Monday, August 13, 2012

Rescue and Recovery…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Glory, built upon selfish principles, is shame and guilt.” - William Cowper

R and R

With the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President of the United States of America, we are now free to press ahead. Our goals have not changed. Our journey is still aimed at the same destination. The only difference is that the announcement seems to have lifted some obstructions from the path.

In a speech given yesterday afternoon in his home state of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan stated that “our rights come from nature and God, not from government." Anyone ever hear Joe Biden say anything that patriotic, historically accurate, or intelligible?

Unlike our current Vice President, Paul Ryan will actually serve a purpose in Mitt Romney’s Presidency. Paul Ryan has been chosen because of an extensive background of success and logic. His unique life experiences have shaped many of his political beliefs and his job will be much more useful than just providing a name to add to campaign posters. Joe Biden is nothing more than a running mate. Obama brings him out, dusts him off, and hands him a speech to read when necessary but for the most part, he has been kept under wraps for a significant portion of Obama’s presidency. Why would that be?

Why would someone with all the political savvy of Barack Hussein Obama choose a Vice Presidential candidate and then keep him out of the public eye like a celebrity’s love-child? It couldn’t possibly be because Barack Hussein Obama cares less about the United States and her future than he claims, could it? Honest inspection reveals pretty quickly that Biden was chosen for one reason and one reason only…..he’s obedient and dumb. Period.

He doesn’t ask questions. He doesn’t bother to form an opinion of his own, but is instead content to simply regurgitate whatever verbal nonsense is fed to him. He’s a much more attractive, male version of Nancy Pelosi. Or a male version of Harry Reid. You choose. (Yes, it pained me to refer to Joe Biden as “attractive” and I’d like to apologize to my father for any discomfort such statements may have caused.)

Paul Ryan will not simply “hold a title” within Mitt Romney’s White House. His life has earned more than that. His life has led him down a determined journey to which many of us can relate.

Paul Ryan, Sr….Paul’s dad used to call him “P.D.” to cut down on the confusion caused by their shared first name. Too many people confused it with “Petey” and Paul Jr didn’t like that one bit. His dad used to tell him that it is every generation’s duty to leave America in better shape for the next generation than it was when it was handed over to them. It’s a cornerstone of Paul Ryan’s political ambitions.

At the age of 16, Paul Ryan walked into his parent’s bedroom in Janesville, Wisconsin to find his father dead at the age of 55. In fact, his grandfather and great grandfather had also died of heart attacks in their fifties. While Paul Ryan has been open about the impact this tragic event has had on his life, what he has not said is more telling.

The discipline with which Paul Ryan maintains his fitness regimen is something Michelle Obama could only hope to mandate. She could never stick to it herself, but she could easily demand that all us minions do so. Any of you who have ever tried P90X, the fitness program, know how tough it is. Paul Ryan does so every morning. He’s healthy. Health requires discipline. Biden is neither.

The death of Paul Ryan’s dad also had a lasting impact on his political mindset.

Much will be made over the next 85 days about the fact that Paul Ryan used the Social Security benefits provided to him via his father’s death to pay for his education at Miami University in Ohio. The liberals will cry to the heavens that Paul Ryan is nothing more than a hypocrite because he now demands entitlement reform after using those very entitlements to earn his so called “place in life.” Like most liberal ideas, this is narrow, misleading, and stupid.

Paul Ryan saved the checks sent to him by the Social Security Administration so that he could use them to pay for his own education. While both of the underlined concepts in the previous sentence may be eerily foreign to a liberal, they are the very principles for which Paul Ryan and those of us who ardently support him now fight. They are the principles of capitalism. These concepts are the identified enemy of lethargy, victimization, and dependence. Paul Ryan’s life is a well written example of the idea behind entitlements. The impact that entitlement programs had on the life of Paul Ryan, with respect to the social security issue at least, are a stark contrast to the way they are used in the lives of Obamanites. Paul Ryan used entitlement programs to provide himself with the things his father’s death may have taken away from his life.

To the best of our knowledge, that was pretty much the extent of Paul Ryan’s “entitled” life. He did not cash the checks, squander the money, and then rely on even more handouts to provide him with a college education. To compare Paul Ryan’s use of entitlement programs to the rampant abuse taking place under Obama’s Dependency-palooza is like saying the innocent people on the planes on 9/11 were terrorists because they were on the plane too. It’s ridiculous.

Ignore the distractions that are sure to come in the next 85 days. In fact, let’s start a few distractions of our own. How about the fact that SCYTL, a socialist company with undeniable and open ties to the Obama Administration is in charge of counting the votes for 900 jurisdictions across the United States in November? They will also be counting the votes of our soldiers serving overseas. The CEO of the company; a man by the name of Perre Valles, made enormous campaign contributions to Obama in 2008 and is said to have been financially involved in Obama’s rise as an Illinois Senator as well. Seriously?

Am I the only one out here who finds this to be just a little bit creepy? This company gets to view all of the voting results prior to anyone else. There are no written records with which to compare any questionable results. This company prides itself on security and the inability to be hacked, but teachers and students at University of Michigan were able to do just that. In other words, the 2012 Presidential Election could very well be in the hands of a company that has openly supported the most corrupt President in the history of our country AND has already been hacked at least once that we’re factually aware of. Anyone feel good about that?

How many “friendships” does Barack Hussein Obama have to play down before America opens her eyes? How many vacations must we fund? How many failures must we suffer? How many lectures must we endure? How many apologies must we make?

How about the fact that 2,362 people received federal unemployment benefits in 2009 despite the fact that they earned more than $1 MILLION in that same year? Can we make a big ol’ stink about that one? Please! Does anyone think the people milking that system are of the same moral character as Paul Ryan? Something tells me that the majority of them support the opposing ticket but that’s just my humble opinion.

Stop the manipulation and the cries of racism. Stop the expansion of a government that is already out of control. Return personal responsibility to its rightful place atop the list of traits we aim to pass onto our children. Obama’s America does NOT fulfill the promises I have made to my son.

He can’t invite a group of Muslims to dine in the White House and then tell them that “of all the freedoms we hold sacred, foremost is freedom of religion” and then ignore the sacred principles of the Catholic Faith. Islam is NOT the religion upon which the country Obama was elected to lead was founded. Neither was Mormonism, but I never heard millions of Mormons publicly call for “death to America!” I never watched a Mormon behead an American citizen. I didn’t hear Mormons celebrate in the streets of their dusty little villages when the Twin Towers fell.

Are you going to fall for the charming hype in November? Are you going to listen to the next 85 days of nonsense and distractions or are you going to vote in the way that fulfills your obligation to your children. Are you going to vote in the way that you know in your heart will leave a better and brighter America for them than the one you inherited?

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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