Monday, January 30, 2012

So….You Have No Answer?

By: J. Robert Giles & Jacqueline Corner

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“Admiration is the daughter of ignorance. “   - Benjamin Franklin



First of all, I would like to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you that read Friday’s article. Even you nutjobs on the left who, for some unknown reason, keep coming back for more. Go Home Mr. President set a readership record for my site and no matter which side of the battle you may hail from, I appreciate the support. That being said, I think the article was widely misunderstood. From my fellow conservatives I received a lot of responses containing more evidence that Barack Hussein Obama should not have been allowed to run for President in the first place. From the left, I received exactly what you would expect. I received over seven-hundred comments, e-mails, and other various messages containing entertaining yet disturbing rhetoric. My sexual orientation was questioned as was my appetite, my mother, and my level of education but not a single answer was given. On an absurdly humorous note, one “brave” Occupy protester actually asked me to make a donation to him so that he could brave the winter in Wisconsin in his tent! Good luck, filthcicle! The little golden man atop your participation trophy is shivering, perhaps it’s time to abandon your ridiculous cause.

I personally don’t care where Barack Obama was born. That was not the question I posed on Friday and it’s not the question that remains unanswered. Why him? Why Barack Hussein Obama? He has done absolutely nothing to warrant the affection given to him yet the Obamanites would rather die than to admit he is in over his smug, condescending head. Here’s what we know about the upward mobility of His Barackness.


Obamanation Reality
Barack and Michelle Obama “Voluntarily Surrendered” their licenses to practice law. Barack has said time and time again that he surrendered his license in order to focus on his political ambitions, namely his run at the presidency. Now, I know that Presidents are forbidden to hold any personal assets over a certain figure while in office. I’m sure there are many other personal freedoms we take for granted, not permitted to the most powerful man on the planet. However, the voluntary surrender of a license to practice law is not one of them. In fact, Bill Clinton kept his license until he was forced to ‘voluntarily surrender’ it before being disbarred over comments he made during the Whitewater investigations. Michelle Obama voluntarily surrendered her law license in 1993, just three years after she got it. Imagine racking up tons of debt, spending nearly a decade in school, passing the bar exam, and then just giving it up in three years. It doesn’t make sense. Obama surrendered his license in 2008 in what many believe was an escape from investigation into the authenticity of his bar application. That makes more sense than “I just don’t think I’ll need it again.” You surrender your license to avoid investigation. Why were they being investigated?
Barack Obama was a Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Nope. Not even close. Obama, once a “lecturer” at Harvard Law applied to be an adjunct at Chicago Law but his application was never even considered. Through political power and what was no doubt some Occupy Wall Street style whining, he was given a class to “lecture” and was placed on the payroll in a non-faculty position. Not only was he never a professor, he was barely an adjunct. He was disliked as his position seemed drenched in dirty politics. He never attended faculty meetings and seemed to view this lowly position as a stepping stone in his ambitious career path. Besides, lawyers write. It seems for most of them, that’s all they do. Go onto any lawyer’s website and you will see tons of things that they've written. Lawyers get published. Publishing credits are like sex to lawyers. It would stand to reason that anyone teaching about practicing law would have at least a few things published. Anybody ever see any of it?
Obama has no ties to terrorist Bill Ayers, radical Jeremiah Wright, or any other unpopular figure. Ridiculously untrue. Ayers and Obama served together at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 until 2000. Ayers founded the group which touted itself as an “education reform” program. That’s like saying a bomb is a “structural reform” mechanism.  The group raised and distributed money to established, leftist causes. Obama’s sudden disdain for “Pastor” Jeremiah Wright is laughable. The man presided over the wedding of Barry and Michelle. He baptized both Obama daughters. The hate spewing, separatist, former leader of the Chicago mega-church Obama attended for years had a definite role in the spiritual construction of Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama was the clear choice of the people of Illinois in his bid for the 2004 senate seat. Well, okay…..but let’s put it in perspective for those on the left with the amazing ability to re-write history. Yes, Obama won big but only after running an absurdly dirty campaign against Republican Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan, as is the case with most politicians it seems, was into some pretty kinky stuff when married to beautiful actress Jeri Ryan. The details of the sordid sexual activities were listed in their divorce papers which Obama and his camp demanded be released into the public. When Ryan dropped his bid, out-of-stater Alan Keyes was placed on the ballot in his place. Did Obama really win that election or did he simply represent the only option? After all, His Barackness barely made a dent in his previous House of Representatives campaign.
Barack Obama did not have a radical voting record as a United States Senator. 36 times during his short, uneventful, senatorial career did Barack Obama vote “present.” More than 50 times, his votes were simply the vote of his party or part of some other campaign. Once voted “present” as a “show of opposition” to a bill that would have allowed children as young as 15 to be tried as adults if they committed crimes with a firearm on or near school grounds. The bill passed overwhelmingly but Obama didn’t believe tougher penalties were the answer. Yeah? Put your daughters in an inner-city, Chicago public school and tell us how you feel. Barack Obama also voted against providing medical care to a fetus that who survived an abortion procedure. That’s about as hardcore left-wing as you can possibly get unless you get a CEO to pay for your abortion because he’s “too successful.” Obama was also voted “The Most Liberal Senator in the United States” by National Journal in 2007.
Obama was a focused Senator. No. He was not. It is widely believed that he began his presidential campaign before he knew his way through the maze of corridors on Capitol Hill.
Obama was experienced enough to beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries in 2004. Again, no he was not. He capitalized on the disdain America was feeling for the War in Iraq. He never missed an opportunity to point out the fact that Hillary “Ankles” Clinton voted for the ‘unconstitutional invasion’ whereas he was one of the first and loudest to oppose it. The fact that his opposition came in the form of maniacal hate-speech full of illogical and terrifying rhetoric seemed to escape his braggadocio.
Those who question Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate, known as “birthers” in the enlightened world, are ignorant. No, those who obsess over it may be, but those who question it are not. I questioned the legitimacy of Bush’s 2000 election victory until the Supreme Court ruled, after hearing sufficient evidence, that he was the winner. No such rulings have been made on the issue of Obama’s birth and no such evidence has been heard. I questioned Bush’s military biography until it was ruled that Dan Rather had lost his mind and fabricated most of the evidence to which the left was clinging. Why have experts not been brought forth to put this whole thing to rest? (Okay, I may be ‘mis-remembering’ a few of those facts, but you get my point.) Why?
Obama’s economic blueprint and “fair share” philosophies will work if given enough time. No they will not and he has been given plenty of time. The fact that he delivers a State of the Union Address in which he declares he will be investing more of our money into the Lithium/Ion Battery industry is a clear example of the fact he has lost touch with the reality of the United States. Another ‘clean energy battery’ company to which Barack Obama gave $118 million of our money filed for bankruptcy the following day and he vows to give more.


Now, while all the responses I got to Friday’s article were entertaining, I’m still left without an answer. I will gladly publish and give credit to the first person who can adequately explain to me why there has been such an inexplicably condensed journey to power for a man who has done absolutely nothing to deserve such support. Barack Obama has all the markings of a “plant” but he doesn’t seem to know it. Is the man a cyborg? If he pulls back his face, is there a series of circuit boards and wires? Can someone please explain to me why Barack Hussein Obama has been given the support he has been given? It’s not because of his skin color, there are plenty of black candidates the left could have chosen to spike into the White House. Why such blind loyalty? The only unifying bond among die-hard leftists seems to be the tired, tattered flag of their “anyone but Bush” mantra. The problem is that no one is asking why they voted for him in 2008. We’re asking why any thinking person with logic and facts at their disposal would choose to vote for a man who has all but decimated our Constitution, thrown our economy in the tank below a Tijuana Port-A-Potty, and increased our debt at a pace that melts calculators? Why this particular man?

Obama is a charming man. We know the guy can deliver a speech and win a crowd, so where are his ex-girlfriends? Where are the people from his past that seem to pop-up out of the woodwork no matter how irrelevant the celebrity? Can you imagine the level of dirt that would have been dug up on JFK today, in an age where information is old before it even occurs? Obama couldn’t have possibly gone through life without making at least one girlfriend mad. Where are the classmates, the enemies, the publications, the records? When Bush was running for President, it seemed the news managed to dig up every single person he’d ever shook hands with. Why can’t they seem to find anyone from Obama’s past?

Again, I could care less where Barack Hussein Obama was born. I’m more interested in why he has been given such a short and seemingly “appointed” path to the White House? Why did Hillary bow down and ole him to the nomination? I don’t care what you think of my mother, my job, my sexual orientation, my level of education, my spelling, my wife, my home, my opinions, or my fashion sense. I want someone from the left to honestly explain to me why Barack Obama was given the Democratic Nomination after just eight years and zero accomplishments in the senate? I want someone to logically and factually explain to me why failure is so blindly supported as success?

Something tells me I will not be publishing any articles of explanation any time soon.

As always, thanks for playing.


J. Robert Giles


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Go Home, Mr. President…

By: J Robert Giles

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“All war is based on deception.”  - Sun Tzu



I received a video via e-mail yesterday and it kind of changed the way I think about the whole “birth certificate” argument. I believe there are literally hundreds of reasons that should prevent Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election chances so I have not focused too much energy on the whole citizenship hoopla. I understand that makes me a bit late to the table with this line of thought so please forgive me if you’ve heard a lot of this information before.

My focus is no longer on whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is a legal citizen of the United States of America. Instead, I find myself asking the question “why him?” Why Barack Obama? Take a look at the chart below. Listed are EIGHT separate attempts to alter or eliminate the citizenship requirement of a President of the United States from the Constitution. Click on the title of the specific bill to read it in it’s entirety.

 Date Bill Number Sponsor 
June 11, 2003 H.J. Res. 59 Vic Snyder (D-Ark) Retired
September 3, 2003 H.J. Res. 67 John Conyers (D-MI)
February 25, 2004 Senate Bill 2128 Don Nickles (R-OK) (Bill deemed “undefined”)
September 15, 2004 H. J. Res. 104 Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
January 4, 2005 H. J. Res. 2 John Conyers (D-MI) AGAIN!!
February 1, 2005 H. J. Res 15 Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) AGAIN!!!
April 14, 2005 H. J. Res 42 Vic Snyder (D-Ark) Retired AGAIN!!!
February 28, 2008 Senate Bill 2678 Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

Eight attempts in just 22 months to get a part of the Constitution amended or eliminated. Why go after something so vehemently that we had all kind of taken for granted for just a shade over 22 decades? In one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read, Senate Bill 511 validates the citizenship of John McCain. The problem I have with this is that John McCain’s citizenship was never in question. Yes, he was born in Panama in 1936 to TWO legal US Citizens, on US Soil in a foreign land. His citizenship was never questioned but the sponsor of the bill, Missouri’s own Claire McCaskill managed to sneak in a key phrase that the Obama camp would use throughout their road to the White House. “Whereas the term ‘natural born citizen’ as that term appears in Article II, Section I is not defined in the Constitution.” In other words, the Constitution fails to mention define what a natural born citizen actually is, so it’s open to interpretation. To make matters worse, guess who co-sponsored this bill…..that’s right…..Senator Barack Hussein Obama of Illinois who just so happened to be gaining ground as the Democratic National Committee’s Poster Boy at the time. BY slipping those words into the bill, it paved the way for Obama to skate into the inauguration without having to prove his citizenship. To overrule such wording, even though the bill meant nothing, would require investigations, time, and possibly Supreme Court rulings. He was elected before such rulings could be handed down or even heard.

SupremeCourt To make the tale a little more intriguing, in January of 2009, days before Obama was to be sworn in as President, he held a secretive, closed door, no-cameras allowed, meeting with 8 of the 9 Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Justice Samuel Alito, a USSupremeCourt known conservative, was inexplicably not invited to that meeting, Among the list of others who technically “should have been” invited to such a meeting but weren’t would be the lawyers representing the multiple cases regarding Obama’s citizenship set to be heard by the Supreme Court. If this meeting was not illegal, it was certainly unethical but seeing as it boiled down to a meeting between ten lawyers, ethics probably wasn’t the topic of discussion anyway. What was the topic of discussion though? Nobody except the ten people in the room knows for sure, but one thing is certain……there has never been ONE SINGLE case of any significance regarding the citizenship of Barack Hussein Obama heard by the United States Supreme Court. Let me clarify……if your daughter was killed and the suspected murderer was allowed to meet behind closed doors with the judge and justice for your daughter then went unserved, you would be pissed (to say the least) right? If your business was being unfairly limited by the actions of an unethical sleazebag who used manipulated, calculated actions to gain influence with the judge hearing your case in court, it would be unfair, right? Why then was the most powerful sleazebag in the history of our country allowed to saunter arrogantly into a closed door meeting with 8 carefully selected justices of the highest court in our legal system and curry favor? Why is there no outrage over this?

Birth Certificate It took two-an-a-half years of intense public demand for Barack Hussein Obama to release his Birth Certificate and when he finally did…..well… seven year old son, given enough time, could produce a more authentic looking document with PhotoShop or Crayons, or a combination of the two. Since it’s release, not ONE SINGLE expert has come forward on behalf of the authenticity of the released document.

I’m not so much interested in finding out where Barack Hussein Obama was born. I mean, I think we can all pretty much agree that it was NOT In any of the places he has claimed thus far. I’m more interested in knowing what is so important about this particular man getting into office that our very own elected officials would try eight separate times to eliminate Constitutional roadblocks that stood in his way? What could he have possibly said to or shown to the Supreme Court Justices during that meeting that made them ignore all ethical responsibility to the people of this country? Is there something in his real birth certificate that would embarrass this country? Could it possibly be any worse than his performance as President? Shouldn’t we be allowed to decide?


As always, thanks for playing!


J. Robert Giles


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Childish Wishes And Presidential Pipe-Dreams….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Dying people often become childish.”   - Georg Buchner


And apparently, Mr. Buchner, so do dying presidencies. First off, did anyone notice how spot on I was in my prediction of Obamalama’s “Four Pillars of Brilliance?” He literally Demagogueobama touched on every single one of them in his ridiculous State of the Union Address last night. Take a look at yesterday’s article, Fluffed Into Decay, so that you too may peek at the burden that is my genius!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that foolishness out of the way, Barack Hussein Obama did in fact deliver what we all hope to be his final State of the Union Address last night in Washington DC. Despite my aforementioned genius, I really didn’t have to tap into it at all to know that last night’s speech was going to be more of the same old garbage we’ve all come to expect from His Barackness. He made it clear last night that he has officially given up hope. He’s behaving like a child would act if they knew their reign of lunacy was coming to a bitter end. He’s laying out childish plans, and receding further into the “happy-place” he’s created inside his deranged little mind. What we witnessed last night was more childish pandering from a President who has not stopped campaigning since he took office.

He opened his speech making mention of his personal involvement with the returning troops at Andrews Air Force Base. To hear him tell it, he’s been right there alongside them every step of the way. Shoulder to shoulder, locked arms, facing the enemy. In his mind, as he looks at all those shiny jets and cool looking pilots, he probably imagines himself in some sort of Independence Day scenario where he’s called upon, as President of the United States, to fly a plane and defend against an alien invasion. In reality, he’s just trying to play on our patriotic loyalty to the men and women who bravely serve in our military. Unfortunately for him, that bravery can’t be faked. He can’t just talk about himself as a military-man and make us believe it. He’s none of the things that make Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors worthy of our praise.

It’s time to end the taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s rarely been more profitable, and double down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising.” That’s right folks!! He plans to DOUBLE his efforts into the clean energy nonsense with which he’s had so much success thus far. So, instead of $934 million dollars lostSolyndra between Solyndra and A123 Systems and other horrendously failed “investments”, we can look forward to watching Barrackuda burn close to $2 BILLION? Hooray!! Seriously though, he’s talking about taking away money from the “big oil companies” as he has tried to do in every one of his State of the Union Addresses since taking office. He knows he’ll never be able to get any movement on such a bold call, and none is ever granted. In fact Congress, even when it was a Democratic Congress, has never given the matter a second’s consideration. He tried to implement $36.5 Billion of new taxes against the companies, but no traction was ever granted in Congress. If he couldn’t get anyone to bite on this nonsense in a Democratic Congress, what chances does he have in this divided one? Zero. It’s a non-starter and he knows it. Besides, his philosophy, as he has spelled it out, is to punish the success of those companies who have managed to succeed despite the incessant attempts by our president to derail them while rewarding his own complete and demonstrable failure with billions more dollars. I say no. How about you?

Our healthcare law relies upon a reformed private market, not a government program.” Well, that’s just pure nonsense. Jay Carney ObamaCare himself couldn’t come up with anything that ridiculous and he wears tiny little sweaters to calm his shivering skin as he sticks his timid little head out of Paris Hilton’s handbag. Every plan this president has ever had relies upon a “reformed” private market. Reformed as in eradicated. For Barack Hussein Obama to go in front of the nation and declare that ObamaCare is not a heavily regulated, government run, taxpayer funded, socialist nightmare is quite frankly irresponsible. If he truly believes these statements to be true, then he’s inept and he doesn’t understand the plan to which his own name is attached. If he’s just using clever phrasing to mislead his blindly loyal support base, then he should be ashamed and we should be getting the word out. Your healthcare plan is reckless and most likely illegal. It will most assuredly be tossed out and legally forbidden from future discussions as soon as you wave bye-bye to the White House.

"”The Taliban’s momentum has been broken and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home.” Wrong again, Messiah of Misinformation. According to some of those “on condition of anonymity” types of sources, military leaders believe the Taliban is using the facade of their “talks” with the United States to gain trust in the region. With Obama promising to withdraw, it is widely believed that the Taliban is simply regrouping at a leisurely rate. We’re basically allowing them to rest-up until such time as they are unsupervised. It’s like we’re the parents getting ready to leave town and we let our teenage boys sleep all day to get ready to “just stay home and watch TV” that night. Don’t be fooled. As soon as our presence in Afghanistan is easily dominated, it will be. No one in Afghanistan feels a connection or a trust of the newly formed government. The general feeling is that the Taliban is just lurking and waiting for their eventual return to power. We have made great strides in weakening the leadership of al Qaeda, but that success was not started by you. In fact, had you not been elected in 2008, you would still be claiming that Osama bin Laden was not a threat.

“On the day I took office, our automobile industry was on the verge of collapse. Some even said we should just let it die but with a million jobs on the line, I simply wouldn’t allow that to happen.” God bless you, hero! Oh, wait……never-mind. I just forgot for a second that you’re one of the biggest liars in the history of the world. Sorry everybody, sorry. See, in reality George W Bush started the bailout process for which you love to take credit. All you did was write the checks. That’s like the title companyObamamobile taking credit for the sale of a house. It’s like the transfer agency getting commissions on the sale of a stock. Barack Hussein Obama was quick to point out that after his bold intervention and his brilliant leadership, General Motors is now back at the top of the automotive food chain. He took credit for Chrysler’s success as well. What he failed to mention was the fact that Ford (notice they’re no longer referred to as “the Big 3” since Ford refused to play Obama’s bailout blackmail extravaganza?) has also turned around their sinking ship and they did so without government assistance. He also failed to mention the fact that while Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” campaign, with it’s catchy, kind of aggressive musical backgrounds, and blue-collar imagery has certainly increased the number of Chrysler’s sold in this country, Obama’s leadership led to Chrysler now being an Italian company. As part of his brilliance, one of our “BIG 3” automakers is now owned in Europe. He also failed to mention the fact that he used his bailout money to pressure GM to build the Chevy Volt. The same car that is now at the center of an investigation to determine whether political leverage was used to push an unsafe automobile onto American roads. Really? We need to fund an investigation into that? Of course there was political influence. An investigation just gives them time to cover their tracks and their butts in the court of public opinion.

There were quite a few other topics that were skillfully avoided in last night’s speech. As my parents, ex-girlfriends, ex-wife, and current fiancĂ© have often told me….”Just because you choose not to talk about something, doesn’t mean it’s going away.” In that vain, here’s a list of a few things I want Obama to publicly address before we give him bus-fare back to Chicago in November.

1. Keystone XL – He made absolutely no mention last night of the fact that he just killed a bill that would have created so many of the jobs he often talks about and he did so for nothing but political reasons. People on his side were paid by people who don’t want that pipeline to disrupt the mating habits of a family of mosquitoes. In this Bambi-ish world in which Obama receives so much of his justification, the rights of one moose are apparently more important than thousands of jobs feeding thousands of families in multiple states. Get a Republican in there to go shoot that moose and serve it at the Keystone Pipeline Kickoff dinner in 2013.

2. 1,000 Days Without A Democratic Congressional Budget – You operate for three years without a budget and then demand that we increase your debt limit. No!! You’re not getting us into any further debt with anymore of your foolish plans and childish ideas. Just sit in the nursery and play with Biden for the next 9 months, okay?

3. Federal Reserve recklessness – My 12 year old daughter understands that printing all the money in the world does no good if there is nothing to back up those dollars. The Federal Reserve can keep printing money and pouring it into programs and jobs that help Obama’s despicable employment numbers look a little better, but sooner or later, someone’s gonna have to pay that tab and despite all his harsh words about the rich…….it will be ALL of us who pay his tab. He keeps trying to launch this “wealthy don’t pay their share” nonsense but all he’s doing is feeding the lunatics in Occupy Wall Street tents across the country. He’s just fueling that Participation Trophy mentality where everybody gets what few earn.

4. Cost of His Vision – Obama is always crafty with his words. He gets his blindly loyal base all riled up with flashy words and inspiring phrases about programs that will give them free stuff. He gets the lazy to believe that he’s going to make their lives better by easing their burden and transferring it to the wealthy fat-cats who have been keeping them down. Nowhere does he mention that the very people lining up to suck on the government nipple are the very ones who will be stuck with the tab when the wealthy have nothing left to give. Obama’s vision of middle class simply can’t be built from government jobs funded by borrowed money so what are all these bold initiatives going to cost us, Mr. President?

5. Actual Cost Of ObamaCare Premiums – You know he has the numbers, but releasing them must be something even he knows will cripple his re-election bid.

6. The Debt Crisis – Obama cleverly avoided any mention of the fact that he just requested an additional TRILLION dollars in credit. That’s OUR money people. He just requested another TRILLION of OUR dollars. He encourages a Congress that ahs yet to operate under a budget to give him another TRILLION dollars?!?! Get out there and convince a Ron Paul supporter that wasting their vote is simply not an option!

7. Charitable Record – Obama talks down to us about how much more generous we all need to be yet he slams Romney for tithing 15% of his annual income. The Obama’s, before taking office, donated a measly 1% of their income to charity, while the silent partner that is our Vice President donated a whopping $369 to all those poor people we’re supposed to pull up to the middle class. Shameful.

8. Brian Terry – Plenty of hoopla and political grandstanding has been given to Gabrielle Giffords. I called it months ago that her recovery would remarkably coincide with theBrian-Terry-PSA election cycle. Now, in a pathetic exploitation of a horrible incident, she resigns to “focus on recovery.” I’ll translate for you…..she’s taking her show on the road. She’ll be a constant figure in Obama’s campaign, I promise. We have no apology from Debbie Wasserman Schultz over her accusations that the shooting was the fault of the Tea Party and the Right Wing, gun loving nuts. Still, with all this emotion channeled at gun safety and the dangers of guns in the hands of “nuts” there is no mention of the fact that Officer Terry lost his life as a direct result of Operation Fast & Furious. I guess it’s only worthy of Obama’s attention if the story aids his cause, huh?

In closing, all we heard last night was calls for more spending, more government, more restrictions, and more failure. It’s time for Barrack Hussein Obama and his insatiable appetite for government involvement, to sign their address change paperwork.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fluffed Into Decay….

By: J Robert Giles

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“Is the President purposely using propaganda and hyperbole to garner the American public for support?”   - Sean Hannity


Yes, Sean. He absolutely is and tonight will most assuredly be more of the same. (Sorry I used a little propaganda of my own to get you here, but why should Obama have all the fun?) I know, I know….I don’t usually publish a Tuesday article but for some reason, I find myself Blond Patriot with a lot to say this morning. Mostly, I want to address several e-mails I received in response to yesterday’s article – “Who Leads You?” Several people were kind enough to point out the fact that I made mention of tonight’s State of the Union address as if it had already happened when I wrote yesterday. I do apologize for the confusion, and would like to take the time to explain my stance, if I may. Eh-hemm…….Dear Liberals, I’m smarter than you and yes I CAN see the future. In fact, here’s a few of my predictions about what you will hear and see tonight…….

- Barack Hussein Obama will take the heavily telepromted stage at about 8:00 CST tonight. That’s when the event is scheduled to begin, but theTelepromtobama “overwhelming support” and not the “overwhelming arrogance” of His Barackness will not permit his punctuality. He will make us wait a few minutes before arriving in the gauntlet of support that we’re supposed to believe is spontaneous and unexpected. He will take the stage and smile smugly throughout the unjustifiably extended applause. He’ll look slightly upward and to the right, pensively, as if absorbing all the admiration the world is directing unto his oh-so-worthy existence. He’s a gift for all of us to enjoy,  after all.

- You will hear tale of “A Blueprint for an America Built to Last” and you will be expected to believe Barack Hussein Obama is the only man capable of reading the complicated schematics and bold architectural leaps taken with said blueprint. He will talk down to us as if he’s had this brilliant plan all along. He will act as if he’s been trying to enact these steps of genius since day-one but right-wing obstacles have kept him from doing so. He will insinuate that anyone unable to see the factual logic behind his agenda is simply less intelligent than he, and should not be left in charge of anything. You will hear the word “blueprint” no fewer than a dozen times.

- You will be expected to believe that our very future depends upon giving Obama the time, power, money, and freedom to explore his Four Pillars of Brilliance:  

Pillar Of Brilliance


A Rebirth of American Manufacturing… Billions more of your dollars sunk into operations like A123 Systems, Solyndra, Small-Pox Research, and the Chevy Volt.
Expansion of Domestic Energy Production and Alternative Energy Sources… Stop asking us about Keystone XL and move on, okay? Just give us more of your money to blow through with no written budget in place. It’s what you want.
Improved Job Training and Education…. Union, union, union, union, indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination, drink the Kool-Aid you blind fools…..DRINK IT!!!
Return to American Values…. After you re-elect me, I’ll tell you what you values are, okay?


- For the rest of today, the Obamanites in the media will excuse any and all failures of their Benign Sovereign. You will hear such statements as “of course the Oba-Messiah is images focused on governing, but every State of the Union Address has a political component” and “it’s an election year, folks.” The sad fact is that this president has never taken the time, during his entire failed presidency, to stop campaigning. His failures are still blamed on Bush, yet facts do not support such claims. His popularity is fading as quickly as our patience and despite the smug, carefree attitude he will masterfully portray this evening…..he’s panicking! His promises have gone unfulfilled, and his investments have failed. His ideology is the stuff of daydreams and it too has failed, but tonight you will be led on a verbal journey of excitement and fairy tales. You will be led through a maze of confusing theories based in technology that’s untested, results that are unproven, and claims that are preposterous. You’ll be asked to cast your vote for a man “bold enough” to take this country to the places in his head, but you will never be told what these things cost. Obama’s State of the Union is the equivalent of calling a car dealership and asking what a specific car costs. He’ll answer the phone and convince you he’s your best friend. He’ll talk circles around you, describing the features and benefits of the car, hyping technology you didn’t ask about. Throughout the entire conversation, you never get an answer to the question you actually asked, but the salesman marks it down as a successful call because he got your name, number, and e-mail address and he’s going to keep pestering you until you come in and take a look. Just tell us how much more of our money you’re going to waste on these pipe-dreams of yours, please. Give us a fighting chance, you overly rehearsed con-man.

- You will hear the Obamanator make at least a dozen references to Mitt Romney’s tax records. The media will have also done a good job of making sure you’ve heard what SNOBthey perceive to be the relevant points of Romney’s finances and Obama will then capitalize on the water cooler talk. Obama and his minions will do everything they can to  make sure you believe that a vote for Romney is a vote against the middle-class. You will be asked to accept the fact that Romney is a wealthy, draft-dodging, job killing, fat-cat capitalist who only cares about money and getting richer. Need I remind you that Obama has received more funding and permission of influence from Wall Street than any other candidate in history? Make no mistake people, Obama will not be riding off into the sunset in one of these electric cars he keeps pushing onto the masses. He’s a greedy lawyer and he’s married to a greedy lawyer. He’s not your “brother”  and he’s not “one of us.” Romney is wealthy. That wealth was earned, carefully guarded using loopholes that allowed him to preserve his wealth, and extrapolated by more hard work, success, and determined commitment.  Obama’s war-chest is bigger and is funded by hype, fear, manipulation, and lies.

Carney- Last prediction: You will see Little Jay Carney looking startled and nervous in front of the cameras all day long today. (Seriously, am I the only one getting sick of his Macaulay Culkin-ishness??) He’ll defend the complete ineptitude of his boss, blame us for the fact that Obama has failed to achieve any of the nonsense he promised in the last State of the Union Address, and just before he scampers back to the cozy safety of Paris Hilton’s handbag, he’ll provide us with more tightly coiled gems like the one he laid on the new carpet of America this morning when he said “any State of the Union which lays out an agenda has to be ambitious. If you got through a year and you achieved everything on your list, then, well….you probably didn’t aim high enough. This president aims high.” Somebody get that little parasite a shock collar. Of course this president “aims high” you little weasel…..he’s not wasting his own money with these so called ambitions! He’s wasting mine and I demand that he stop it. No longer will the voting public fund the daydreams of this ideological lunatic.

No matter what that steaming pile of POTUS may say during his campaign speech, I mean State of the Union Address tonight, here are a few facts that you need to keep in the very front of your brain as you listen to the heavily manipulated coverage that is sure to come our way tomorrow and in days following.

1. The economy stinks and people are scared. Any success or positive trend is quickly squashed by irresponsible regulation and taxation.

2. Jobs numbers suck! January 2009 – Unemployment rate was at 7.8%. In December of 2011 – it was at 8.5% and I doubt very seriously that your “seasonally adjusted” numbers are accurate at all. You’ve given us no reason to believe that they would be. In January of 2009 there were 142,099,000 jobs available. In December of 2011 that number had shrunk to 140,790,000 jobs. Not only are there more people out of work but they are now fighting over a smaller pile of opportunity and you have the nerve to kill an endeavor like Keystone because of political reasoning. Shameful.

3. Healthcare premiums were at $12,680 per family in 2008. Remember 2008? Before ObamaCare was literally crammed down our throats? Well, now after four years of promises and facts about how “this plan” will lower premiums by 2500 to 3000%, the average premium per family is $15,073. No matter how he spins it, that’s a failure.

4. Home Values in January of 2008 were $169,900 on average. (Existing, single family homes) In December of 2011, that average value was down to $164,100 yet he continues to tell us “what America needs.”

5. In January of 2009 our National Debt was 10.6 TRILLION dollars. In December of 2011 that number had skyrocketed to 15.2 TRILLION dollars and you will most assuredly hear a demand for debt limit increases in tonight’s speech.

Folks, this “Blueprint” he’s going to lay at our feet tonight is just more foolishness. It’ll contain  a bunch of crap about technology to get the left-wing geeks all fired up but guess what……we have geeks too! We have geeks that could be funded by interested investors under a free-market system which for some reason will get NO mention tonight. Almost all of his bold dreams and visions could be seen through to fruition in economic and governmental system of his opponents. Wake up and fire this fool! I’ll be back tomorrow to gloat about all my predictions that come true during the foolishness tonight!

As always, thanks for playing!


J. Robert Giles

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Leads You?

By: J Robert Giles

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“The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.”  - Psalm 19:7


As so many of the ideas for my Monday articles seem to do, this one burst into my mind during Church yesterday. Is God’s Word the authoritative control in your life? That was the question posed to the capacity crowd. Most of us were still in that panicked, running late, “do we have all of our children” frame of mind so the question was a nice, slapping welcome to the service. Sadly, not many of us can honestly answer “yes” to such a question.

right-way-wrong-way1 Following God is not about actions. It’s not about the things you “do” in the world. Following God is about the very way you live your life. It changes the way you think, the way you speak, the way you raise your children and the way you view the world around them. I’ve said in several previous articles that the decay of morality and decency is crippling us as a country, and I know from feedback I’ve received to such statements that there are a large number of you out there who agree with me. It’s cool to ridicule faith. Ratings are boosted when a show is “courageous” enough to question the legitimacy of Christianity. Kids are told, from a very early age, in our over politicized school system that faith and all things related to Church are not to be discussed while they are in class. Same sex marriages. sensitive political issues, Jersey Shore, American Idol, and other such nonsense is perfectly acceptable, but God is not to be discussed. There seem to be so many explanations in this “progressive” world we’re building around ourselves to suggest that the Word of God is just a bunch of made-up gibberish. It seems scientists all over the globe are just racing to prove all us “zealots” wrong, but guess what……you can’t!

As far as politics go, it actually saddens me that there is not much of a focus on God in this election, but at the same time I believe God’s name gets greatly misused in political circles. The point is that Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t possibly lecture anyone from a pulpit of Faith and Christian morals. If he tried, I honestly believe he would be immediately struck by lightning directly in his condescending face. To truly follow the Word of God means that you can’t pick and choose which parts to follow and which times to follow them. Following God is something that consumes you and while I’m sure there are many fine, Christian men in politics I don’t believe the Word can truly govern the government of our country. Christianity preaches of a Kingdom, where God is the one and only King. Our country is a democracy, which means there are many rulers. We are all the rulers in a democracy (in theory at least). The way our current political system is set up, the two will be at constant friction. Our current political system demands deceitThe-Politics-of-Religion-03 and secrecy. It encourages wild spending and wreaks of backhanded deals. A constant doubt of the Word of God feeds interests that can’t profit in a Faithful environment. We’re led to believe that faith makes us weak and that earthly possessions are all that really matters. We’re talked down to as if we’re somehow “beneath” all the people who don’t need the '”crutch” of Christianity. Blithering idiots like Michael Moore and Bill Maher talk smugly as if their misinformed opinions are so much more worthy of trust than the thousands of years and billions of Believers who speak of Faith and its strength in their lives.

Stop it! Our leaders do not need to be “just like Jesus” in order to run this country the way it needs to be run. Newt Gingrich, no matter how hard he tries, is NEVER going to be Jesus Christ. The closest he could possibly come would be Santa Claus and even that would be a massive, moral stretch. He can confess every behind-the-scenes deal he’s ever made and every political enemy he’s ever wronged. He can confess every marital issue he’s ever swept under the rug and he will still be billions upon billions of miles away from Jesus’ personification of perfection. Mitt Romney probably leads the purest personal life of any of the candidates but greed will come up in almost every discussion about him. Barack Hussein Obama…..not even in the same discussion! Why then do we ask our leaders…..the ones who lead a democracy which is pretty much the exact opposite of a Kingdom…….to lead us as Christians? They can’t! We have to lead them and I think images people are finally starting to wake up to that fact. Our politicians are our politicians. They do what we demand of them. They do it cleverly so that they believe everything is their idea, but in the end, they are just our puppets. Romney, Gingrich….it doesn’t really matter as long as we don’t sit by and let them fall asleep at the wheel like the current President has done. Actually, he didn’t fall asleep at the wheel, the battery in his ridiculous little electric car died and his cord isn’t long enough. Stop waiting for a politician to step up and deliver the changes we all want. No man is capable of meeting that much demand. Nor should we allow ourselves to be so lazy as to expect such things from one man, or from our government at all. The changes we all demand are changes that only we as a people can deliver. They are changes that begin in our hearts and spread quickly, as passionately fueled ideas always do. If we truly want to live in a world where politicians are allowed to follow the Word of God in every decision they make, we have to make such ideology acceptable. Not only must it be acceptable, it has to be required. We’re staring down the barrel of an election in which one candidate believes in an obscure, often frowned upon version of God, another is incapable of portraying himself as a fine, Christian man, and the other is Obama. None of them have ever served in the United States Military. None of them have ever done anything that would make them stand out as exemplary humanitarians. (Before any of you nutbags cite Obama’s Nobel Prize, I will remind you that he deserved that award about as much as Kim Kardashian deserves her celebrity.)

In watching the endless debates, primaries, campaign speeches, and downward spiral of Obama’s popularity. anyone would be quick to believe that change is around the corner but for the first time in my life, I feel like it is us who will be delivering the change, not a politician. Reagan oversaw great change in this country because we were in the mood to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and beat back the shame of Carter’s presidency. We’re there again. We’re ready to get back on track and for too long we have sat on the bench watching as ineptitude, immorality, and financial stupidity lead us into catastrophe. We’re at the breaking point and now we’re being told that our fears are unfounded. Whoever ends up getting our vote, Gingrich or Romney, we have to summon the backbone to “make them" do what needs to be done. They’re slaves to trends, so let’s make morality popular again. Let’s make decency the expected norm. Let’s make the voice of the ones who do the most good and the most right the ones that we hear over the crowds of celebrities who do and encourage nothing but harm and more decay.

Obama had his chance and he has blown it. His “investments” if given another four years to plummet like Billy Cundiff’s value to the city of Baltimore, will most certainly bankrupt us. This nonsense about needing to increase the debt ceiling again…..are you kidding me? NO!! You cannot have anymore of our money. You went before the cameras to deliver a State of the Union Address and turned it into another campaign speech. That’s all you do is campaign. You’re a salesman but the problem is that you don’timages (1) passionately believe in the product you’re selling. Those kinds of salesmen; the ones who are only chasing the commission, no matter what it’s form, are always ferreted out and run out of business. The salesman who believes in the products he’s selling…..who uses the products in his own home and would happily defend ‘his’ product is the one who usually enjoys the most long-term success. Those who pitch well can sometimes ride the hype to a view sales awards, but when questionable results expose empty promises they are rarely asked to cross the stage at the following year’s awards banquet. Obama gave us his pitch in 2008. 52% of those who voted, fell for the pitch. That means that 52% of the people who voted in the last Presidential election purchased a faulty product and the recall is about to be issued. Changes must be made and it starts with the man sitting in the Oval Office. Not only must he be changed, like a diaper……but the whole concept of The American President needs a facelift. I don’t want a celebrity running my country. I don’t want an athlete running my country. I don’t want a rap-star running my country and I certainly don’t want anyone who can identify more than three members of the Jersey Shore cast at the helm of my country.

I don’t want God running my country either. I want God to run my life and my relationship with those I love. I want God to be the driving force in the lives of my friends, and those with whom I connect. I want God to run the life of the man that runs my country and I want that man to openly embrace the refreshment that knowledge of his faith gives to the people who gave him his title. Faith requires accountability that public office may not be able to support but I’m ready for a man who is at least willing to try. Aren’t you?

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J. Robert Giles


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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank you……

I would like to thank all of the readers who helped to make

“Return To Mission…..”

the most popular article I have ever posted.

Your continued support means the world to me,

your feedback (even the ridiculously uninformed responses from our friends on “the left”)

fuels me in ways I never knew possible.

Thank you. A million times, thank you!

- J Robert Giles



Return To Mission….

By: J Robert Giles
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“You can’t be distracted by the noise of misinformation.”   - James Daly
Am I the only one that thinks there seems to be some kind of a debate or Primary, or caucus every night of the week these days? CNN held one last night. I’m not real sure why  everyone seems so surprised that Debate Moderator John King opened the proceedings with a question about Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife. She did her “fifteen minutes of Marianne Gingrich fame” interview, of which I’m sure we’ll see many, many more over the next two-hundred-ninety days. (But who’s counting, right?) She’s bitter and she’s making wild, unsubstantiated claims about open marriages and other nonsense. People seem even more surprised that Newt batted the question right out of the auditorium with his stern, very well received, rebuke. If you’d like to readNewt Opens Up A Can more about Newt and the way he’s handling himself as of late, please feel free to read my previous article – Newt-ering the United States. While I admirably acknowledge Newt’s powerful performance in the debate, and agree with Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) who said that last night’s debate made it clear that the election is now a “two-man race,” that’s not what today’s article is about. Today’s article is about the obsession with Mitt Romney’s tax returns.
When Romney was asked if he would eventually release his returns, he said that he would if given the nomination. There were boos in the crowd, but witnesses claim they were from two men in the Ron Paul section who appeared ready to boo no matter the response. Make no mistake, an orchestrated response does not reflect the opinion of the logical voter on this issue. Why would Mitt Romney release his tax records at this point. Has anyone else? Gingrich released one year. Santorum said he wouldn’t  release anything until “finished” (real reassuring to his campaign staff, I’m sure). Ron Paul said he flat out wouldn’t release his records. Romney has promised complete transparency if given the nod. The one everyone is demanding to see right now, is the one to have promised more transparency than any of the others, yet the media has fueled our obsession. Ask yourself logically, what sense would it make for Mitt Romney to release his records at this point? He’s a wealthy man, we all know that. He’s wealthy in ways most of us simply can’t imagine. He has tax records that afford loopholes most of us simply can’t imagine. Romney CNNThe Obama camp is counting on those facts. As soon as Romney’s records are released, you will be subjected to the most intense publication of another man’s financial history as you have ever witnessed. They will inflate numbers, portray loopholes out of context, paint Romney as the typical, white, wealthy, Wall Street, capitalist who washes his hands with baby’s tears. Why give them extra time to air that garbage? Why should we put what looks like our best shot at defeating Obama, whether it be Newt or Mitt, into harm’s way this early in the game?
People ask if he’s got something to hide? Well, of course he’s got something to hide! He’s a human being. All these people who question his secrecy have no idea what it would be like to have public demand for full disclosure of things that we all keep very privately guarded. My problem with our two frontrunners is that while the focus seems intently directed at Romney’s tax returns, I believe it’s a clever ploy. I believe the Obama camp is fearful of Romney. With that in mind, coupled with my inherent distrust of anything the media over-reports, I’m led to believe that they want us focused on Romney’s possible “dark secrets".” The only reason they would want that is if they believe Gingrich’s past offers something they can use to knock him out of favor down the road. Doesn’t take a diabolical genius to figure out that basic strategy but there are plenty of them riding shotgun on the Obamalama-Express. Notice that Gingrich was asked a question that he easily deflected, yet it seemed courageous and as if he had just publicly defeated the mighty John King? Notice that all the attention was on Romney’s returns? Follow me here……very little has been made of the fact that Newt Gingrich wasCrazy Person recently asked to provide details about his 1997 ouster from his position as House Speaker. The committee that voted on the issue contained such diabolical geniuses as one Nancy Pelosi. Folks, she has all of the records, documentation, and transcripts of those proceedings. Evidence that has not yet been released to the public. If she’s got it, make no mistake that Barrack Hussein Obama has it. For them to keep fanning the flame of the Romney Tax Return fire leads me to believe that there’s something in those Newt-files they believe will cripple Gingrich. Did any of that make sense or are you still trying to wrap your mind around the irony of Nancy Pelosi sitting on an ethics committee?
Like I said, Romney’s skeletons will come out in the form of exaggerated loopholes and fluffed up characterizations that are easily defeated. That scares opponents. The blitz that will follow the release of his tax returns will be capable of swaying public opinion, but his steadfast determination to bring this country back from the brink of disaster will shine through flimsy insinuations. He’s wealthy, we all know it. If Gingrich truly believes that he is capable of leading this country past November 6, 2012 then he’d better get out ahead of this Ethics Committee stuff before Obama releases it at a time of his choosing. The war that Obama plans to wage against whoever the GOP candidate ends up being will not be for America. He will convince you that it is, but make no mistake that his war is not FOR America but rather AGAINST conservative thought. If we can’t condition our minds to be stronger than the manipulations and twisted context of a conniving media avalanche then we really have no shot at defeating the mighty machine.
Right now, Gingrich appears determined in his goal. Unfortunately, his goal would appear to be winning the election. That’s great. That’s obviously a critical first step. Romney seems to be focused well beyond the election. Romney carries himself as if the election is just the first step in a marathon and that’s what I want to see in my candidate. Yes, Newt needs to gain some momentum but like I said a few days ago, it’s time to stop focusing on Romney and start focusing on what Obama might have to use against you. For Romney, it’s time to buckle down, remain focused, and convince America that your track record of success, no matter how it’s received by a bunch of tent-dwelling hippies, is exactly what this country needs right now. Get beyond the election because America has already done so. Obama’s support is dead, the election will go to one of you so start convincing us what a presidency will be like with you in office. Don’t give into the nonsense about when and where you should release information. Gingrich -  release your skeletons now so that their power is stripped from Obama’s arsenal. Romney – keep your returns held tightly against your chest until you absolutely must release them. Now is not that time. Not yet. If for no other reason than they are demanding them.
Coolbama Now, before I close…..I have to admit that the video of Obama’s musical homage to Al Green last night was pretty cool. Yes, I said it. Obama did Clinton - Arseniosomething cool. There is not a man alive who has not envisioned himself standing on a stage, singing his favorite song to a crowd of adoring fans.  Most of us would never be able to pull it off if actually put in the  position, and we know it. I would require an immediate change of pants and psychotherapy to be honest, but Obama managed to do it and even seem cool to me, one of his most avid opponents. SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! The media will do anything and everything they can to get what they want and what they want is to see Obama back in office. Charm, and random acts of coolness cannot win this election. We’ve done that twice now – when are we going to learn?
As always, thanks for playing.

J Robert Giles

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newt-ering the United States…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”   - Benjamin Franklin


Come on… don’t get to be in the public eye with a name like “Newt” and escape creative license. Recently, Newt Gingrich claimed that a vote for Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, or Rick Perry was essentially a vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t necessarily believe that. In fact, I whole-problem-solved-spay-neuter-politics-1317642100heartedly disagree with that. While I can’t personally imagine the stress involved in running for any kind of high-profile office, I’m not ready to trim the list of candidates down to two men just yet. I can certainly understand why Gingrich would want the field narrowed a bit, but I think there is a lot of good that can come from a few more weeks, if not months of competition for the former Speaker of the House. I’m ready to cast my vote for the candidate I believe will lead this country so far beyond the mistakes of the current administration that history remembers Obama as “that guy who made way for [insert candidate name here].” Whoever gets the nod will be completely vetted and his mission will be understood. That doesn’t mean that we will understand HIS mission, but rather that he will clearly understand OURS. We’re not just looking for someone who can beat Obama. While the removal of Obummer is obviously a fundamental first step, it is not the only task our next President will be asked to complete. In other words, memorable speeches, large crowds, and poll results are not going to be the only qualifications of the next President of the United States Of America.

To look at Newt’s website you would believe that Gingrich is definitely the man to lead us away from the catastrophe over which we luke_darthv1are now perilously dangling. Where the other candidates simply have an “Issues” tab at the top of their website, Gingrich has a  “Solutions” tab. If it was a CEO’s website, or a coach’s; you might think of the positive spin as a sign of hope but as it stands, on the website of a polished politician with a polished political machine cranking out his web presence, it just comes across as slightly pandering. No matter how sincere the motives behind the tab, it somehow comes across as playing on our negativity strings a little too heavily. The points that fall under the tab are fantastic ideas, but for some reason have been met with doubt until very recently. While Gingrich is surging ahead of the rest of the non-Romney-pack, I’m still not sure he has a complete grasp of what it is that he will be asked to do if he is elected to be our next leader. His mission is still too focused on the campaign and not the years after the campaign. Hey, Newt! We’ve seen what an excellent campaign can do. Obama ran an excellent campaign!

Some of Newt’s solutions include the “Optional Flat Tax Rate of 15%.” It’s an excellent idea, and one that would put so much power back into the hands of the American Federal Reserve people where it belongs. Giving people the choice to file their taxes on a single postcard, or with the current system of over-documented, over-calculated, panic inducing, tree killing bureaucracy would surely save billions in annual processing costs and time. Reforming the Federal Reserve to Promote Transparency…..I’m all for it. Newt Gingrich’s “Solutions” include the repeal of several specific laws and acts the average voter couldn’t identify with ten clues and a Sherpa. Newt plans to repeal the Sarbanes / Oxley Act. The act was written hastily as most acts seem to be. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the calamities of Enron and WorldCom but it proved to be absolutely useless against the insolvencies and accounting irregularities of Bear – Sterns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, or Merrill Lynch. Before this act, and all of the confusing regulatory measures it brought with it from the panicked womb of illustrious leaders like Paul Sarbanes (D-MD), it took a company an average of 5 years to climb from creation to initial public offering. We now stand around twelve years with a majority of companies finding safety in their continued status as “privately held.”. Many companies we all know and love today could not have been created under this act. Newt also plans to do away with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. This act requires banks to make loans in all communities in which they accept deposits but has instead created a bottleneck of bureaucratic red-tape and regulatory nightmares in terms of access to credit. No matter what the left may say, this act has contributed heavily to the confusion in our mortgage system as well. To that end, Newt plans to break up the cement slippers around the feet of America known as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and let their smaller successors fight it out in the free market. Excellent idea. Newt plans to get rid of wasteful government departments, especially those departments that so often kill jobs in the name of ideology like the EPA. Newt plans, in fact, to replace the Environmental Protection Agency with the Environmental Solutions Agency. (Sounds like more government involvement to me, but it’s worth a try because it infuriates liberals.) Mr. Gingrich promotes the idea of implementing a new Energy Plan for America. Okay, now you’re veering off course, Mr. Speaker and this is why you still require the competitive accountability imposed upon you by the other candidates still in the race. Any “Energy Plan” that doesn’t call for the complete and immediate evacuation of all government hands from the free market, private and entrepreneurial expansion of our nation’s energy options is quite frankly not good enough. Keep trying.

Newt Gingrich is a horrible husband. It’s no secret. He needs to embrace it, own it, and get past it. His website and his campaign have gone too far in trying to make peopleCallista Gingrich forget about is matrimonially challenged personal history. Every page and photo contains info about Callista Gingrich’s involvement in his life. Am I the only one that sees an eerie similarity between the public, almost scripted marriage of Newt and Callista Gingrich and another business-couple running for President in 1992? He keeps trying to draw similarities between himself and Reagan, but there will never be another Reagan. Someday we might be saying “there will never be another Gingrich” if he can get past this mentality that he has to be leading the campaign in January. I’m not asking you to marry me any more than I’m asking Romney to be my spiritual advisor, Newt. Stop the negative attacks and get out there and passionately defend and deliver your messages. Get behind the ideas you supposedly believe in. Nobody has heard you make mention of the acts you plan to repeal because they might not be popular in certain demographics. Get over that crap and get your message out there. As it stands right now, you have just put a bunch of words on a website. You have listed all the benefits of the grand ideas you have for your time in office, but you have failed to list how you will get any of the ideas passed.

Ron Paul has done exactly those things. While I believe Dr. Paul is smoking the pot of his supporters on many issues, I do believe that the man Ron Paul has a passionate reasoning behind his mission. He spells out that mission quite clearly throughout his own website. As unlikely as his presidency may be, Ron Paul does lay out a very convincing timeline and plan for balancing the budget. In fact, if elected, he swears he can get it done by year three. He’s got graphs, statistics, and well organized data to support his plan. Newt has none of those things. Ron Paul vows to end the Federal Reserve if elected. I’m all for that. The Federal Reserve was created under sneaky circumstances on Christmas Eve of 1913 and has operated under the cloak of secrecy ever since. Recently, the Federal Reserve convinced Americans that the economy would never recover without unprecedented bailouts. We now know, because of the efforts of passionate men like Dr. Paul, that at the peak of the Fed’s “emergency lending” over 90% of it’s discount window loans were made to foreign banks. In fact, there were a total of 70 loans made to the Bank of Libya. When pressed about the issue, good-old Bernanke reminded Congress that they do not have the power or authority to audit the mighty Federal Reserve. Ron Paul aims to change that drastically and he has a clear, if not ill-conceived, plan to do so. He’s passionate about his stance. Where’s Newt’s passion?

Newt’s passion seems to lie only in the title of frontrunner. He’s passionate about poll results, campaign numbers, and headlines. Those things win elections, but America is already looking far beyond Election Day. Right now, Mitt Romney seems to be the only one on our side with that same mentality. When Newt gets out there and starts spreading the word about his ideas for the future instead of his association with Reagan, his disdain for Bain, and his over-the-top defense of his marriage then maybe he will surge ahead of the Mighty Mormon but for now you remain in second place. You’re not ready for a two man race to the nomination just yet and neither are we. Your mission needs the spit shine of competition, Mr. Gingrich. Embrace it, use it, give us a choice.

As always, thanks for playing!


J. Robert Giles


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