Friday, August 17, 2012

The Screaming Majority…..

By: J Robert Giles

“All that is necessary for tyranny to gain a foothold is for men of good conscience to remain silent.” - Thomas Jefferson

Preacher Man

It’s a quote used often to capture the essence of various situations in our political system. Jefferson was full of them. He was not afraid to speak his mind, but for far too long, his modern mental counterparts have done just that. Those of us who believe in the promise of America as fervently as men like Jefferson did…..well, we’ve been victims of suppression.

We’ve been suppressed by distractions. We’ve been suppressed by public opinion. And most importantly, we’ve been suppressed by a system that encourages and rewards those who follow an opposite set of values.

We’ve been scolded by people who pretend to be other people for a living. We’ve been chastised for believing in a God that George Clooney has never seen. We’ve been ridiculed for celebrating the birth of our Lord but Tom Cruise and his crazy spaceship captain of a god are worthy of constant affection. We’ve been labeled as ‘less educated’ than the boisterous opposition.

I am NOT less educated that George Clooney, I can assure you of that. In recent weeks, our voice has been gathering volume. The voice of those who have been referred to as the “silent majority” is starting to gain significant strength.

We are not the silent majority. We are the majority. Period. Kids scream the loudest but that certainly doesn’t make them “right.” Think about it. When was the last time you were in a Wal-Mart and witnessed a child in the throes of a high-grade temper tantrum? Did you think to yourself “man, I sure do support that kid’s opinion because he’s so loud” or did you silently wish the parent would bring harm to the child? Have you ever witnessed a 16 year old girl trying to get something that serves ONLY her own purposes? They’re loud, volatile, and completely void of logic. Remind you of any particular political party?

In recent weeks, the left has tried on several occasions to thrust their agenda down our throats and with increasing pride, we have swatted their opinions down like the manure circling flies they are. Chick Fil-A had the audacity to announce that they support marriage as it is defined in the Bible and the left lost their collective minds. At Willow Creek Water Park in Arkansas, discounts were being offered to church groups. Obviously, this is the beeswax of the group calling themselves “freedom From Religion”…..based in Wisconsin.

“Freedom From Religion” is another one of these groups who can’t stand the thought of public prayer, or any form of worship. They’re small, weak, and looking for an opportunity to gain publicity. Those who so openly and disgustingly sought to end Chick Fil-A for their public disobedience to the almighty homosexual agenda were greeted with the kind of strength, conviction, and resolve that needs to explode throughout this country on November 6th.

America is tired of being told how to live, love, eat, and pray by the “misguided minority.” Many of you know “Pastor Denise” Simmons from Colorado. In a recent conversation, Pastor Denise mentioned to me that she had been “praying for President Obama.” Not praying for his defeat. Not praying for his unelection. Just praying for him. Praying that the man who claims religious awareness only when it will help his immediate image will eventually find the peace he is so eloquently avoiding now. The enemy is somehow deserving of Pastor Denise’s prayers. That’s a powerful and telling statement if you think about it.

Do you suppose His Barackness ever prayed “for” President Bush? Do you suppose there has ever been a time, given all of her supposed Catholic Faith that Nancy Pelosi has prayed for anyone but herself, her plastic surgeon, or her Obama assigned agenda? Faith in God involves standing in defiance of popular opinion when that opinion contradicts the word of God. No matter how much sniveling little weasels like Freedom From Religion want it to be untrue, Faith is exactly what was on the minds of those men who created this great country of ours.

Yes, our country was founded as a result of fleeing the religious persecution of England, but to compare that to the insidious attacks by the non-religious is not only absurd but also quite dangerous. In America, we are free to practice whatever religion is desired. We are free to abstain from any and all religious discourse if that is the path we choose. We are free to speak our minds and we are free to vote for people we feel represent OUR voice.

Somewhere along the line, the idea was planted in the minds of the left that the freedoms we hold so dear are only valid when they support the liberal agenda. The idea that what’s popular is more important than what’s right rooted itself in weak, liberal soil and we now face one of the toughest battles America has ever faced in our effort to beat back such lunacy. Success requires tough decisions. Success requires huge leaps into uncertainty. Such leaps are often referred to as “leaps of faith” for a reason.

Faith gives men strength where the faithless can only uncover fear. Faith gives us courage where opposition can only muster frenzied hype. Like that spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in Wal-Mart. They’re not getting their way, so everyone must suffer until this grave injustice against them is made right.

Stand firm all you Right Wing Nutjobs. Stand firm in your conviction. Stand firm in your faith. God does not smile upon the homosexual agenda and he certainly doesn’t condone a country who would allow sexuality of any kind to be the basis for a vote. Not to lend any credence to the maniacal whackos at Westboro Baptist, but for President Obama to publicly support gay marriage while simultaneously stripping away the rights of a Church is not exactly what God had in mind.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be demonized in the coming months. They will be attacked relentlessly but it is important for us, the “silent majority” to scream louder than the current popular opinion. Yes, you are free to practice religion as you see fit in America but nowhere does that freedom give you the right to suppress my Faith. Yes, you are free to speak your mind, but when your words and actions influence my child, you’re cut off. The incessant barrage of homosexuality is unnecessary. If it’s truly natural and not a choice as the left so adamantly claims, then pushing it down our throats would be a wasted effort. If it’s natural, then why are they having to push so hard across so many different mediums? Why is it so important that it be “accepted.” If it’s natural, it’s accepted. That’s how nature works.

No one is suggesting that gays need to be banned from existence. I’m not even suggesting that they be banned from our country. I’m not making a suggestion at all. I’m making a demand.

With my vote for Romney / Ryan in November, I am making a demand that this ridiculous campaign of immorality be commenced. I’m demanding that the White House become much more than an Altar of Deceit. (Thanks, Denise!) I’m demanding that our leaders, at every level, honor their jobs and not their agenda.

God doesn’t separate people into classes. He loves all living things the same. Faithful or not, God loves you. You don’t have to love Him. You don’t have to honor his commandments and you don’t have to pray to him. You don’t have to accept the limitless gifts God has bestowed upon your life but you sure as heck are not going to keep me and my family from doing all of those things listed above. If my son has questions about sexuality, it is MY responsibility to teach him and I can assure you, my teachings will confirm the teachings in the Bible. If you have a problem with that then you can raise your child within the confines of your own orthodoxy. You will not influence mine.

Pandering to the most frenzied, radical elements of our country and stirring up the looney-juice does NOT make Obama a good leader. Furthering an agenda that is clearly condemned in the Bible does not make him brave, it makes him a gutless politician looking for votes. Selling our country to illegal immigrants in hopes that they will return the favor with a vote does not make Obama a humanitarian. It makes him a slimy politician willing to do anything to retain his power.

Make no mistake…..Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t give a flying {Insert expletive} about you, your family, your faith, or your future. He cares about himself. Period.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles