Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Want A Divorce…..

By: J Robert Giles


 “Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” - General George S. Patton

Mr. President…..we want a divorce. We entered into this union having been terribly misled. Your charm and promises may have swept a few people off their feet in 2008, but Divorce those people have suffered at the hands of your orthodoxy over the last three and a half years and are now firmly standing on more logical ground.

In the midst of divorce proceedings, parents are often asked to say something nice about the other. President Obama has run a nice campaign, I’ll give him that. He oversaw the operation that ended the life of Osama bin Laden…..for that this country will be eternally grateful. When he sang Al Green in front of a crowd, he earned a few cool points. He’s a determined little bugger. Is commenting on the purple-ish hue in someone’s complexion considered “nice?” How about the fact that the graying of his hair has in no way left him looking like a Java Chip Frappuccino?

All kidding aside, there are several other points a judge may consider when hearing the custody arguments in a divorce case. Essentially, that’s the battle in which we find ourselves right now. We are in a battle to win the custody of our country. America is currently splitting it’s time between the lunacy of Barack Hussein Obama and the logic of the people who oppose him. Let’s look at a few of the things a judge would consider if the election was actually handled like a custody hearing.

· What are the wishes of the country and both “parents?”

  • COUNTRY: Would simply like to survive.
  • US: We would like to see our country flourish like it certainly has the ability to do. We believe in our country and we can’t wait to see what miracle it delivers next.
  • OBAMA: America is a liar. That b!+@# has brainwashed them into believing I’m bad.

· Is there a pattern of destructive behavior?

  • COUNTRY: Yes
  • US: Yes
  • OBAMA: I…..I’m so in love with you….(devilish grin and possibly a wink at the judge as he again bursts into Al Green.)

· Where is the safety of the country best represented?

  • COUNTRY: With ANY of the four guys running for President.
  • US: On our side of the aisle.
  • OBAMA: The country doesn’t want safety, they want an electric car and free abortions.

· With whom does the country have a better relationship?

  • COUNTRY: Again, it’s with ANYBODY but Barry.
  • US: Most assuredly with us. We instill moral values, believe in the power of the individual, not the government, and are genuinely proud of the accomplishments of free-market competition. We believe you are what you make yourself, not what the government makes for you.
  • OBAMA: You’re all here to serve me. Separation of powers is an antiquated notion and I’m here to deliver unto you your own opinion. Got it?

· Are the proposed custodial changes reasonable?

  • COUNTRY: Not only are they reasonable, they’re all I’ve prayed for in the last three years.
  • US: Of course they are. They are well planned, proven, and address not only the current needs, but the future needs of the country as well.
  • OBAMA: Does the proposal grant me the authority to wear a crown in public? Then no, it is not reasonable.

· Are there any mental or physical health issues of which the court should be aware?

  • COUNTRY: I believe the current President suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder as evidenced in a well written, thought provoking article I read last Friday.CrazyBHO
  • US: Yes. I believe the President, as he likes to be called, suffers from bouts of acute narcissistic rage as well as delusional reasoning.
  • OBAMA: Listen, I’m the greatest there’s ever been, okay? I have never done anything that has failed and those who say otherwise are simply waging a war against my….umm….(whispered tone into a still open microphone) somebody let Jay Carney out of his crate and tell him to remind me which one of my characteristics is being oppressed today.

Has Obama displayed a pattern of destructive behavior? While he may not agree that he most certainly has, the evidence favors those who would say ‘yes.’ He most certainly has an inflated sense of self-importance and no one can deny his extreme preoccupation with himself. These facts alone should prove dangerous enough to warrant his “un-election” but a court would want specific examples.

  1. Obsessively forced his unwanted healthcare bill down our throats despite deafening opposition from those he viewed himself as “saving.”
  2. He has inflated the deficit well beyond capacity. A sharp tack to the exterior of our country would literally cause a catastrophic “pop.”
  3. He has appointed an economic advisory team that is nothing short of criminal.
  4. His so called “Green Energy Investments” have taken our money and literally incinerated it in the mobile crematorium he calls the Chevy Volt.
  5. He defends Eric Holder
  6. He has single handedly destroyed our reputation in the Middle East. Where we were once seen as resolute, we are now seen as soft.
  7. He is one of the most divisive, polarizing “leaders” the United States has ever known
    1. Race
    2. Gender
    3. Religion
    4. Social Class
    5. Political affiliation
  8. He actually believes he has the authority to tell the Supreme Court what he “expects of them” and subsequently believes they should act solely upon his wishes with no regard to the wishes of anyone who may oppose him.

Fortunately, we are not in an actual divorce case with President Obama although it may feel like it over the coming months. Obama is going to do everything he can, just like a bitter, jaded, soon-to-be ex-spouse would do in a divorce case. Accusations are going to fly. Hatred will be displayed, and truths will be scrambled so that they appear to be something they are not. Emotions will be kidnapped and held for ransom on his side of the argument. He’ll promise us the world, just like the “Disney-Dad” he’s making himself out to be. We should no longer be surprised by these antics. It’s all he’s done throughout this “marriage.” We must stand firm and remain confident in the fact that the truth is on our side and it ALWAYS surfaces at the most inconvenient of times for those who try to suppress it.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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