Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Really Loud Baby Steps…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor than to divide the spoil with the proud.”  - Proverbs 16:19




Over the last several weeks I have heard the term “negative campaign” no fewer than a trillion times. Remember when “trillion” used to sound like a made-up number? I’ve heard a lot of people suggest that the negative attack ads have gone far enough. Gingrich came out and said that he lost the Florida Primary because Romney had more money to spend on negative ads. While that may be true, it clearly spells out that Obama would literally wipe the floor with Gingrich. Not in a debate. Heavens no! Obama would tuck tail and hide like a puppy in a thunderstorm if he faced Gingrich in a live debate but I do not believe that’s the direction we are headed as a country. Gingrich just doesn’t seem to be gaining the same ground that Romney is. Romney has stood by, consistently, and weathered the storm thus far and maybe that’s all we need in THIS election.

Please hear what I am saying……I am not saying that Romney has all of the answers but I do sincerely believe that he has enough of the answers that we should cast our vote his way should he be the one representing Obama’s opposition in November. In this particular election, Mormonism may actually prove to be Romney’s biggest asset if we can keep the negative ads going until Obama starts throwing his absurdly large war-chest at him. If we can get all of Romney’s dirty little secrets out in the open during the primary CliffDive cycle, there will be very little left to attack when he’s the official nominee. We all know he’s rich. We all know he made money off of things liberals hate, but he’s survived that revelation. There aren’t any skeletons in the closet of a man like Romney. Newt can’t honestly make that statement and I think we’re all well aware of it. I respect Gingrich. I would love to see him as our President someday but I don’t think we’re ready as a country just yet. We all think we are, but in reality, we’re not. We hate the swerve to the left we took back in 2008 but we can’t just jerk the wheel back to the right without tipping over and sliding over the edge of the cliff. I believe they call that “overcorrecting” or “losing.”

One thing I know for sure is that we need to deliver a crystal clear message to Barack Hussein Obama and all those who so blindly support him. This verbal garbage about not voting if “your” candidate doesn’t get the nod has got to stop. Division and stubbornness leaves us facing the very real possibility of four more years of Jon Corzine-esque decisions. Obama is out there raising millions by the day. We all know the man can run an excellent campaign, but the one factor that got him to the White House in 2008 is no longer on his side. He no longer has the facade of hope standing proudly behind him. That came crumbling down under the devastating blows of Solyndra, A123 Systems, Ener1, GM, and the economy. People who were willing to trust his left-wing nonsense four years ago will not be as adventurous this go-round. For that very reason, Romney’s cold, underwhelming features remind us that showmanship may get people excited, but it sure as hell does NOT lead a country in desperate need of leadership. In this case, future results can and should be based on prior performance. Romney was given a mission at Bain and he delivered success. You may not agree with the methods, but he delivered what he was asked to deliver. None of the glorious “hopey-changeys” that were promised to us by Barack Obama have been delivered. Despite manipulated statistics and carefully planned political maneuverings, there is no sense of morale in the streets of this country. Stone Cold Mitt Romney may be exactly what we need to calm things down in Washington a bit. Obama keeps all focus on DC with his celebrity. Every time one of Michelle Obama’s TWENTY TWO personal secretaries buys new shoes, the tabloids go nuts. (BTW: Laura Bush had one secretary, Hillary Clinton had three, Barbara Bush had one……you get the point. We pay Michelle’s staff $1,591,200 per year in salary. Fair share?) There will be NONE of that under a Romney presidency. A Romney presidency will be boring and our focus will shift back onto ourselves. A Romney presidency will get the heck out of America’s way and let us do what we do best…….kick the crap out of those who need the crap kicked out of them. Get government out of our way and let us create. It’s what we do.

Obama recently stated at a fundraising dinner in the prestigious Saint Regis (poetic license, sorry) Hotel in Washington DC that Republicans have “the wrong vision for America.” Yes, that’s right…..Obama, in front of a crowd of people who had just paid $38,500 per plate to bear witness to the bright shining light of his genius, claims that we have the wrong vision. Don’t worry folks, I’m sure $38,500 buys only a “fair share” of food but who the heck is Barack Hussein Obama to question our vision? OurForeclosureDC vision is clear. His is clouded with arrogance, blame, and failure. If the arrogance wasn’t so thick, shame and remorse would be in there too. He “rejects” campaign contributions from lobbyists; something you will hear repeatedly in coming months, but several of his top fundraisers are “individuals involved in the business of influencing government.” Have we really become that stupid?

It’s not just money that Obama’s out there raising either. He’s harvesting votes as well. This morning, in Falls Church, Virginia, Obama laid out a plan to refinance everyone’s home with no credit checks, no collateral, and no confusing paperwork,. He told tale of the time he and Michelle bought their first home and they got confused by the application. “And that’s for two, you know, trained lawyers” he laughed. Wait…..did they really put on their application that they were “trained lawyers?” Could that be fraud? Someone look into that, okay? This is just another one of Obama’s “guaranteed to fail” political stunts that he will later use to whine about the mean old Republican Congress. He really does want to pay everybody’s mortgage but the racist, greedy, corporation loving Republicans in Congress just wouldn’t approve the bill. He was only looking out for us… know, trying to simplify things. Republicans must hate simplicity and property ownership. Get ready for all sorts of nonsense like that. Again, I don’t see Newt surviving this style of attack. Not in THIS election.

There is a way to defeat Obama and send all of his ideology packing on November 6, 2012. It require laser-like focus of each and every American out there who is sick and tired of being told that we have the “wrong vision” for the future of our country. Romney may be the four-year bridge we need to bring another ten million or so voters back from the depths of liberalism. Get the ball rolling back toward the right, and then send in the Gingrich’s of the world. Romney will not be a step toward the cliff’s edge as opponents will have you believe. Gingrich might be. If we go ultra-conservative and have even a mention of failure in anything we do, we scare the nation right back into voting for a Pelosian Supremacy in 2016. This correction we need will take more than one term. Our focus needs to be on getting a qualified, Republican candidate into the Oval office and then we should immediately begin to focus on the 2014 Congressional Strategy. I don’t just want the White House….I want our entire government freed from the clutches of liberalism once and for all. That vision is not wrong and it will take time. We can bide that time by building, creating, advancing, and purchasing. Are you ready?

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J. Robert Giles


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