Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Should Be Considered Armed and Dangerous….(PART TWO)

By: J Robert Giles

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“Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enough to be honest.”  

- Benjamin Franklin



While Mitt Romney may have won in anything but convincing fashion in Iowa last night, the parity among our choices brings to light a potential disaster. I have yet to hear anyone commit to one candidate with whole-hearted passion. No one is backing a specific candidate unless that candidate’s last name happens to be “Anyonebutobama.” This is the same mentality we despised in 2008 when George Soros and the other progressive enlightened’s were blasting Bush and promoting their ideology as superior to anything we could possibly comprehend. We were right to question that mentality in them and we cannot afford to let it corrupt our own thinking now. Our critics are boisterous and they have a stage we will never be able to control. Uninformed men like Warren J. Warren of Alaska who offered his own well spoken opinion last week when he offered the words that seem to encapsulate the cry of Obamanites everywhere. “…..{Conservative devils} believe anything that is untruth about the best man that was electric to the Hopenosis office of the presidency in a long time.” (Yes, it’s true. This is the mail I receive that fuels my rage. These people vote, they breed, they share our resources.)

Today, I’ll continue to explore the humorous list of accolades listed on Obama’s website. While Obamunism is shouted from the treetops by such experts as Debbie Wasserman Schultz with her confusing accent, tone, and Adam’s apple - the truth falls in a different zip code than the tired rhetoric. She has become the spokeswoman for Barack Hussein Obama’s falsified accomplishments. She, like the rest of Obama’s supporters are long on demagogic rhetoric but short on details. Today, they blast Mitt Romney’s jobs record, dragging up heavily manipulatedDWS numbers from a corporate takeover Romney oversaw decades ago. Yes, people lost their jobs in that endeavor, but isn’t that kind of the norm in such events? Ms. Wasserman, I have a question…..did you take the time to look at the real jobs numbers tied to your messiah? They suck. They really suck! Clever deflections like “I haven’t seen anyone back that up with facts” may buy you some credibility among those willing to overlook catastrophic failures but to those of us who know you’re full of crap, it just makes you look even more foolish.

Yesterday we looked at the Jobs / Economy tab of Obama’s Website with utter disbelief. Honestly, if I hadn’t been required to navigate my way through several pages of donation requests and “carefully candid” photos of the First Family, I would have assumed the site was a humorous parody of the President’s track record, but sadly it’s not. Today, I’ll walk you through the accomplishments Obama believes he has made in the areas of education. The trend I noticed is that all of Obama’s so called accomplishments center around our money being given to his supporters. There are no mentions of results in any of the “blocks” of brag-points on his page but there are plenty of dollar figures.

For example, in the very first block, Obamalama brags about spending $12 Billion on his Community College Initiative. That’s it. That’s the accomplishment. The results, Education however are not nearly as pride-inducing. Since the “bold and visionary” incentive was launched in 2009, students are taking longer to graduate. This is a direct contradiction to the stated goal of the initiative. Class sizes are larger but per student budgets are significantly down. Tuition costs are rising despite promises to the contrary. The Delta Cost Project states that “community colleges bore the brunt of cuts in support of higher education.”

In another block titled “Supporting Teachers and Students” Obama again brags about the amount of money he’s thrown at a problem. The fact that the money did absolutely nothing to change the overall landscape of the American Education System is never mentioned. Besides, does anyone else feel like the “and Students” was added to the end of the block title in a sort of “oh, crap! We’d better mention the kids” kind of public relations ploy? After receiving $60 Billion in funding, National Education Association (NEA) President Dennis Van Roekel responded “what’s actually needed is more than they’re willing to spend.” Now, my Dad always tells me to be nice and to avoid personal attacks, but my competitive spirit forbids me to fear a man named Dennis Van Roekel. Sorry, Dad but I want to give this man a life-altering wedgie! Oddly enough, the NEA contributed $56 million to democratic campaigns last year. Again, my money is being spent on things I despise.

The block that literally made my blood boil is the one titled “Reforming No Child Left Behind.” Apparently, we were all too simple to see the glaring weaknesses in this plan as it stood when the benign sovereign took office. When congress wouldn’t rally around Obamunism as the chosen one demanded, he decided he didn’t need CongressionalBribery approval for his actions. Congressional approval is only needed by presidents who lack his superior understanding of all things American. Obama, casting legalities into the same dungeon as his true birthplace, decided that he would revise the act so that he could bribe states to bend to his will and he did so WITHOUT approval from ANY of the necessary authorities. Obama has offered waivers to states that adopt his suggested curriculum. (I’m sure it’s extremely fair, balanced, and truthful.) Seriously, Obama’s education record is written like a bad Chicago crime series. Waivers force mediocrity down the throats and futures of our children, but indoctrination is so vital to the administration that they’re willing to break THREE federal laws to get it done. From the start, No Child Left Behind has given too much influence to government but at least the original version offered accountability. Now, it is simply extortion written with big words and confusing sentence structure.

The Constitution does not give government the authority to affect curriculum. Stop it! Our schools are broken. The unions running them are corrupt beyond imagination. Teachers are not rewarded for results, test scores, or impact in the life of a child. Instead, those without unionized tenure are forced to spend their own, limited income to provide their students with effective teaching implements yet they are still eligible for termination. Those who have met union requirements of tenure can’t be fired, questioned, or held accountable for any of the horrendously under-prepared students they spit out of their classrooms year after year. Examine the voucher system, immediately! We can’t afford another generation of voters educated in such a corrupt, manipulated system. My children’s education is too important to be left to the agenda of any politician or union. The system is corrupt, end it and start a new one. Simple, right?

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J. Robert Giles


  • Actual transcript of Facebook conversation with the esteemed Mr. Warren. Can’t think of anything to better illustrate the failings of our education system. These comments were spurred by Part One of this very article. Enjoy!

    • Warren J. Warren J, Robert, You are not a real American. Real Americans don't lie. that's wrong. All low life conservatives devil living in the USA, lie daily and much of it. Ain't that right? WWW

      Monday at 3:25pm · Like

    • J Robert Giles Warren, please rephrase what I assume you thought was an intelligent question and present it to me again. You're in WAY over your head, moron!

      Monday at 3:33pm · Like · 1

    • Warren J. Warren

      J. Robert, You being a man of great understanding even from us morons., let me try again, You are lying about the President. Any moron can understand that. But understandably so, look who you are partition this lying post at; conservative maniacs. They will buy this lie. They believe anything that is untruth about the best man that was electric to the office of the presidency in a long time. As you say, any moron can understand that. Ain't that right? WWW

      Monday at 3:53pm · Like

    • J Robert Giles

      What the heck does "electric to the office" mean? I can't defeat someone with a tenuous grasp of the English language but I can sure as heck vote their oblivious leader right into unemployment! I will reiterate, for the sake of ending this conversation; Warren J Warren, you're entering a battle with no weapons in your arsenal. Obama is, BY FAR, the worst President we've ever had. His policies are based in lunacy and liberal fairy tales. You have a limited understanding of government and your defense of the worst president we've ever had is all the evidence I will need. You're more than welcome to support Obama and follow him back to his mother-land when he's freed from the restraints of elected office next year. Take all your well spoken, progressive enlightened's with you! End of conversation.

      Monday at 5:47pm · Like

    • J Robert Giles Arguing with Warren J Warren is like beating a baby in a fist-fight. Sure, it's a victory but I can't really be proud of it! I'm still waiting to hear one piece of legitimate evidence that I lied about anything in my article, Warren. "Ain't that right?"

      Monday at 5:50pm · Like


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