Monday, January 2, 2012

Should Be Considered Armed and Dangerous…..(PART ONE)

By: J Robert Giles

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“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”    ~ Winston Churchill


The fact that your eyes have come to rest on these words means I care too much about you to subject you to the insane ramblings of our current president and those who produce his 2012 Campaign Website. I have jumped on that grenade for you. Call it a bout of New Years’ generosity; perhaps it was simply a morbid curiosity, but somehow I images found myself staring straight down the barrel of Barack Hussein Obama’s website yesterday. If I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed the site was a parody. I would have assumed that some right-wing genius put this site together for the sheer joy of getting Obamanites to read the sarcastic slams as praise. The more I read, the more I realized just how delusional the man at the helm of our country truly is. Listening to his supporters is like listening to the University of Missouri fans with which I am constantly surrounded talking about their impending “dominance of the South Eastern Conference football schedule.” To both groups: your loyalty is cute, but it simply isn’t based in fact, logic, or any resemblance of truth. Your beliefs are passionately defended but axiomatically false. Still, the armory Barack Obama has built is one meant for an all out war. He’s got money. He’s got the media. And scariest of all, he’s got hordes of loyal followers who blindly believe any statement, claim, or lie out of his mouth. He’s armed to the teeth and so must we make ourselves. After all, winning the battle doesn’t make you a great warrior, forcing your enemy into submission without a fight is the truest test of a great warrior.  Can we rise up and usher Obama into that decision, please?

Today, we’ll look at the “Jobs and The Economy” tab of Obama’s site. It takes you a while to get there, and doing so requires navigating your way through pictures of our sovereign leader with the skill and agility of Indiana Jones but the comedic relief you will find upon arrival is well worth the hair raising journey. Right off the bat, in the very first block in this sub-page, Obama proudly claims his advanced support to the Asian and Pacific Island Communities. Next block – American Jobs Act and the African American Family. In the eyes of this great bastion of racial equality, the self proclaimed beacon of hope, almighty promoter of change…..groups of Americans should receive government assistance based on their race? Does that mean we should be expecting to see a “How I’m Looking Out For Whitey” tab on his page in the upcoming months? Can one of you enlightened progressives please explain to me how funding a group of people based on their race is not racist but saying that Obama is a complete failure as a president IS racist? I’ve tried. I’ve sat around my drum-circle, I’ve hired a medium to channel the spirit of Ted Kennedy, I’ve tried everything. I simply can’t understand the double standard.

In the next block of Barack Hussein Obama’s “economic brag-page”, we’re told of his unquestionable success when it comes to “Investing in American Manufacturing and Invention”. Are you freaking kidding me? I’m just saying….if I were the Dallas Cowboys, I wouldn’t be bragging about my dominant defensive backfield this morning!images Obamanites simply don’t see the correlation between their blessed buffoon and Solyndra or A123 Systems. Do the collectively uninformed honestly not see how this Green Energy Loan Program has cost each and every one of us roughly $116.50? That’s one-hundred-sixteen dollars that Obama himself has reached into your pocket and stolen. If you’re wondering how I arrived at that specific number, I’ll explain later in the article, I promise. Suffice it to say, reelecting this embodiment of financial idiocy would be the equivalent of buying shares of Enron or MCI. His “bold” and “visionary” earmarking of $36 BILLION of our money for alternative energy firms has failed conclusively yet he dares to brag about his investment results? 8.6% of this country is out of work, yet Obama spends $36 BILLION of our money on firms that were unlikely to produce a profit. Most of that money has been completely squandered. Solyndra is bankrupt. A123 Systems is laying off instead of creating the jobs we were told our investment would bring. Maybe Obama and the left simply don’t understand what an investment is. An investment is a commitment of capital to an enterprise that has a good prospect  of producing a reasonable profit. Nowhere in that definition do I see anything about shoving your own misguided, liberal agenda down the throats of the people paying the tab.

Here, I’ll break it down even further. If you were alive in 1911 and invested $10,000 of your own money……let’s say it was spread evenly over the entire US Stock Index, your net value would be roughly $3,400,000 today. That’s a 6.24 adjusted rate of return over the past 100 years, bailout,dollar,economy,funny,humor,money,photoshop,usa-e8139709ab481bfc6b30404184b80b6e_m and even more shocking, it’s roughly $36,003,400,000  better than President Obama has done with OUR money. If your personal financial advisor produced that kind of return for your family, wouldn’t you fire him? If you opened up your monthly statement and saw a ($36,000,000,000) market value, would you require new undies? Yet he brags. The companies that so often get all the blame and ire of the left and those in the Occupy Wall Street bunch; companies like Chevron and the evil Exxon are posting 41 – 48 percent profits, yet they are heralded as greedy, unfair, fat-cats. The world now looks at the dollar like we look at a short, curly, hair floating in our soup yet Obama is presented to us as a visionary. Great! He’s good at daydreaming! This $36 Billion loan program was part of a stimulus package passed in 2009. We’re just now feeling the effects of that lunacy. Can you imagine how bad things will be in 2014 if he’s reelected?

Mr. President, and I use the formal salutation only out of respect for the office, not the man; please stop pandering to the equally uninformed and giving them a voice. Your bold video posted on your site about how you stand with those who demand change on Wall Street may get you a few votes from morons with protest signs but like so many of your other claims, does not stand the test of honest inspection. You have taken more from Wall Street influence than all other Presidents combined so we don’t want to hear Unemployment 2008 - Present your pathetic groveling at the feet of those who epitomize your belief system. You should be ashamed of the fact that your ideology can be so plainly seen in Wall Street protests. The official slogan of your party and all they believe should be “I’ll Have What He’s Earning.” 

Small businesses cannot succeed with more of your regulations, taxations, costs, and failing economy. We’re suffering out here. You have the luxury of sitting in the well protected bubble of your own fame, spending money that does not belong to you on things that none of us want. We’ve spent $36 billion on green energy loans that produce either nothing, or something that nobody will buy. You get to say “oops” while the rest of us watch our futures get darker and darker. Your life, and the lives of your family will be protected and cushioned until you draw your last breaths while roughly 26.6 Americans are out of work as a result of your failed leadership. With a population of approximately 309,000,000, that $36 billion could have been $116.50 in each and every set of hands (or $58.25 per hand) in the United States.

Obama brags on his site about “creating or saving 224,500 jobs” by sending emergency funding to a teacher’s union. (That will be covered in our future discussion about the “Education” tab of his site.) There are 26.6 million people unemployed today, but thanks for chipping our money into the coffers of a corrupt, heavily liberal group of your fervent supporters. How courageous of you. He brags about bailing out GM and Chrysler and takes credit for their prompt repayment of stimulus money. Not mentioned was the fact that Obama used that money lent to the automakers as his justification for demanding such calamities as the Chevy Volt.  The idea is sound. The path to success isimages (1) easily seen, but like so many other liberal ideas, it simply doesn’t account for real life constants like the fact that no-one will buy a car that only goes 40 miles before needing to charge for 10 hours. Obama believed he could invest hundreds of millions of dollars into companies that would produce components of electric cars and then bailout GM in exchange for their aggressive marketing of a car that just so happens to use the aforementioned components. He would be earning huge returns all over the place. He would single handedly save us all. We would carry him off the field on our shoulders, chanting Barry, Barry, Barry! The problem is that he assumed we all think like he does. Well, he assumed we all think like he does and he fell asleep watching Rudy on TV. Electric cars have been a pipe-dream for decades, but they are impractical and unproven. An alternative is out there but it will never be discovered by regulation. It will never be beaten out with political influence. It will come from the very spirit Obama’s so called genius is stifling, strangling, suffocating, and drowning at every turn. It will come from the economic system that Obama despises.

These points, while looked at through the comedic lens of knowing Obama’s days are numbered, are not viewed through that lens by those in his corner. Unfortunately, those in his corner include the media and some very outspoken groups. These “accomplishments” that he so arrogantly brags about could be the very weapons he uses to blast his way into a second term if we are not careful. This suspect should be considered well armed and extremely dangerous until such time as his weaponry has been diffused with logic, reason, justification, and an overwhelming defeat in the 2012 Election.

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J. Robert Giles


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