the terrified six year old I truly was. All hell officially broke loose in those moments. It wasn’t like it is often portrayed in the movies. There were no distant screams from unfamiliar throats. There were horrific, indescribable sounds. The sounds of brick, metal, glass, and wood being ripped apart by an unstoppable force. It was horrifying.

Then, just as quickly as it started, it ended. The sounds could still be heard, but there was a saddening and yet comforting distance in their tones. The sounds were now being injected into the lives of people in distant, unfamiliar neighborhoods. We slowly emerged from the protection of our mattresses. I half expected to find open sky over my head, but our home was mostly intact. The rest of the town and even some of our direct neighbors didn’t fare so well. But we survived. The leadership came in the following days. By the way, we still have no idea who those strangers were.

Leadership came in the form of the people who weren’t afraid to face the task at hand. The sounds of chainsaws and hammers filled the air for weeks. With no power and the primitive communications systems of the late seventies, clean-up was difficult but hard work triumphed over tragedy as it so often does. Those who waited for someone else to come take care of them got back to normal at a much later date than those who were willing to get in there and get their hands dirty. Those who gathered in cowardly circles and leveled their collective blame against someone else for what nature had delivered missed some terrific life lessons. Until that storm hit, I had been under the delusion that my world was insulated from the horror I saw on the news. Suddenly, my world was the news. I saw the strength of men and women not ideology and charm. I saw the resolve of a community working together, not one suckling at the teat of handouts and unjustified expectations. I saw REAL hope and change on the horizon as our country waved goodbye to one of its weakest leaders and all of the broken promises, failed expectations, and empty facades of accomplishment he left in his wake. I cheered with all the understanding my youth would permit as the rebuilding of Wichita Falls, Texas coincided nicely with the rise of one of our country’s strongest leaders.

Flash forward to today: History truly has a way of repeating itself. I believe our current President is just as weak as Jimmy Carter, but the similarities don’t end there. The lessons I learned in the nightmare of Terrible Tuesday, as it has come to be known in Wichita Falls, reached far beyond the destruction of that powerful storm. Where I had interpreted weakness, Terrible Tuesday delivered examples of strength. Those who sat back and waited for someone else to fix the problems delivered by that storm are the ones who would vote for His Barackness in November. The people who climbed up on their roofs with a hammer and some shingles while waiting for the insurance company to get to them…..those were the ones with a clear vision of reality. Those were the ones with a sense of personal responsibility. Those were the people who realized that it is NOT the job of government to run their lives. Those people had no room for fairy tales…..they lived in reality.

Just this past Friday, while speaking at what the White House is calling the “Forum on Women and The Economy,” Obama stated that after his daughters were born, he and Michelle – both Harvard Law graduates – couldn’t afford the “luxury” of having her stay at home with the children. Just so we’re clear…..Michelle Obama made $316,000 per year in those days. Obama was earning $168,000 from the US Taxpayer. He went on to say that he knew Michelle “felt guilty” when she was at home with the girls because she wasn’t giving enough time to work. She had a heavy “burden” in those days because of the busy travel schedule of His Barackness.

Are you kidding me? Are we supposed to take this nonsense and believe that the life of a Senator and a highly paid University of Chicago Medical School “Executive Director of Just Missed Community and External Affairs” somehow relate to the struggles of a normal family? Barack Hussein Obama is so far out of touch with reality, he reminds me of that bird I watched struggling against the wind as that tornado rolled into Wichita Falls 33 years ago today. He believes the nonsense that flows from his mouth just as much as that bird believed he would outrun the storm if he just flapped his wings hard and fast enough. He ignores the reality that surrounds him and believes his ideological instinct will overpower any opponent’s so called “logic.” In reality, the American people are heaving big old pieces of debris into the wind. Obama has skillfully avoided them thus far, but he has suffered some “structural damage” along the way. He’s bruised, but determined. We tossed the debris of his birth certificate into the air, but it only scratched him. We tossed Solyndra into the spiraling nightmare, but it only grazed his wing. We launched the Fast and Furious case, consistently “adjusted” jobs numbers, and the incineration prone Chevy Volt at him but he navigated his way through their debris trails with only superficial wounds. The Supreme Court may soon deliver a rather crippling blow if they strike down Obama’s legacy, but the big piece of flying debris that will knock His Barackness and his ideology out of the sky forever will be the will of the American people on November 6, 2012.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Want A Divorce…..

By: J Robert Giles


 “Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” - General George S. Patton

Mr. President…..we want a divorce. We entered into this union having been terribly misled. Your charm and promises may have swept a few people off their feet in 2008, but Divorce those people have suffered at the hands of your orthodoxy over the last three and a half years and are now firmly standing on more logical ground.

In the midst of divorce proceedings, parents are often asked to say something nice about the other. President Obama has run a nice campaign, I’ll give him that. He oversaw the operation that ended the life of Osama bin Laden…..for that this country will be eternally grateful. When he sang Al Green in front of a crowd, he earned a few cool points. He’s a determined little bugger. Is commenting on the purple-ish hue in someone’s complexion considered “nice?” How about the fact that the graying of his hair has in no way left him looking like a Java Chip Frappuccino?

All kidding aside, there are several other points a judge may consider when hearing the custody arguments in a divorce case. Essentially, that’s the battle in which we find ourselves right now. We are in a battle to win the custody of our country. America is currently splitting it’s time between the lunacy of Barack Hussein Obama and the logic of the people who oppose him. Let’s look at a few of the things a judge would consider if the election was actually handled like a custody hearing.

· What are the wishes of the country and both “parents?”

  • COUNTRY: Would simply like to survive.
  • US: We would like to see our country flourish like it certainly has the ability to do. We believe in our country and we can’t wait to see what miracle it delivers next.
  • OBAMA: America is a liar. That b!+@# has brainwashed them into believing I’m bad.

· Is there a pattern of destructive behavior?

  • COUNTRY: Yes
  • US: Yes
  • OBAMA: I…..I’m so in love with you….(devilish grin and possibly a wink at the judge as he again bursts into Al Green.)

· Where is the safety of the country best represented?

  • COUNTRY: With ANY of the four guys running for President.
  • US: On our side of the aisle.
  • OBAMA: The country doesn’t want safety, they want an electric car and free abortions.

· With whom does the country have a better relationship?

  • COUNTRY: Again, it’s with ANYBODY but Barry.
  • US: Most assuredly with us. We instill moral values, believe in the power of the individual, not the government, and are genuinely proud of the accomplishments of free-market competition. We believe you are what you make yourself, not what the government makes for you.
  • OBAMA: You’re all here to serve me. Separation of powers is an antiquated notion and I’m here to deliver unto you your own opinion. Got it?

· Are the proposed custodial changes reasonable?

  • COUNTRY: Not only are they reasonable, they’re all I’ve prayed for in the last three years.
  • US: Of course they are. They are well planned, proven, and address not only the current needs, but the future needs of the country as well.
  • OBAMA: Does the proposal grant me the authority to wear a crown in public? Then no, it is not reasonable.

· Are there any mental or physical health issues of which the court should be aware?

  • COUNTRY: I believe the current President suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder as evidenced in a well written, thought provoking article I read last Friday.CrazyBHO
  • US: Yes. I believe the President, as he likes to be called, suffers from bouts of acute narcissistic rage as well as delusional reasoning.
  • OBAMA: Listen, I’m the greatest there’s ever been, okay? I have never done anything that has failed and those who say otherwise are simply waging a war against my….umm….(whispered tone into a still open microphone) somebody let Jay Carney out of his crate and tell him to remind me which one of my characteristics is being oppressed today.

Has Obama displayed a pattern of destructive behavior? While he may not agree that he most certainly has, the evidence favors those who would say ‘yes.’ He most certainly has an inflated sense of self-importance and no one can deny his extreme preoccupation with himself. These facts alone should prove dangerous enough to warrant his “un-election” but a court would want specific examples.

  1. Obsessively forced his unwanted healthcare bill down our throats despite deafening opposition from those he viewed himself as “saving.”
  2. He has inflated the deficit well beyond capacity. A sharp tack to the exterior of our country would literally cause a catastrophic “pop.”
  3. He has appointed an economic advisory team that is nothing short of criminal.
  4. His so called “Green Energy Investments” have taken our money and literally incinerated it in the mobile crematorium he calls the Chevy Volt.
  5. He defends Eric Holder
  6. He has single handedly destroyed our reputation in the Middle East. Where we were once seen as resolute, we are now seen as soft.
  7. He is one of the most divisive, polarizing “leaders” the United States has ever known
    1. Race
    2. Gender
    3. Religion
    4. Social Class
    5. Political affiliation
  8. He actually believes he has the authority to tell the Supreme Court what he “expects of them” and subsequently believes they should act solely upon his wishes with no regard to the wishes of anyone who may oppose him.

Fortunately, we are not in an actual divorce case with President Obama although it may feel like it over the coming months. Obama is going to do everything he can, just like a bitter, jaded, soon-to-be ex-spouse would do in a divorce case. Accusations are going to fly. Hatred will be displayed, and truths will be scrambled so that they appear to be something they are not. Emotions will be kidnapped and held for ransom on his side of the argument. He’ll promise us the world, just like the “Disney-Dad” he’s making himself out to be. We should no longer be surprised by these antics. It’s all he’s done throughout this “marriage.” We must stand firm and remain confident in the fact that the truth is on our side and it ALWAYS surfaces at the most inconvenient of times for those who try to suppress it.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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