Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newt-ering the United States…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”   - Benjamin Franklin


Come on… don’t get to be in the public eye with a name like “Newt” and escape creative license. Recently, Newt Gingrich claimed that a vote for Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, or Rick Perry was essentially a vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t necessarily believe that. In fact, I whole-problem-solved-spay-neuter-politics-1317642100heartedly disagree with that. While I can’t personally imagine the stress involved in running for any kind of high-profile office, I’m not ready to trim the list of candidates down to two men just yet. I can certainly understand why Gingrich would want the field narrowed a bit, but I think there is a lot of good that can come from a few more weeks, if not months of competition for the former Speaker of the House. I’m ready to cast my vote for the candidate I believe will lead this country so far beyond the mistakes of the current administration that history remembers Obama as “that guy who made way for [insert candidate name here].” Whoever gets the nod will be completely vetted and his mission will be understood. That doesn’t mean that we will understand HIS mission, but rather that he will clearly understand OURS. We’re not just looking for someone who can beat Obama. While the removal of Obummer is obviously a fundamental first step, it is not the only task our next President will be asked to complete. In other words, memorable speeches, large crowds, and poll results are not going to be the only qualifications of the next President of the United States Of America.

To look at Newt’s website you would believe that Gingrich is definitely the man to lead us away from the catastrophe over which we luke_darthv1are now perilously dangling. Where the other candidates simply have an “Issues” tab at the top of their website, Gingrich has a  “Solutions” tab. If it was a CEO’s website, or a coach’s; you might think of the positive spin as a sign of hope but as it stands, on the website of a polished politician with a polished political machine cranking out his web presence, it just comes across as slightly pandering. No matter how sincere the motives behind the tab, it somehow comes across as playing on our negativity strings a little too heavily. The points that fall under the tab are fantastic ideas, but for some reason have been met with doubt until very recently. While Gingrich is surging ahead of the rest of the non-Romney-pack, I’m still not sure he has a complete grasp of what it is that he will be asked to do if he is elected to be our next leader. His mission is still too focused on the campaign and not the years after the campaign. Hey, Newt! We’ve seen what an excellent campaign can do. Obama ran an excellent campaign!

Some of Newt’s solutions include the “Optional Flat Tax Rate of 15%.” It’s an excellent idea, and one that would put so much power back into the hands of the American Federal Reserve people where it belongs. Giving people the choice to file their taxes on a single postcard, or with the current system of over-documented, over-calculated, panic inducing, tree killing bureaucracy would surely save billions in annual processing costs and time. Reforming the Federal Reserve to Promote Transparency…..I’m all for it. Newt Gingrich’s “Solutions” include the repeal of several specific laws and acts the average voter couldn’t identify with ten clues and a Sherpa. Newt plans to repeal the Sarbanes / Oxley Act. The act was written hastily as most acts seem to be. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the calamities of Enron and WorldCom but it proved to be absolutely useless against the insolvencies and accounting irregularities of Bear – Sterns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, or Merrill Lynch. Before this act, and all of the confusing regulatory measures it brought with it from the panicked womb of illustrious leaders like Paul Sarbanes (D-MD), it took a company an average of 5 years to climb from creation to initial public offering. We now stand around twelve years with a majority of companies finding safety in their continued status as “privately held.”. Many companies we all know and love today could not have been created under this act. Newt also plans to do away with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. This act requires banks to make loans in all communities in which they accept deposits but has instead created a bottleneck of bureaucratic red-tape and regulatory nightmares in terms of access to credit. No matter what the left may say, this act has contributed heavily to the confusion in our mortgage system as well. To that end, Newt plans to break up the cement slippers around the feet of America known as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and let their smaller successors fight it out in the free market. Excellent idea. Newt plans to get rid of wasteful government departments, especially those departments that so often kill jobs in the name of ideology like the EPA. Newt plans, in fact, to replace the Environmental Protection Agency with the Environmental Solutions Agency. (Sounds like more government involvement to me, but it’s worth a try because it infuriates liberals.) Mr. Gingrich promotes the idea of implementing a new Energy Plan for America. Okay, now you’re veering off course, Mr. Speaker and this is why you still require the competitive accountability imposed upon you by the other candidates still in the race. Any “Energy Plan” that doesn’t call for the complete and immediate evacuation of all government hands from the free market, private and entrepreneurial expansion of our nation’s energy options is quite frankly not good enough. Keep trying.

Newt Gingrich is a horrible husband. It’s no secret. He needs to embrace it, own it, and get past it. His website and his campaign have gone too far in trying to make peopleCallista Gingrich forget about is matrimonially challenged personal history. Every page and photo contains info about Callista Gingrich’s involvement in his life. Am I the only one that sees an eerie similarity between the public, almost scripted marriage of Newt and Callista Gingrich and another business-couple running for President in 1992? He keeps trying to draw similarities between himself and Reagan, but there will never be another Reagan. Someday we might be saying “there will never be another Gingrich” if he can get past this mentality that he has to be leading the campaign in January. I’m not asking you to marry me any more than I’m asking Romney to be my spiritual advisor, Newt. Stop the negative attacks and get out there and passionately defend and deliver your messages. Get behind the ideas you supposedly believe in. Nobody has heard you make mention of the acts you plan to repeal because they might not be popular in certain demographics. Get over that crap and get your message out there. As it stands right now, you have just put a bunch of words on a website. You have listed all the benefits of the grand ideas you have for your time in office, but you have failed to list how you will get any of the ideas passed.

Ron Paul has done exactly those things. While I believe Dr. Paul is smoking the pot of his supporters on many issues, I do believe that the man Ron Paul has a passionate reasoning behind his mission. He spells out that mission quite clearly throughout his own website. As unlikely as his presidency may be, Ron Paul does lay out a very convincing timeline and plan for balancing the budget. In fact, if elected, he swears he can get it done by year three. He’s got graphs, statistics, and well organized data to support his plan. Newt has none of those things. Ron Paul vows to end the Federal Reserve if elected. I’m all for that. The Federal Reserve was created under sneaky circumstances on Christmas Eve of 1913 and has operated under the cloak of secrecy ever since. Recently, the Federal Reserve convinced Americans that the economy would never recover without unprecedented bailouts. We now know, because of the efforts of passionate men like Dr. Paul, that at the peak of the Fed’s “emergency lending” over 90% of it’s discount window loans were made to foreign banks. In fact, there were a total of 70 loans made to the Bank of Libya. When pressed about the issue, good-old Bernanke reminded Congress that they do not have the power or authority to audit the mighty Federal Reserve. Ron Paul aims to change that drastically and he has a clear, if not ill-conceived, plan to do so. He’s passionate about his stance. Where’s Newt’s passion?

Newt’s passion seems to lie only in the title of frontrunner. He’s passionate about poll results, campaign numbers, and headlines. Those things win elections, but America is already looking far beyond Election Day. Right now, Mitt Romney seems to be the only one on our side with that same mentality. When Newt gets out there and starts spreading the word about his ideas for the future instead of his association with Reagan, his disdain for Bain, and his over-the-top defense of his marriage then maybe he will surge ahead of the Mighty Mormon but for now you remain in second place. You’re not ready for a two man race to the nomination just yet and neither are we. Your mission needs the spit shine of competition, Mr. Gingrich. Embrace it, use it, give us a choice.

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J. Robert Giles


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