Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creeping Like Kudzu…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Our wisdom comes from our experience; and our experience comes from our foolishness.”  Sasha Guitry

Boko Haram

Because I never want it to be said of me that I am anything but a giver, I decided to give Obama a break in my last article. I allowed myself to believe that my vision had become too narrowed and that a break from Obamabashing would serve me well. I was wrong.

This man is a danger to himself and others and he simply must be removed from power. That is not to say that he should be removed in a manner that would cement his heavily romanticized legend, but rather that he should be voted out of office with staggering clarity. Fraud, corruption, and blind loyalty will insure a significant number of votes for His Barackness but they will be powerless in the face of overwhelming support for his ouster. The weapons of deception loved so adamantly by the left cannot penetrate the shields of true patriotism.

A unified, informed voice will overpower a weak, uneducated, campaign of hype and lies. Every single time. The problem we now face is that Obama is a master of deflection. It’s time now to beat him at his own game. It is now time to flood every single message board, comment thread, and social media outlet with FACTS. Facts cannot be dismissed as easily as the fabricated, politically motivated nonsense the left continues to hurl at Mitt Romney.

Their critical misstep is that they assume we fight for the same goals they do. They fight for Barack Hussein Obama. They fight for him because they have not yet freed themselves from the net of deception His Barackness seems to have cast over a frightening portion of this country. Well, guess what…..we don’t fight for any individual man. They fought against Bush in 2008 and they now fight for Obama. We fight for America. We fight for the core values that make this country great. We fight for the freedom to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” We fight for the right to publicly honor the history of our country and the decision making processes of the men who created her.

Those on the left who have repeatedly attempted to rewrite our rich, Christian history to suit their wildly obstructed view of reality will soon find themselves in search of a new ideology. We must make it so. We must stand up, and scream our desires to see another man standing behind the Presidential Seal. We must scream those desires in a voice so loud, it cannot possibly be ignored; here or abroad. We must do absolutely everything within our power to insure that the Resolute Desk is treated with the respect owed to it by means of the courageous documents to have passed over her surface and not as a freaking footrest. We must insure that the man sitting behind that desk cares more about America’s safety than he cares about his own image or the furthering of a destructive set of beliefs.

In Nigeria recently, a group known as Boko Haram poked their heads out of the woodwork long enough to demand that the overtly Christian, Nigerian President either convert to Islam or resign. President Goodluck Jonathon responded by saying that the people of Nigeria elected him with overwhelming support knowing full well that he was a Christian and he would not surrender that directive to blackmail.

Despite the fact that Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for numerous bombings in the Northern states of Nigeria, President Jonathon is standing firm in his convictions. Can any of you look me in the eye and say that you honestly believe President Barack Hussein Obama, separated from the bulletproof shell he now enjoys, and plopped down in the middle of a third world protection detail, would have nearly as much courage? Do you think he would honor his alleged Christian Faith, or do you think he would soil himself like an excited Jay Carney when he’s let out of his travel crate? Without the protection and insulation afforded the President of the United States of America by Secret Service, Intelligence Agencies, Armed Forces, and superior technology…..left to stand on his own convictions…..Obama takes the easy way out; every single time. You know it; I know it….we need to let the rest of the world know that America knows it.

Boko Haram, which roughly translated means “Western education is forbidden,” has claimed responsibility for several bombings. In over 40 Northern States of Nigeria, they have forced Islamic Sharia Law onto the defenseless people of the villages there, yet Obama doesn’t see the need to classify them as a terrorist organization. Despite the fact that several of their leaders are designated “Specially Designated Global Terrorists,” Obama sees no threat there. He even went so far as to say that religion is not this group’s motivation.

The group’s stated goals are the disruption of Christianity and implementation of Sharia across the globe, but religion is not seen as a factor by Obama and his obvious brilliance. Remember, he knows “more about foreign policy” than any of his advisors. Despite the fact that after a recent destructive raid on a Christian village in Nigeria, Boko Haram stated that Christians “will not know peace again” until they accept Islam as the one true religion, Obama doesn’t see them as a religiously motivated entity. This man is dangerous.

Obama is out of touch. He’s out of excuses. He’s out of his element. He’s out of his mind. Let’s make sure he’s out of office in November.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles