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Left…Right….What’s The Difference?

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janeane_garofalo_2A liberal listens to the ACLU and self-serving Hollywood scum. A conservative understands them.”  - ME  (Channeling Reagan!)


I often write about my overt disdain for all things liberal, but in a recent article I asked readers if they believed their children were strong enough to stand up and defend their conservative values in the face of the boisterous opposition. That opposition is often made to look ‘cool’ or enticing to young people through liberal strongholds in media, education, unions, and entertainment. Sadly, these sectors of our society hold more of our children’s attention than parental guidance can ever hope to obtain. Matters once considered to be exclusively those of a family are now openly viewed as “teachable moments” in our school systems. To insure that indoctrination occurs prior to family involvement, teaching of subjects once considered risqué at the collegiate level of American education are now being introduced as early as possible. Sexual discussions take place in first grade classrooms and to question the morality of this grossly inappropriate attack is considered bigotry. To suggest there’s too much vulgarity, or exposure to adult matters on TV means you’re not “progressive enough”.

It occurs to me that the best way to combat this ever-expanding indoctrination of our children is to arm them with facts, often and early. During a discussion with my own children recently, I was humbly surprised to discover the level of confusion when it comes to matters of Liberal versus Conservative. Despite what kids will tell you, they emulate what they see at home. If kids see their parents react negatively to a blatantly liberal slant in the media coverage of just about anything, they might feel negatively about an issue but not understand why they feel that way. I refuse to tell my children what to think, but I feel it’s my biggest responsibility as a parent to lead them down the right path as far as I can. At some point they will be on their own and free to live their lives, educate their own children, and view the world around them any way they choose. It is my job to lay the foundation upon which those future decisions will be based. Blindly voting because it’s what you’ve been ‘told’ to do is just as bad as voting for an unqualified candidate, regardless of party affiliation. Arm them with facts. That’s all you can do. (That doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on the facts as I have so graciously done in the outline below!)

Here are the facts as I see them…..use them to separate what is ‘said’ from what is ‘real’……use them to defend your own views as well as those of your family:



ABORTION: Government should provide taxpayer assisted abortions to help women who can’t afford children kill their unborn fetuses. Heartbeat does NOT equal life and therefore the fetus has no individual rights. ABORTION: Human life begins at conception. As a living being, the fetus has rights separate from the mother so abortion is murder. It’s important that your children know the difference between YOU and the nutbags blowing up abortion clinics. That’s who their teachers and media influences will point to in their arguments for abortion.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Government should work to insure that all those whose ancestors were once horribly mistreated in this country now receive free housing, career, presidential nominations, and Nobel Prizes. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Earn your job, your money, your possessions, and your rewards. The color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your religion, and your appearance have nothing to do with it. If you didn’t earn something, don’t expect it to be given to you!
DEATH PENALTY: Someone who murders another human being in a horrific, meticulously planned manner has “rights” and should be humanely treated at taxpayer expense for the rest of his or her natural life. DEATH PENALTY: If you take my child, my wife, my parent, or my brother from me…..I get to watch you die. Plain and simple. I don’t give a damn about your ‘rights’ and I certainly don’t think a penny of my taxes should go toward making sure you get three meals a day in front of a cable television.
ECONOMY: Give the government everything you can and then give some more. They are better equipped to spend your money than you are. You’re a peasant. ECONOMY: Keep your money and spend it how you see fit, just spend it in America. Conservatives believe that economic growth starts with the citizens living in the economy, not the government stealing from it.
EDUCATION: Public education is the only way to keep the liberal voting unions happy and it is the only way to insure that your children are properly indoctrinated at an early age. You can’t be trusted to choose an appropriate school for your own children, the government needs to do that for you.
EDUCATION: A Voucher system would encourage competition and promote better performance. Schools promoting ideological lunacy would no longer receive your tax-money under this system and such institutions would eventually crumble. Teachers could be awarded based on performance rather than tenure.
STEM CELL RESEARCH: Embryonic Stem Cell research is okay because, as previously discussed, a fetus has no rights. The blastocyst used in this type of research has no human features yet. That’s their stance. That’s their big justification. They don’t look like humans yet so kill ‘em. STEM CELL RESEARCH: Supports the use of adult and umbilical cord stem cells only. Stem cells are widely believed to carry answers to medical questions which have gone universally unanswered for centuries. Stem cells could provide clues to everything from curing diseases to reducing the impact of a physical deformation. Conservatives simply don’t believe a baby should have to be aborted in order to conduct said research. Effective cells can be harvested by other, non-baby-killing means.
ENERGY: While the left has not yet found a way to convince the easily fooled that we no longer need energy, they have managed to convince an alarming number of people that government is the only entity capable of exploring alternative energy sources. In other words; “give us your money and we’ll make sure we find a replacement for oil.” Liberals promote clean energy, but believe that government is the only one capable of researching it.  ENERGY: Government has made a colossal mess of the energy situation in our country. Enron was a criminal debacle and is often pointed to as a reason for government involvement in energy exploration. Please let your children know that a few greedy executives taking all of their employee’s money and running for the hills has nothing to do with competition and ingenuity among the private sector. What they did was despicable, but it does not mean you should hand more of your money to the government when they have conclusively failed to act thus far. They have created a system where action is impossible.
GLOBAL WARMING: Al Gore said it, so it must be true. Liberals believe that global warming is caused by our constant burning of fossil fuels and the carbon dioxide such actions create. GLOBAL WARMING: Al Gore said it, so it must be BS! Conservatives believe humans are not capable of controlling nature but that environmental care is a good idea for logical reasons. No evidence can be shown to indicate change in temperatures is related to impact of man. Actions called for by the left would only lead to increased government presence, expense, and inflation. (Seriously, Read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. It’s simply the best anti-liberal weapon you can have regarding Global Warming. Plus, a liberal gets eaten by the savages he’s trying to ‘save’)
GUN CONTROL: People don’t need guns, only the police and other enforcement agencies should be allowed to carry guns. (See Operation Fast and Furious) GUN CONTROL: The Second Amendment to the US Constitution clearly defines our right to keep and bear arms. Do not let your children be convinced that the Second Amendment only allows for a state to keep a militia (i.e. National Guard) as liberals love to claim. in 1787, when the Amendment was written, a ‘militia’ referred to armed citizens using their own weapons to defend themselves, their land, and their families.
HEALTH CARE: Government should be in charge of that too. Give us more money. (See Obama-care) HEALTH CARE: Privately funded healthcare means competition, research, and results driven care. The government should not be able to force sub-par health care upon us. Why should I be covered with the same care and level of knowledge as the gang member who was shot by another gang member over a nonsense based turf-war when I can afford better coverage in a private hospital? Because the government couldn’t rob me that way, that’s why!
HOMELAND SECURITY: They don’t care, just give ‘em more money! HOMELAND SECURITY: Secure our borders, profile everyone regardless of their “feelings”. The terrorists that conducted the 9-11 Attacks were very well trained to blend into our society. The only similar characteristics they shared were their skin-tones, language, and religion. If you’re not a terrorist, criminal, or illegal immigrant then you shouldn’t be worried. Don’t let your children believe that their “freedoms” are being stolen in the name of security. That’s just ACLU hogwash!
IMMIGRATION: Let everyone in as long as they are willing to vote democrat and of course, give more money to government. Porous borders do not pose a security threat. Let’s sit in a big drum-circle and find more ways to waste taxpayer money, time, and resources. IMMIGRATION: Conservatives prescribe to the silly notion that people allowed to vote, receive taxpayer funded government benefits, receive taxpayer funded healthcare, or receive permanent employment in this country should be US Citizens. Just because you sneaked into the country and had a baby, that doesn’t mean you get a chunk of my income. Learn the language, the traditions, the customs, and the history of this great country before you destroy it from within, please. No, that does not make me a bigot. It does not make me uneducated; a hillbilly; unenlightened, or any other annoying name you can conceive. It makes me an AMERICAN!
RELIGION: God and Christmas don’t generate a steady stream of income yet. They must be banned. Mentioning God in any fashion may offend the sensitive ears of the people in our country that pray to another god, or don’t pray at all. Liberals believe “separation of church and state” is a law. Liberals often chastise Christians, making light of our beliefs; deeming religion to be a tool of the weak. While there may be some very devout Christian liberals out there, it would be quickly determined that they are (1) only ‘liberal’ on a few issues or (2) Godless heathens who don’t know the first thing about Faith. RELIGION: Separation of church and state is NOT a law! In fact, the words do not even appear in any federal documents. The idea came from a letter by Thomas Jefferson written in 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Association. In it, he described the need for government to stay out of ruling the church but called for God to influence EVERY decision made in government. Our country was founded by Christian men. That’s a fact. If you choose not to pray to a Christian God, that’s the right afforded you by the sacrifice of men who did. That does NOT mean you get to tell me to stop praying or to stop celebrating the birth of MY SAVIOR. When Mecca allows a cross atop the Ka’ba to satisfy my “feelings”, I’ll allow “In God We Trust” to be removed from our currency. Deal?
WELFARE: Kids, if you study, get good grades for the first eighteen years of your life, show up to work every day and work as hard as you can; make sound financial decisions; save your money and provide for your family……you should have to give most of your money to the government so they can in turn give it to someone who has done NONE of those things. Liberals believe that welfare promotes equality and gives the poor the chance they need. (See Welfare Checks Cashed in California Casinos)
WELFARE: Conservatives believe we should stop giving handouts to those who are simply milking the system. Parents raising special needs children, people with true disabilities, and wounded warriors are about the only exception I’m willing to concede. You don’t get MY money just because you are too lazy or too intentionally stupid to earn your own. Take a bath, hippie!

(feel free to print, laminate, and distribute this chart for your children!)



I guess the best way to summarize the differences between conservatives and liberals, in a manner your children will be able to comprehend and recite, is as follows:

Liberals hate success, individual wealth, security, Jesus, Santa, and babies. (Probably puppies and cake too.) Conservatives hate liberals.


As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

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