Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hope and Change Are On Life-Support….

By: J Robert Giles

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“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”   - George Orwell


I can always tell how well one of my articles is doing by the number of hateful responses and e-mails I get from liberal “intellects.” Yesterday’s article about Obama’s attack on Deceit religion seemed to hit home for a few of them. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are a lot of people in the world with which we surround ourselves who are really struggling to defend the Immaculated One right now. We must strike while that iron is hot. Here’s a few things we should try to point out to all those liberals still clinging to the hype.

The always entertaining and perpetually surprised Nancy Pelosi has apparently opened her giant eyes long enough to read a new book she believes to contain lessons we all need to learn. The book was written by the always “fair” and always “wrong” Bill Press and it’s called The Obama Hate Machine. (Sorry, Bill….I just don’t have room in my online store for your book.) In this book, Mr. Press asserts that all presidents are due some level of vetting but the “personal attacks” against Barack Hussein Obama have gone too far. If you’re noticing a pattern here it’s because every time someone disagrees with liberal ideology, they call it “hate” or a “personal attack.” Banished are words and Unemployed phrases like “it’s the truth” or “factually.” Pelosi herself has come out and said that “in a poisoned political climate, negative personal attacks on President Obama must have no place in public discourse.” Seriously, Nancy? I don’t even know where to start. Are we supposed to just forget that she has personally attacked anybody who has ever looked at her funny. I heard that Pelosi once made a child slaughter her own puppy because the puppy “looked Republican.” As ridiculous as that statement may sound, it’s ever bit as credible as anything to come out of Nancy Pelosi's mouth in the last three years. Why is it that Barack Obama is beyond reproach in the eyes of the liberals? Why are we not allowed to disagree with this man, or continue to ask questions until answers are given but the left is encouraged to keep the whole “Bush lost in 2000” cow-patty baking in the nurturing glow of our attention? When we ask a question about Obama’s performance as Commander in Chief, why is it always answered with misinterpreted data about the Bush Presidency? We’re not asking you to recite Bush’s record…..we’re asking you to defend your own? Can you do that? Can you do it without resorting to childish tantrums and wildly inaccurate accusations? Can you do it without sounding arrogantly uninformed? Try it. I dare you. We all dare you. All those people that you fear are staring at you as you “proudly” wear your 99% garb and sit in Starbuck’s griping about corporate greed via your iPad……they’re all tired of your nonsense. They’re all waiting for you to wake up and realize that we are no longer interested in serving your fairy tale version of OUR future. Sit down and shut up.

Another topic being swept under the rug with the assistance of liberal media is the so called “adjustments” to the unemployment numbers. Again, if you dare to bring this up in public, the liberals will attack. They will start screeching like excited little tree monkeys about Bush’s record. They scream really loudly and annoyingly so that you quickly Gas Pricesabandon your argument and run away. That way they can call it a victory but all they did was perpetuate the failure of their Democrat Deity. We receive word from Gallup Polls that the January unemployment numbers are “adjusted seasonally” but are expected to worsen when the government releases it’s numbers for February in March. Don’t you worry though, between now and then the media will most assuredly give all the teat-dependent progressives all the data they need to prove that this too is somehow Bush’s fault or better yet the “Republican Congress” to which they so often point.

We’re not allowed to call the Contraception Mandate an attack on religious freedoms. To suggest that Obama telling Insurance Companies that they must provide abortifacients and other forms of birth control, for free, to a group that has been adamantly and publicly against such practices for decades, is arrogantly dismissed as the ravings of a zealot. Tell a Catholic that they have to start providing insurance to their employees in which abortions are covered is in no way an attack on religion but accidentally set fire to a few Qur’an’s and military policy and training must immediately be changed. Apologies must be delivered swiftly. I’m called a “bible-thumper” for sticking up for my own impenetrable Faith, but no one questions the motives of the Muslims when they get a little worked up. Can anyone legitimately explain why that seems to be acceptable? We are allowed religious freedom in this country. That means we have the right to practice the religion of our choosing when, where, and how our faith commands. Christianity was the chosen religion of the men who wrote that law, but nowhere did they say “you must be a Christian.” We’re not demanding that Obama name  Christianity as the Official Religion of the United States. I’m sick of that argument. What we are demanding is that Obama and his Constitutionally ignorant health-care bill refrain from making any demands that would require ANY religion to go against their stated tradition, rule, or practice. Got it, left-wingers? Your license to spew nonsense has just been revoked. We value religion in our presidents because of the inherent discipline required of true Faith. Regardless of what I think of Mormons, I know for a fact that Mitt Romney applies more self-discipline to his life than Barack Obama because of his sincere faith. Same goes for Santorum. Obama attempts to mold his Faith to fit his ideological needs and he fails to see that this is exactly the reason his mandate has been greeted with such revolt. What he has done, albeit unintentionally, is to unite all Christian Faiths in America. Thanks for that, Barry.

Chevy VoltGas prices are getting too out of hand for established Obama rhetoric to contain. In the coming weeks he will be speaking at several events designed to convince us that his administration has done everything they can to “expand domestic exploration and development of alternative fuel sources to combat cyclical spikes in gas prices.” You hear that folks? It has nothing to do with failed investments or weakened foreign policy. It has nothing to do with unfettered lunacy in Iran. It’s all just cyclical, so settle down.  Let’s look at the facts of just one of Obama’s “alternative fuel source exploration” plans and how it worked out, shall we? Obama signed the check for the auto bailout designed by George W. Bush after he had the opportunity to add several of his own self-serving, ideological, caveats to the document itself. During his rule of the American Auto Industry, Obama demanded the production of the Chevy Volt and gave hundreds of millions of OUR dollars to companies that would build the components for this bold yet forced venture. What did we factually receive for that enormous investment? Chrysler is now owned in Italy…..GM is performing only slightly better than Ford who did not take any bailout funds…..A123 Systems and Ener1 who both received HUGE loans as part of the energy department’s loan bonanza are now in bankruptcy…..and the Chevy Volt which can’t seem to stay flame-free, is now the center of a taxpayer funded Congressional Investigation. Jobs were supposed to flock to these mechanisms of liberal orthodoxy but instead, our “adjusted” unemployment rate now looks to be a whole 1.4 percentage points WORSE than it was when he took office. Go ahead, liberals… me a liar.

We are not the ones passing meaningless laws to aide in future arguments. We are not the ones forcing ideology where free-market competition is needed. We are not covering our mistakes with your money.

As always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles