Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Decides…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“All things truly wicked start from innocence.”  - Ernest Hemmingway

Innocence Lost 

On January 6, 2007; Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom went out to dinner at a Knoxville, TN restaurant. Channon was a senior at University of Tennessee. She was about to graduate with a degree in Sociology before five thugs carjacked her and Christopher. So far the story seems all too familiar, right? Unfortunately, it’s at this point in the story that all familiarity ends. The heartless thugs that carjacked Channon and Christopher may have originally intended to simply secure a ride home for themselves but it quickly escalated into a gruesome and horrifying nightmare. The couple was driven back to a home rented by one of the five thugs. Christopher was bound, gagged, and sexually tortured for several hours before being dragged naked out to the railroad tracks behind the house where he was set on fire and then shot to death. It’s hard to imagine that he was the lucky one.

Channon was tortured in ways that none of us should ever be forced to imagine. She was sexually assaulted with what coroners believe to have been a broken chair leg. She was repeatedly raped by multiple thugs. Her genitalia was so badly abused it was almost indistinguishable at autopsy. She was forced to drink household cleaning chemicals and then she was stuffed into a large plastic bag and shoved inside a trash can where she slowly suffocated. If that seems a little too graphic, I apologize but you must understand that this was a drastically cleaned up version of the details that emerged over the course of the trial. I will not name the criminals who perpetrated these horrific acts. They deserve no more fame or criminal credibility at the expense of their victims.

Christian-Newsom There are not many people on earth who can imagine the kind of pain the parents of Channon and Christopher must have experienced in the days following the discovery of their children’s bodies. That’s the kind of pain that doesn’t go away.

It’s all real and you are more than welcome to look up the details if you would like. Quite frankly the research is making me sick, but I will put a few links at the end of this article for those who want to read more. Racism seems to provide a nice, easy explanation to those too lazy or too ignorant to examine facts but it fails to answerThugs any of the real questions. Yes, racism may have played a role in a lot of the crimes. I certainly believe the story above started out as an “innocent” carjacking but once the five thugs realized they had themselves a couple of racial trophies, it escalated into a very obvious hate-crime. Five black thugs carjack and kidnap an attractive white couple and brutally torture, rape and kill them in the most sadistic manner imaginable…..that’s a hate-crime. I don’t care what the victims did in their past lives. That’s completely irrelevant. The fact is that five people tortured and killed two other people of differing skin colors. If the roles had been reversed, it most certainly would have been deemed immediately racist.  

So, what is it that makes us sit up and take notice of a case like the one involving Trayvon Martin, and ignore a case like Channon Christian? I don’t believe the racial angle. As previously stated, it provides an easy to attach excuse, but it lacks logic or credibility. Racism may have been a factor in the actual crime, but not in the coverage of the crime. News channels, shows, websites, blogs, and made-for-TV dramas are extremely competitive. To suppress a story for reasons of race would not only require an unprecedented level of cooperation among the media giants, but would also require them to actually honor any agreements made during such periods of accommodation. So, what is it then? Is it the details of the case? Is there a certain level of depravity to which our imaginations have yet to lead us? Some of the best shows on TV are based on horrific storylines, but even the imaginations of the shock addicted writers of those shows trail behind the reality described in the Christian / Newsom Trials.

Does the media play on the emotional tendencies of a certain race? Is it true that the black community typically reacts to stories of racism much more publicly and emotionally than the white community? Do media outlets play on the emotions of the black community in this “stirring-up” of racial conspiracy? There has been no evidence given to suggest that George Zimmerman acted out of racist motive. Witnesses corroborate his story and the police have stated that evidence supports Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense, yet Attorney General Eric Holder, whose credibility is apparently beyond reproach, has now thrown his services into the fray. Trayvon even got a shout out from His Barackness in a recent speech, fundraiser, campaign stop, or some combination of the three. Is there a political agenda at play? Remember James Byrd? He was murdered at the hands of cowardly white bastards but his name was only used to insinuate that then Presidential hopeful George W Bush supported such lunacy because the crime occurred in his (and my) home state of Texas. Did the emotional outpouring end with Bush’s election? The Duke Lacrosse Team Rape-That-Never-Was…..anyone remember that? Remember how those rich white boys took advantage of that poor, defenseless black woman? Remember all the cries for humiliating and outrageous punishments to be delivered in lieu of a trial? The crimes, despite any evidence whatsoever, were beyond our simple legal system….they were to be tried in the court of Jesse Jackson’s opinion. They were to be tried according to the rules of the Black Panther Party. Anyone who supported the legitimate legal process was labeled a racist. Remember that? It was class warfare and every single aspect of it was manufactured, inflated, and broadcast by those who feed off of ignorant, uninformed public opinion.

Media Bias I am not suggesting, in any way that the death of Trayvon Martin is a laughing matter. It’s not any easier to imagine the hole in the hearts of Trayvon’s parents than it is to imagine the one in Channon’s. A child was killed at the hands of a stranger. That’s a tough pill to swallow. My question remains, why the fascination with one case over the other. Jesse Jackson is rhyming his way to another vigil with cameras in tow…..Al Sharpton has regained the publicity induced twinkle in his eyes…..Trayvon’s mother has trademarked several of the more popular phrases bearing her deceased son’s name (but swears it has nothing to do with money)…..Channon’s killers are facing the possibility of freedom rather than execution because the judge in their original case was found to have been using drugs…..Spike Lee Tweets the wrong address to 250,000 followers ordering black people to “reach out and touch” the Zimmerman family…..yet we’re supposed to believe that the abolishment of racism is still a goal. If we ever find ourselves in a society where black people don’t do anything to draw attention to the fact that they are “oppressed” and white people stop feeling the need to “apologize” to anyone with a darker than Caucasian skin tone, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be completely irrelevant; do they realize this? Racism fuels their fame and they are not about to let go without a fight. Even if it means they have to publicly convict a man of a crime he may not have committed.

If the evidence comes to surface that refutes the witness statements and the currently existing evidence, I will gladly hand over George Zimmerman to the proper authorities. Can I get the Black Panthers to agree that they will stay completely away from the polling stations in November? Can I get Jesse Jackson to commit to the notion of innocent until proven guilty? Can I get a White Entertainment Channel, White History Month? How about a “Snow Leopard Party” to answer the “Black Panthers?” No, of course none of these things will ever come to fruition. They would be deemed racist and insensitive and would be met with a level of emotional outcry their ill-advised foundation simply couldn’t withstand. The fact is that George Zimmerman, until proven otherwise, acted in self-defense. It doesn’t matter what you think of the laws that provide him the right to do so. It doesn’t matter what you think of Trayvon’s wardrobe decisions…..the fact is that George Zimmerman, no matter how mad it makes you, has yet to be charged with a crime and there is a reason for it. You don’t get to let public opinion try this case but then discount public opinion whenever it goes against you. That’s not the way the world works. If it did, ObamaCare wouldn’t have required the involvement of the Supreme Court. I’ll end by stating for the record that a) Black Panthers are the most overtly racist group in existence. Their actions and demands make them far more racist than the Ku Klux Klan. b) Jesse Jackson is a racist, separatist idiot. c) Al Sharpton is a tad more entertaining, but just as big of an idiot. These statements have nothing to do with the color of their skin but rather to do with their actions. Act racist, get called out…..isn’t that what we’ve been told for decades? The phrase “justice is blind” means that you can’t blame skin color for motivation in a crime against one of your own, but then use skin-color to claim innocence when the story doesn’t go your way.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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Monday, March 26, 2012

You Owe Me…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”  - Sun Tzu

Barack Almighty

Entitlement apparently knows no bounds within the Obama Presidency. Too often, conservatives paint liberals with a broad stroke, saying that they all support entitlement programs. While it’s true that most liberals support the idea of the government providing for its citizens what they are too lazy or unqualified to provide for themselves, the idea that entitlement mentalities are exclusive to the left side of the political aisle is absurd. We’re all guilty of some measure of entitlement mentality within our daily lives, whether we admit it or not. Littering is an example of entitlement in that you toss something out your car window and feel that you are entitled to someone else’s effort to clean it up. People who leave messes on the tables at a restaurant feel that they are entitled to the efforts of the busser or server when it comes time to clean it up. These are usually the same people who loudly complain when a restaurant hostess has the nerve to make them wait for a table. They then complain that the meal is not “like they would make it at home” and then leave an unjustifiably small tip. When you put stuff that you decide you don’t need at the grocery store back onto a random shelf, you are displaying a sense of entitlement. You are creating more work for someone else. That someone else must be paid for his effort, and the cost of that salary is divided among the consumers. In the same logic, a server who complains about a small tip is displaying an obvious sense of entitlement. An ex-spouse who demands that the other raise the kids but then expects equal share in the credit for their success is displaying a sense of entitlement. Obesity is a form of entitlement. Those who lack the discipline to modify their diet or to stick to a structured workout cycle do not deserve the same health insurance premiums as those who do. Those who cannot figure out that $3,000 is ENTIRELY too much to pay for birth control don’t deserve to have someone else pay the tab. Those who major in Art History and minor in the destruction of liver and brain-cells do not deserve the same salary as a business owner who has sacrificed almost everything to build his company. In the same fashion, a corporate fat-cat does not deserve profit at the expense of customer health, safety, or trust. Companies that fuel a certain agenda do not deserve millions of dollars in taxpayer money to pay to their executives despite the fact that they are declaring bankruptcy.

In terms of political entitlement, on a grand stage, Obama seems to be the King of Gimme. The problem is that Obama sees the world through the haze of an antisocial Gimme some space..... personality, according to the definition of the disorder given by the Mayo Clinic. Many feel that the hearings being heard in the Supreme Court this week will prove just such a point with regard to the over-reach of Obama’s perceived power. Another example would be the mic’d up slip up His Barackness will undoubtedly be releasing Jay Carney to nibble away at in the coming weeks. Obama, while wired for sound, was caught telling outgoing Russian President Medvedev to relay to Vladimir Putin that Obama and his administration need more “space” with regard to the often stalled talks over the missile defense system. Obama implies that he will be much more “flexible” after his reelection and that he needs space to work his magic. Once again, America is made to look weak in exchange for Obama’s personal appearance of strength. He begs for personal assistance in the form of a delay on any talks that might make him appear as though he is not in control. The needs, safety, and concerns of the people in BOTH nations were cast aside so that Obama may feed his insatiable political appetite.

Politics has become one of the world’s best examples of entitlement mentality, Getting votes quickly becomes more important than principles. There is no pride in the workTrampled done if that work doesn’t produce massive amounts of public adoration. It would be like NFL teams deciding to play only the games they were guaranteed to win. The season would be short and relatively boring. Entitlement provides for a few but leaves in its wake throngs of others who suffer at the expense of those few. Again, Obama is a prime example but the rampant ridiculousness by which so many of his decisions are made can be found in almost any politician. There’s no pride in the work done by an entitled person. Their pride comes instead from the act of receiving something from another person. Occupy Wall Street and all their crazy tent-dwelling buffoons were a terrific example. There was no direction in their mission, but they all agreed upon a strong desire to get a lot of stuff for free. There was no sense of competition in any of their arguments because most of the people who take advantage of entitlement programs simply want free stuff. They have no drive to earn anything. Their job is the pursuit of that which they did nothing to earn. Obama has done nothing to earn any “space” from the Russian people. He can blast us with remarks from indignant advisors all he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Russian people have not received the message that our missile defense system is not designed to destroy them. There is still fear in their hearts and Obama only cares about his re-election campaign.

Shine His Barackness has made it quite clear he feels entitled to our undying loyalty and vote. His statements make it sound as if he is absolutely certain of his reelection. All voter fraud allegations and conspiracies aside, he is owed NOTHING. We do not OWE the office of United States President to anyone who so blatantly disregards the traditions, obligations, history, and responsibility of such an honor. His smile, charm and arrogance may deliver for a short while the entitlements to which others feel they are due but eventually he will be called upon to produce results. Deflection may keep the weak distracted temporarily, but eventually there will be enough people saying “hey, that’s not what we were promised” and the facade of his record will defeat him. Obama and the left do not “own” the votes of, nor the rights to any race of people. If he wants our vote, he will need to earn our vote. Not the other way around. He is not the prize he thinks he is. The lessons taught to most of us through the pain of defeat have never been delivered unto His Barackness. Photo opportunity basketball games do not count. He’s never truly competed for anything but has instead twisted rules, playing fields, history, and definitions to suit his own agenda. He has manufactured accomplishments and then demanded that we honor him with unearned accolades. He has stripped away our freedoms and then demanded that we like it. He has told us that we’re not capable of providing for ourselves and then demanded our blind agreement. He has manipulated numbers to support his claims and has then demanded that these numbers be taken as truth. He has placed personal political need ahead of OUR needs and has then demanded that we serve him. November 6, 2012 will deliver a few demands we have of President Obama.

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bastard’s Birthday…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.”   - Aristotle

Signe here to negate the Constitution....


ObamaCare, as it will be called throughout this piece, has now entered it’s second year of existence. According to a recent ABC News / Washington Post Poll, over two thirds of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, believe that the law should be repealed based on it’s author’s tenuous grasp of the United States Constitution. While several of the Constitutional infractions seem so painfully obvious, the upcoming hearings in the Supreme Court don’t really bring the level of confidence they should to either side of the party. Those of us hoping that ObamaCare’s second birthday will be it’s last are not all that confident that our Supreme Court is not corrupted by the insatiable ego of His Elena Barackness. It’s been well documented that Obama was granted a private meeting with all but one of the Supreme Court Justices prior to his inauguration. Conspiracy theorists and sane people alike have concluded that the meeting was in some sort of reference to the yet-to-be explained discrepancies in Obama’s birth certificate. Then there’s the presence of Justice Kagan.  Many believe she should recuse herself from these hearings based on her political influence used in promoting ObamaCare and her much publicized “wallering in the mud” after the necessary votes were gathered for the law’s passage.

The fact that the Supreme Court has a conservative majority within it’s ranks does little to quell the nervousness in the American people. But let’s put all that aside. There’s nothing we can do about the decisions made on that hill, in those robes. Let’s take a look at the notable absence of His Barackness from all the hoopla surrounding his little liberal baby. ObamaCare, a name which now seems to be offensive to His Barackness and all his quivering little counterparts, was supposed to be this President’s signature piece of legislation. This was supposed to be the thing that put his name in the history books as one of the greatest leaders the world had ever known. He campaigned on the grand promises of universal healthcare. He promised us little, but he did it with shiny words, so his infected base of support happily followed. This Act was supposed to be the crowning achievement of his presidency yet, he is painstakingly absent from any and all discussion surrounding ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act as he is now calling it. Funny, how “ObamaCare” was perfectly acceptable when people were buying into the hype. The man is trying to distance himself from a bill that for all intents and purposes CARRIES HIS NAME!

While Obama flies around the country in Air Force One, campaigning at our expense, he is not campaigning on his bold healthcare initiatives like he did in 2008. ($187,000 per hour to operate that plane according to US Military Sources.) A defeat in the Supreme Court next week, or whenever it may be handed down, would surely be devastating to his campaign and a victory might be just as bad. A victory, or a delayed-past-the-election decision, would lend itself to more criticism and conspiracy theory than would a defeat. According to what most view as pretty clear cut language in the Constitution, Obama is staring down the barrel of a defeat on at least the controversial “individual mandate.” The government is simply not allowed to tell us that we “have to” buy something. Auto insurance is only required if you drive. Homeowner's insurance is onlyThey Celebrate.... required if you buy a home. Neither of these coverages are required by federal law for every citizen, regardless of personal situation.

When Obama was still being carried around the country atop the shoulders of those he ordered to vote for him back in 2008, we were promised four major things about ObamaCare. These four things have conclusively failed and now the whole thing is headed to court. Obama refuses to address the issue.

  1. The Affordable Care Act will lower health care costs – Nope… estimates show that family healthcare premiums will increase by an average of $2,000 under this bill.
  2. The law will create hundreds of thousands of jobs – Again; those estimates are proving to be what we call in the business “bull$#!t.” New studies show that over the next decade, ObamaCare will actually cost the country over 800,000 jobs.
  3. ObamaCare will protect Medicaid – Sir, have you been locked in a tee-pee with Ricky Williams and Dave Chappelle? Your plan is currently estimated to be placing over $100 billion of new Medicaid costs onto cash-strapped states. It will also take an estimated $500 billion away from Medicare and encourage many employers to drop coverage for their employees.
  4. ObamaCare will allow Americans to keep their coverage – As long as those Americans are already covered with a government brokered, “Chuck E. Cheese prize” version of healthcare coverage and wish to remain covered under such horrendous conditions.

It’s time to repeal. Healthcare is a private and very individual issue. It should be a personal matter and it should be between patient and doctor. Yes, there are flaws in the current system, but once again the left feels that the solution is total government control. Their response to our contrarian stance on the subject is the same response they give to any other opposition. Those who oppose are uneducated, right-wing, Bible thumping, gun carrying, racist, environment destroying, war loving, extremists that are just here to amuse the almighty liberal. They twist numbers to support their “facts.” They distort polls and cherry pick the ones with which they grant credibility. No more. 67% of us (and I personally believe that number is actually in the low to mid seventies) are against this bill. Two thirds of a country are against something…..shouldn’t the Supreme Court take that into consideration? Happy Birthday, you little bastard.

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terminal Liberalism…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“Secrecy, once adopted, becomes an addiction.”  - Edward Teller


Liberalism is a disease. It’s not just an opinion, or a political stance…’s a disease. The proof of such a statement lies in their steadfast refusal to even entertain the idea of its possibility. In fact, the proof of such a statement comes in the absolutely horrendous response granted to Dr. Lyle Rossiter who wrote “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” Dr. Lassiter had absolutely zero ties to any known right-wing affiliations when he released his book. He had never taken part in any activism or any other activities that would warrant the outright hateful disrespect he was given from those on the left who feel their own egotistical, self-appointed credentials negate Liberal Mind Web (1) those of Dr. Rossiter. The truth is that Dr. Rossiter has been a respected forensic psychologist for over thirty five years. He has treated over 1,500 patients, lent his expertise to over 2,700 civil and criminal cases, and is well respected among peers all over the planet. His point is only made stronger by the vile response he has received from the targets of his research.

A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation, and moral integrity ---- as liberals do. A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population ---- as liberals do.  And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nations citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state ---- as liberals do.”  - excerpt from “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” 

Take a second and think about how powerful that summary of liberalism actually is. Just think of how many examples there are to illustrate each and every point in that paragraph. How many times, just in the last three and a half years, have we been given an example of our free choice being ignored or berated? My mind is literally buzzing just thinking of all the examples. I believe my keyboard would melt and my fingers would bleed if I tried to keep up with them as they flood my brain. How many times has our cooperation been anything but voluntary? How many times have we been asked to stand by and watch as our moral integrity is destroyed? How many times have we been told that our individual talents are not as important as a “level playing field?” How many times have we heard that the fruits of drive and work ethic should be distributed among those who did nothing to earn them? How many examples have we seen of the imposition of economic and social equality where none has been earned? Over-regulation and over-taxation are staples of the liberal lifestyle and they too have been rampant in the last three and a half years.

Diseases spread most quickly among people too weak to defend themselves. Liberalism truly is a disease and therefore preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority just as obesity preys on those unwilling to consume a proper diet. Even if it means they have to rewrite a little bit of history to legitimize their claim, liberals are all about portrayingDisease themselves as the ideology of the minority. They pride themselves on being the voice of those too weak to speak for themselves. They speak loudly in chat rooms, comment boards, and the world they’ve created where their logic reins supreme. The problem is that the weak are all too happy to accept that representative voice. The poor are infected because they want to feel that they have the same voice as the “fat cats.” Minorities are infected because they desperately want to have what they are told is being kept from them. Becoming a victim is much easier than fighting. Victims have rights that require no fight. The disease of liberalism thrives wherever there are victims. In order for the disease to spread, a perception of victimization must be created. Liberals have created a system where the very people trying to kill us are often portrayed as the victims. Illegal immigrants are victims. Murderers are victims. Carelessness, lack of responsibility, horrendous behavior, complete lack of morality…..they’re all the fault of someone else. They are all cause for pity and deserving of charity. Jobs should be given because it would somehow cure the addiction. Money should be bestowed because it is desired. Responsibility is simply the idea of an oppressive authority. Those infected with the disease truly lack the ability to see that working for a paycheck is better than waiting to win the lottery. Liberalism feeds the idea that government should provide for it’s citizens because the citizens are incapable of providing for themselves. The disease, and their unwillingness to treat the disease, leads them to turnover their ownership in their own lives.



  1. A disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, esp. one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a...
  2. A particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.


I truly believe that liberalism is a disease in the same regard that alcoholism is a disease. Alcoholism is a powerful and destructive disease to say the least. Liberalism is no different. Once infected, or maybe “addicted” would be a better description;  it’s grip is consuming. On an almost comical basis, the left side of our political system presents us with symptoms of addiction. Symptoms of addiction include, according to Elizabeth Hartney, PhD, tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is defined as the need to engage in the addictive behavior or activity more and more to get the desired effect. Often that tolerance leads to the complete abandonment of logic. I think we’ve all seen examples of an addiction defeating reason within a loved one, friend, favorite celebrity, favorite athlete, or favorite two-time mayor of Washington DC. Liberalism allows the acceptance of things once considered shocking. Facts are distorted to support questionable lifestyles while morality is somehow seen as a crutch for the weak. This is no different than a meth addict rejecting offerings of help in order to pursue a high. Addiction requires a ton of bargaining. Logic is created where none has a right to exist and it’s all done in the interest of perpetuating the desired effect. Actions are defended despite overwhelming evidence to support the opposing argument. Sadly, in the case of almost anyFooStampAddiction addiction there are those who profit from the addiction in one way or another. The ones who profit the most are often just as addicted as those who would risk everything for just one more fix. There aren’t many bar owners who don’t at least drink occasionally. According to every rap song ever made, there aren’t many drug dealers who don’t occasionally partake of their product. Those who profit the most from liberalism would be those in charge of directing its progress. Those who create the victim profit in the form of votes, publicity, ratings, subscription increases, or large retention fees. By creating pockets of weakness throughout our society, liberals have managed to create a loyally addicted base of support.

Liberalism propels progress in the minds of those addicted. The problem is that the progress they seek is so often in the wrong direction. This supports the symptom of withdrawal. Liberals literally retreat into their fantasy world in order to support their theories. They have created a world where abortion and homosexuality are more important than common sense. They have retreated to a world where competition is seen as greed; where success is seen as evil; where morality is seen as weakness and Christianity is seen as dependency. Their beliefs trump what should be logic and common sense. The so-called Green Energy Loans made by Secretary Chu’s Energy Department would be perfect examples of this symptom. The amount of money given to such a specific and openly opposed ideology is inexcusable at best. The gamble they took was not with their own money and any hope of ever seeing a positive return on that “investment” hinges upon public demand for a product no one seems to want in it’s government designed form. Another example would be the contraception issue. The idea of expanding the reach of liberalism is so important that they are willing to overtly ignore the traditions and teachings of the Church. They twist the very Word of God in order to support their side of the argument but like the arguments of any addict, they simply won’t withstand the scrutiny of logic.

Diseases, especially addictions, require not only a group but readily available product. While the media has made sure that the products of liberalism are readily available to Crackhouse those addicted, the insulation provided by a group of addicts is weak. It's walls will crumble when tested. Like a crackhouse…..literally. No attention whatsoever is paid to the upkeep of a crackhouse. There is no money for landscaping or efforts to maintain curb appeal of a crackhouse. The appeal of a crackhouse is the crack it holds within its gutted, disgusting shell. Once that crack is gone, the house collapses under the prolonged exposure to neglect and dilapidation. In the case of a liberal, “crack” is any story or idea that creates a victim. Look at how quickly this “War on Women” nonsense spread. They roll out the innocent activist with unjustified support and an even more unjustified stage before our Congress and launch this nonsense about $3,000 birth control. BAM!!! A victim is created and the addiction is fed. The problem is that imaginary victims take away from real ones. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in his 1935 State of the Union Address that “the lessons of history … show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.” Pretty damning testimony from what many consider to be a liberal icon. His words, despite spewing from the addicted mouth of a liberal, ring even more true today. The laws and programs meant to provide temporary assistance to those in true need have been twisted, expanded, and redefined to accommodate numbers and afflictions never intended under the logic of the original programs. No matter how strong the addiction, the initial choice was made to engage in the addictive activity. 

This disease has an antidote for those willing to address the problem. For those willing to look beyond For many, that immunization will only come when their ideals are publicly and unequivocally defeated. November 7, 2012. Eradication Day.

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles


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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Road WE’VE Traveled…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”  - Mark Twain

The Road


His Barackness is relying on his Hollywood-esque imagination and the belief that people will generally accept what they see in movies as fact. This is made quite clear in the release of yet another propaganda film about the Immaculated One. The Road We’ve Traveled is the fascinatingly inaccurate tale of President Barack Hussein Obama’s first, and Arrogance hopefully only term. The film is 17 minutes of self-glorifying, fact avoiding, number manipulating, evidence ignoring, Constitution damning dribble. Men with credibility issues to spare appear testifying on behalf of their liberal God. The best defense given to us so far for the estimated $345,000 expense that went into the longest 17 minutes of film I’ve ever watched is to ignore the question. The film features a tired looking Tom Hanks, giving what appears to be one of his most hastily rehearsed performances of all time. Perhaps Obama lent him Teleprompter One for the occasion and the weight of such an honor was weighing heavy on the conscience of Mr. Hanks. Perhaps it was the fact that an overwhelming Obama defeat in November would seriously damage the credibility of Forrest Gump in the future. Mr. Hanks looks dramatically into the camera and with the insincere pleading we have come to love from our celebrities in times of need urges us all to “remember how far we’ve come and look forward to the work still to be done.” I’ll tell you what, Mr. Hanks… and your family live on MY budget from now until November 6, 2012 and we’ll see if you still feel the same way. You work your tail off from five-thirty every morning until ten, at the earliest, every night only to bring home enough money to scrape by and then tell me how far we’ve come, okay?

The truth is that we have traveled a long way, it’s just been in the wrong direction. It’s like trying to get to Denver from Saint Louis by going through Atlanta. Of course, that flight pattern might not be all that illogical to someone who never has to pay for a plane ticket. It might not be that out-of-the-way to someone who makes the schedule andRoad 2 enjoys watching his loyal subjects squirm under his refusal to follow it. You see, while His Barackness is spending $345,000 to make a movie about himself, the country to whom he’s pitching his masterpiece is suffering. Joseph Goebbels and Dax Sheppard would be extremely proud of the efforts made by Hollywood and Obamanyte. He has managed to take horrendously destructive decisions made during his Presidency and twist them so that they are actions worthy of our constant praise. Not only our praise, but the praise of history as well.

Sadly, this is the first in what is no doubt going to be a ton of propaganda films and infomercials soon to be released on behalf of America’s most polarizing President. The man has accumulated, over the course of three and a half years of constant campaigning, close to a billion dollars. He openly brags about it through his designated hype-men. Of course it’s intimidating, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. No one has ever questioned the ability of His Barackness to run a campaign. What we do question is the fact that he is not spending ANY of that money to cover the taxpayer funded travel aboard Air Force One. Yes, I’m well aware of the fact that other Presidents have done the same thing, but not to the extent by which Obama is doing it. Obama uses Air Force One like his own, personal vehicle. That’s not “fair.” In a world where everybody has to be fair, and every playing field has to be level, Obama is campaigning at an estimated taxpayer expense of $181,757 PER HOUR according to the United States Military. That’s the cost of operating Air Force One these days. That doesn’t include the forward security teams, travelling staff, or event expenses…..just the flight. Before you liberals start going nuts about the fact that all presidents use Air Force One, let me clarify my position….. I don’t care if Obama is using the plane for governing reasons. As much as I despise the cost of flying this man’s dangerously infectious disease into the minds of other countries, the plane itself is a necessary perk of the Office. My problem is with Obama’s use of the plane for campaign purposes. His competition must pay their own way, so why shouldn’t Obama be asked to withdraw some funds from his “war-chest” to offset the expense he’s passing onto us. If I don’t Gas Prices agree with the message of a particular candidate, why should i have to fund their campaign in ANY fashion? I don’t care if other Presidents have done the same, that doesn’t make it right. Other presidents have not bragged about a billion dollar war-chest and then flown around the country at OUR expense to promote a movie about the “Road He’s Traveled.”

The road WE’VE traveled over the last three and a half years has been littered with broken promises and skewed morals. The signs alongside that road have displayed atrocious gas prices that continue to rise. We’ve been forced to dodge “green energy” failures like Solyndra and the burnt out, skeletal remains of Chevy Volts along the journey. We’ve watched helplessly as our home values have steadily declined with each passing mile. We can’t afford to buy the food along the only road your “leadership” has made accessible to us, yet we get to hear you makeHomes clever jokes at our expense. We get to hear that you believe us to be part of the “flat-earth society” because we happen to believe your claims of cooperation with the oil industry to be pure frontier gibberish. You’ve spent billions of our dollars in an attempt to force us to drive on your road in the official pace car of your ideology. When that car bursts into inevitable flames, we are now being forced to seek care in a facility of your choosing. Yes, Mr. President, it’s been a long road, for sure. You have carjacked us multiple times along this journey, and quite frankly sir, we have nothing left to give. You’ve stolen our patience and chopped it up for sale as parts. You’ve pawned our integrity for new rims and a hydraulic lift. You’ve ignored our pleas for leniency and you have cast aside the traditions and customs we hold dear as a people. The Constitution of the United States of America is not optional. Your complete disregard for this all-important document would be comical if not so potentially destructive. The road we’ve traveled has only been a vacation in the eyes of you and your insulated circle of self-worship. You’ve taken our concerns and ridiculed them; laughing at the fact that we are paying for your stage.

Christianity tells me that if I am able to resist the temptation to judge you, then I will be spared judgment. If I can refrain from condemning you, then I will not be condemned. The Bible (Luke 6:37-8) tells me that if I forgive you, I too will be forgiven but dammit if you’re not making that nearly impossible. THAT’s the road we, the American people have traveled since late 2008. We really appreciate that yours has been so much more glorious.

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Will You Sign…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“Propaganda is that branch of the art of lying which consists in nearly deceiving your friends without quite deceiving your enemies.”  - F.M. Cornford

American Flag


The following is an open letter to President Barack Hussein Obama. In it, eight of the accomplishments by which Obama justifies the idea of his reelection are addressed. Read through the letter. If you would like your own copy to print and mail…..please let me know. ( At the very least, take the time to share this article with your friends, family, and anyone else who might agree with its content. The election is distracting us from what needs to take place after its dust settles. There will be a LOT of work to do after _______________ is sworn into office but _______________ will not be able to do it on his own. It will take each and every one of us. Enjoy and please share the following letter.


President Barack Hussein Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C. USA

March 14, 2012

Dear President Obama,

While I hold the office to which you were elected to occupy over the last three and a half years in the highest possible regard, I feel that I must question your personal recollections of that time. In fact, I feel as though I would be remiss in the most basic of my civic duties if I were to fail in this essential task. Mr. President, the respect you demand does not come with the simple attainment of title. When your record or ideology is questioned, such action does not equate to weakness, stubbornness, idiocy, small mindedness, or stupidity. In fact, I would submit to you that continued support for failed theory might be more suitable to such labeling. Mr. President, I pray that the man calling himself the leader of MY country would have the courage to address at least a few of the following concerns.

1. You claim that there have been 3.9 million jobs created under your command. (Source: You also claim to have an undying love for all things fair. If we’re being “fair,” shouldn’t we compare your unemployment numbers to the same measures by which your predecessor was held? See, your numbers are based on a labor force that is much smaller than the one by which other President’s have been measured. That’s manipulative and dishonest at best. On January 1, 2009 the labor force was estimated at 142,187,000. (Dept. of Labor). Last month, that number stood at 142,065,000. (Also, Dept. of Labor). So the labor force has shrunk under your command? Unlikely. Meanwhile, the population has increased by over 8 million people. (Census Bureau) How does one go up so significantly but the other decreases? It wouldn’t have anything to do with a President who is terrified of revealing true and accurate employment numbers in an election year, would it? You know the numbers will be revealed eventually, right? You’re not saving your legacy; you’re covering up its decay with temporary patchwork.

2. You say that we must “out-educate” the rest of the world, yet your education policies have favored only the unions to which you owe personal loyalty. Mr. President, your personal loyalties are very different from those of a real parent. You’re not a real parent in that your children will be safe, secure, and accepted for the rest of their lives. That most common of parental worry has been removed from your horizon. Those of us who live out here in that vast world beyond your ideology have very different loyalties and aspirations for our children. You dictate how, where, and when my children should learn yet you wouldn’t dare send your own daughters to a school run by the unions with whom you enjoy a reciprocal relationship. Give us the choice, Mr. President. Let us “out-educate” the rest of the world. The ones with whom we must compete do not have to overcome heavy-handed union interference.

3. You claim victory in the “agreements” you made with American auto-makers, yet there is no mention in that announcement of the mammoth failures entwined within the web of those so-called victories. We need jobs and lower gas prices, Mr. President. We’re hurting. The people for whom you were elected to provide leadership are hurting and your stance is that we need to be more patient and wait to see your brilliance unfold. Well, sir…..with all due respect…..your fairy-tale ideas are pure, unadulterated, hogwash. Nobody wants a Chevy Volt. Americans are notoriously adventurous, but those things are a little bit too much of a gamble. Plus, as Newt Gingrich so eloquently noted; “you can’t put a gun-rack in a Volt!” Stop pushing your ideals down our throats. We’ll get there. We’ll one day realize your dreams of battery operated cars, but only after the vehicles themselves have survived the strict filters of public demand and opinion, not when a President loyal only to liberal orthodoxy dictates it to be so. Offshore drilling has decreased by 53% during your time in office and your answer is algae? Is that what Ted Kennedy was doing in 1969? Was he working on the Chevy Chappaquiddick? You promise an “all-of-the-above” approach to energy, but as is so often the case, your actions contradict your promises. Keystone would have brought with it jobs, oil, and independence yet you struck it down for political reasons. North Dakota has enough oil to export and bring in trillions of dollars to offset your reckless spending, yet you ignore their success because it came in spite of your restrictions and overbearing regulations.

4. Mr. President, you have chosen to make “Equal Rights” one of your biggest issues, yet your definition of ‘equal’ is a bit skewed. You say you have “taken steps to level the playing field so that everybody plays by the same rules.” Sir, isn’t that kind of like saying that Tonya Harding was trying to “level the playing field” with Nancy Kerrigan? You see, everybody is NOT equal. In order for America to succeed, competition must filter out the weak. The NFL would not exist if everyone in the country was given playing time. Limitations must be accepted and taken into consideration. Otherwise, we’re left with even more entitled little snots living in tents, pooping in our streets, disrupting commerce, and demanding the fruits of another man’s labor. Your idea of a “level playing field” did not work for Russia and it will never work in a free America.

5. You claim success in the Affordable Care Act. The fact that you continue to call it the “Affordable Care Act” tells us just how far out of touch with our reality you have actually become. It’s ObamaCare and it is socialism. Plain and simple. My health is my business, not yours. What I eat is my business, not Michelle’s. If I want to pay for contraceptives, I’ll do so. I will buy MY OWN contraceptives. I will not ask anyone else to do it for me and I will NEVER accept your assertion that my Church should bend to your will. The Church will always be stronger than your earthly ideology, Mr. President. You say that ObamaCare will reduce costs to millions of Americans but you refuse to release real premium estimates until after the election. Now why would you do that? It wouldn’t be because the atrociously high costs of your “affordable” health coverage would all but guarantee your defeat in November, would it?

6. You claim victories in the area of National Security, yet the victories are not yours to claim. The victories you claim are like New York Giants fans saying “We” won the Super Bowl. You were there in an official capacity, sure, but the victories came with the risk, blood, and sacrifice of men with bravery you couldn’t summon with voodoo and a certified witch doctor. You can’t claim victory and apologize to an enemy in the same breath. You can’t claim victory but skulk away from the responsibility and accountability when it comes to a man with serious psychological issues being sent into a combustible scenario. Those things happened under your watch too. The victories you claim were made possible by the efforts of others. You have some good ideas for streamlining the United States Military, but the way you’re going about it is reckless. You don’t ask our military to pay more for their benefits and then provide the Gitmo detainees with a $750,000, taxpayer funded soccer field. By the way, didn’t you campaign on the absolute promise to close Gitmo in 2008? How’s that promise working out for us?

7. Your stance on taxes is based in more ideology. This idea of a level playing field is not the reality that a free-market system supports. In free-markets, demand and creativity drive profits. No matter what your advisors tell you, you do not have the right to dictate when a company has made “too much money.” It doesn’t matter how strongly you may disagree with the product, services, or governing policies of that company…..their profits should only be limited by the market to which their product appeals. Again, that appeal and demand will come from the free will of the American people, not regulations and snide remarks about those who have worked their butts off to attain the wealth you yourself hide from your loyal Obamunists. You are NOT a poor working citizen, Mr. Soetero. You are Barack Hussein Obama. You are rumored to be looking to personally purchase the home once owned by Katherine Hepburn for $18 million. How many of those “middle class” families do you think can relate to that plight? Rumors like that don’t get started around us “regular folks.”

8. Lastly, we receive word this morning that, under your command, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a permit to the Northern Arapahoe tribe of Wyoming to “hunt and kill two American Bald Eagles as part of their religious freedom. Sir, I will spare you the pain of having to read all the myriad Fluke-ing contradictions contained within that statement and simply ask you a question: Can you imagine the backlash a Republican President would receive for such actions? Is that a “level playing field?”

Thank you for your time and consideration, Mr. President. I will anxiously await your response. I sincerely hope that you can read this message through the eyes of the people you have sworn to protect and the history you have been asked to preserve. To attack this message through the eyes of your own personal agenda would only highlight your inability to connect with those of us suffering under your command.


The American People

Copyright J Robert Giles, March 2012


1 Peter 5:10 – And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Restoration, confirmation, strengthening, and establishment are due to arrive on November 7, 2012.



As always, Thanks for playing,


J Robert Giles


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Illegally Entitled…..

By: J Robert Giles & Jacqueline Corner

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“It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”  - Noel Coward

Elvis Presley wasn’t fat, he was just a “Jelly Doughnut Enthusiast.” Charlie Sheen isn’t street-rat crazy, he’s “suffering.” People who sneak into our country, exploit loopholes in our laws, tax-code, and generosity are not illegal immigrants, they’re “undocumented workers.” To make things easier, illegal immigrants will be referred to as “illegal immigrants” throughout the rest of this article.

Over the weekend, my attention was captured by three different stories in which our own laws and political confusion are allowing illegal immigrants to simply steal a better life from our great country. Before you liberals who, for some reason continue to read my articles, get all worked up and start accusing me of the heinous crimes of racism, patriotism, conservatism, or Americanism, I would ask that you share those opinions with someone who will actually give them credence. That person is not here, I assure you. I’m sick of giving away benefits that I don’t even know about to people who should not be entitled to them in the first place. Our laws have been written, rewritten, and manipulated to the point where the people breaking the laws have a better understanding of them than the people who write them. Here’s a few examples.

The first story is based in Internal Revenue Service code, as so much of the confusion in our country seems to be. The Additional Child Tax Credit is an IRS code that allows people who don’t have any taxable income to receive a refund. The steps by which illegal immigrants are benefiting from this American generosity is elaborate and shows a Illegal Immigrant Crossing concerted effort to take more money from people who have very little left to give. In other words, our country is broke, yet last year we paid out over $4.2 BILLION to illegal immigrants who have discovered a way to claim and receive benefit from the credit. Illegal Immigrants simply obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number by following methods actively marketed within their communities. I’ll say that again…..the methods by which illegal immigrants obtain legal, United States Taxpayer Identification Numbers are actively advertised among communities of illegal immigrants. The liberal response to such an accusation is usually to discredit the source of information, so you do your own search. Type ‘Immigration Attorney’ into your search engine and see how many ACLU-ish looking websites you get in return. Illegal immigrants are not entitled to the federal benefits granted the people who pay into said system. The vague language of the law itself provides an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside in, and work without authorization in the United States. We are over $15 trillion dollars in debt and the left is defending a program in which $4.2 billion is given to people who don’t even have the legal right to be inside our borders, let alone to receive benefit from a pool of money to which they have not contributed. In 2007, we paid $1 billion to illegal immigrants via this loophole. Barack Hussein Obama’s 2009 stimulus package expanded the benefit so that 2.3 million people took advantage of it in 2010. They’re now “looking into it” to see if payments through this loophole should be stopped. Yet, I’m a racist?

Our next story is about an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who invaded our country and earned enough money to buy an American lottery ticket. He won $750,000. That was in 2010. It turns out that a man who lives and works in our country illegally can’t just go out and post his resume on Monster and join the American rat-race. As Jose Antonio Cua-Toc learned, you just can’t trust the network of sleazebags who take advantage of the vulnerability of immigrants. As disgusting as it is that we paid out so much moneyJose Cua-Toc in tax refunds to people here illegally, it’s even more disgusting to hear tale of the treatment many of these people endure while searching for their piece of the American dream. Honestly, you can’t blame the immigrants for taking advantage of a loophole in our laws. If it’s there, someone will take it. Immigrants, for the most part, come to America for the same reasons today as the ones arriving on Ellis Island in the early 1900’s. They want a better life for themselves and their loved ones and they believe our freedom and generosity will lead them to it. Most are terribly appreciative and loyal. Most work their tails off to engulf themselves in the history, tradition, culture, and hope of the American spirit. What they often find instead are people like Erick Cervantes of Georgia. When Cua-Toc asked Cervantes, his boss, to cash the ticket for him out of fear of reveling his “illegal” status, Cervantes agreed. Cervantes then kept the money and started to spend it. He kept it as his own and Cua-Toc understandably lost his mind. He threatened to kill Cervantes and his wife. Probably a little over the top but it’s the situation in which so many immigrants find themselves. Backed into a corner with threat of exposure keeping them from the defense and authority we take for granted as citizens. Anyway, a court finally ordered that the money be handed over to Cua-Toc, plus $207,000 in legal fees and expenses, plus $25,000 in punitive damages. He now faces deportation over the criminal act of threatening death, plus the whole being here illegally in the first place thing. Let’s see, after the IRS takes their cut, let’s assume Cua-Toc returns to Guatemala with $650,000 USD. One United States Dollar exchanges at 7.703 Guatemalan Quetzal, so he’s sitting pretty in that regard. Pictured below are several views of a home that would only require a small fraction of Cua-Toc’s newfound wealth. I’d say he got his American dream, but his actions have prevented him from enjoying it in the country that gave it to him.

The last story in today’s trinity of illegal entitlement takes a look at the controversy over whether or not an identification card should be required for voting. The always logical and fair NAACP is taking their opposition of the voting laws in several states to the United Nations. Is there ANY chance we can get the doors to the U.N. locked on the day this Voter ID ridiculous argument is being heard and only unlock them when the building and all of it’s occupants have been moved to a country that gives a darn about their opinions? That would probably produce a few jobs, don’t you think? Like I was saying, the NAACP feels that any law requiring a proof of identification in exchange for entry into the United States election process infringes upon human and civil rights by suppressing the minority vote. Should I translate that one, or can you all pretty much read between the lines? I ask you, what kind of “minority” is having their vote suppressed by being asked to show a form of identification? People with the right to vote should have no problem providing some form of acceptable identification. A driver’s license, passport, military I.D… you know anyone who doesn’t have at least one of those things? Now go into the back of your favorite restaurant and ask that same question. How about a landscaping crew? How about a Latino gang? A prison yard? The actions of the NAACP are simple ploys to attract attention and will no doubt be used in some future “fact”, but the United Nations has absolutely zero authority over the states or their legal systems. The only people who would be impacted by the requirement of identification at a voting center would be those who should not be voting in the first place. If you can’t prove that you have the right to be there casting your vote, but are still allowed a voice, then democracy has failed. Doubt me? Feel free to go cast your vote in an Iranian election. How about Mexico? You think you would be allowed a voice in the election process of those countries?

You liberals can throw all your accusations of racism and insensitivity at me that you want to, but the fact remains that I’m right and you’re liberal! No one on the right is saying that we need to close our borders and put up signs around America that say “No Vacancy” but we are asking that you start treating our country like you treat your home. There is a door to your home for a reason. That’s the entry. That’s the filter by which you decide who gets to come inside and who gets left on the front porch to plead NOT Ellis IslandEllis Islandtheir case. If a gang-banger with identifying tattoos on his face knocked on your door, he would probably be asked to leave. If a family knocked on your door and then spent  fifteen minutes praising the history of your home and honoring you as a gracious host, you might be willing to invite them in. You would invite  them in as strangers and would not grant access to your banking information, your insurance policies, or your tax refunds, but you would let them into your house. Once trust has been earned, you might help them secure those things for themselves. I love the “melting pot” history of our country, but our compassionate laws and political correctness have led to a reality in which more people are taking from that pot than are contributing. People who do not value the history or importance of that pot are desecrating it. People who have not fought for that pot are dictating it’s future. The people who came here in the early days of this country…..they risked everything. The ones who sneak in here today risk nothing. Once they’re in., they are taught to exploit and steal their way to prosperity. Healthcare, jobs, education…’s all free and it’s all provided by that great melting pot. Well, dammit…..that’s MY pot! Back off. If you would like to come into my home and honor the traditions of my family as a grateful guest, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like to work your butt off as those people in your ever-mentioned “melting pot” of the early 1900’s did, then you will one day be able to call yourself an American. If that is not something for which you express great personal hope, then enjoy your temporary visit and feel free to come back when you’d like to embrace our laws, language, history, tradition, and freedom. When you can accept the concept that your freedoms end when they limit mine, you are welcome to call yourself an American. This country was not founded and defended so that you could come here and secure a better life for your family illegally. Accept ownership in this great land and humbly contribute to the reduction of its debt. Show our flag the respect it deserves and we’ll share with you everything under it’s protective cover.

As always, thanks for playing…..


J Robert Giles

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dictated But Not Heard…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“It is not a sign of arrogance for a king to rule. That is what he is there for.”  - William F. Buckley, Jr.

Indeed it is not a sign of arrogance for a king to rule, as the father of conservatism so plainly acknowledged in the quote above. What is arrogant is for an American President to behave as if he is a king. Despite the fact that a crown would cover up a lot of the steadily advancing grey that is consuming Scalp-One these days, one has yet to be King Obama granted His Barackness. His increasing agitation and visible indignation in the face of questions that oppose his ideology has become more and more blatant as of late. He’s always talked down to us, and smirked arrogantly as if our trivial concerns are so far beneath his brilliance that we would be ashamed if we could see ourselves through his Immaculate eyes.

The outright disdain he shows for anything contradictory to his own radical beliefs is becoming more and more apparent. He has been, by far, the most polarizing President in the history of the United States, but a lot of that is our own doing. Hold on…..don’t go all Old Yeller on me and start foaming at the mouth with rage. We’re not always perfect, even though God, truth, logic, morality, business sense, common sense, financial wisdom, diplomatic reasoning, and patriotism fall on our side of the aisle. We occasionally get sucked into the liberal web of lunacy. For example…..we all fell prey to the disgusting allure of the Sandra Fluke nonsense. In fact, I myself wasted an entire day researching and writing an article (which was hilarious) about her testimony of false pretenses. We ate it up and it furthered his cause. We must stop it. We must stop obeying the dictations of Barack Hussein Obama if we expect any chance of celebrating our conservative posteriors off on November 7, 2012. Stop letting him steer the course of our values, opinions, and interest. Here are four examples in which we have allowed Obama and his loyal media-minions to tell us what to think.

  1. Unemployment: Just this morning, the Department of Labor released it’s much anticipated numbers and the world in which Obama is revered as god is celebrating like the stock market hit 30,000 and no one on earth is suffering. The fact is that the number went “unchanged” and “held steady” at 8.3%. 8.3% unemployment is now cause for celebration? Should we even trust the number in the first place? I mean…..every unemployment number this year has turned out to contain severaltruth-lies questionable assumptions or adjustments. Still, Obama flashes his charm and the world celebrates a victory they haven’t taken the time to verify. For example…..add the people who are unemployed and have given up their search for employment and the number is actually 9.8%. Factor in the numbers of people who have settled for part-time work, or are otherwise considered heavily “under-employed” and the number is a disgusting 14.9%. Despite these terrifying numbers, the economy does seem to be heading in the right direction, adding 227,000 jobs in February. We’ll give you that one Mr. President, but I’d like you to ponder this question…..Can you imagine how much better it would be doing without the choking effects of your obsessive involvement, regulation, and taxation? Stop letting these numbers go unreported. WE must stop letting these questions go unasked and therefore unanswered. WE must stop these assumptions and adjustments from being ignored.  
  2. The Chevy Volt:  Does anyone else find the new Chevy Volt commercial with the guy telling us that we “just don’t understand” the Volt to be a little condescending? Am I just not “getting’ the thrill of driving the equivalent of an unpinned grenade? I guess I’m not cool enough, huh? I get the same feeling from this commercial that I get from an Obama speech. They were most likely written by the same people, but here are some more of those inconvenient little facts that seem to get in Obama’s Melted Demand way when we’re loud enough to blast them into the atmosphere of his liberal world. Fact 1: Chevy Volt is not even the most fuel-efficient vehicle in Chevy’s lineup! That honor goes to the Chevy Cruze which, according to Chevrolet’s Website, gets 42 MPG compared to 40 in the Volt. Fact 2: Chevrolet recently “suspended production” of the Volt despite Obama’s continuous assertion that they’re flying off the lot. Sir, if they’re flying off the lot it’s due to the concussive force of their explosion, not intense public demand! Anybody know anyone who owns one of these things? Me neither. Fact 3: Millions of dollars were spent on weird, alien related Super Bowl ads….. Obama personally swore that he would buy one as soon as he’s out of office…..yet there were only 1,027 sold in February. I think we can all agree that the Volt is the bastard child of Bailout Blackmail and Barack Obama, but the fact is that they will never sell to the degrees of Obama’s predictions because they have not yet undergone the intense filters of American free-market enterprise. In other words, they’re not something we want, stop talking about them. I want more than a stereotypical car salesman out of my President, how about you? I want a President who is smart enough to realize that public opinion can’t be directed. Not even by someone as charming as His Barackness.
  3. War On Women: Let me get this straight…..we don’t agree with the dishonest, unproven testimony of a 30 year old activist who claimed to be a wide-eyed, 23 year old college student so therefore we hate women? Is that whet you’re saying, Mr. President? Again, I hate to keep piling on but I feel as though I would be remiss in my civic  duties if I didn’t point out a few more of those terribly intrusive facts you hate so much. You executed a well placed distraction with Sandra Fluke, but the fact of the matter is that her lies and deceitful testimony before a sluggish Congress was delivered under false pretenses. The calculated rage we gave you over this fact distracted Maherus from our fury over your Catholics Must Abort nonsense. If you thought of your daughters when you saw Ms. Fluke, then what do you think of when you see an aborted fetus, Mr. President? When you were the only Senator to vote against a measure that would require doctors to provide care to a fetus that survived an abortion, whose children were you thinking of then? What about the women who are stoned to death or beheaded in what you have referred to as “honor killings” in the Muslim world? Doesn’t that seem a little more like a war on women than us questioning the validity of Ms Fluke’s story about $3,000 birth control pills being the only treatment for her “friend” and the cancer she was battling? I don’t hate women, but I would submit that your treatment of women is far worse than mine. I think of my daughters every time I see you praising an ignorant pawn of your liberal orthodoxy. Why don’t you apologize to them? I think of my daughters whenever I hear you defending your destructive actions. You’re destroying morality, economy, and future yet you continue to receive praise in the media. No more. Our voice will not be silenced. And, Mr. President…..when you get through apologizing to all the daughters of parents you have offended, perhaps you can explain why Ms. Fluke deserved a phone call from the President Of The United States for the awful words she was called, but you have no problem accepting a $1,000,000 donation from a man who is so vile towards women he might as well be made of herpes?  Which leads nicely into…..
  4. Lobbyists / Super PAC’s: Obama has continuously argued against the use of Super PAC’s. So arrogant was he in his bashing of this practice that he was almost convincing. That is until he realized he was actually going to be challenged in the upcoming elections, then he changed his minds at speeds his Chevy Volt can only dream of. In 2007, in the early days of his campaign trail, Obama discovered that John Edwards has used a Super PAC run by his former campaign manager and you would have thought Edwards had committed adultery, had a love child, and casually watched his wife pass away while awaiting trial for other crimes.
    Obama vs 527 in "07
    Now, Obama can’t seem to gobble up the cash from these action committees fast enough. No explanation has been given other than the weak sauce thrown at us by Press Chihuahua Jon Carney which stumbled over himself trying to tell us the flip-flop was just misunderstood. Really? Is that the level of respect you have for those you serve? You think we’re that stupid?

These are just a few but there are myriad examples of Obama steering public opinion in his favor. It will continue until we rise up and stop it. He will continue to pour money into ready-fail ideas until we rise up and stop it. He will continue to smear our morals as something they are not until we rise up and stop it. We cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to his manipulations any longer. Focus and unite. Strong is the dark side of the force as our favorite little green Jedi would remind us if he were here. Fight back! Defend what’s right and demand attention be given where it is currently being arrogantly dismissed.

As always, Thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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