Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Applauding the Under Achiever…

I gave up on the idea of abolishing handouts and entitlement mentality in our country long ago but lately, it has just gotten to a point of absurdity. The level of selfish, unjustifiable entitlement has gotten WAY out of hand and we have a Presidential administration who seems to think it will be just fine. If I have to watch our Buffoon In Chief look down his nose at me and tell me “it’s what the American people want” in that arrogant tone of his one more time, I may defect to Fiji. If he wins the upcoming election, my brain may literally explode.

While I understand that there are those out there who will never be convinced that good ol’ Barry; The Benign Sovereign; The Messiah In Chief is anything other than the greatest leader in history, I want to assure you all that you’re wrong. You’re wrong on every issue to which you point and claim victory. Just because the media has distorted facts and numbers to a point of convoluted fantasy that even L. Ron Hubbard would have a tough time deciphering does not mean that Obama is steering OUR country in the right direction.

The left side of the political aisle continues to blame Bush for everything. That was their agenda during the last campaign and apparently that strategy has not changed much leading into the upcoming one. If people were willing to look at actual facts and legitimate numbers, perhaps some of their opinions would change but even that is giving a lot of advance credit to people who will simply defy logic at every turn. Skin color does NOT make a good leader. For decades, I have been told; as a white man, that I should not judge a black man based on the color of his skin but rather by his actions and abilities. (Yes, I see the irony in that request!) Well, did we not elect a man into the most powerful office in the world based solely on the color of his skin. I was made to feel that voting against Barrack Hussein Obama would make me a racist. I was told to ignore the fact that he has still not proven that he is a legal US Citizen. I was told to ignore the fact that he had done NOTHING during his ridiculously short senate career. I was told to ignore the fact that he came from the most corrupt state in the history of this country and elect him because electing a black man was “what the American people wanted.”

I’m not sure which American people give him his information, but this American has no problem electing a QUALIFIED black man as President. In fact, I really don’t care what color your skin is, how tall you are, what form of genitalia you possess, or whether or not your wife looks like an extra in a movie about prison riots. All I care about is that you are qualified to lead this great country according to what the American people REALLY want. We don’t want record setting unemployment rates, deficits, stock market declines, communist healthcare, and spending that would make MC Hammer scratch his head in disbelief. (That dude had a solid gold toilet!!) We don’t want to be constantly misled, talked down to, and flat out deceived. Let’s take a look at the most common arguments for the current administration, shall we?

1) The Deficit –  “Deficit” has become a word that just gets tossed around casually in political discussions. Elected officials believe the sheep in their flocks are too stupid to see through the BS They throw at us, but the truth is that Obama racked up more debt in his first 20 months as President than Bush did in all eight years in office. (Bush took the deficit from $3.3 trillion on January 20, 2001 to $6.3 trillion on January 20, 2009 which equates to $3 trillion in deficit spending. Obama spent $3.3 trillion in his first 20 months.) In fact, Obama spent more in his first 19 months as President than every President from George Washington through Ronald Reagan COMBINED!! And when you look at what that money was spent for, you may be joining me in the old brain explosion recovery ward.

Deficit Cartoon 


2) Vacations – Remember how much grief was given to Bush every time he went to his Crawford ranch for a few days of relaxation. Remember how he “relaxed” by spending his time clearing brush and repairing barbed-wire fences around his own personal property for which the taxpayers had to shell out very little? Remember that? While it is true that Bush took more vacation days than Obama probably will, I think it is important to look at the cost of those vacations and compare them to the cost of Obama’s extravagant travels. Bill Clinton took his family to Hawaii during his Presidency. (Please let it be documented that this is the one and only time I will EVER use Bill Clinton in a positive manner!!!) He did so during the Christmas season. Clinton stayed at a beachfront home on Bellows Air Force Base. Owned by the government, cost the taxpayers very little. Obama, on the other hand stayed at a 5 bedroom, five and a half bath, beachfront home. The total expense of the vacation was over $1.5 million that WE forked over. That’s BEFORE “unknown” expenses like pre-surveillance, office rentals, catering, golf outings, and shopping. And let’s not forget his “romantic evening” in New York City with Michelle. Let’s not forget the 9,000 gallons of fuel burned in Air Force One to go plant a single tree for Earth Day. The list goes on.

These are just two of the areas that people so often compare. I don’t believe that George W. Bush was the greatest President ever, but at least he did what he said he was going to do. It may have been something that the whole world was screaming for him not to do, but if he said it, he did it.

The Cloward / Piven Strategy of Economic Recovery states that activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation... Think about that. Are we there? Are we at a point where there are more people with their hands out than there are putting money into the coffers? If we’re not there already, we are speeding toward it with speeds that would make the F-22 look like a Volkswagen Bus. If highly educated and trained workers continue to lose jobs and business falters as a whole, where will these jobless workers go? Could this be construed as revolutionary social reorganization that puts the underachiever above the achiever? Where is the future economic strength when jobless professionals collect welfare and unemployment while dreaming of a minimum wage job? For whites, there's not even the hope of a good paying construction job. I won’t go into the details of this strategy because quite frankly some of them are just ludicrous, but if you get the time to look it up, do so. It will definitely make you think and quite possibly soil yourself.

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