Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Leads You?

By: J Robert Giles

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“The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.”  - Psalm 19:7


As so many of the ideas for my Monday articles seem to do, this one burst into my mind during Church yesterday. Is God’s Word the authoritative control in your life? That was the question posed to the capacity crowd. Most of us were still in that panicked, running late, “do we have all of our children” frame of mind so the question was a nice, slapping welcome to the service. Sadly, not many of us can honestly answer “yes” to such a question.

right-way-wrong-way1 Following God is not about actions. It’s not about the things you “do” in the world. Following God is about the very way you live your life. It changes the way you think, the way you speak, the way you raise your children and the way you view the world around them. I’ve said in several previous articles that the decay of morality and decency is crippling us as a country, and I know from feedback I’ve received to such statements that there are a large number of you out there who agree with me. It’s cool to ridicule faith. Ratings are boosted when a show is “courageous” enough to question the legitimacy of Christianity. Kids are told, from a very early age, in our over politicized school system that faith and all things related to Church are not to be discussed while they are in class. Same sex marriages. sensitive political issues, Jersey Shore, American Idol, and other such nonsense is perfectly acceptable, but God is not to be discussed. There seem to be so many explanations in this “progressive” world we’re building around ourselves to suggest that the Word of God is just a bunch of made-up gibberish. It seems scientists all over the globe are just racing to prove all us “zealots” wrong, but guess what……you can’t!

As far as politics go, it actually saddens me that there is not much of a focus on God in this election, but at the same time I believe God’s name gets greatly misused in political circles. The point is that Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t possibly lecture anyone from a pulpit of Faith and Christian morals. If he tried, I honestly believe he would be immediately struck by lightning directly in his condescending face. To truly follow the Word of God means that you can’t pick and choose which parts to follow and which times to follow them. Following God is something that consumes you and while I’m sure there are many fine, Christian men in politics I don’t believe the Word can truly govern the government of our country. Christianity preaches of a Kingdom, where God is the one and only King. Our country is a democracy, which means there are many rulers. We are all the rulers in a democracy (in theory at least). The way our current political system is set up, the two will be at constant friction. Our current political system demands deceitThe-Politics-of-Religion-03 and secrecy. It encourages wild spending and wreaks of backhanded deals. A constant doubt of the Word of God feeds interests that can’t profit in a Faithful environment. We’re led to believe that faith makes us weak and that earthly possessions are all that really matters. We’re talked down to as if we’re somehow “beneath” all the people who don’t need the '”crutch” of Christianity. Blithering idiots like Michael Moore and Bill Maher talk smugly as if their misinformed opinions are so much more worthy of trust than the thousands of years and billions of Believers who speak of Faith and its strength in their lives.

Stop it! Our leaders do not need to be “just like Jesus” in order to run this country the way it needs to be run. Newt Gingrich, no matter how hard he tries, is NEVER going to be Jesus Christ. The closest he could possibly come would be Santa Claus and even that would be a massive, moral stretch. He can confess every behind-the-scenes deal he’s ever made and every political enemy he’s ever wronged. He can confess every marital issue he’s ever swept under the rug and he will still be billions upon billions of miles away from Jesus’ personification of perfection. Mitt Romney probably leads the purest personal life of any of the candidates but greed will come up in almost every discussion about him. Barack Hussein Obama…..not even in the same discussion! Why then do we ask our leaders…..the ones who lead a democracy which is pretty much the exact opposite of a Kingdom…….to lead us as Christians? They can’t! We have to lead them and I think images people are finally starting to wake up to that fact. Our politicians are our politicians. They do what we demand of them. They do it cleverly so that they believe everything is their idea, but in the end, they are just our puppets. Romney, Gingrich….it doesn’t really matter as long as we don’t sit by and let them fall asleep at the wheel like the current President has done. Actually, he didn’t fall asleep at the wheel, the battery in his ridiculous little electric car died and his cord isn’t long enough. Stop waiting for a politician to step up and deliver the changes we all want. No man is capable of meeting that much demand. Nor should we allow ourselves to be so lazy as to expect such things from one man, or from our government at all. The changes we all demand are changes that only we as a people can deliver. They are changes that begin in our hearts and spread quickly, as passionately fueled ideas always do. If we truly want to live in a world where politicians are allowed to follow the Word of God in every decision they make, we have to make such ideology acceptable. Not only must it be acceptable, it has to be required. We’re staring down the barrel of an election in which one candidate believes in an obscure, often frowned upon version of God, another is incapable of portraying himself as a fine, Christian man, and the other is Obama. None of them have ever served in the United States Military. None of them have ever done anything that would make them stand out as exemplary humanitarians. (Before any of you nutbags cite Obama’s Nobel Prize, I will remind you that he deserved that award about as much as Kim Kardashian deserves her celebrity.)

In watching the endless debates, primaries, campaign speeches, and downward spiral of Obama’s popularity. anyone would be quick to believe that change is around the corner but for the first time in my life, I feel like it is us who will be delivering the change, not a politician. Reagan oversaw great change in this country because we were in the mood to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and beat back the shame of Carter’s presidency. We’re there again. We’re ready to get back on track and for too long we have sat on the bench watching as ineptitude, immorality, and financial stupidity lead us into catastrophe. We’re at the breaking point and now we’re being told that our fears are unfounded. Whoever ends up getting our vote, Gingrich or Romney, we have to summon the backbone to “make them" do what needs to be done. They’re slaves to trends, so let’s make morality popular again. Let’s make decency the expected norm. Let’s make the voice of the ones who do the most good and the most right the ones that we hear over the crowds of celebrities who do and encourage nothing but harm and more decay.

Obama had his chance and he has blown it. His “investments” if given another four years to plummet like Billy Cundiff’s value to the city of Baltimore, will most certainly bankrupt us. This nonsense about needing to increase the debt ceiling again…..are you kidding me? NO!! You cannot have anymore of our money. You went before the cameras to deliver a State of the Union Address and turned it into another campaign speech. That’s all you do is campaign. You’re a salesman but the problem is that you don’timages (1) passionately believe in the product you’re selling. Those kinds of salesmen; the ones who are only chasing the commission, no matter what it’s form, are always ferreted out and run out of business. The salesman who believes in the products he’s selling…..who uses the products in his own home and would happily defend ‘his’ product is the one who usually enjoys the most long-term success. Those who pitch well can sometimes ride the hype to a view sales awards, but when questionable results expose empty promises they are rarely asked to cross the stage at the following year’s awards banquet. Obama gave us his pitch in 2008. 52% of those who voted, fell for the pitch. That means that 52% of the people who voted in the last Presidential election purchased a faulty product and the recall is about to be issued. Changes must be made and it starts with the man sitting in the Oval Office. Not only must he be changed, like a diaper……but the whole concept of The American President needs a facelift. I don’t want a celebrity running my country. I don’t want an athlete running my country. I don’t want a rap-star running my country and I certainly don’t want anyone who can identify more than three members of the Jersey Shore cast at the helm of my country.

I don’t want God running my country either. I want God to run my life and my relationship with those I love. I want God to be the driving force in the lives of my friends, and those with whom I connect. I want God to run the life of the man that runs my country and I want that man to openly embrace the refreshment that knowledge of his faith gives to the people who gave him his title. Faith requires accountability that public office may not be able to support but I’m ready for a man who is at least willing to try. Aren’t you?

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J. Robert Giles


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