Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fluffed Into Decay….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Is the President purposely using propaganda and hyperbole to garner the American public for support?”   - Sean Hannity


Yes, Sean. He absolutely is and tonight will most assuredly be more of the same. (Sorry I used a little propaganda of my own to get you here, but why should Obama have all the fun?) I know, I know….I don’t usually publish a Tuesday article but for some reason, I find myself Blond Patriot with a lot to say this morning. Mostly, I want to address several e-mails I received in response to yesterday’s article – “Who Leads You?” Several people were kind enough to point out the fact that I made mention of tonight’s State of the Union address as if it had already happened when I wrote yesterday. I do apologize for the confusion, and would like to take the time to explain my stance, if I may. Eh-hemm…….Dear Liberals, I’m smarter than you and yes I CAN see the future. In fact, here’s a few of my predictions about what you will hear and see tonight…….

- Barack Hussein Obama will take the heavily telepromted stage at about 8:00 CST tonight. That’s when the event is scheduled to begin, but theTelepromtobama “overwhelming support” and not the “overwhelming arrogance” of His Barackness will not permit his punctuality. He will make us wait a few minutes before arriving in the gauntlet of support that we’re supposed to believe is spontaneous and unexpected. He will take the stage and smile smugly throughout the unjustifiably extended applause. He’ll look slightly upward and to the right, pensively, as if absorbing all the admiration the world is directing unto his oh-so-worthy existence. He’s a gift for all of us to enjoy,  after all.

- You will hear tale of “A Blueprint for an America Built to Last” and you will be expected to believe Barack Hussein Obama is the only man capable of reading the complicated schematics and bold architectural leaps taken with said blueprint. He will talk down to us as if he’s had this brilliant plan all along. He will act as if he’s been trying to enact these steps of genius since day-one but right-wing obstacles have kept him from doing so. He will insinuate that anyone unable to see the factual logic behind his agenda is simply less intelligent than he, and should not be left in charge of anything. You will hear the word “blueprint” no fewer than a dozen times.

- You will be expected to believe that our very future depends upon giving Obama the time, power, money, and freedom to explore his Four Pillars of Brilliance:  

Pillar Of Brilliance


A Rebirth of American Manufacturing… Billions more of your dollars sunk into operations like A123 Systems, Solyndra, Small-Pox Research, and the Chevy Volt.
Expansion of Domestic Energy Production and Alternative Energy Sources… Stop asking us about Keystone XL and move on, okay? Just give us more of your money to blow through with no written budget in place. It’s what you want.
Improved Job Training and Education…. Union, union, union, union, indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination, drink the Kool-Aid you blind fools…..DRINK IT!!!
Return to American Values…. After you re-elect me, I’ll tell you what you values are, okay?


- For the rest of today, the Obamanites in the media will excuse any and all failures of their Benign Sovereign. You will hear such statements as “of course the Oba-Messiah is images focused on governing, but every State of the Union Address has a political component” and “it’s an election year, folks.” The sad fact is that this president has never taken the time, during his entire failed presidency, to stop campaigning. His failures are still blamed on Bush, yet facts do not support such claims. His popularity is fading as quickly as our patience and despite the smug, carefree attitude he will masterfully portray this evening…..he’s panicking! His promises have gone unfulfilled, and his investments have failed. His ideology is the stuff of daydreams and it too has failed, but tonight you will be led on a verbal journey of excitement and fairy tales. You will be led through a maze of confusing theories based in technology that’s untested, results that are unproven, and claims that are preposterous. You’ll be asked to cast your vote for a man “bold enough” to take this country to the places in his head, but you will never be told what these things cost. Obama’s State of the Union is the equivalent of calling a car dealership and asking what a specific car costs. He’ll answer the phone and convince you he’s your best friend. He’ll talk circles around you, describing the features and benefits of the car, hyping technology you didn’t ask about. Throughout the entire conversation, you never get an answer to the question you actually asked, but the salesman marks it down as a successful call because he got your name, number, and e-mail address and he’s going to keep pestering you until you come in and take a look. Just tell us how much more of our money you’re going to waste on these pipe-dreams of yours, please. Give us a fighting chance, you overly rehearsed con-man.

- You will hear the Obamanator make at least a dozen references to Mitt Romney’s tax records. The media will have also done a good job of making sure you’ve heard what SNOBthey perceive to be the relevant points of Romney’s finances and Obama will then capitalize on the water cooler talk. Obama and his minions will do everything they can to  make sure you believe that a vote for Romney is a vote against the middle-class. You will be asked to accept the fact that Romney is a wealthy, draft-dodging, job killing, fat-cat capitalist who only cares about money and getting richer. Need I remind you that Obama has received more funding and permission of influence from Wall Street than any other candidate in history? Make no mistake people, Obama will not be riding off into the sunset in one of these electric cars he keeps pushing onto the masses. He’s a greedy lawyer and he’s married to a greedy lawyer. He’s not your “brother”  and he’s not “one of us.” Romney is wealthy. That wealth was earned, carefully guarded using loopholes that allowed him to preserve his wealth, and extrapolated by more hard work, success, and determined commitment.  Obama’s war-chest is bigger and is funded by hype, fear, manipulation, and lies.

Carney- Last prediction: You will see Little Jay Carney looking startled and nervous in front of the cameras all day long today. (Seriously, am I the only one getting sick of his Macaulay Culkin-ishness??) He’ll defend the complete ineptitude of his boss, blame us for the fact that Obama has failed to achieve any of the nonsense he promised in the last State of the Union Address, and just before he scampers back to the cozy safety of Paris Hilton’s handbag, he’ll provide us with more tightly coiled gems like the one he laid on the new carpet of America this morning when he said “any State of the Union which lays out an agenda has to be ambitious. If you got through a year and you achieved everything on your list, then, well….you probably didn’t aim high enough. This president aims high.” Somebody get that little parasite a shock collar. Of course this president “aims high” you little weasel…..he’s not wasting his own money with these so called ambitions! He’s wasting mine and I demand that he stop it. No longer will the voting public fund the daydreams of this ideological lunatic.

No matter what that steaming pile of POTUS may say during his campaign speech, I mean State of the Union Address tonight, here are a few facts that you need to keep in the very front of your brain as you listen to the heavily manipulated coverage that is sure to come our way tomorrow and in days following.

1. The economy stinks and people are scared. Any success or positive trend is quickly squashed by irresponsible regulation and taxation.

2. Jobs numbers suck! January 2009 – Unemployment rate was at 7.8%. In December of 2011 – it was at 8.5% and I doubt very seriously that your “seasonally adjusted” numbers are accurate at all. You’ve given us no reason to believe that they would be. In January of 2009 there were 142,099,000 jobs available. In December of 2011 that number had shrunk to 140,790,000 jobs. Not only are there more people out of work but they are now fighting over a smaller pile of opportunity and you have the nerve to kill an endeavor like Keystone because of political reasoning. Shameful.

3. Healthcare premiums were at $12,680 per family in 2008. Remember 2008? Before ObamaCare was literally crammed down our throats? Well, now after four years of promises and facts about how “this plan” will lower premiums by 2500 to 3000%, the average premium per family is $15,073. No matter how he spins it, that’s a failure.

4. Home Values in January of 2008 were $169,900 on average. (Existing, single family homes) In December of 2011, that average value was down to $164,100 yet he continues to tell us “what America needs.”

5. In January of 2009 our National Debt was 10.6 TRILLION dollars. In December of 2011 that number had skyrocketed to 15.2 TRILLION dollars and you will most assuredly hear a demand for debt limit increases in tonight’s speech.

Folks, this “Blueprint” he’s going to lay at our feet tonight is just more foolishness. It’ll contain  a bunch of crap about technology to get the left-wing geeks all fired up but guess what……we have geeks too! We have geeks that could be funded by interested investors under a free-market system which for some reason will get NO mention tonight. Almost all of his bold dreams and visions could be seen through to fruition in economic and governmental system of his opponents. Wake up and fire this fool! I’ll be back tomorrow to gloat about all my predictions that come true during the foolishness tonight!

As always, thanks for playing!


J. Robert Giles

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