Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Childish Wishes And Presidential Pipe-Dreams….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Dying people often become childish.”   - Georg Buchner


And apparently, Mr. Buchner, so do dying presidencies. First off, did anyone notice how spot on I was in my prediction of Obamalama’s “Four Pillars of Brilliance?” He literally Demagogueobama touched on every single one of them in his ridiculous State of the Union Address last night. Take a look at yesterday’s article, Fluffed Into Decay, so that you too may peek at the burden that is my genius!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that foolishness out of the way, Barack Hussein Obama did in fact deliver what we all hope to be his final State of the Union Address last night in Washington DC. Despite my aforementioned genius, I really didn’t have to tap into it at all to know that last night’s speech was going to be more of the same old garbage we’ve all come to expect from His Barackness. He made it clear last night that he has officially given up hope. He’s behaving like a child would act if they knew their reign of lunacy was coming to a bitter end. He’s laying out childish plans, and receding further into the “happy-place” he’s created inside his deranged little mind. What we witnessed last night was more childish pandering from a President who has not stopped campaigning since he took office.

He opened his speech making mention of his personal involvement with the returning troops at Andrews Air Force Base. To hear him tell it, he’s been right there alongside them every step of the way. Shoulder to shoulder, locked arms, facing the enemy. In his mind, as he looks at all those shiny jets and cool looking pilots, he probably imagines himself in some sort of Independence Day scenario where he’s called upon, as President of the United States, to fly a plane and defend against an alien invasion. In reality, he’s just trying to play on our patriotic loyalty to the men and women who bravely serve in our military. Unfortunately for him, that bravery can’t be faked. He can’t just talk about himself as a military-man and make us believe it. He’s none of the things that make Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors worthy of our praise.

It’s time to end the taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s rarely been more profitable, and double down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising.” That’s right folks!! He plans to DOUBLE his efforts into the clean energy nonsense with which he’s had so much success thus far. So, instead of $934 million dollars lostSolyndra between Solyndra and A123 Systems and other horrendously failed “investments”, we can look forward to watching Barrackuda burn close to $2 BILLION? Hooray!! Seriously though, he’s talking about taking away money from the “big oil companies” as he has tried to do in every one of his State of the Union Addresses since taking office. He knows he’ll never be able to get any movement on such a bold call, and none is ever granted. In fact Congress, even when it was a Democratic Congress, has never given the matter a second’s consideration. He tried to implement $36.5 Billion of new taxes against the companies, but no traction was ever granted in Congress. If he couldn’t get anyone to bite on this nonsense in a Democratic Congress, what chances does he have in this divided one? Zero. It’s a non-starter and he knows it. Besides, his philosophy, as he has spelled it out, is to punish the success of those companies who have managed to succeed despite the incessant attempts by our president to derail them while rewarding his own complete and demonstrable failure with billions more dollars. I say no. How about you?

Our healthcare law relies upon a reformed private market, not a government program.” Well, that’s just pure nonsense. Jay Carney ObamaCare himself couldn’t come up with anything that ridiculous and he wears tiny little sweaters to calm his shivering skin as he sticks his timid little head out of Paris Hilton’s handbag. Every plan this president has ever had relies upon a “reformed” private market. Reformed as in eradicated. For Barack Hussein Obama to go in front of the nation and declare that ObamaCare is not a heavily regulated, government run, taxpayer funded, socialist nightmare is quite frankly irresponsible. If he truly believes these statements to be true, then he’s inept and he doesn’t understand the plan to which his own name is attached. If he’s just using clever phrasing to mislead his blindly loyal support base, then he should be ashamed and we should be getting the word out. Your healthcare plan is reckless and most likely illegal. It will most assuredly be tossed out and legally forbidden from future discussions as soon as you wave bye-bye to the White House.

"”The Taliban’s momentum has been broken and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home.” Wrong again, Messiah of Misinformation. According to some of those “on condition of anonymity” types of sources, military leaders believe the Taliban is using the facade of their “talks” with the United States to gain trust in the region. With Obama promising to withdraw, it is widely believed that the Taliban is simply regrouping at a leisurely rate. We’re basically allowing them to rest-up until such time as they are unsupervised. It’s like we’re the parents getting ready to leave town and we let our teenage boys sleep all day to get ready to “just stay home and watch TV” that night. Don’t be fooled. As soon as our presence in Afghanistan is easily dominated, it will be. No one in Afghanistan feels a connection or a trust of the newly formed government. The general feeling is that the Taliban is just lurking and waiting for their eventual return to power. We have made great strides in weakening the leadership of al Qaeda, but that success was not started by you. In fact, had you not been elected in 2008, you would still be claiming that Osama bin Laden was not a threat.

“On the day I took office, our automobile industry was on the verge of collapse. Some even said we should just let it die but with a million jobs on the line, I simply wouldn’t allow that to happen.” God bless you, hero! Oh, wait……never-mind. I just forgot for a second that you’re one of the biggest liars in the history of the world. Sorry everybody, sorry. See, in reality George W Bush started the bailout process for which you love to take credit. All you did was write the checks. That’s like the title companyObamamobile taking credit for the sale of a house. It’s like the transfer agency getting commissions on the sale of a stock. Barack Hussein Obama was quick to point out that after his bold intervention and his brilliant leadership, General Motors is now back at the top of the automotive food chain. He took credit for Chrysler’s success as well. What he failed to mention was the fact that Ford (notice they’re no longer referred to as “the Big 3” since Ford refused to play Obama’s bailout blackmail extravaganza?) has also turned around their sinking ship and they did so without government assistance. He also failed to mention the fact that while Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” campaign, with it’s catchy, kind of aggressive musical backgrounds, and blue-collar imagery has certainly increased the number of Chrysler’s sold in this country, Obama’s leadership led to Chrysler now being an Italian company. As part of his brilliance, one of our “BIG 3” automakers is now owned in Europe. He also failed to mention the fact that he used his bailout money to pressure GM to build the Chevy Volt. The same car that is now at the center of an investigation to determine whether political leverage was used to push an unsafe automobile onto American roads. Really? We need to fund an investigation into that? Of course there was political influence. An investigation just gives them time to cover their tracks and their butts in the court of public opinion.

There were quite a few other topics that were skillfully avoided in last night’s speech. As my parents, ex-girlfriends, ex-wife, and current fiancé have often told me….”Just because you choose not to talk about something, doesn’t mean it’s going away.” In that vain, here’s a list of a few things I want Obama to publicly address before we give him bus-fare back to Chicago in November.

1. Keystone XL – He made absolutely no mention last night of the fact that he just killed a bill that would have created so many of the jobs he often talks about and he did so for nothing but political reasons. People on his side were paid by people who don’t want that pipeline to disrupt the mating habits of a family of mosquitoes. In this Bambi-ish world in which Obama receives so much of his justification, the rights of one moose are apparently more important than thousands of jobs feeding thousands of families in multiple states. Get a Republican in there to go shoot that moose and serve it at the Keystone Pipeline Kickoff dinner in 2013.

2. 1,000 Days Without A Democratic Congressional Budget – You operate for three years without a budget and then demand that we increase your debt limit. No!! You’re not getting us into any further debt with anymore of your foolish plans and childish ideas. Just sit in the nursery and play with Biden for the next 9 months, okay?

3. Federal Reserve recklessness – My 12 year old daughter understands that printing all the money in the world does no good if there is nothing to back up those dollars. The Federal Reserve can keep printing money and pouring it into programs and jobs that help Obama’s despicable employment numbers look a little better, but sooner or later, someone’s gonna have to pay that tab and despite all his harsh words about the rich…….it will be ALL of us who pay his tab. He keeps trying to launch this “wealthy don’t pay their share” nonsense but all he’s doing is feeding the lunatics in Occupy Wall Street tents across the country. He’s just fueling that Participation Trophy mentality where everybody gets what few earn.

4. Cost of His Vision – Obama is always crafty with his words. He gets his blindly loyal base all riled up with flashy words and inspiring phrases about programs that will give them free stuff. He gets the lazy to believe that he’s going to make their lives better by easing their burden and transferring it to the wealthy fat-cats who have been keeping them down. Nowhere does he mention that the very people lining up to suck on the government nipple are the very ones who will be stuck with the tab when the wealthy have nothing left to give. Obama’s vision of middle class simply can’t be built from government jobs funded by borrowed money so what are all these bold initiatives going to cost us, Mr. President?

5. Actual Cost Of ObamaCare Premiums – You know he has the numbers, but releasing them must be something even he knows will cripple his re-election bid.

6. The Debt Crisis – Obama cleverly avoided any mention of the fact that he just requested an additional TRILLION dollars in credit. That’s OUR money people. He just requested another TRILLION of OUR dollars. He encourages a Congress that ahs yet to operate under a budget to give him another TRILLION dollars?!?! Get out there and convince a Ron Paul supporter that wasting their vote is simply not an option!

7. Charitable Record – Obama talks down to us about how much more generous we all need to be yet he slams Romney for tithing 15% of his annual income. The Obama’s, before taking office, donated a measly 1% of their income to charity, while the silent partner that is our Vice President donated a whopping $369 to all those poor people we’re supposed to pull up to the middle class. Shameful.

8. Brian Terry – Plenty of hoopla and political grandstanding has been given to Gabrielle Giffords. I called it months ago that her recovery would remarkably coincide with theBrian-Terry-PSA election cycle. Now, in a pathetic exploitation of a horrible incident, she resigns to “focus on recovery.” I’ll translate for you…..she’s taking her show on the road. She’ll be a constant figure in Obama’s campaign, I promise. We have no apology from Debbie Wasserman Schultz over her accusations that the shooting was the fault of the Tea Party and the Right Wing, gun loving nuts. Still, with all this emotion channeled at gun safety and the dangers of guns in the hands of “nuts” there is no mention of the fact that Officer Terry lost his life as a direct result of Operation Fast & Furious. I guess it’s only worthy of Obama’s attention if the story aids his cause, huh?

In closing, all we heard last night was calls for more spending, more government, more restrictions, and more failure. It’s time for Barrack Hussein Obama and his insatiable appetite for government involvement, to sign their address change paperwork.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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