Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Choice Is Clear…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions, but rather by iron and blood.”   - Otto von Bismarck

Obama Screw

When Mitt Romney stepped out onto the stage on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia over the weekend and announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, he did so much more than just place an order for a whole bunch of updated yard signs, bumper stickers, and billboards. He clearly identified the choice with which America will be presented in early November.

This election is no longer about a choice between two men. It’s not a choice between the two political parties represented in the battle. It’s not a choice between east and west or north and south. The choice has absolutely nothing to do with skin color no matter how hard one camp tries to make it so. (Here’s a hint: It’s NOT Romney’s camp.)

The choice is between two idealistically opposite trains of thought. So much is made of the similarities between the candidates. Paul Ryan and Barack Obama once voted for the same bill…..as governor, Mitt Romney supported a healthcare bill with some similarities to ObamaCare…..Joe Biden wore a cheerleader’s outfit to the Congressional Flag Football game in which Paul Ryan played…..you’ve heard it all a million times. There are obvious similarities due to the fact that all the actors in this bewildering play are human beings. They are all men in the anatomical sense. There are bound to be some similarities, but the platforms upon which they are running their campaigns could not be more different.

Here are a few examples of the stark contrast between your two choices in November. Keep it handy and readily accessible. In the event of any confusion on Election Day, this information could be the difference between horror and peace.


Obama / Biden: His Barackness and Sleepy-VP have delivered unto us a total of ZERO budgets in their four years in office. Not one. In fact, the budgets that His Barackness has managed to send to Congress have received a total of ZERO votes. That’s zero votes in a Senate controlled by his own minions. Bear in mind that a budget is not passed in the same fashion as a law. A budget is sent down from the President as a framework within which Congress is supposed to work. Obama’s cronies have done absolutely everything within their power to insure that their long term financial plans are not put down on paper before the reelection of their anointed leader. In an age of $16 TRILLION dollar debt, Obama has failed to get a single vote for his budget proposals. Not even from his own party.

Romney / Ryan: Mitt Romney’s financial wisdom is readily apparent in his own personal success. He has been tapped by some pretty desperate companies to dig them out financial peril and he has done so. Obama / Biden will undoubtedly continue to aim their Weapons of Mass Distraction at American success but the choice is now ours. Do we want someone who refuses to display their long-term intentions, or do we want someone who has an undeniable track record of success? This is your money they’re gambling with. Which one do you feel has a more realistic shot at yielding a positive return? Hype doesn’t pay the bills folks, and America’s bills are stacking up quickly. Dreams and forced ideology won’t create the jobs Obama’s wide eyed freedom from experience claim they will. Tough decisions and realistic analysis will get that ball rolling. Obama doesn’t have the ability to train Biden in those aspects of leadership because he lacks them himself. The choice is clear.

Jobs / Economy

Obama / Biden: This dynamic duo has yielded America a net of ?????? jobs during their time at the helm of America’s economy. The true number will only be revealed after the unelection of His Barackness. Seriously, go out there and try to find a legitimate figure to tell you how many jobs he has created. This administration has blasted so much manipulation and irrelevance into the world that the real state of our economy is impossible to determine. Whenever tough decisions are needed, our current president relies on the advice of an extremely narrow minded and small group of advisors. Every jobs number that we receive is later “adjusted” for one reason or another, despite the fact that Obama campaigned on a promise of transparency in “his” White House. He claims years of success, but take a look around your city…..are you seeing it? Are you seeing the residue of failure in the foreclosed homes, closed businesses, and uncertainty in the streets or are you seeing the world Obama depicts in his charming, self-glorifying speeches? Obama believes the answer to all of our problems is more dependency. He believes all jobs should be government jobs and no matter what he may say, his actions clearly illustrate a disdain for individual success.

Romney / Ryan: Mitt Romney has delivered success wherever he has turned in his life. Obama / Biden will continue to focus on the individual stories behind Mitt Romney’s business decisions but as voters, our focus should be on the overall picture. Did those companies survive? In almost every case, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Mitt Romney is successful in ways no premature memoir could possibly make a man. Paul Ryan is disciplined and thorough. His intentions are set upon the long term success of a country he truly loves. His Barackness will claim loudly and often that Romney doesn’t care about the middle class. He’s right. Romney cares about America and he does so without regard to certain “classes” of Americans. He wants all of us to taste success. Our place on that food chain is up to us as individuals, not the government. We are all created equally, but we sure as hell do NOT work equally and therefore we do not deserve “equal” share in the fruits of labor, creation, and success. In comparison, Romney / Ryan is fighting for America…..Obama / Biden is fighting for preservation of party and nothing more. Your choice is clear: Do you want four more years of arrogant smirks, charming speeches, hype, and abysmal production or do you want someone who will step up and be more proud of his country than he is of himself?


Obama / Biden: Barack Hussein Obama dreams of an America where every citizen is forced to beg the mighty government for everything required of our meager little lives. The vision Obama openly describes is one of victimhood. It’s one of complete dependency. All success in Obama’s vision is shifted from the individual citizen to the government where he believes it belongs. His open disdain for personal responsibility has created a voice among his supporters that will be VERY difficult for us to defeat in November. Human nature is to love free crap but what America needs is for everyone to return to a willingness to work for what they have. Obama’s voice is easily heard because it’s backed up by legions of people who care less about America than they do about their possessions

Romney / Ryan: Mitt Romney believes in the spirit of entitlements, as does Paul Ryan. These views have been openly shared. These men and those of us who support them believe that entitlements are meant to get someone in need back on their feet. They are not meant to support a citizen of this country from birth to death as has become the case. Entitlements and social programs that support the idea of total government dependency are appealing to the laziest element of our society. They scream “greed” at us because we support capitalism but scoff at the label when thrown at them for taking money they did nothing to earn. It’s time for us to stand up, apply common sense, and stop the decline of the greatest country the world has ever known. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can’t do it for us. They can lead the charge, but in the end, it will be up to each and every one of us. The choice is clear.

Do you want to be a victim, or do you want to be an American?

American’s work. Americans pray. Americans create. Americans think. Americans produce. Americans fight for what they want and they accept only what they have earned. When an American falls down, they do everything they can to get back up, dust themselves off, and get back to chasing their dreams. Americans love babies and don’t believe our own government should be funding their deaths. Americans do what’s right, not what’s popular. Americans stand firm in their convictions and don’t reinvent themselves depending upon the audience. Americans are proud of our actual history, both good and bad. We don’t try to rewrite it to suit an insane ideology. (They were “founding fathers” not “framers” you big bags of feminine wash!)

Americans do NOT create ailments for which total government dependence is the only cure. Americans do not blindly accept the hopes and wishes of a madman as fact. Americans do not take kindly to anyone overruling the Word of God. Americans do not make decisions based exclusively on skin-color. Americans do not accept the clever advances of an inexperienced buffoon over the evidence his failures have clearly presented. Americans are not obsessed with homosexuality and don’t believe that adherence to a gay agenda is the way to a prosperous future; it’s a distraction.

Are you an American or are you and Obamanite? The choice is clear.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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