Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Take Issue With Your Issues….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”   - Jim Rohn


With the results of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary still buzzing around the screens of almost every major news outlet, we are reminded yet again of the fact that a changepresident is only as capable as the people he represents. All the political change in the world will not do us a bit of good if we, the people asked to carry out the bold  predictions of those seeking office, are not willing to put in the work necessary to get there. Right now, we’re not at that point. That’s not to say that we’re lazy. We’re not. The world likes to paint us as lazy, unhealthy, greedy, narcissistic morons but the world is jealous. The world is jealous of the freedom we so often take for granted. The world is jealous of the advancements that freedom has bestowed and the creativity it has possibilitized. (That’s right! My beautiful bride is not the only one who can make up a word and then use it with emphatic authority.) The issues our government identifies as the ones that are important to us are the ones on which campaigns are run, but the changes the candidates promise to deliver are not the changes we need. Even the mighty Barack Hussein Obama missed the mark……I’ll give you a moment to gather your emotions……today when he delivered his pathetic speech about “insourcing.” The changes we need have to start within our own homes and they will start at a time of our own choosing. I think we’re all on the verge of making that choice. The bottom line is that in order to get to where the candidates promise to take us, we have to get government out of our way. Are any of them truly capable of delivering that order? (Settle down, Ron Paul supporters… wasn’t an invitation to scream and type a lot! You’re getting there, and I know I’m speaking your language, but this is not necessarily a political article.)

We often complain about government’s constant interference in our lives yet we seem to stop caring right about the time an opportunity for justified action presents itself. Ron Paul, with his consistent rise in popularity, throws around the phrase “Restore America Now” wherever he may be speaking. It’s all over his website, and all of his 579153924v1_460x460_Front_padToSquare-true merchandise. It’s a great slogan and one that I’m sure Mr. Paul actually believes in. The problem is that the phrase, in it’s use as a presidential campaign slogan, assumes that the restoration process will begin within the hallowed halls of a government building. It will not. The restoration of America will start at your dinner table. It will start with the ideals and the morals you pass onto your family. The only way the government will be involved is by stepping aside and watching with a proud tear in it’s eye as the people of this country make it great once more. Restoration starts in the hearts and in the minds of those people. The restrictions from which we are so desperate to free ourselves are not exclusively those imposed on us by our own government. but rather the mental restrictions we have placed on ourselves. We doubt our own abilities so we see no reason to take the first step. We fear that our actions won’t make us gazillionaires, so we don’t nurture our own ambitions. Our greed allows us to believe that no salary is worth our precious attendance so, like Cousin Eddie, we “hold out for a management position.” Pessimism has run rampant for the better part of the last decade and it’s time to pack it up, toss it in the attic, and enjoy a few years of optimism. Not the kind of optimism that gets described from the stage at a political event but the kind that infects and entire family. The kind that then cause that family to go out in the world and infect more families. How do we start? Well, as is so often the case, we start with the kids.

Kids are the most abundant source of positive energy known to man. Their world has not yet been poisoned with the travesties of greed, responsibility, sexuality, or hatred. images Their world is one in which their own imaginations shelter them. Their innocence protects them, and their naiveté grants them pardon. If we’re not working to secure a better world for them than the one into which they were born, then what is it all for? What are we striving for? Is this as good as it’s ever going to get? Have we ‘begun our initial descent?’ I don’t believe that we have. I believe we have been in a decline for a number of years, but I also believe that all great changes are usually preceded by chaos.The changes we make today must be enforced by our children in the future. We must pass on the lunacy that terrible ideology delivered to our country, but only as a lesson, not as a lifestyle. We must educate our children to the farthest extent to which they, as individual children, are willing to travel. For decades, the idea of a voucher system for public education has been kicked around in heated debates and closely contested campaign battles. Unfortunately, once the votes are counted, the issue is thrust back into dormancy where it will remain until the next election. No more, it’s time for change. Union control of our children’s education is literally destroying their brains along with the future of our country. The dumbest kid in my school would be on the honor roll, possibly pre-writing his valedictorian speech, in today’s public school system. Good teachers are silenced by those with unionized tenure. It’s time to allow our kids to study among children who will encourage their success with their presence alone. More importantly, it’s time for our children to be able to go to a school specifically tailored for their abilities, aptitudes, and strengths. The days of “all for one” are over. If your kid is more interested in video games, lethargy, and public indecency then he/she should not be receiving the same education as the kid who’s interested in becoming a cardiovascular surgeon. A voucher system would allow such progress.

My grandfather died in 1985. If he were to return, would I be able to justify the enormous decline in decency that floods our streets today? Could I look him in the eyeBiography Pics 004 and say “this is what we’ve done with the world you left us”? In so many ways, we view ourselves as so far ahead of where we were then. Technology has boomed. Medical  advancements of today might very well have saved his life back then, and communications are today what science fiction films were back then. Seriously, has anyone watched Back to The Future II lately? My grandfather, and I’m guessing many of yours. would be appalled if he saw what children today are wearing, or heard how they speak to adults. The world my grandfathers left to me still had quite a bit of it’s decency. Today, that’s all gone. We’ve come to accept disrespect as a “phase.” Dirty and uneducated has somehow come to mean “courageous.” Disruptive is now funny, while intelligence is frowned are afraid to succeed because of what the process would take away form their social calendar. There are changes needed in that regard for which a president simply can’t impact, no matter how big of a check he may write.

IMAG0717 I want my son to grow up with the same pride in America that I felt when I was about his age. There was hope. There was laughter. They have to see an example of someone pulling themselves up from the depths of a brooding, nationwide depression and smack the snot out of those who hold us down. Our kids need to see us say “enough is enough” and take this country back from the dangerous hands in which it is now entrusted. We can no longer afford to sit back and hope that someone else delivers change to our door, it’s time to build the change behind our own doors, and then deliver it to someone else when it’s perfected. Living within the guiding coordinates of God’s compass is a great way to live, even if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who hasn’t seen God’s work in your life yet. It’s a great way to raise your family. It’s a great centering point for the confused, often scared minds of your kids.


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J. Robert Giles


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