Monday, January 30, 2012

So….You Have No Answer?

By: J. Robert Giles & Jacqueline Corner

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“Admiration is the daughter of ignorance. “   - Benjamin Franklin



First of all, I would like to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you that read Friday’s article. Even you nutjobs on the left who, for some unknown reason, keep coming back for more. Go Home Mr. President set a readership record for my site and no matter which side of the battle you may hail from, I appreciate the support. That being said, I think the article was widely misunderstood. From my fellow conservatives I received a lot of responses containing more evidence that Barack Hussein Obama should not have been allowed to run for President in the first place. From the left, I received exactly what you would expect. I received over seven-hundred comments, e-mails, and other various messages containing entertaining yet disturbing rhetoric. My sexual orientation was questioned as was my appetite, my mother, and my level of education but not a single answer was given. On an absurdly humorous note, one “brave” Occupy protester actually asked me to make a donation to him so that he could brave the winter in Wisconsin in his tent! Good luck, filthcicle! The little golden man atop your participation trophy is shivering, perhaps it’s time to abandon your ridiculous cause.

I personally don’t care where Barack Obama was born. That was not the question I posed on Friday and it’s not the question that remains unanswered. Why him? Why Barack Hussein Obama? He has done absolutely nothing to warrant the affection given to him yet the Obamanites would rather die than to admit he is in over his smug, condescending head. Here’s what we know about the upward mobility of His Barackness.


Obamanation Reality
Barack and Michelle Obama “Voluntarily Surrendered” their licenses to practice law. Barack has said time and time again that he surrendered his license in order to focus on his political ambitions, namely his run at the presidency. Now, I know that Presidents are forbidden to hold any personal assets over a certain figure while in office. I’m sure there are many other personal freedoms we take for granted, not permitted to the most powerful man on the planet. However, the voluntary surrender of a license to practice law is not one of them. In fact, Bill Clinton kept his license until he was forced to ‘voluntarily surrender’ it before being disbarred over comments he made during the Whitewater investigations. Michelle Obama voluntarily surrendered her law license in 1993, just three years after she got it. Imagine racking up tons of debt, spending nearly a decade in school, passing the bar exam, and then just giving it up in three years. It doesn’t make sense. Obama surrendered his license in 2008 in what many believe was an escape from investigation into the authenticity of his bar application. That makes more sense than “I just don’t think I’ll need it again.” You surrender your license to avoid investigation. Why were they being investigated?
Barack Obama was a Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Nope. Not even close. Obama, once a “lecturer” at Harvard Law applied to be an adjunct at Chicago Law but his application was never even considered. Through political power and what was no doubt some Occupy Wall Street style whining, he was given a class to “lecture” and was placed on the payroll in a non-faculty position. Not only was he never a professor, he was barely an adjunct. He was disliked as his position seemed drenched in dirty politics. He never attended faculty meetings and seemed to view this lowly position as a stepping stone in his ambitious career path. Besides, lawyers write. It seems for most of them, that’s all they do. Go onto any lawyer’s website and you will see tons of things that they've written. Lawyers get published. Publishing credits are like sex to lawyers. It would stand to reason that anyone teaching about practicing law would have at least a few things published. Anybody ever see any of it?
Obama has no ties to terrorist Bill Ayers, radical Jeremiah Wright, or any other unpopular figure. Ridiculously untrue. Ayers and Obama served together at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 until 2000. Ayers founded the group which touted itself as an “education reform” program. That’s like saying a bomb is a “structural reform” mechanism.  The group raised and distributed money to established, leftist causes. Obama’s sudden disdain for “Pastor” Jeremiah Wright is laughable. The man presided over the wedding of Barry and Michelle. He baptized both Obama daughters. The hate spewing, separatist, former leader of the Chicago mega-church Obama attended for years had a definite role in the spiritual construction of Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama was the clear choice of the people of Illinois in his bid for the 2004 senate seat. Well, okay…..but let’s put it in perspective for those on the left with the amazing ability to re-write history. Yes, Obama won big but only after running an absurdly dirty campaign against Republican Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan, as is the case with most politicians it seems, was into some pretty kinky stuff when married to beautiful actress Jeri Ryan. The details of the sordid sexual activities were listed in their divorce papers which Obama and his camp demanded be released into the public. When Ryan dropped his bid, out-of-stater Alan Keyes was placed on the ballot in his place. Did Obama really win that election or did he simply represent the only option? After all, His Barackness barely made a dent in his previous House of Representatives campaign.
Barack Obama did not have a radical voting record as a United States Senator. 36 times during his short, uneventful, senatorial career did Barack Obama vote “present.” More than 50 times, his votes were simply the vote of his party or part of some other campaign. Once voted “present” as a “show of opposition” to a bill that would have allowed children as young as 15 to be tried as adults if they committed crimes with a firearm on or near school grounds. The bill passed overwhelmingly but Obama didn’t believe tougher penalties were the answer. Yeah? Put your daughters in an inner-city, Chicago public school and tell us how you feel. Barack Obama also voted against providing medical care to a fetus that who survived an abortion procedure. That’s about as hardcore left-wing as you can possibly get unless you get a CEO to pay for your abortion because he’s “too successful.” Obama was also voted “The Most Liberal Senator in the United States” by National Journal in 2007.
Obama was a focused Senator. No. He was not. It is widely believed that he began his presidential campaign before he knew his way through the maze of corridors on Capitol Hill.
Obama was experienced enough to beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries in 2004. Again, no he was not. He capitalized on the disdain America was feeling for the War in Iraq. He never missed an opportunity to point out the fact that Hillary “Ankles” Clinton voted for the ‘unconstitutional invasion’ whereas he was one of the first and loudest to oppose it. The fact that his opposition came in the form of maniacal hate-speech full of illogical and terrifying rhetoric seemed to escape his braggadocio.
Those who question Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate, known as “birthers” in the enlightened world, are ignorant. No, those who obsess over it may be, but those who question it are not. I questioned the legitimacy of Bush’s 2000 election victory until the Supreme Court ruled, after hearing sufficient evidence, that he was the winner. No such rulings have been made on the issue of Obama’s birth and no such evidence has been heard. I questioned Bush’s military biography until it was ruled that Dan Rather had lost his mind and fabricated most of the evidence to which the left was clinging. Why have experts not been brought forth to put this whole thing to rest? (Okay, I may be ‘mis-remembering’ a few of those facts, but you get my point.) Why?
Obama’s economic blueprint and “fair share” philosophies will work if given enough time. No they will not and he has been given plenty of time. The fact that he delivers a State of the Union Address in which he declares he will be investing more of our money into the Lithium/Ion Battery industry is a clear example of the fact he has lost touch with the reality of the United States. Another ‘clean energy battery’ company to which Barack Obama gave $118 million of our money filed for bankruptcy the following day and he vows to give more.


Now, while all the responses I got to Friday’s article were entertaining, I’m still left without an answer. I will gladly publish and give credit to the first person who can adequately explain to me why there has been such an inexplicably condensed journey to power for a man who has done absolutely nothing to deserve such support. Barack Obama has all the markings of a “plant” but he doesn’t seem to know it. Is the man a cyborg? If he pulls back his face, is there a series of circuit boards and wires? Can someone please explain to me why Barack Hussein Obama has been given the support he has been given? It’s not because of his skin color, there are plenty of black candidates the left could have chosen to spike into the White House. Why such blind loyalty? The only unifying bond among die-hard leftists seems to be the tired, tattered flag of their “anyone but Bush” mantra. The problem is that no one is asking why they voted for him in 2008. We’re asking why any thinking person with logic and facts at their disposal would choose to vote for a man who has all but decimated our Constitution, thrown our economy in the tank below a Tijuana Port-A-Potty, and increased our debt at a pace that melts calculators? Why this particular man?

Obama is a charming man. We know the guy can deliver a speech and win a crowd, so where are his ex-girlfriends? Where are the people from his past that seem to pop-up out of the woodwork no matter how irrelevant the celebrity? Can you imagine the level of dirt that would have been dug up on JFK today, in an age where information is old before it even occurs? Obama couldn’t have possibly gone through life without making at least one girlfriend mad. Where are the classmates, the enemies, the publications, the records? When Bush was running for President, it seemed the news managed to dig up every single person he’d ever shook hands with. Why can’t they seem to find anyone from Obama’s past?

Again, I could care less where Barack Hussein Obama was born. I’m more interested in why he has been given such a short and seemingly “appointed” path to the White House? Why did Hillary bow down and ole him to the nomination? I don’t care what you think of my mother, my job, my sexual orientation, my level of education, my spelling, my wife, my home, my opinions, or my fashion sense. I want someone from the left to honestly explain to me why Barack Obama was given the Democratic Nomination after just eight years and zero accomplishments in the senate? I want someone to logically and factually explain to me why failure is so blindly supported as success?

Something tells me I will not be publishing any articles of explanation any time soon.

As always, thanks for playing.


J. Robert Giles


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