Friday, August 17, 2012

The Screaming Majority…..

By: J Robert Giles

“All that is necessary for tyranny to gain a foothold is for men of good conscience to remain silent.” - Thomas Jefferson

Preacher Man

It’s a quote used often to capture the essence of various situations in our political system. Jefferson was full of them. He was not afraid to speak his mind, but for far too long, his modern mental counterparts have done just that. Those of us who believe in the promise of America as fervently as men like Jefferson did…..well, we’ve been victims of suppression.

We’ve been suppressed by distractions. We’ve been suppressed by public opinion. And most importantly, we’ve been suppressed by a system that encourages and rewards those who follow an opposite set of values.

We’ve been scolded by people who pretend to be other people for a living. We’ve been chastised for believing in a God that George Clooney has never seen. We’ve been ridiculed for celebrating the birth of our Lord but Tom Cruise and his crazy spaceship captain of a god are worthy of constant affection. We’ve been labeled as ‘less educated’ than the boisterous opposition.

I am NOT less educated that George Clooney, I can assure you of that. In recent weeks, our voice has been gathering volume. The voice of those who have been referred to as the “silent majority” is starting to gain significant strength.

We are not the silent majority. We are the majority. Period. Kids scream the loudest but that certainly doesn’t make them “right.” Think about it. When was the last time you were in a Wal-Mart and witnessed a child in the throes of a high-grade temper tantrum? Did you think to yourself “man, I sure do support that kid’s opinion because he’s so loud” or did you silently wish the parent would bring harm to the child? Have you ever witnessed a 16 year old girl trying to get something that serves ONLY her own purposes? They’re loud, volatile, and completely void of logic. Remind you of any particular political party?

In recent weeks, the left has tried on several occasions to thrust their agenda down our throats and with increasing pride, we have swatted their opinions down like the manure circling flies they are. Chick Fil-A had the audacity to announce that they support marriage as it is defined in the Bible and the left lost their collective minds. At Willow Creek Water Park in Arkansas, discounts were being offered to church groups. Obviously, this is the beeswax of the group calling themselves “freedom From Religion”…..based in Wisconsin.

“Freedom From Religion” is another one of these groups who can’t stand the thought of public prayer, or any form of worship. They’re small, weak, and looking for an opportunity to gain publicity. Those who so openly and disgustingly sought to end Chick Fil-A for their public disobedience to the almighty homosexual agenda were greeted with the kind of strength, conviction, and resolve that needs to explode throughout this country on November 6th.

America is tired of being told how to live, love, eat, and pray by the “misguided minority.” Many of you know “Pastor Denise” Simmons from Colorado. In a recent conversation, Pastor Denise mentioned to me that she had been “praying for President Obama.” Not praying for his defeat. Not praying for his unelection. Just praying for him. Praying that the man who claims religious awareness only when it will help his immediate image will eventually find the peace he is so eloquently avoiding now. The enemy is somehow deserving of Pastor Denise’s prayers. That’s a powerful and telling statement if you think about it.

Do you suppose His Barackness ever prayed “for” President Bush? Do you suppose there has ever been a time, given all of her supposed Catholic Faith that Nancy Pelosi has prayed for anyone but herself, her plastic surgeon, or her Obama assigned agenda? Faith in God involves standing in defiance of popular opinion when that opinion contradicts the word of God. No matter how much sniveling little weasels like Freedom From Religion want it to be untrue, Faith is exactly what was on the minds of those men who created this great country of ours.

Yes, our country was founded as a result of fleeing the religious persecution of England, but to compare that to the insidious attacks by the non-religious is not only absurd but also quite dangerous. In America, we are free to practice whatever religion is desired. We are free to abstain from any and all religious discourse if that is the path we choose. We are free to speak our minds and we are free to vote for people we feel represent OUR voice.

Somewhere along the line, the idea was planted in the minds of the left that the freedoms we hold so dear are only valid when they support the liberal agenda. The idea that what’s popular is more important than what’s right rooted itself in weak, liberal soil and we now face one of the toughest battles America has ever faced in our effort to beat back such lunacy. Success requires tough decisions. Success requires huge leaps into uncertainty. Such leaps are often referred to as “leaps of faith” for a reason.

Faith gives men strength where the faithless can only uncover fear. Faith gives us courage where opposition can only muster frenzied hype. Like that spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in Wal-Mart. They’re not getting their way, so everyone must suffer until this grave injustice against them is made right.

Stand firm all you Right Wing Nutjobs. Stand firm in your conviction. Stand firm in your faith. God does not smile upon the homosexual agenda and he certainly doesn’t condone a country who would allow sexuality of any kind to be the basis for a vote. Not to lend any credence to the maniacal whackos at Westboro Baptist, but for President Obama to publicly support gay marriage while simultaneously stripping away the rights of a Church is not exactly what God had in mind.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be demonized in the coming months. They will be attacked relentlessly but it is important for us, the “silent majority” to scream louder than the current popular opinion. Yes, you are free to practice religion as you see fit in America but nowhere does that freedom give you the right to suppress my Faith. Yes, you are free to speak your mind, but when your words and actions influence my child, you’re cut off. The incessant barrage of homosexuality is unnecessary. If it’s truly natural and not a choice as the left so adamantly claims, then pushing it down our throats would be a wasted effort. If it’s natural, then why are they having to push so hard across so many different mediums? Why is it so important that it be “accepted.” If it’s natural, it’s accepted. That’s how nature works.

No one is suggesting that gays need to be banned from existence. I’m not even suggesting that they be banned from our country. I’m not making a suggestion at all. I’m making a demand.

With my vote for Romney / Ryan in November, I am making a demand that this ridiculous campaign of immorality be commenced. I’m demanding that the White House become much more than an Altar of Deceit. (Thanks, Denise!) I’m demanding that our leaders, at every level, honor their jobs and not their agenda.

God doesn’t separate people into classes. He loves all living things the same. Faithful or not, God loves you. You don’t have to love Him. You don’t have to honor his commandments and you don’t have to pray to him. You don’t have to accept the limitless gifts God has bestowed upon your life but you sure as heck are not going to keep me and my family from doing all of those things listed above. If my son has questions about sexuality, it is MY responsibility to teach him and I can assure you, my teachings will confirm the teachings in the Bible. If you have a problem with that then you can raise your child within the confines of your own orthodoxy. You will not influence mine.

Pandering to the most frenzied, radical elements of our country and stirring up the looney-juice does NOT make Obama a good leader. Furthering an agenda that is clearly condemned in the Bible does not make him brave, it makes him a gutless politician looking for votes. Selling our country to illegal immigrants in hopes that they will return the favor with a vote does not make Obama a humanitarian. It makes him a slimy politician willing to do anything to retain his power.

Make no mistake…..Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t give a flying {Insert expletive} about you, your family, your faith, or your future. He cares about himself. Period.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Choice Is Clear…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions, but rather by iron and blood.”   - Otto von Bismarck

Obama Screw

When Mitt Romney stepped out onto the stage on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia over the weekend and announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, he did so much more than just place an order for a whole bunch of updated yard signs, bumper stickers, and billboards. He clearly identified the choice with which America will be presented in early November.

This election is no longer about a choice between two men. It’s not a choice between the two political parties represented in the battle. It’s not a choice between east and west or north and south. The choice has absolutely nothing to do with skin color no matter how hard one camp tries to make it so. (Here’s a hint: It’s NOT Romney’s camp.)

The choice is between two idealistically opposite trains of thought. So much is made of the similarities between the candidates. Paul Ryan and Barack Obama once voted for the same bill… governor, Mitt Romney supported a healthcare bill with some similarities to ObamaCare…..Joe Biden wore a cheerleader’s outfit to the Congressional Flag Football game in which Paul Ryan played…’ve heard it all a million times. There are obvious similarities due to the fact that all the actors in this bewildering play are human beings. They are all men in the anatomical sense. There are bound to be some similarities, but the platforms upon which they are running their campaigns could not be more different.

Here are a few examples of the stark contrast between your two choices in November. Keep it handy and readily accessible. In the event of any confusion on Election Day, this information could be the difference between horror and peace.


Obama / Biden: His Barackness and Sleepy-VP have delivered unto us a total of ZERO budgets in their four years in office. Not one. In fact, the budgets that His Barackness has managed to send to Congress have received a total of ZERO votes. That’s zero votes in a Senate controlled by his own minions. Bear in mind that a budget is not passed in the same fashion as a law. A budget is sent down from the President as a framework within which Congress is supposed to work. Obama’s cronies have done absolutely everything within their power to insure that their long term financial plans are not put down on paper before the reelection of their anointed leader. In an age of $16 TRILLION dollar debt, Obama has failed to get a single vote for his budget proposals. Not even from his own party.

Romney / Ryan: Mitt Romney’s financial wisdom is readily apparent in his own personal success. He has been tapped by some pretty desperate companies to dig them out financial peril and he has done so. Obama / Biden will undoubtedly continue to aim their Weapons of Mass Distraction at American success but the choice is now ours. Do we want someone who refuses to display their long-term intentions, or do we want someone who has an undeniable track record of success? This is your money they’re gambling with. Which one do you feel has a more realistic shot at yielding a positive return? Hype doesn’t pay the bills folks, and America’s bills are stacking up quickly. Dreams and forced ideology won’t create the jobs Obama’s wide eyed freedom from experience claim they will. Tough decisions and realistic analysis will get that ball rolling. Obama doesn’t have the ability to train Biden in those aspects of leadership because he lacks them himself. The choice is clear.

Jobs / Economy

Obama / Biden: This dynamic duo has yielded America a net of ?????? jobs during their time at the helm of America’s economy. The true number will only be revealed after the unelection of His Barackness. Seriously, go out there and try to find a legitimate figure to tell you how many jobs he has created. This administration has blasted so much manipulation and irrelevance into the world that the real state of our economy is impossible to determine. Whenever tough decisions are needed, our current president relies on the advice of an extremely narrow minded and small group of advisors. Every jobs number that we receive is later “adjusted” for one reason or another, despite the fact that Obama campaigned on a promise of transparency in “his” White House. He claims years of success, but take a look around your city…..are you seeing it? Are you seeing the residue of failure in the foreclosed homes, closed businesses, and uncertainty in the streets or are you seeing the world Obama depicts in his charming, self-glorifying speeches? Obama believes the answer to all of our problems is more dependency. He believes all jobs should be government jobs and no matter what he may say, his actions clearly illustrate a disdain for individual success.

Romney / Ryan: Mitt Romney has delivered success wherever he has turned in his life. Obama / Biden will continue to focus on the individual stories behind Mitt Romney’s business decisions but as voters, our focus should be on the overall picture. Did those companies survive? In almost every case, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Mitt Romney is successful in ways no premature memoir could possibly make a man. Paul Ryan is disciplined and thorough. His intentions are set upon the long term success of a country he truly loves. His Barackness will claim loudly and often that Romney doesn’t care about the middle class. He’s right. Romney cares about America and he does so without regard to certain “classes” of Americans. He wants all of us to taste success. Our place on that food chain is up to us as individuals, not the government. We are all created equally, but we sure as hell do NOT work equally and therefore we do not deserve “equal” share in the fruits of labor, creation, and success. In comparison, Romney / Ryan is fighting for America…..Obama / Biden is fighting for preservation of party and nothing more. Your choice is clear: Do you want four more years of arrogant smirks, charming speeches, hype, and abysmal production or do you want someone who will step up and be more proud of his country than he is of himself?


Obama / Biden: Barack Hussein Obama dreams of an America where every citizen is forced to beg the mighty government for everything required of our meager little lives. The vision Obama openly describes is one of victimhood. It’s one of complete dependency. All success in Obama’s vision is shifted from the individual citizen to the government where he believes it belongs. His open disdain for personal responsibility has created a voice among his supporters that will be VERY difficult for us to defeat in November. Human nature is to love free crap but what America needs is for everyone to return to a willingness to work for what they have. Obama’s voice is easily heard because it’s backed up by legions of people who care less about America than they do about their possessions

Romney / Ryan: Mitt Romney believes in the spirit of entitlements, as does Paul Ryan. These views have been openly shared. These men and those of us who support them believe that entitlements are meant to get someone in need back on their feet. They are not meant to support a citizen of this country from birth to death as has become the case. Entitlements and social programs that support the idea of total government dependency are appealing to the laziest element of our society. They scream “greed” at us because we support capitalism but scoff at the label when thrown at them for taking money they did nothing to earn. It’s time for us to stand up, apply common sense, and stop the decline of the greatest country the world has ever known. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can’t do it for us. They can lead the charge, but in the end, it will be up to each and every one of us. The choice is clear.

Do you want to be a victim, or do you want to be an American?

American’s work. Americans pray. Americans create. Americans think. Americans produce. Americans fight for what they want and they accept only what they have earned. When an American falls down, they do everything they can to get back up, dust themselves off, and get back to chasing their dreams. Americans love babies and don’t believe our own government should be funding their deaths. Americans do what’s right, not what’s popular. Americans stand firm in their convictions and don’t reinvent themselves depending upon the audience. Americans are proud of our actual history, both good and bad. We don’t try to rewrite it to suit an insane ideology. (They were “founding fathers” not “framers” you big bags of feminine wash!)

Americans do NOT create ailments for which total government dependence is the only cure. Americans do not blindly accept the hopes and wishes of a madman as fact. Americans do not take kindly to anyone overruling the Word of God. Americans do not make decisions based exclusively on skin-color. Americans do not accept the clever advances of an inexperienced buffoon over the evidence his failures have clearly presented. Americans are not obsessed with homosexuality and don’t believe that adherence to a gay agenda is the way to a prosperous future; it’s a distraction.

Are you an American or are you and Obamanite? The choice is clear.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rescue and Recovery…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Glory, built upon selfish principles, is shame and guilt.” - William Cowper

R and R

With the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President of the United States of America, we are now free to press ahead. Our goals have not changed. Our journey is still aimed at the same destination. The only difference is that the announcement seems to have lifted some obstructions from the path.

In a speech given yesterday afternoon in his home state of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan stated that “our rights come from nature and God, not from government." Anyone ever hear Joe Biden say anything that patriotic, historically accurate, or intelligible?

Unlike our current Vice President, Paul Ryan will actually serve a purpose in Mitt Romney’s Presidency. Paul Ryan has been chosen because of an extensive background of success and logic. His unique life experiences have shaped many of his political beliefs and his job will be much more useful than just providing a name to add to campaign posters. Joe Biden is nothing more than a running mate. Obama brings him out, dusts him off, and hands him a speech to read when necessary but for the most part, he has been kept under wraps for a significant portion of Obama’s presidency. Why would that be?

Why would someone with all the political savvy of Barack Hussein Obama choose a Vice Presidential candidate and then keep him out of the public eye like a celebrity’s love-child? It couldn’t possibly be because Barack Hussein Obama cares less about the United States and her future than he claims, could it? Honest inspection reveals pretty quickly that Biden was chosen for one reason and one reason only…..he’s obedient and dumb. Period.

He doesn’t ask questions. He doesn’t bother to form an opinion of his own, but is instead content to simply regurgitate whatever verbal nonsense is fed to him. He’s a much more attractive, male version of Nancy Pelosi. Or a male version of Harry Reid. You choose. (Yes, it pained me to refer to Joe Biden as “attractive” and I’d like to apologize to my father for any discomfort such statements may have caused.)

Paul Ryan will not simply “hold a title” within Mitt Romney’s White House. His life has earned more than that. His life has led him down a determined journey to which many of us can relate.

Paul Ryan, Sr….Paul’s dad used to call him “P.D.” to cut down on the confusion caused by their shared first name. Too many people confused it with “Petey” and Paul Jr didn’t like that one bit. His dad used to tell him that it is every generation’s duty to leave America in better shape for the next generation than it was when it was handed over to them. It’s a cornerstone of Paul Ryan’s political ambitions.

At the age of 16, Paul Ryan walked into his parent’s bedroom in Janesville, Wisconsin to find his father dead at the age of 55. In fact, his grandfather and great grandfather had also died of heart attacks in their fifties. While Paul Ryan has been open about the impact this tragic event has had on his life, what he has not said is more telling.

The discipline with which Paul Ryan maintains his fitness regimen is something Michelle Obama could only hope to mandate. She could never stick to it herself, but she could easily demand that all us minions do so. Any of you who have ever tried P90X, the fitness program, know how tough it is. Paul Ryan does so every morning. He’s healthy. Health requires discipline. Biden is neither.

The death of Paul Ryan’s dad also had a lasting impact on his political mindset.

Much will be made over the next 85 days about the fact that Paul Ryan used the Social Security benefits provided to him via his father’s death to pay for his education at Miami University in Ohio. The liberals will cry to the heavens that Paul Ryan is nothing more than a hypocrite because he now demands entitlement reform after using those very entitlements to earn his so called “place in life.” Like most liberal ideas, this is narrow, misleading, and stupid.

Paul Ryan saved the checks sent to him by the Social Security Administration so that he could use them to pay for his own education. While both of the underlined concepts in the previous sentence may be eerily foreign to a liberal, they are the very principles for which Paul Ryan and those of us who ardently support him now fight. They are the principles of capitalism. These concepts are the identified enemy of lethargy, victimization, and dependence. Paul Ryan’s life is a well written example of the idea behind entitlements. The impact that entitlement programs had on the life of Paul Ryan, with respect to the social security issue at least, are a stark contrast to the way they are used in the lives of Obamanites. Paul Ryan used entitlement programs to provide himself with the things his father’s death may have taken away from his life.

To the best of our knowledge, that was pretty much the extent of Paul Ryan’s “entitled” life. He did not cash the checks, squander the money, and then rely on even more handouts to provide him with a college education. To compare Paul Ryan’s use of entitlement programs to the rampant abuse taking place under Obama’s Dependency-palooza is like saying the innocent people on the planes on 9/11 were terrorists because they were on the plane too. It’s ridiculous.

Ignore the distractions that are sure to come in the next 85 days. In fact, let’s start a few distractions of our own. How about the fact that SCYTL, a socialist company with undeniable and open ties to the Obama Administration is in charge of counting the votes for 900 jurisdictions across the United States in November? They will also be counting the votes of our soldiers serving overseas. The CEO of the company; a man by the name of Perre Valles, made enormous campaign contributions to Obama in 2008 and is said to have been financially involved in Obama’s rise as an Illinois Senator as well. Seriously?

Am I the only one out here who finds this to be just a little bit creepy? This company gets to view all of the voting results prior to anyone else. There are no written records with which to compare any questionable results. This company prides itself on security and the inability to be hacked, but teachers and students at University of Michigan were able to do just that. In other words, the 2012 Presidential Election could very well be in the hands of a company that has openly supported the most corrupt President in the history of our country AND has already been hacked at least once that we’re factually aware of. Anyone feel good about that?

How many “friendships” does Barack Hussein Obama have to play down before America opens her eyes? How many vacations must we fund? How many failures must we suffer? How many lectures must we endure? How many apologies must we make?

How about the fact that 2,362 people received federal unemployment benefits in 2009 despite the fact that they earned more than $1 MILLION in that same year? Can we make a big ol’ stink about that one? Please! Does anyone think the people milking that system are of the same moral character as Paul Ryan? Something tells me that the majority of them support the opposing ticket but that’s just my humble opinion.

Stop the manipulation and the cries of racism. Stop the expansion of a government that is already out of control. Return personal responsibility to its rightful place atop the list of traits we aim to pass onto our children. Obama’s America does NOT fulfill the promises I have made to my son.

He can’t invite a group of Muslims to dine in the White House and then tell them that “of all the freedoms we hold sacred, foremost is freedom of religion” and then ignore the sacred principles of the Catholic Faith. Islam is NOT the religion upon which the country Obama was elected to lead was founded. Neither was Mormonism, but I never heard millions of Mormons publicly call for “death to America!” I never watched a Mormon behead an American citizen. I didn’t hear Mormons celebrate in the streets of their dusty little villages when the Twin Towers fell.

Are you going to fall for the charming hype in November? Are you going to listen to the next 85 days of nonsense and distractions or are you going to vote in the way that fulfills your obligation to your children. Are you going to vote in the way that you know in your heart will leave a better and brighter America for them than the one you inherited?

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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Friday, August 10, 2012

This One’s For The Ladies…..

By: J Robert Giles

“It’s hard to look for the light when you’re lost in the darkness.”  - Anonymous


All she ever wanted was a better life than the one she lived as a child. She wanted a life far from the impoverished surroundings of her youth. Her parents shielded her as best they could but eventually, a curious child will break through even the strongest parental defenses. Despite the hard work of her parents, their limited income forced them into worlds where dreams are not often fulfilled.

Her parents had done their very best to provide a life of joy. They made ends meet with their extremely limited resources. They stretched and sacrificed more than her insulated mind could possibly have known at the time. Still, her dreams were of luxury and contentment. Dreams that often invade the mind of a young girl.

Finally, a man comes into her life and manages to sweep her off her feet. Their relationship moves quickly and before she has a chance to blink, that wide-eyed country girl is now a city-living housewife. Years pass by. She gives him two children but feels completely alone in raising them. The hero, as she had seen him in the infancy of their relationship is more stereotypical than original. He views her as his possession. He views her as his servant.

She sacrifices the loving respect she deserved for the life she told her friends back home she was getting. In exchange, she is given the privilege of living in his house. She is given the privilege of raising his children. She is forever in his debt. She relies on him far more than he relies on her and he never misses a chance to direct attention to this fact.

In public settings, he belittles her. He forbids her from seeing friends he deems “beneath” him. Her time with her own family is limited to hurried visits at holidays or birthdays; no more. The friends she used to rely on for humor, encouragement, and support worry when she starts to have more and more “accidents.”

The injuries from these so called accidents seem to be limited to the torso area. There’s never any visible bruising but the effects are apparent in her labored movement, breathing, and eye contact. The once confident smile that separated her from the crowd is now replaced with a solemn, glazed stare and a forced grin. Her vibrant, blue eyes now absorb light rather than twinkle as they did in the innocence of her youth. So obvious is the abuse, yet the hero goes unpunished.

The hero is admired by many. He’s the one all the neighbors will eventually tell a reporter about. They’ll describe him as “the nicest guy in the world.” Each one of them has seen the signs, but his charm and her ability to act as if her life is perfect keep suspicions to a dull, private roar. Human instinct forbids them from intervening. It’s easier to convince oneself that violence and abuse only happen in “other” neighborhoods than it is to help pick up the pieces of a confrontation. It’s one of those generally accepted cul-de-sac rumors… real proof. No one’s ever actually seen him hit her, but they all kind of accept the fact with quiet shame.

Then it happens…..he snaps. One of his outbursts spills out into the street where he drags her by the hair, screaming and kicking out into the yard. Their children are screaming for him to stop but his grip doesn’t loosen a bit. Her lip is bleeding and his rage is visible from a thousand feet. She’s screaming in terror…..begging him to please “stop.”

“I’ll do whatever you want…..please stop!”

Lights begin to illuminate the windows of neighbor’s homes. His rage subsides just long enough to let him know that his surroundings are not necessarily friendly. He notices his children crying. He hears the scream of approaching sirens and he reluctantly releases his grip on her hair.

YOU are one of the neighbors. What do you do? Do you support him as he begins his campaign to claim his innocence? Do you believe the stories and excuses he comes up with? Do you go along with the ridiculous reasons he uses to justify his actions?

Or… you stand up and support the woman who desperately needs a real hero? She’s in too deep. She can’t leave on her own because he’s got her too terrified to do so. He’s convinced her that she won’t survive without him. She’s a completely dependent victim. The damage he has done goes well beyond the visible bruises. They’re emotional and they are not yours to judge. Does she have to die before you take action? The cul-de-sac rumors are true and you are now faced with the decision to help the woman in need or support the abusive charmer. Which will it be?

That’s exactly where we stand as a country. When I hear numbers like 53-41 in favor of President Obama, it makes me sick. I’m talking about the polls which suggest such a staggering lead for Obama when it comes to female voters. It’s like the abused wife who’s too scared to defy the orders of her power hungry, uber-charming, abusive husband.

The women who blindly cling to Obama’s unfulfilled promises cannot possibly represent the margin the polls suggest. Ladies, get out there and spread the facts. Barack Obama does not love you as he claims…..he uses you for political gain. He doesn’t connect with you as he so eloquently states in his numerous daily campaign stops. Barack Hussein Obama is an abusive husband and the women of America are his trophy wives. He’s abusing each and every one of you but apparently, according to recent polls; only 41% of you have the courage to stand up for yourselves. Those of you who can honestly claim membership in that paltry percentage; you are to be commended.

Those of you who hide behind the costly shade of Obama’s charm, popularity, and hype…..we’re here to help. Just because we don’t believe the United States government should be funding abortions with our money, doesn’t mean we hate women. The fact that we don’t believe Sandra Fluke’s friend spent $3,000 per month on contraception does not make us extremists. The fact that we don’t believe Obama has the right to force a church to abandon it’s own beliefs does not make us zealots.

Barack Hussein Obama voted for legislation that would prevent a doctor from providing medical assistance to a fetus who managed to survive a late term abortion. He was the ONLY senator to vote that way. Yet we are considered to be the extremists in this situation?

That’s disgusting. That kind of mentality has absolutely no place running our country. That kind of thinking has absolutely no right to have any influence on the lives of my daughters. It’s time to break free from the chains of hype and take a stand. Women of America…..unite. There are plenty of real men out here who stand ready to fight alongside you. Not for you. Not against you. With you.

Michelle Obama is Barack’s incessantly mentioned example of what a “strong” woman should be. Do you agree? What has she done with the office she holds? Has she brought honor or shame to her role as First Lady of the United States? Having your picture taken with a shopping cart full of groceries in the local Target does not make you relate to the struggles of the single mother fighting for the survival of her family. Michelle Obama’s daughters will never know the fears and struggles faced by the women to which she claims to relate. Her world is insulated, pampered, and free. It is nothing like the world inhabited by the women I know and respect. (If you’re reading this, you’re one of them!)

Mitt Romney is Pro-Life and he believes abortion should be limited only to cases of rape or incest. In 2007, during a debate, Romney stated that he would “welcome a consensus that said we don’t want to have abortion in this country at all, period.” Despite the great manipulation skills of His Barackness, that does not mean that Romney is campaigning on a “promise to end all abortions.” Obama’s charm can’t grow old with you. His charm can’t provide the real protection, support, encouragement, and camaraderie you need. His love is for himself, not the vows he has taken to be true to you.

Obama is using you. He’s using you and we don’t want to wait until you’re lying naked in the yard with a busted lip and horrified children to take action. If you’re ready to flee his abusive rule, we’re here with open arms, impenetrable shields, and genuine respect. Welcome.

As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creeping Like Kudzu…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Our wisdom comes from our experience; and our experience comes from our foolishness.”  Sasha Guitry

Boko Haram

Because I never want it to be said of me that I am anything but a giver, I decided to give Obama a break in my last article. I allowed myself to believe that my vision had become too narrowed and that a break from Obamabashing would serve me well. I was wrong.

This man is a danger to himself and others and he simply must be removed from power. That is not to say that he should be removed in a manner that would cement his heavily romanticized legend, but rather that he should be voted out of office with staggering clarity. Fraud, corruption, and blind loyalty will insure a significant number of votes for His Barackness but they will be powerless in the face of overwhelming support for his ouster. The weapons of deception loved so adamantly by the left cannot penetrate the shields of true patriotism.

A unified, informed voice will overpower a weak, uneducated, campaign of hype and lies. Every single time. The problem we now face is that Obama is a master of deflection. It’s time now to beat him at his own game. It is now time to flood every single message board, comment thread, and social media outlet with FACTS. Facts cannot be dismissed as easily as the fabricated, politically motivated nonsense the left continues to hurl at Mitt Romney.

Their critical misstep is that they assume we fight for the same goals they do. They fight for Barack Hussein Obama. They fight for him because they have not yet freed themselves from the net of deception His Barackness seems to have cast over a frightening portion of this country. Well, guess what…..we don’t fight for any individual man. They fought against Bush in 2008 and they now fight for Obama. We fight for America. We fight for the core values that make this country great. We fight for the freedom to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” We fight for the right to publicly honor the history of our country and the decision making processes of the men who created her.

Those on the left who have repeatedly attempted to rewrite our rich, Christian history to suit their wildly obstructed view of reality will soon find themselves in search of a new ideology. We must make it so. We must stand up, and scream our desires to see another man standing behind the Presidential Seal. We must scream those desires in a voice so loud, it cannot possibly be ignored; here or abroad. We must do absolutely everything within our power to insure that the Resolute Desk is treated with the respect owed to it by means of the courageous documents to have passed over her surface and not as a freaking footrest. We must insure that the man sitting behind that desk cares more about America’s safety than he cares about his own image or the furthering of a destructive set of beliefs.

In Nigeria recently, a group known as Boko Haram poked their heads out of the woodwork long enough to demand that the overtly Christian, Nigerian President either convert to Islam or resign. President Goodluck Jonathon responded by saying that the people of Nigeria elected him with overwhelming support knowing full well that he was a Christian and he would not surrender that directive to blackmail.

Despite the fact that Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for numerous bombings in the Northern states of Nigeria, President Jonathon is standing firm in his convictions. Can any of you look me in the eye and say that you honestly believe President Barack Hussein Obama, separated from the bulletproof shell he now enjoys, and plopped down in the middle of a third world protection detail, would have nearly as much courage? Do you think he would honor his alleged Christian Faith, or do you think he would soil himself like an excited Jay Carney when he’s let out of his travel crate? Without the protection and insulation afforded the President of the United States of America by Secret Service, Intelligence Agencies, Armed Forces, and superior technology…..left to stand on his own convictions…..Obama takes the easy way out; every single time. You know it; I know it….we need to let the rest of the world know that America knows it.

Boko Haram, which roughly translated means “Western education is forbidden,” has claimed responsibility for several bombings. In over 40 Northern States of Nigeria, they have forced Islamic Sharia Law onto the defenseless people of the villages there, yet Obama doesn’t see the need to classify them as a terrorist organization. Despite the fact that several of their leaders are designated “Specially Designated Global Terrorists,” Obama sees no threat there. He even went so far as to say that religion is not this group’s motivation.

The group’s stated goals are the disruption of Christianity and implementation of Sharia across the globe, but religion is not seen as a factor by Obama and his obvious brilliance. Remember, he knows “more about foreign policy” than any of his advisors. Despite the fact that after a recent destructive raid on a Christian village in Nigeria, Boko Haram stated that Christians “will not know peace again” until they accept Islam as the one true religion, Obama doesn’t see them as a religiously motivated entity. This man is dangerous.

Obama is out of touch. He’s out of excuses. He’s out of his element. He’s out of his mind. Let’s make sure he’s out of office in November.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lonely Voices…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Education: The path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.” - Mark Twain


What happened to tragedy? What happened to the ability to see things as they truly are as opposed to viewing the world through the smudged lenses of our own misconceptions? This weekend provided yet another example of just such an absence of objectivity.

This morning, the people of Oak Creek, Wisconsin don’t really care what your particular political views may be. They don’t really care if you support Obama or Romney. They don’t care what union you surrender your monthly dues to, and they certainly don’t care what your opinion is of their community. What they do care about is the genuine outpouring of emotion that has come their way since the tragic shooting that left six people and one scumbag dead on Sunday.

We are so quick to assign blame in these instances. The mainstream media almost instinctively labels any kind of shooting or ideological based violence as “right wing.” They do so even in the face of zero evidence or credible examples to support such a claim.

A few weeks ago, when tragedy befell the Denver metroplex, connections to the Tea Party were almost instantaneous. Absolutely no evidence had been given to support such a wild accusation, but as long as it gets out there and gets imbedded in the brain of an unsuspecting public, then success can be claimed according to uninformed liberal sources.

Same thing in Wisconsin. Yes, the shooter who has been identified but will remain unnamed on this site because he doesn’t deserve the notoriety, was “heavily tattooed” and “unable to apply for further military service in any branch.” Even if the man was the most racist, vile, hate-spewing bigot on the face of the earth, does that necessarily mean he speaks for all of any group? Does the fact that I loathe everything about Obama’s failed presidency mean that I have anything at all in common with the man who gunned down six innocent people yesterday? No, it does not.

To associate this fool with any political party, ideology, or candidate is simply deceitful. There is no other way to put it. To use this tragedy for political gain is disgraceful. Fortunately, it appears that both presidential candidates have handled the event with measured, but sincere condolences. Sometimes, people just snap. Something in their brains goes haywire and it makes them do things that fall well outside the scope of acceptable behavior.

It simply doesn’t matter what the cause for such action may be. The idiots that carried out 9/11 did so in the name of religious zealotry. Think about the insanity of that statement for a second. Is that an excuse? Is it a reason? What exactly does that weak, absurdly generalized explanation cover? They killed 3,000 people. What God condones such actions? What God would explicitly call for such lunacy? Such a god can only be found in the hearts of truly lost men.

The media rushes to blame because blame gets viewers. People love to feel as though their opinions are shared. Liberals love this more than any other group of people in the universe. They love to feel as though their voice is the only voice that matters. They love to insure that you obey their beliefs and abandon your own. They conspire among the vast network of outlets they have worked so hard to create. They unite with one common goal and that is to blast their opinion and ideas into YOUR head.

All guns are bad in the mind of a liberal. Responsibility and care can’t exist because in the mind of the left and all those in the media who obediently serve the left, anyone who casts a vote contradictory to liberal orthodoxy is a mass murderer just waiting to open fire. We’re all just dangerous, uninformed rednecks who haven’t “progressed” beyond our primitive need for violence. The left believes we are too narrow in our view to accept the fact that killing Americans in the name of a non-Christian god is an act of progressive, enlightened thought. Ironically, their “progress” has also led them to the belief that anyone carrying out an act of violence against a person of non-Christian faith is a small-minded, right-wing, Christian-extremist.

Like the vast majority of liberal thought, this too crumbles in the face of logical inspection. The man who shot those people in Wisconsin yesterday may have felt called upon to do so by his own demons, but those demons were certainly not speaking with a Christian tongue. The voices in his head were speaking in the dangerously consuming tones of hatred, bigotry, and insanity. Too often, those voices yell louder than the voices of reason, logic, and understanding.

Assuming his reasoning was somehow related to 9/11, this idiot didn’t even get his misguided attempts at revenge right. He attacked a Sikhi Temple which is vastly different from his assumed Islamic enemy. The man hated everyone. He sang in bands that mumble their desire to see Jews murdered. In his deranged mind, Hitler was a hero. In his views, genocide was the answer. To what end….your guess is as good as mine. Just as long as the world looked like him, thought like him, and had sex like him…..then all was okay. When the world around him refused to conform to such maniacal directives, he opened fire on a perceived enemy.

While I do not share the religious views of the people who were gunned down yesterday, I certainly share their desire to live in a country where religion is a right afforded to every citizen. I choose to follow the same God that the founding fathers of America followed. I choose to follow Him and publicly praise Him for all that He has given my life. I choose to take my family to a Church where many other people who believe as I do gather and share our unified voice on Sunday mornings. In absolutely no way does that mean that I feel anyone who doesn’t believe in God Almighty should be served up with earthly justice.

Our job on Earth is to influence those willing to listen. We are commanded to reach out to those who could benefit from the word of God but we are not to do so in a manner that impedes the life of another human being. My God teaches me tolerance and acceptance of all living things. That’s what He teaches. I’m human and I don’t always act in a manner that would please God, but that’s because sin is a critical component of the Christian journey. Bullets are not mentioned in the bible. Hatred has no place in a Godly world. Those who carry out acts of violence in the name of any god are doing so for selfish reasons, not Holy ones.

As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Same As It Ever Was…..


BY: J Robert Giles



“Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.” - Vladimir Nabakov

Greetings proud capitalists. While life has seemingly forced me into a state of reclusion lately, my silence should in no way be interpreted as an improvement in Barack Hussein Obama’s honoring of the office he currently and tenuously holds.

In fact, many of you will be happy to know that during my forced absence, Obama’s stupidity was flowing with such force that keeping afloat was nearly an impossible task. Before I get into the bashing of our self-anointed king, I’d like to thank everyone who has extended a prayer or encouraging thought to my beautiful wife, Jackie as she courageously navigated her medical issues. I’d also like to thank all of those who have encouraged, supported, and listened as we both traverse some relatively delicate business endeavors. Couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without each and every one of you.

To my friends, family, and associates in the Denver area. The past few weeks have stirred some painful emotions but your strength is already shining through. Denver is a beautiful city which I am proud to be able to call a previous home. The stigma of tragedy will eventually fade. The lessons delivered through the pain will not. Honor them, not the horrific events that took them from us.

Now, back to the buffoonery of Pennsylvania Avenue:

So… I to understand that the President of the United States of America believes none of us are successful without entitlements? All you liberal, teat-sucking, leeches need not reply. We know your take on things…..”yeah, but…’s Bush’s fault. Obama’s so cool!” Cash your various entitlement checks and go on about your business! Logical people are talking here.

In what has become an all too familiar feeling in America over the last three plus years, we find ourselves in possession of maddeningly ignored evidence to the contrary of our President’s opinion, ideology, and actions. No, His Barackness, we are not beholden to the government for our successes as you seem to believe. In fact, I would say it is quite the opposite. Many of us would say that.

Barack Hussein Obama understands as much about building a successful business, small or otherwise, as Nancy Pelosi knows about appearing lifelike. I’m sure both of these beacons of political lunacy have their carefully mined examples of businesses that are not only well-known, but completely dependent upon government support for their existence. Of course there are going to be a few, but using them as a reflective sampling of small business in America is not only disrespectful to those willing to stick their necks out there, but also a clear glimpse into the dangerous vision of America held in the head of our current President and all those who support him.

The perpetual peddling of victimization is killing the very things that make America so unique. There was once a pride in our system of government. There was once an easily understood system of authority that Americans were happy to call their own. It was simple. Taxes were paid for things that made sense.

Then the politician was born. The United States government became a perpetual piggy bank for greedy salesmen, lawyers, and slightly melted wax sculptures of Christopher Walken like Hillary Clinton. The second politics started providing revenue streams to people willing to play the game of those willing to pay them…..all integrity and credibility was lost. No one can say for sure when that exact moment was, but I can assure you…..democrats were responsible.

While those entrenched in the Obama camp frantically try to back-pedal from this gaffe, I personally hope it is screamed from the heavens in deafening voices from now until November 6th. President Barack Obama is nothing he claims to be. He’s not America’s first black President. He’s America’s first bi-racial President. He’s not moving us “forward” as he so passionately asserts. He’s moving us down. His ideas have failed. His policies are dangerously extreme and his circle of trusted advisors is shrinking to what I believe are alarming numbers. His casual, self gratifying approach to the responsibilities of his title should be taken as seriously as any terrorist activity.

I would also like to shred the little media weasels who seem to believe they will earn some sort of Olympic Medal if they find the most original way to inflate the damage done by Mitt Romney’s comments about London’s readiness to host such an event. I’m referring to weasels like, who put forth an article by one Chris Hampson regarding the issue. Hampson spends several cleverly penned paragraphs explaining the horrific damage done to all the world by Romney’s insensitive actions. He paints British leaders as heroes for slamming Romney and his comments. The funny part is that right smack in the middle of Hampson’s article, NBC News posts an ad for another article about how the traffic, security, long lines, and congestion are frustrating anyone within a hundred miles of London. Are you seeing the irony, liberals? Then, when Hampson describes PM David Cameron taunting Romney by referring to Salt Lake City as “nowhere,” his verbal swooning got to be too much to read.

Why is it okay for a British Prime Minister to rip the Olympics that were very well organized and on the heels of America’s greatest tragedy as “easy to pull off” but to point out the glaring problems with London’s readiness is an international gaffe? Why does the American media have such a soft spot for anyone disrespecting their own country? It’s sickening and it’s time we had a leader in the White House, not someone who cowers to public opinion at every turn. Mitt Romney may not be the answer to all of America’s problems but he is most certainly the answer to her biggest problem!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles