Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ignorant Apology Ignored….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes all it takes is that one microsecond to change your entire outlook. Sometimes it’s a much longer, drawn out process. Sometimes your fortunes change from good to  bad. Those are the changes that usually occur in an instant, and often seem to have devastating impact. A car accident happens in just a fraction of a second but can have multiple effects on the futures of multiple lives. The changes that go from bad to good are the ones that take a little longer Tipping Pointto develop. The process that is required of a transition from bad to good is a journey. Along the way, challenges are met, lessons are learned, losses are suffered, and experience is gained. These moments unite to insure the sweetness of individual victory. Occasionally, the victory is shared, but the ensuing emotions are always processed individually. I think we’re on the verge of a big, shared victory but there are a few steps taken in our collective pasts that require further review. It’s been a long journey, but one we must understand before we can truly utilize the gift of it’s victory. 

The Quran burning incident that occurred in Afghanistan recently is unfortunate, but quite frankly does not deserve the attention it has received. Yes, I understand that the Quran is the Holy Book of the Muslims and that burning it is strictly forbidden in their part of the world. Shouldn’t have happened, but please bare in mind that these particular Qurans were part of the library at the Parwan Detention Facility at Bagram Air Base Afghanistan. That library, according to Brigadier General Carsten Jacobsen, had been ordered destroyed because enemy inmates had filled the books with handwritten extremist messages. A secret communication system that could have easily resulted in violent insurgence within the perimeters of the base. Do you inspect each piece of garbage before tossing the bag into the dumpster? No, you do not. This was an unfortunate mistake but it was certainly NOT one deserving of a Presidential apology. The apology from NATO was plenty. The main thing Obama did by apologizing was fuel their already burning desire to see us all dead. President Karzai of Afghanistan, whom I believe should feel a bit of gratitude to the United States and our soldiers , responds that the soldiers who burned the Qurans should be put on trial in Afghanistan. That, quite frankly, is just not an option… it? What do you say, Barack Hussein Obama? Is it an option in your mind to allow men who were following indirect orders from you, to stand trial in a country run by men who hate everything those soldiers represent? As cowardly as that would seem, that’s essentially the impression his apology gave.

Why do Muslims hate us though? Our intentions are noble, for the most part. Of course there’s a little bit of greed involved, but despite what the left may say, the majority of Hatredthe money made in the energy industry is reinvested in the form of research and progress. So why the hatred? The answer, as painful as it may be to hear, may just be that tipping point that completes our transition from bad to good as a country. Muslims do in fact hate the United States. That statement would normally draw a defensive ire in  me that left me feeling a bit racist. How dare they hate America? Just who the heck do they think they are?

Well, here’s who they are. They’re a very insulated people. Their world revolves around religion but that religion is a very different one from the one America claims to be “under.” For the most part, a Muslim’s understanding of Christianity is as limited as your knowledge of Islam. I’ll admit, my view of Islam is through Christian-tinted glasses. I have seen their faith as contradictory to my own, but further study reveals that the divide in our beliefs is not always as wide as previously thought. In many instances, the divide between Christians and Muslims is the widest space in the known universe, but at times, there are striking similarities.  The wars, and the disgust with one another’s faith comes not from the teachings of either religion, but rather from man’s interpretations of those teachings. It’s those interpretations that so often cause social upheaval, violence, and global outrage. As much as it absolutely disgusts me to say it, Muslims are simply following the orders of Allah when they infiltrate and attack the United States. Before you shoot your computer to get rid of my blasphemous words, hear me out…..Islam teaches that there should be no hatred for “those who worship God.”  The Quran tells them that murder and stealing is wrong but the difference is that the Quran only believes it’s wrong if done to another Muslim. Their faith teaches them that we are “unbelievers” and therefore not protected. In their Islam-shaded eyes,  the United States looks exactly as the Quran warns them the “Great Satan” would look. Both the Holy Bible and the Quran condemn abortion, yet the laws of the United Sates support the act. Both the Holy Bible and the Quran teach that God is the creator of the universe yet evolution is taught and seemingly accepted here. The Bible and the Quran teach chastity, yet we flood the planet with pornography, indecency, and a steady diet of wardrobe malfunctions. The Bible and the Quran mutually condemn gambling, drunkenness, and the occult yet here in the good ol’ USA we have casinos, the lottery, Las Vegas, a beer commercial every 7 minutes, horoscopes, and Halloween. Let’s face it, that’s how they see us. We’re all drunk pornstars, dining from a witch’s cauldron while warming our opulent homes with burning money. A law known as Jizya, in the Islamic Faith commands Muslims to forcefully take the property of “unbelievers” as a tribute to Allah. To them, we are a nation of “unbelievers.”

I think most of us would agree that a sharp turn back toward the moral center might do this country some good but I don’t believe such a course correction should be done  simply to avoid cowardly acts of terrorists. Such an act should be done because we ARE “one nation, Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Whether you worship in Church or just step aside and quietly support those who do, we have got to get our act together. Right now, our laws favor Muslims more than Americans in some Right Turncases and they are finding new ways to exploit our moral absence. We ARE a Christian nation because the alternative is unacceptable. Support that idea or we may just pack you onto a boat and send you over to them so that you may enjoy their kind of religious freedom. Got it?

That may seem like I am saying we should bow to the commands of the extremists who use beheadings, bombings, killing of soldiers, kidnappings, sabotage, and corruption as a form of religious expression but I assure you I am not. I pointed out the problems the Muslims have with the United States, but notice I did not say they were problems with Christianity. We need to make a course correction because it is the right thing to do, not because the word of Allah has any bearing whatsoever in my life or any of the lives of people I love. As much as the Muslims may believe we are a Godless country because we don’t gut adulterous women in the streets, or follow the letter of our Scriptures….there is and always will be one key factor that they truly misunderstand. Their faith requires constant acts to earn the love and approval of their God. Christians are already forgiven for any sin they have committed, and every sin they ever will commit. Yes, our morals could use a fine-tuning, but to say that we are a Godless country is not their call to make. It’s time to close off loopholes that are allowing an all out invasion. They don’t have to approve of our faith but they are sure as hell not going to be allowed to use it against me, in my own home. Our religion provides freedoms they will never understand and our Constitution provides even more but both must be defended. Religious ignorance is not the weapon that will defeat us unless we allow it to be.

So, is this election the launch of that transition from bad to good? Has the Obama administration been the journey through bad times that we all hope it will be? I sure hope so. America is starting to realize that our President is only as capable as we demand of him. When we elect a constantly campaigning, salesman….we shouldn’t be surprised when that’s exactly how he runs the country. It’s time to demand better. It’s time to be better. All of us. The Constitution of the United States does not require anyone to be a Christian. In fact, it does quite the opposite. It goes out of the way to make sure that all faiths have a home within the borders of this great country. That doesn’t mean you can have it both ways though. If you come to this country, for any reason, you obey the laws AND the customs of the United States. Not the other way around. We do not transform our laws to support your customs and you do not get to invoke your customs to save you from punishment in our country. You may have read that you are allowed to take the property of “unbelievers” but I doubt very seriously your Jizya will be able to withstand the blast of my 2nd Amendment Rights! We’re not all pornstars and we’re not all drunk. What we are is forgiven. That means that your permission or the permission of your faith is not required nor sought.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

Monday, February 27, 2012

We’re NOT Stupid…

By: J Robert Giles

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What's Changed????


Based on the above video, it would appear that His Barackness still has a few things to cross off the old To-Do List. To be fair, he was in the middle of the “Trust Building” phase of his great sales pitch when this video was made. If he were a man and the American people were a woman, this video would be one of his Immaculate Pick-Up Lines. “Hey, if you come home with me, I’ll create 5 million jobs for you. You’re so pretty.”

Things didn’t exactly work in his favor as far as those particular promises went. Barack Obama now finds himself in a position where higher gas prices help him and hurt him at the same time and his little liberal mind is racing in such a way that instantly visible graying can now be seen where the American Crown will eventually sit. (Assuming he gets a few more laws to turn their backs on his ego.) High gas-prices help create a need that the Obama Administration desperately needs in that it causes people to consider alternative means of transportation. This line of thinking goes a long way toward securing forgiveness for the billions of dollars he and Energy Secretary Chu have basically taken from us and then packed into a Chevy Volt full of highly flammable materials. If he can get his media buddies to support him until the Chevy Volt and other battery powered crap-coaches are the only form of transportation America can choose, then he’ll look like a genius. In fact, the Business and Media Institute recently released a study in which they found that the three major networks ran 4 times as many stories in the month leading up to April 24, 2008 than they have in the month leading up to February 20, 2012. The importance of those two dates is that they mark the days when national gas prices hit an average of $3.56 per gallon. The difference is that the earlier one occurred during Bush’s Presidency. The differences are not limited to quantity of reports either. The tone of the reports was remarkably different too.

In 2008, the stories were more personal. They focused on the personal impact high gas prices were having on American People. Businesses were closing, children were starving, and there were tears on the news. In fact, I think I remember seeing a story on MSNBC back in 2008 where one of their anchors had to eat her own cat in order to afford a tank of gas that week. (I may be “mis-remembering” a few details of that story.) Today, the stories have a much more matter-of-fact feel to them. No emotion, just facts.

Making the entire mess more frustrating is the fact that we have a President who seems completely unwilling to bend on the topic,. It shouldn’t surprise us any longer that he remains committed to liberal orthodoxy, but I think we all still hold onto hope that he will one day emerge from a spiritually impactful dream and change his mind on some of his more illogical and dangerous stances. Barack Hussein Obama said on Saturday during his weekly radio and internet address to his adoring public that “We know there’s no silver bullet that will bring down gas prices or reduce our dependence on foreign oil overnight.” Well, okay…that might be true, but in response I might point out that there is an equal if not higher caliber lack of a silver bullet that will increase American interest in flaming battery cars so stop trying to shoot us with it!

While Obama may steadfastly believe his own tired rhetoric about gas prices being the result of Republican based shenanigans, the argument simply fails under the scrutiny of logic. There are plenty of things that could be done TODAY to reduce the fear that is driving up the one expense in which we ALL share the burden of responsibility. Domestic energy producers are scared right now. They’re scared to succeed. Their reward for success has been fiscal punishment under the Obama Administration. In fact. here you go, Mr. President…..I’ll write you a speech that you could use this afternoon to reduce the price at the pump. I only give you this strategy because I know for a fact that your liberal supporters will never allow you to implement it’s inherent genius.

“My fellow Americ……..good afternoon, loyal subjects. I’m here today to bestow upon you more of my brilliance. (Pause for Beatle-esque appreciation)

You know, Michelle and I are regular people just like all of you. When you suffer, you can rest assured that we’re suffering right alongside you. I mean, Michelle had to leave two of her twenty four personal assistants behind when she flew to Aspen for her “fair share” of taxpayer funded skiing recently. (Pause for sympathetic applause) Tough times, y’all. I get it. Here’s what Papa Barry’s going to do for you though.

First of all, I’m committing right here and now to support responsible domestic drilling. Electric cars are a good idea but one that the American people will accept when they’re ready, not when I force them down their throats. I know the brains of my liberal brethren are literally shutting down right now but I’m serious. There are obviously some pretty serious and legitimate environmental concerns to contend with but you know what? The American people don’t want another BP disaster. The American energy companies don’t want the expense that BP just paid and they sure as heck don’t want the knee-jerk reactions of politicians like myself. I know it goes against everything I’ve ever preached, but let’s face it….I have ZERO chance of being re-elected, so who cares, right? I’m ditching the anti-capitalist rhetoric and letting these guys get to work. See, I now realize that it is not the job of the President or Congress to decide when a company in any industry has made enough profit. We live in a country that encourages capitalism and all the benefits of such. In capitalism, success is rewarded with money and shareholders. Greed is punished by collapse and outrage the likes of which regulations can never duplicate. I’m sorry I tried to limit your success.

Listen here Obamanites….here’s what I just found out. You see, when these oil companies make money, they send a lot of it to the government. In fact. aside from taxes, oil money is the US Government’s number two source of revenue. We’re partners and I had no clue. I would apologize for this lack of knowledge but to be fair, Republicans kept it from me. Bush put that information in a file on the Presidential Computer labeled “God Stuff” so I never looked at it. Anyway, when the oil companies make money, it helps all of us. See, they’re not owned by “fat-cats” like I’ve always been led to believe. Oil companies are actually owned by mutual funds, pensions, 401(k)’s and individual shareholders. When they succeed, tension is relieved. These guys need freedom to explore but even more, they need our trust. I stand before you as your fearless and heroic leader. In that capacity, I now decree that all restrictions that limit the exploration of domestic oil sources, natural gas distribution, and the use of natural gas as a means of transportation fuel to be rescinded.

The simple fact is that the US Government is too broad to regulate the energy production of the entire country. That regulation will come from the State level from now on. Now, go to work America. I’m going to step aside and let you do what you do……create, fix, and solve.

In a separate matter, I’m sorry about that whole contraception thing. I guess you could say I’m against drilling of all kinds. Now, I’ll have someone release Jay Carney from his travel crate and he can answer any questions you may have. Good day.”

Gas prices would be twenty cents lower per gallon by the time the last syllable rolled off his forked tongue, I guarantee it. Now, I understand the chances of Obama ever delivering that speech are about as good as the odds of me getting to make the game-saving tackle at the goal line in next year’s Super Bowl, but it sure would help wouldn’t it? Imagine a country in which oil production was free to expand without fear of tax hikes, regulatory restrictions, or veiled acts of extortion. We’re being told that gas-prices are high because Wall Street says it has to be, but that is simply not true. Yes, Wall Street has driven down the price of oil company shares, but that action FOLLOWED the maniacal regulations of the current Campaigner in Chief.

No, the Immaculated One will not read this speech off of Teleprompter-One any time soon, but maybe the guy who replaces him will have the courage to release the reigns of the oil companies in this country. Our ingenuity makes us strong, not our government. Our courage makes us undefeatable, not our government. Right now, we are not trusted as a people. Obama’s government believes itself to be our parents. They view us as dependent. Sadly, there are a large number of people who fit that view, but those people are not the ones who will save America from the mess they have created. Those people will be forced to answer for the sloth. They will be forced to justify the negative returns they have produced with our investment in their lives. Our voice is getting stronger, their fantasies are getting weaker. Our unified front is strengthening while their ideology is pulling them apart at the seams. Stay strong, friends.

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles

Friday, February 24, 2012

You’re Grounded…

By: J Robert Giles

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“Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire.”  - William Penn


What keeps you humble? What is it within your brain that allows you to defend against the inevitable embarrassment that would surely come from exposing the majority of the half-baked plans, ideas, and decisions that pop into your head throughout each and every day? It’s humility. It’s the fact that we are not insulated like we were when we were DSCN1655kids. Last night, I had the distinct privilege to be slapped across the face with a bit of reality that had somehow gone unnoticed in my own life. Unnoticed may be a bit harsh. Perhaps…..”selectively ignored” would be a better way to describe my flight from the reality that my beautiful Jackie and my terrific kids are what keep me grounded.

That may seem like simple and quite common sense to most of you, but allow me to explain. Last night, my seven year old son, Aidan took part in his school’s Black History Night. While the majority of the kids in his school are not black, the event was organized in such a way that skin color was not the accomplishment being celebrated. The celebration was about the accomplishments of the  women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. All of the expected clich├ęs were used to make the correlation between the quilts made by the freed slaves of Gee’s Bend and the diversity of our nation today, but the kids themselves, at least the younger ones like Aidan, couldn’t have cared less about any of that. Last night’s performance was an undeniable example of the fact that racism is something taught. The kids on that stage were untainted by the stresses and temptations of adulthood. Their world is insulated by their limited exposure and the result is unbridled happiness. They have yet to experience the  concept of prejudice, so they sing happily with all of their friends. They could care less about subjects like net worth or income levels, so they laugh with all of their friends. Sadly, the majority of the stress they feel in their young lives is the direct result of parental deflection, so they find comfort in all of their friends.

Unfortunately, we are not afforded the same luxuries of innocence in adulthood. We must face challenges that simply can’t be confronted with childish ideology. Consider anything that requires a minimum age for participation as proof of this fact. Drinking requires an attained age of 21. Voting requires an age of 18 (but proving it is apparently up for debate) as does military service. Driving calls for an attained age of 16, generally speaking. These age restrictions were put in place for a reason. It was the general consensus that unless you had reached the specified age, the emotional, physical. or intellectual requirements of these tasks  would simply be too daunting.

What we have allowed to happen, instead of facing the challenges as a family, is that we have changed the challenges. We have pretended that they don’t exist by putting limitations on our children. Competition is too hard for one kid so instead of encouraging him to work harder or to pursue those things for which his abilities will allow him to excel, we change the rules to accommodate the weak. Those kids grow up to demand what is not realistically theirs. (i.e. Occupy Anything) We thought we were protecting them, but instead we were rendering them incapable of performing in the world that awaited them. How can you be grounded when reality delivers the exact opposite of what you were promised?

Our politicians, celebrities, and pro-athletes are a lot like those insulated kids. They live in worlds where the only opinions they hear are the ones that will make them happy. TonyRomo Anyone who is famous, regardless of reason, is insulated. Do you really believe that Obama surrounds himself with people who will tell him “gee, Mr. President; I don’t really know if stubbornly ignorant is the way to go on this one.” or do you think he’s surrounded by a nest of little, yelping, Carneys who blindly support any decision he makes? Do you think anyone has had enough courage to tell Nancy Pelosi that her patented “I think I just farted” look is starting to greatly reduce the effectiveness of all that plastic surgery? No! Of course not. These people are surrounded only by those who will tell them what they want to hear. That’s not how a team works. A team wins and loses as a unit. If the NFL was run like American Politics, Tony Romo would be allowed to believe that he has won six Lombardi trophies and was the MVP of eight different Super Bowls, two of which he was awarded while in High School. No, a team requires preparation for battle with a common enemy. Each member of the team is assigned a position and prepares so that their contribution will lead to overall victory. When inevitable defeat smacks the team around a bit, they heal together and they prepare for the next battle with the added advantage of having learned the indelible lessons imparted only in defeat.

Compare that to the world in which Barack Hussein Obama  lives. Every decision he makes is made only after consulting with several public opinion polls first. He’s basically spoon fed his opinions by those with which he chooses to surround himself. In that regard, he can never be truly grounded the way a man who is part of a real team will be grounded. A real team accepts defeat as an opportunity to improve. Obama accepts defeat as someone else’s mistake.  He lives his entire life trying to be the man the latest polls tell him he should be. He’s left, like so many others who never figure out how to stick to their convictions, without an identity. He’s left, for lack of a better comparison, like the grown up version of those kids on that stage last night. Happily ignorant of the real world around them. Obama is fed only the information that will support the agenda of those who provide his platform. That’s only half the reality of the country he’s asked to lead. Guess what, Mr. President….Romo hasn’t won a single Super Bowl and your record is not nearly as impressive as your teleprompter would have you believe.

We, as a people, need to remain just as grounded and faithful as those kids on that stage last night. They found themselves shielded from the frightening reality of public speaking by the strength of their innocence. We must resolve to have that kind of faith in our position as conservative, Christian, right-wing, red-state, God-fearing, Church-loving, breeding, patriots and stand together in the face of twisted polls, veiled promises, and outright deceit that is surely coming our way over the next 8 months. Obama will continue his chameleon game, shifting his shape and political color to fit the latest demand of him. We cannot be that way. We must remain steadfast in our belief that if Obama’s given another four years, this country will be nothing more than a final exam question in a future History class.

As always, thanks for playing and have a great weekend!


J Robert Giles

Support Capitalism

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hope and Change Are On Life-Support….

By: J Robert Giles

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“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”   - George Orwell


I can always tell how well one of my articles is doing by the number of hateful responses and e-mails I get from liberal “intellects.” Yesterday’s article about Obama’s attack on Deceit religion seemed to hit home for a few of them. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are a lot of people in the world with which we surround ourselves who are really struggling to defend the Immaculated One right now. We must strike while that iron is hot. Here’s a few things we should try to point out to all those liberals still clinging to the hype.

The always entertaining and perpetually surprised Nancy Pelosi has apparently opened her giant eyes long enough to read a new book she believes to contain lessons we all need to learn. The book was written by the always “fair” and always “wrong” Bill Press and it’s called The Obama Hate Machine. (Sorry, Bill….I just don’t have room in my online store for your book.) In this book, Mr. Press asserts that all presidents are due some level of vetting but the “personal attacks” against Barack Hussein Obama have gone too far. If you’re noticing a pattern here it’s because every time someone disagrees with liberal ideology, they call it “hate” or a “personal attack.” Banished are words and Unemployed phrases like “it’s the truth” or “factually.” Pelosi herself has come out and said that “in a poisoned political climate, negative personal attacks on President Obama must have no place in public discourse.” Seriously, Nancy? I don’t even know where to start. Are we supposed to just forget that she has personally attacked anybody who has ever looked at her funny. I heard that Pelosi once made a child slaughter her own puppy because the puppy “looked Republican.” As ridiculous as that statement may sound, it’s ever bit as credible as anything to come out of Nancy Pelosi's mouth in the last three years. Why is it that Barack Obama is beyond reproach in the eyes of the liberals? Why are we not allowed to disagree with this man, or continue to ask questions until answers are given but the left is encouraged to keep the whole “Bush lost in 2000” cow-patty baking in the nurturing glow of our attention? When we ask a question about Obama’s performance as Commander in Chief, why is it always answered with misinterpreted data about the Bush Presidency? We’re not asking you to recite Bush’s record…..we’re asking you to defend your own? Can you do that? Can you do it without resorting to childish tantrums and wildly inaccurate accusations? Can you do it without sounding arrogantly uninformed? Try it. I dare you. We all dare you. All those people that you fear are staring at you as you “proudly” wear your 99% garb and sit in Starbuck’s griping about corporate greed via your iPad……they’re all tired of your nonsense. They’re all waiting for you to wake up and realize that we are no longer interested in serving your fairy tale version of OUR future. Sit down and shut up.

Another topic being swept under the rug with the assistance of liberal media is the so called “adjustments” to the unemployment numbers. Again, if you dare to bring this up in public, the liberals will attack. They will start screeching like excited little tree monkeys about Bush’s record. They scream really loudly and annoyingly so that you quickly Gas Pricesabandon your argument and run away. That way they can call it a victory but all they did was perpetuate the failure of their Democrat Deity. We receive word from Gallup Polls that the January unemployment numbers are “adjusted seasonally” but are expected to worsen when the government releases it’s numbers for February in March. Don’t you worry though, between now and then the media will most assuredly give all the teat-dependent progressives all the data they need to prove that this too is somehow Bush’s fault or better yet the “Republican Congress” to which they so often point.

We’re not allowed to call the Contraception Mandate an attack on religious freedoms. To suggest that Obama telling Insurance Companies that they must provide abortifacients and other forms of birth control, for free, to a group that has been adamantly and publicly against such practices for decades, is arrogantly dismissed as the ravings of a zealot. Tell a Catholic that they have to start providing insurance to their employees in which abortions are covered is in no way an attack on religion but accidentally set fire to a few Qur’an’s and military policy and training must immediately be changed. Apologies must be delivered swiftly. I’m called a “bible-thumper” for sticking up for my own impenetrable Faith, but no one questions the motives of the Muslims when they get a little worked up. Can anyone legitimately explain why that seems to be acceptable? We are allowed religious freedom in this country. That means we have the right to practice the religion of our choosing when, where, and how our faith commands. Christianity was the chosen religion of the men who wrote that law, but nowhere did they say “you must be a Christian.” We’re not demanding that Obama name  Christianity as the Official Religion of the United States. I’m sick of that argument. What we are demanding is that Obama and his Constitutionally ignorant health-care bill refrain from making any demands that would require ANY religion to go against their stated tradition, rule, or practice. Got it, left-wingers? Your license to spew nonsense has just been revoked. We value religion in our presidents because of the inherent discipline required of true Faith. Regardless of what I think of Mormons, I know for a fact that Mitt Romney applies more self-discipline to his life than Barack Obama because of his sincere faith. Same goes for Santorum. Obama attempts to mold his Faith to fit his ideological needs and he fails to see that this is exactly the reason his mandate has been greeted with such revolt. What he has done, albeit unintentionally, is to unite all Christian Faiths in America. Thanks for that, Barry.

Chevy VoltGas prices are getting too out of hand for established Obama rhetoric to contain. In the coming weeks he will be speaking at several events designed to convince us that his administration has done everything they can to “expand domestic exploration and development of alternative fuel sources to combat cyclical spikes in gas prices.” You hear that folks? It has nothing to do with failed investments or weakened foreign policy. It has nothing to do with unfettered lunacy in Iran. It’s all just cyclical, so settle down.  Let’s look at the facts of just one of Obama’s “alternative fuel source exploration” plans and how it worked out, shall we? Obama signed the check for the auto bailout designed by George W. Bush after he had the opportunity to add several of his own self-serving, ideological, caveats to the document itself. During his rule of the American Auto Industry, Obama demanded the production of the Chevy Volt and gave hundreds of millions of OUR dollars to companies that would build the components for this bold yet forced venture. What did we factually receive for that enormous investment? Chrysler is now owned in Italy…..GM is performing only slightly better than Ford who did not take any bailout funds…..A123 Systems and Ener1 who both received HUGE loans as part of the energy department’s loan bonanza are now in bankruptcy…..and the Chevy Volt which can’t seem to stay flame-free, is now the center of a taxpayer funded Congressional Investigation. Jobs were supposed to flock to these mechanisms of liberal orthodoxy but instead, our “adjusted” unemployment rate now looks to be a whole 1.4 percentage points WORSE than it was when he took office. Go ahead, liberals… me a liar.

We are not the ones passing meaningless laws to aide in future arguments. We are not the ones forcing ideology where free-market competition is needed. We are not covering our mistakes with your money.

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mercy and Justice – Divorced….

By: J Robert Giles

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“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.”   - Aristotle

Does everyone remember the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Nazis removed the lid to the Ark of the Covenant and their faces immediately melted? As gory as that Justice scene was, there was some pretty impressive symbolism contained within it. The angels that appear on top of the Ark represent Mercy. The Ten Commandments inside the Ark represent Justice. The two of them are not supposed to be separated. Not in the symbolic metaphor of the ark which will apparently lead to melt-face, as it’s medically known; or in the spiritual sense.

For many of us, Church has always been that one place where we can go and escape whatever is happening in the world outside its walls. For one hour, every Sunday, I’m part of a community with one common goal. As soon as I buckle into my car and get back on the road with those same people, all sense of community is forgotten as I assume everyone outside the glass of my own vehicle is a slow, lost, imbecile who should have their license suspended for excess stupidity. That’s outside the Church; inside is another story. Inside, we’re safe. Inside we’re all working together, Ark trying to make our own life one that reflects our collective adherence to laws that transcend even the Constitution of the United States. The Word of God, and the Ten Commandments have always been our sense of Justice and Mercy. They’ve been the laws that we obey without the aid of an attorney. They’re the basis for the laws that govern the world beyond the stained glass and brick because mercy is contained within their simplicity.

When His Barackness decided that he couldn’t wait for thousands of years of Catholic belief to catch up to his genius, he was essentially telling anyone who believes in God that their beliefs are less meaningful than those of Barack Hussein Obama and his minions. He was separating mercy and justice in our lives. He was announcing to the world that he is more merciful than God and that his law is more powerful than the laws of God. I don’t think he anticipated the reaction he is getting. There are several reports that Obama and Biden disagreed heavily over this contraception issue, but their disagreements were based only in political strategy, not morality. The reality of the situation is that we have a President who believes himself to be well beyond the scope of our limited comprehension. We are expected to forsake all previous convictions, beliefs, morals and foundations and blindly follow the Immaculated One into whatever journey he sees fit. Many were willing to take that journey back in 2008. I’ve said it many times, the man can run a campaign. No one can take that away from him. He would be the perfect man for the job if I was looking to market a movie but sadly that’s not the job he’s been asked to do. He’s been asked to lead the United Sates of America but the only Americans to receive any of his attention are those with whom he shares a vehement loyalty to liberal orthodoxy. Many of my fellow “right-wingers” feel that it’s bad form to call those who support Obama “uninformed.” They say it equates to name-calling but I whole heartedly disagree. I personally feel that “uninformed” is about as nicely as I could put it.  Anyone who is willing to honestly look at the record of this president and pledge their continued loyalty is either uninformed or intentionally stupid. Which is worse?

Those stuck in the liberal quicksand will take that comment to mean that I am calling all democrats “stupid.” That could not be further from the truth. There will be many brilliant people who cast their vote for Barack Obama in November. The problem is that Obama’s re-election will help them personally in some way. They have allowed self-Ten Obamaments interest to get in the way of the greater good but that’s called being human. It’s one of those things that is only visible when it’s happening in someone else’s life. Those who truly want to see America advance in the necessary areas could not possibly vote for him. I personally believe that Obama’s camp is suffering big-time right now. Not financially although I’m sure even that measurable statistic is coming in far below expectations. He cannot avoid the fact that his record has failed. He no longer has the noose of “America’s first black president” to slip over the neck of our country.

Mercy and Justice are not supposed to be separated. They are a package deal that man alone is not meant to manage or interpret. Do what’s right and your world will thrive. Do what’s wrong and your world will suffer. The Bible could not be more clear on this point, yet we continue to justify our actions through interpretations that help only our cause. As a very wise mentor of mine recently said, we suffer from “terminal uniqueness.” We all believe that we are special enough as individuals to live outside of established logic. We watch news stories about Obama stripping away another of our rights and we believe that it’s happening to someone else, but he has finally overstepped a bound. He finally seems to have stepped over that line from which even his sickening arrogance can’t yank him back. Those blindly loyal to party lines or skin color must now choose the Word of God over the word of the Democrat Deity. The looks on many of the faces in the capacity crowd at my church on Sunday told me that many have already made that decision. While I would love to believe that Obama has sent a lot of Democrats over to the Republican side, I think reality gives us a more logical scenario. He’s taken the wind out of their sails. He’s taken their energy. They were willing to support him until he invaded their Churches. Now, confusion has set in. Voting for a man who shows such obvious disdain for the Word of God would be like punching many of our deceased loved ones in the face. I can’t possibly imagine justifying a vote for a man with Obama’s questionable  religious principals to either of my grandfathers. The reason religion is so important in politics is not because we want someone to force religion down the throats of people who don’t want it, but because religion represents a discipline in one’s life that is pure. It’s a moral compass to which the majority of us can relate. How we interpret the readings of that compass is based on personal experience, but Faith in general is a common, undeniable force that transcends politics. A man who would dare to fake such beliefs for political reasoning is simply evil. We must pounce.

The Contraception Mandate was just the latest example of people bursting back to lucidity after three years under the intoxicating haze of Obama’s hype. A substantial number of his supporters are now left disoriented and wandering where they had once felt the confidence and strength to race. They’re simply not willing to get back up and run for this man. We must pounce. We must attack and keep these thoughts in their heads. While I would love to see all of them go cast their vote for our eventual nominee, I would rather just have them stay home and save their vote. Encourage such decisions wherever you see an opportunity. Mercy and Justice are not meant to separated. They cannot be separated by changing the name of a bill from ObamaCare to the Affordable Care Act. They cannot be separated with “compromises” to horrendously liberal mandates. They cannot be separated by calling yourself the “champion of the 99%” and then taking 16 luxury vacations in just three years.  They cannot be separated by dismissingly laughing at questions of morality. They cannot be separated with the destructive blasts of conclusively failed investment philosophies.

Take the fight to them. There are people out there who are truly on the fence right now. In this election, we cannot afford to look at the “undecided voter” as stupid, or uninformed. We must look at the undecided voter as an opportunity. There can be no mistake left undisclosed. No failure left without broadcast. No deceit left unexposed. Confront him and his ideology wherever it appears. As I’ve said many times,  the Presidency is only the first game in a long season.

Keep your eyes on the prize and as always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles

Friday, February 17, 2012

Give Me Your Lunch Money…

By: J Robert Giles

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“Part of your heritage in this society is the opportunity to become financially independent.” 

- Jim Rohn


The idea behind the Social Security program is a noble one. Like so many other important documents in American History (don’t worry Mr. President, I won’t use that pesky “C” word that rhymes with Constitution) the Social Security Act has been twisted and manipulated through decades of misinterpretation and exploitation. I apologize for going all “Rhyme Master Jesse Jackson” on you, but it had to be done.

In the very first paragraph of the Historical Background and Development of Social Security we are reminded that “all people’s throughout history have faced the uncertainties brought on by unemployment, illness, disability, death, and old age. In the realm of economics, these inevitable facets of life are said to be threats to one’s economic images security.” While I am positively ecstatic to see that the government understands death is a serious impediment with regards to earnings potential, I’m less than thrilled with anything I’ve heard from our government about fixing the problems Social Security faces. Lawmakers keep enacting laws by which honorably created systems and policies have become the weapons of our own destruction.

Social Security was the subject of manipulation before it even existed. Civil War pensions were awarded to survivors of soldiers killed in the Civil War. The very first “social security” type of a program. The surviving family would receive a monthly salary equal to that which the soldier could have earned if disabled instead of, you know…..deadsies. Soon, the disabled veterans got wind of this and the benefits program was amended so that they could receive benefits too. The manipulation came when much younger women would marry very old, and very disabled Civil War veterans because they would inherit the Civil War Pension benefits when the veteran died. Benefits from this program were still being paid to surviving widows as recently as 1999. That’s Civil War benefits being paid in 1999! The Social Security act as we know it today was originally unleashed in 1935. In it’s idea and original intent, the plan is admirable. Unfortunately, it’s original intent is a distant memory.

Decades of loopholes being exploited, politics determining accounting, and miscalculations to the tune of $800 Billion, the Trust Fund from which Social Security benefits are paid is drying up like an Arizona puddle in July. Every time a budget is released, the estimated year of solvency gets closer and closer. 2041… it’s 2036…next year it will be 2031….until we are finally told that the fund was actually used to keep Elvis Presley in hiding in a sophisticated lair somewhere in the South Pacific. Money has been siphoned off into various government programs under the guise of “temporary loans.” Loan implies intent to pay back the money. No such intent was ever given and no money has been paid back. Individuals have learned to “milk the system” and millions are receiving benefits that would not have been awarded under the intent of the original law. Congressmen have given passionate speeches about reforming the abusive looting, but very little has actually been done to stop it. This is not necessarily meant to be a blame game as any evidence I could throw out of a Democrat abusing the program, Republicans have done the same. The point is that changes are needed regardless of your individual party affiliation.

Brenton Smith, of Fix Social Security Now, LLC compares the current system of Social Security to “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic to accommodate moreTitanic passengers.” He’s right. Although I’m glad Mr. Smith is willing to assume the role of financial genius, one is not required to see that Social Security does indeed need some fixing.

First of all, any Financial Advisor who lays out a Financial Plan for you in which the majority of your retirement years assume income provided by social security should be stripped of his licensing at a very minimum. Social Security simply can’t continue to provide the benefits it provides with the money it takes in. Another Brenton Smith quote that perfectly explains our current system is that we are essentially “charging our 401(k) contributions to our children’s credit cards.” That’s not really fair, is it? The idea of privatizing Social Security is always greeted with quick dismissal and incredulous argument from Congressional types. My personal argument, as is so often the case, completely dismisses the self-serving, manipulative, deceitful opinions of politicians and is instead based in logic. I understand that Americans, all of us, are complete idiots when it comes to spending habits. We are the reason the “impulse buy” was invented. With that in mind, it is admirable that the government tried to implement a system by which the latter years of our life are protected from disability, etc. The financial and social landscape of this country and the world have changed significantly over the lifetime of Social Security and it is time the plan itself get an overhaul to reflect such progress and to defend against the deterioration in work ethic and lifespan.

For example, according to the National Center for Health and Statistics, the average life expectancy in 1935 was 61.7 years. In 2010, it was 78.7. The retirement age was assumed to be 65 when the program was originally launched. The math was similar to that behind the low premiums of Term Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance is less expensive than Whole Life, or Permanent Insurance because all the risk is assumed by the policy holder. In order for you to receive anything for the premiums you pay into a term policy, you have to die within the “term.” They have entire teams of nerds down in the corporate “Nerdery” that determine the likelihood of you dying within that term and they come up with a premium based on that calculation. (Drastically paraphrased and simplified explanation. Somebody toss some pocket protectors and asthma inhalers down into the aforementioned nerdery before we have a socially awkward uprising on our hands.) The same can be said of the original Social Security plan. The theory was that many would pay into the system for decades only to die before claiming any benefits to which they were eligible. Kind of morbid financial philosophy, but sound. For that particular time. The problem is that very little was done to combat the fact that people began retiring earlier and living longer, thus taking more from the plan than originally projected. That, on top of the fact that Congress raided the coffers with alarming frequency and an epic mess was created. It’s time for change.

The first and most apparent change I can see is to get Social Security immediately and irrevocably out of the hands of Congress. Much of this argument will be met with applause from those on the right side of our political system because it suggests limiting government. That’s exactly what I suggest. Limit government so that they can no longer spend MY money on things I don’t want, need, approve of, or know about. I don’t believe I should support a system that our own government sees as “unsustainable.” I don’t believe I should be asked to cover up the crimes of career politicians with more of my money. That does not mean that I believe we should shut down the idea of saving Congress for retirement or preventative saving. I just believe the system by which both are done should be updated to reflect current actuarial and morbidity statistics; the financial landscape and options of today’s market; today’s spending habits and overall financial attitudes. Millions of Americans contribute the maximum allowable amount to various retirement accounts every year. Millions of Americans pay for some form of disability insurance every year, whether it be short term disability to cover birth and maternity leave, or long term disability to cover catastrophic injury. The point is that everything the Social Security program was originally intended to cover can now be covered on a much more personalized level through private means. Enact laws that require Americans to cover these “inevitable facets of life” as the Social Security Administration refers to them. Payment into some kind of future protection is required by law, but just like an IRA, citizens would be allowed to choose the kind of protection that best serves their individual needs. The current system does not attract new money because no one wants to toss money at a doomed investment. The money that the current system does manage to attract is not accurately or prudently managed. Give Americans the choice to pay more into the system if their individual position allows, or to pay less if they choose to invest elsewhere, or not at all. You are paid according to what you put in. If you pay $50 for a steak you sure as heck better get more steak than the guy who pays $10 for a steak sandwich. And if you choose to go to a pricey steak-house, surrounded by ambience and welcoming wait-staff, you should expect to get a little more for your money than the guy ordering the steak and eggs at the all night diner across the freeway from the airport. Give us a choice.

People will scream that this is just another step toward socialism but I whole heartedly disagree. First of all, socialism wants everything controlled by the government… Americans a choice is anything but socialism. Put competition to work in the financial field. Let them compete for our business. The ones who manipulate or take us for granted will collapse. No more bailouts. It’s time for change in every “inevitable facet” of our lives but the most urgent change is the change in the attitudes of America itself. We have to believe the changes we want are possible and we then have to go out there and make it happen. Will the ultimate Social Security program look anything like the one I’ve described? Possibly. There will be some negotiations and concessions, but in the end there will be change. There will be change because we are demanding change in every part of our lives now owned by the people we elect. We’re taking back our future before it evaporates like Obama in a bath of Holy Water. The tightly coiled, corn-backed rattlesnake of a budget that His Barackness laid on the carpet of America last week is just another example of the changes we must force. We can’t leave our future in their hands and expect them to cherish the responsibility. They’re the bullies who keep taking our lunch money, but guess what……that kid they used to pick on and steal from…..he hit a growth spurt over the summer and he’s looking to exact a little revenge!

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let Go Of My Country….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.”   - Henry David Thoreau


In Monday’s article we looked at what is really necessary to correct the course on which our country is now travelling. The needs go far beyond the 2012 Presidential Election and politics in general. The Election is just the first game of the season, but there are a lot more to go.

In the fall of 1991, Coach William Randolph of Fishburne Military School stood in the stagnant air of the visitor’s locker room at Randolph Macon Military Academy in Central Virginia. His anxious team huddled around him, most seated. His face was visibly agitated as he stumbled for the words to launch them out into competition. The entire team 1691OP was well aware of the fact that it had been a long, long time since Fishburne had tasted victory against that day’s opponent. His face reddened as he began to speak. “Today is their Homecoming Day. They invited us here to play them on their Homecoming Day. Do you gentlemen have any idea what that means?” The veins in his neck were now at a distractingly visible bulge. “They invited us here because they thought we would make a nice starter to the festivities of their weekend! They thought we would just lay down and let them march victoriously off to their Homecoming Dinner with a big smile on their face! Well guess what, men….dinner is about to get up off the table and gnaw on their throats! We are NO ONE’s scheduled victory! We are NO ONE’s commencement ceremony! They can have their party, but the mood will be somber. Their bodies will be bruised. Victory will be absent.” 

Randolph Macon was soundly defeated that day, and Fishburne went on to win the Conference Championship that season. Coach Randolph’s screaming, spitting words still ring out in my ears whenever I need motivation. It wasn’t just the words that inspired the team that day, it was the passion behind them. It was the level of emotion his words were able to inspire in us that ultimately delivered victory. (After the game, we were able to laugh about the fact that Coach Randolph was the only injury of that game. He punched a tree at half-time to motivate us. Laughter is often very motivating!) The point of the story is that we are a country in desperate need need of motivation. We need someone who believes in us and is willing to fight alongside us as we battle a formidable opponent. Now, it would be easy to assume that America is the team and the President is our coach in this little metaphor. That’s how we’ve been programmed. Switch it. No longer do we take our orders from our elected officials. We’re here to take back what a corrupt and incredulous government has taken from us. Like we said yesterday, jerk the wheel to the right before we Sheen ourselves over a cliff! Determine our own course of action and demand nothing less than absolute adherence by our elected officials.

We the people who continue to work our tails off in order to survive in the nightmare of today’s reality have become the underdogs. We are the ones that the left dares to laugh at. They have deployed a brilliant game plan over the past decade or so, you have to give it to them. They duped us. They attacked our weaknesses and it is now time to fight back. It is time to fight for our morals. Whether you are religious or not, it is time to put theological differences aside and demand better from our world. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Amy Winehouse lived lives completely void of morality yet in their deaths we are ordered to believe they were saints. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen die following orders of protected men yet our very own Supreme Court can’t protect their funerals from disgusting protest. It’s time to fight for your family. Their attacks on family have not gone unnoticed. It’s time to fight for our children. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s time to step up and help those of us who do to tell the United States Government that they not know better than parents. Not on any subject. We will decide what’s best for our kids and for them to believe there is another option speaks volumes as to the level of arrogance found in our common enemy.  They have their anointed deity at the core of their arrogance. Most of Barack Hussein Obama’s support comes in the form of those blindly loyal to party or skin-color. We must be louder. We must broadcast his record nonstop, but our focus must be on the years after his presidency. Liberal virus has infected this country and it is time to vaccinate.

Because I pray, I’m a zealot. Because I pray to God, I’m intolerant. Because I oppose abortion, I hate women and their bodies. Because I don’t believe that a latte sipping, tent dwelling, participation trophy shining, moron deserves the same income as a CEO, I’m a fat-cat. Because I’m from Texas, I’m a redneck. Because I believe we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to anyone who has ever worn the uniform of the United States Military, I’m a right-wing nut. Because I believe marriage should be defined as a union capable MegynKellyof creating life, I’m a bigot. Because I think Barack Hussein Obama is an absolutely horrendous stain on the integrity of this great country, I'm a racist.  Enough! All they have is words. They have their voice, and we have allowed it to grow quite loud, but it is still just words. We allow their opinions of what is popular to influence our judgment. Remember just a few years ago when speaking ill of God or His Word was considered ratings suicide. It was akin to repeatedly using the “N-Word” on Prime Time TV. It wasn’t allowed. Can anyone tell me when it became okay to openly mock the teachings of the Bible? I’m not suggesting that every show recite scripture and every actress wear a turtleneck. So, help me….if Megyn Kelly shows up in a turtleneck tomorrow, I’m destroying my satellite dish! All I’m demanding is that we take the moral compass out of the box in the attic, dust it off, and take a gander at it. I’m not asking that all teachers be fired and every parent be given permission to educate their own children. I’m demanding that union interests be ignored entirely. I’m asking for the choice to have my tax dollars support a school my child attends by choice and aptitude rather than one the government chooses for me.

Get up! Demand the changes you want to see. Enlighten those who have veered too far to the left. The fight is tough but you are not alone. The temptations are almost irresistible but together we can strip them of their power. Demand better. Not just in your president, or your Congressman, or your actors, singers, authors, teachers, lawyers, bankers, athletes, and neighbors; but demand better from yourself. They have exposed our weaknesses, but they have in turn left themselves exposed. Attack and defeat. Now.

In a prayer before the Kansas House of Representatives in 1996, Pastor Joe Wright of Wichita, Kansas said:

“Heavenly Father…..we come before you today and pray your forgiveness and seek your direction and guidance. We know your Word says ‘woe to those who call evil good’ but that’s exactly what we’ve done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values. We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of your word and called it moral pluralism. We have worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism. We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have neglected the needy and called it self preservation. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justified. We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building esteem. We have abused power and called it political savvy. We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.”

Go ahead…..bring on the “extremist” nonsense, lefties! We’re done playing by your rules, listening to your values, and we are most assuredly done welcoming your invasions. 

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Jerk The Wheel….

By: J Robert Giles

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“We made too many wrong mistakes.”   - Yogi Berra


The driver’s side wheels of our country are racing along the quickly eroding edge of a cliff. It’s time to jerk the wheel to the right before we Sheen ourselves. Many of us have noticed, over the past few weeks, that Obama seems to be probing us. He seems to be poking around at our exposed areas, trying to find points of weakness. The Department of C'Mon Baby Health and Human Services debacle of last week…..the ensuing “compromise” that is almost more insulting than the original mandate….the steaming pile of budget that he hurled at us this morning. Barack Hussein Obama and his Alliance of Failure are doing everything they can to implement as many of their failed ideas as possible before November. This would appear to be a sign that they have at least acknowledged the possibility of defeat in November. In fact, I would go so far as to say that his recent actions clearly confess the fact that Obama is beginning to feel the walls closing in on him.

Don’t be fooled by the confident smirk on his face as he pitches the benefits of this politically charged, gimmick riddled, designed to fail budget. Don’t believe the numbers his supporters like Chief of Staff Jacob Lew spew out at us. No sir. It does NOT require 60 votes to pass a budget, it requires 50 and you should know that if I do! Democrats have enough votes to pass a budget if passing the budget was an actual goal. It is not. Do not be fooled. Do not listen to the forthcoming hogwash about Lew meaning that it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster, and other such nonsense. That is not what he said. This budget, just like so many of the jobs bills proposed recently, are designed to be politically advantageous to the Obama administration in their intended failure. As a safety measure, why don’t we just go ahead and assume that every single carefully scripted word that comes from the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama is designed to give him some sort of vague point of reference in a future speech, ad, or negotiation. “C’Mon guys, you know, I tried to help y’all out back in February but you shot down my budget.” It will be factually true, but carefully void of details that we won’t be able to recall unless we keep the facts readily accessible in our minds. Obama’s manipulations do not make his supporters “stupid” or “weak.” It simply means that he is very good at what he does. We must counter his voice in this election. He’s counting on the ridiculously limited attention span of each and every one of us. That’s each and every one of us individually. That’s how Obama and the left see their roles in American Politics. They see themselves as ambassadors of individual citizens instead of guardians of the country. They see the buildings in which their offices are held as their own instead of graciously donated space. Their policies and decisions help the vocal few while destroying the integrity of the United States, domestically and globally.

Obama’s attempts will be relentless. The contraception mandate and this debt raising, job destroying budget he coiled onto the carpet of the voting public this morning are just the beginning. Every action between now and November 6, 2012 is designed to ignite a future passion in his loyal armies. We can extinguish that passion but it will require the relentless effort of each and every one of us. Our counter-measures must be immediate and devastating. Yes, the election is important. Not only the Presidential Election but the 2014 Congressional Elections as well. Those are important, but their importance pales in comparison to the unified front we must present in response to Obama’s2012 Budget onslaught of deceit. No matter who we nominate, if elected, will be an improvement over Obama. I don’t think anyone will sincerely oppose that statement. Yes, I believe Gingrich would wipe the floor with Obama in a debate and I would love to see it, but more than that, I would love to see how many people I can get to vote (R) in this election who voted (INCORRECT) in the last one. He dares to propose a budget that includes $800 million dollars of our money going to help “Arab countries rocked by revolution.” Hey, Barry: You could instead send roughly $2.57 to every single American to aid us in recovering from your presidency. You could put that money back in the Solyndra, A123 Systems, Ener1, Loan Debacle Pile. Stop sending our money to people who don’t want, appreciate, or deserve it. Leave it at home where it can help the people you were elected to lead and protect. Get your responses out there immediately and don’t stop screaming them until this man calls in sick on election day. Scream it! Jerk the wheel!

Confront every form of leftist thought that has managed to invade your life. Indoctrination has begun and it won’t take you long to look around your family and admit evidence of such. Jerk the wheel back to the right. Has it been a while since you attended Church? Get in there and get your head right. Do you feel yourself getting increasingly disgusted with what’s considered acceptable TV? Stop watching. Jerk the wheel to the right. Our unified voice is growing and we simply cannot afford to have it silenced. We must take advantage of their weaknesses just as they are trying to do with our own. They throw a “Bush’s fault” at us and we waste time defending history instead of watching them sneak another failure past us. Jerk the wheel to the right. So much of what is thought in this country is sadly based upon what’s “popular” or “trending.” We gripe about this fact all the time. We cry out to the heavens for answers and explanations as to the celebrity and fortune of all Kardashians, yet we have done nothing to take advantage of the exposed weakness therein. Thought is driven by what’s popular, so change what’s popular. Stand firm in your convictions and don’t run from those who disagree. Without the power of popular thought, Obama’s record destroys him. There are others Take Back America who believe as you do. There are others who believe as you do within earshot of whatever argument you may face. Just because the left has managed to be louder doesn’t mean they win. Obama declares his own opinion to be more relevant than that of the Church; take his blasphemous ass to task. (Sorry, Mom & Dad. It enrages me and I will happily accept your guidance back to sanity later!) Whatever or whoever Obama attacks, support them. Whoever he supports, tear them down. Whenever his argument lacks truth, expose the lie. When he attempts to erase his mistakes with more of our money, explain to those who support such nonsense that they are actually being robbed by the man promising them their “fair share” of free stuff. Keep explaining until you see that light in their eyes register the fact that they have “switched sides” and then send them out to do the same to another misguided soul.

How are we going to defeat the carefully scripted, well funded, political machine that is the Obama Administration? Together. That’s how. We will stand together and we will inspire those who only “want” to believe in Obama’s promises that he can’t possibly deliver on them. We will cut him off at his sneaky little passes. When he claims that we voted down his budget, we will remember the facts surrounding that decision. He’s calling us all “stupid” by assuming that we won’t be able to recall such information by the time he manipulates the facts in an ad or speech. He’s assuming that we’re all too “easily distracted” or just flat-out “weak” to recognize his plots against us. Not only will we remember the facts but we will begin reciting them immediately, relentlessly, and so loudly that they are impossible to ignore. Obama will then flip-flop and “accommodate” us because it’s what’s popular. It will eventually become apparent to those not blindly loyal to a skin color or party that Obama stands for nothing but that which will benefit him and him alone. Men like that are always left exposed, begging, and grasping at power they never really had. Don’t get caught looking at the designed distractions…..stay on point. Ignore conspiracy and focus on truth. There is enough of it to insure his defeat if we stand united, unbreakable, and undeniably resolute. We the people.

As always, thanks for playing,


J. Robert Giles


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Friday, February 10, 2012

Put Up or Shut Up….

BY: J Robert Giles

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“Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.”  - Jean Vanier


Can someone please explain to me why the liberals get to cry as if we’ve just kicked them in their Obamacles whenever we dare to mention God, The Ten Commandments, morality, scripture, verse, or hymn in public but they are then allowed to turn around and dictate morality to the Catholic Church? I am not a Catholic. I am a Christian, but I am not a Catholic. While I find Obama’s assertion that the mandate is “good for poor women” absurd, I have more of a problem with what the ruling represents.

Religion is not real popular among socialists. Religion is loyalty in something bigger than government. That is why Nancy Pelosi looks like a Pomeranian on meth every time she ObamaReligion attempts to defend her past claims of being a “devout Catholic” while maintaining loyalty to the liberal agenda.  Obama and Sebelius have officially made it impossible to do both. While the Catholic Church has maintained a consistent stance on birth control, Obama can’t seem to form a solid definition of “life.” This mandate, while getting a lot of attention and debate in the media is indicative of a much bigger Pelosi problem.

Whether you are religious or not is your own decision. Personally, God has played an enormous role in my life and I pray each day that He plays an even bigger role in my future. I know for a fact that many of the people reading these words feel the same way, but even if you’re not an overly religious person, you have to draw ire from the fact that this mandate is yet another attempt by Barack Hussein Obama and other ACLUeless types to poke holes in the freedoms that helped to create this great country. While the Department of Health and Human Services ruling would not require priests to hand out condoms at Church as some seem to believe, it would require Catholic charities, hospitals, and other organizations who employ large numbers of non-Catholics to provide contraceptives and abortifacients via the invasive scope of ObamaCare. Remember when we lived in a world where the word “abortifacients” rarely surfaced in everyday conversation?

We cannot give in on this, nor can we give in on the next attempt, or the next…. If the government is given more power than the Church, even in an argument for which you personally have no ardent opinions, socialism is assured. Obama cannot be given the freedom to dictate policy to the Church, in any fashion. Obama’s vision requires total government control and religion is a major opposition to this ideology. By giving His Barackness even the slightest permission on these grounds, we have given him control over our morals. He’s shown evidence of such arrogance in his ridiculously self-centered, Prayer Breakfast gaffe in which he insinuated that Jesus Christ would approve of his tax plan. I personally believe lightning should have struck him in the face as soon as he opened with his abhorrently condescending remarks about his “Christian faith” but alas, he Follow was allowed to finish. We cannot give him this win. This mandate represents an invasion. It’s an invasion of our freedoms. As Rick Santorum said in his speech before CPAC this morning, “It’s not about contraception. It’s about economic freedom. It’s about religious freedom. It is government controlling your life and it’s got to stop!” (Dear Howard Dean, THAT would have been the appropriate time for your high-pitched battle cry.)

Those of us who enjoy sex don’t necessarily do so as part of a religious belief. We do so because we’re human and no amount of Church policy is going to change that. We know it’s a sin, but we also know that Christ died on the cross to forgive those sins. We use birth control whether the church tells us to or not. Again, that fact is not going to change any more than people stopped drinking during prohibition. This mandate is no more about such causes than the Senator Obama Championed Senate Bill 511 was about proving John McCain’s citizenship. These types of moves are “testing” or “probing” maneuvers. Just like the many jobs bills he’s sent to Congress knowing they would fail. He didn’t want the bills to pass nearly as much as he wanted to force Republicans to vote them down. He can then use that information in a future campaign ad claiming that he would have saved us already if mean old Republicans didn’t keep shooting down all his good ideas. Allowed to stand, this ruling moves us one step closer to socialism. Allowed to stand, this ruling moves us one step closer to The Holy Bible as seen through the All-Powerful Eyes of Your United States Government. ObamaCare does not care for “the poor” or “provide access” as the left likes to tout. What it does is promote an ideology that the liberal view of birth control is more important than the view of a religious organization. I don’t necessarily agree with all the views of the Catholic Church, but I’ll fight to the death for their right to honor them over the political ideology of a controversial bill.

Faith is a belief in something that cannot be seen. Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama can be seen. He can be seen bulldozing any belief that contradicts his liberal orthodoxy. This is causing some organizations, communities, and longtime party-line voters to take notice. His brazen disregard for individual thought is starting to infringe upon freedoms granted by issues that transcend politics or government. I’m not real sure Obama believes such issues exist. He can make all the politically motivated “adjustments” he wants, but the fact is that this contraception mandate is just another failed attempt to indoctrinate a nation viewed as weak and controllable. Moreover, Shattered it’s an attempt to indoctrinate a nation viewed as being in need of this type of control. Put it into this perspective if your mind can possibly absorb it – Vice President Biden was the voice of reason in this “accommodation” as the White House is insisting we call it. Does that tell you anything? Joe Biden, who is normally kept in a day-care facility in the basement of the White House, was among many other democratic leaders urging Obama to make this concession. (Yes, Barackula, it was a “concession” no matter what you order the media to call it.) The concession now orders that insurance companies, not the employers, provide the contraceptive care. Great, they arrive in a different box, but religious institutions, charities, and universities are still required to provide the coverage which in turn provides things that go against their beliefs. It’s a carefully worded, veiled, vote saving maneuver that in effect changes nothing. This man is swine and he must go.

Stand up. Get mad. Whether you’re religious or not, if we keep giving Obama and all those on the left who think as he does the permission to chip away at our freedoms, we can’t complain when our country is run under the rule of their thumbs. Shout out ObamaShattered against the biting sting of media onslaught. One of the men left in the GOP race will be charged with the task of defeating Obama in November, but it is the duty of each and every one of us to keep the fire of this week going. Remember that he claimed Jesus Christ’s endorsement. Remember that his mind and his decisions belong to liberal ideology exclusively, to the point where his own Vice President has had to fight tooth and nail to get him to reverse a re-election destroying stance. Can you imagine that level of lunacy? We will elect a President in November, but it is the duty and responsibility of every American to keep him accountable, each and every day. It is our job to educate those blindly loyal to a party that has lost it’s way. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to stand up and stare down the destructive support our once trusted media has given to ideology over morality. Fight! Fight for the freedoms you hold dear and fight for the freedoms your neighbors hold dear. When you encounter someone who believes government knows better than individual, educate them. When you encounter someone who claims Obama has made rational decisions, silence them. When they try to sneak past our defenses, punish them. Our country is falling apart at the seams and we must repair it ourselves. A president is only as good as the morale of his country will permit. Get a President in office who’s on our side for a change, takeover the senate and force them to act according to the Constitutional intent set forth at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1786. Dammit I want to tackle something!!! (Insert Braveheart scene here.)

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