Friday, January 20, 2012

Return To Mission….

By: J Robert Giles
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“You can’t be distracted by the noise of misinformation.”   - James Daly
Am I the only one that thinks there seems to be some kind of a debate or Primary, or caucus every night of the week these days? CNN held one last night. I’m not real sure why  everyone seems so surprised that Debate Moderator John King opened the proceedings with a question about Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife. She did her “fifteen minutes of Marianne Gingrich fame” interview, of which I’m sure we’ll see many, many more over the next two-hundred-ninety days. (But who’s counting, right?) She’s bitter and she’s making wild, unsubstantiated claims about open marriages and other nonsense. People seem even more surprised that Newt batted the question right out of the auditorium with his stern, very well received, rebuke. If you’d like to readNewt Opens Up A Can more about Newt and the way he’s handling himself as of late, please feel free to read my previous article – Newt-ering the United States. While I admirably acknowledge Newt’s powerful performance in the debate, and agree with Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) who said that last night’s debate made it clear that the election is now a “two-man race,” that’s not what today’s article is about. Today’s article is about the obsession with Mitt Romney’s tax returns.
When Romney was asked if he would eventually release his returns, he said that he would if given the nomination. There were boos in the crowd, but witnesses claim they were from two men in the Ron Paul section who appeared ready to boo no matter the response. Make no mistake, an orchestrated response does not reflect the opinion of the logical voter on this issue. Why would Mitt Romney release his tax records at this point. Has anyone else? Gingrich released one year. Santorum said he wouldn’t  release anything until “finished” (real reassuring to his campaign staff, I’m sure). Ron Paul said he flat out wouldn’t release his records. Romney has promised complete transparency if given the nod. The one everyone is demanding to see right now, is the one to have promised more transparency than any of the others, yet the media has fueled our obsession. Ask yourself logically, what sense would it make for Mitt Romney to release his records at this point? He’s a wealthy man, we all know that. He’s wealthy in ways most of us simply can’t imagine. He has tax records that afford loopholes most of us simply can’t imagine. Romney CNNThe Obama camp is counting on those facts. As soon as Romney’s records are released, you will be subjected to the most intense publication of another man’s financial history as you have ever witnessed. They will inflate numbers, portray loopholes out of context, paint Romney as the typical, white, wealthy, Wall Street, capitalist who washes his hands with baby’s tears. Why give them extra time to air that garbage? Why should we put what looks like our best shot at defeating Obama, whether it be Newt or Mitt, into harm’s way this early in the game?
People ask if he’s got something to hide? Well, of course he’s got something to hide! He’s a human being. All these people who question his secrecy have no idea what it would be like to have public demand for full disclosure of things that we all keep very privately guarded. My problem with our two frontrunners is that while the focus seems intently directed at Romney’s tax returns, I believe it’s a clever ploy. I believe the Obama camp is fearful of Romney. With that in mind, coupled with my inherent distrust of anything the media over-reports, I’m led to believe that they want us focused on Romney’s possible “dark secrets".” The only reason they would want that is if they believe Gingrich’s past offers something they can use to knock him out of favor down the road. Doesn’t take a diabolical genius to figure out that basic strategy but there are plenty of them riding shotgun on the Obamalama-Express. Notice that Gingrich was asked a question that he easily deflected, yet it seemed courageous and as if he had just publicly defeated the mighty John King? Notice that all the attention was on Romney’s returns? Follow me here……very little has been made of the fact that Newt Gingrich wasCrazy Person recently asked to provide details about his 1997 ouster from his position as House Speaker. The committee that voted on the issue contained such diabolical geniuses as one Nancy Pelosi. Folks, she has all of the records, documentation, and transcripts of those proceedings. Evidence that has not yet been released to the public. If she’s got it, make no mistake that Barrack Hussein Obama has it. For them to keep fanning the flame of the Romney Tax Return fire leads me to believe that there’s something in those Newt-files they believe will cripple Gingrich. Did any of that make sense or are you still trying to wrap your mind around the irony of Nancy Pelosi sitting on an ethics committee?
Like I said, Romney’s skeletons will come out in the form of exaggerated loopholes and fluffed up characterizations that are easily defeated. That scares opponents. The blitz that will follow the release of his tax returns will be capable of swaying public opinion, but his steadfast determination to bring this country back from the brink of disaster will shine through flimsy insinuations. He’s wealthy, we all know it. If Gingrich truly believes that he is capable of leading this country past November 6, 2012 then he’d better get out ahead of this Ethics Committee stuff before Obama releases it at a time of his choosing. The war that Obama plans to wage against whoever the GOP candidate ends up being will not be for America. He will convince you that it is, but make no mistake that his war is not FOR America but rather AGAINST conservative thought. If we can’t condition our minds to be stronger than the manipulations and twisted context of a conniving media avalanche then we really have no shot at defeating the mighty machine.
Right now, Gingrich appears determined in his goal. Unfortunately, his goal would appear to be winning the election. That’s great. That’s obviously a critical first step. Romney seems to be focused well beyond the election. Romney carries himself as if the election is just the first step in a marathon and that’s what I want to see in my candidate. Yes, Newt needs to gain some momentum but like I said a few days ago, it’s time to stop focusing on Romney and start focusing on what Obama might have to use against you. For Romney, it’s time to buckle down, remain focused, and convince America that your track record of success, no matter how it’s received by a bunch of tent-dwelling hippies, is exactly what this country needs right now. Get beyond the election because America has already done so. Obama’s support is dead, the election will go to one of you so start convincing us what a presidency will be like with you in office. Don’t give into the nonsense about when and where you should release information. Gingrich -  release your skeletons now so that their power is stripped from Obama’s arsenal. Romney – keep your returns held tightly against your chest until you absolutely must release them. Now is not that time. Not yet. If for no other reason than they are demanding them.
Coolbama Now, before I close…..I have to admit that the video of Obama’s musical homage to Al Green last night was pretty cool. Yes, I said it. Obama did Clinton - Arseniosomething cool. There is not a man alive who has not envisioned himself standing on a stage, singing his favorite song to a crowd of adoring fans.  Most of us would never be able to pull it off if actually put in the  position, and we know it. I would require an immediate change of pants and psychotherapy to be honest, but Obama managed to do it and even seem cool to me, one of his most avid opponents. SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! The media will do anything and everything they can to get what they want and what they want is to see Obama back in office. Charm, and random acts of coolness cannot win this election. We’ve done that twice now – when are we going to learn?
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J Robert Giles