Friday, January 13, 2012

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Does the Math…….

BY: J Robert Giles

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“Integrity is a bugger, it really is. Lying can get you into difficulties, but to really wind up in the crappers try telling nothing but the truth.”  - David Mitchell


It would appear that Mitt Romney is still the frontrunner. No shock there, but the attacks are ramping up with almost violent fervor as we head into the South Carolina Primary. Like I said last week, I’m not as much for Romney as I am against the manipulative, pandering ways of the left and the talking head they put in charge of this country. I’ll say it again……yes; jobs were lost at Bain Capital. Why is it though that when jobs are shed at ONE company it’s a travesty but when billions of dollars and millions of jobs are lost across an entire country, it’s “enlightened” or “visionary”? No, idiot……it’s neither of those things. You have failed conclusively and it is time for you and your heinous ideology to step aside. Your speeches have grown tiresome. Your promises have gone unfulfilled. Your record stinks. And your friends are pushing you to deliver unto them a  country that we simply won’t give away.

Day before yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama appeared courageously in the foyer of the White House with a squadron of unidentified men behind him. They were the CEO’s ofimages Insourcingcompanies that had agreed to “insource” jobs to America. Now, most of these men appeared to be the CEO’s of companies few of us give a flying fornication about. That detail, coupled with the investment record of our liberal leader leads me to believe that the men with whom he had just finished his “inspiring” meeting were the leaders of companies that further Obama’s vision of a liberal fairy tale world. They were most likely the leaders of companies that would provide some kind of components for electric cars, green energy ideas, and more bollocks that will never provide the real progress we so desperately need. The funniest part of the whole event was not the fact that he has the audacity to stand before us and claim to have a clue what is best for the country’s future. The funniest part was the wide angle shot of the room as he delivered the speech. NO ONE was there to see it. The press room was largely empty except for a confused Vice President Biden who had wandered into the room inadvertently while looking for a place to nap. I’ll spare you the details of his vague speech but suffice it to say, it consisted of more self-praise, creation of accomplishments, twisting of history, and bowing at the feet of all unions. Step aside and take your little blankey-wrapped friend with you!

All week, we’ve been hearing from not only the left, but also from those campaigns on our side which have entered the blistering flames of desperation that MItt Romney loves to fire people. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the absurdly out of context quote of him saying such. Romney’s opponents (except Ron Paul) seem to believe there’s traction for hypocrisy_meter the tires of their failure-buggies in the sands of this inaccurate and pitiful accusation. We’ve heard time and time again that “Romney destroyed the lives of so many families during his time at Bain Capital…..” but when we liberate ourselves from the mental parameters to which the media restricts us, it’s easy to see that this is a colossal manipulation. Here are the facts: Romney was asked to become CEO at Bain & Company after serving as a consultant and pulling the company from the brink of disaster. Yes, dead weight was cut. Jobs were lost and it’s sad, but the overall mission was successful. He then started a spinoff company known as Bain Capital. He raised the company from nothing to dominance in a short period of time. In comparison, Obama forced his way into a leadership role at GM and Chrysler. During that time, a net loss of 287,000 jobs has been continuously swept under the rug or countered with more confusing and manipulative figures. Chrysler is now owned by Fiat yet Obama brags about his courageous battle to save the the American Auto Industry. The bailouts cost the taxpayers $14 billion in losses which we will never recover. How is it that Obama is touted as the successful one in this comparison? Seriously…..if someone can explain it to me, I will post it in my next article.

Our government can no longer afford to base its decisions on individual family stories. We need a government led by a CEO’s mentality. Men like Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are loyal to this country, not the ideological buffoonery that we’ve endured throughout the current administration’s reign. These men are leaders. They understand that success requires pain. They understand that the overall success of this country is not going to make everyone within it’s borders happy and wealthy, but it will insure that the country is still standing for my grandkids to enjoy. We, as the people living in this country, have become too sensitive as well. We have bought into this idea that everyone deserves a big house and respect and equality but that’s just not the way to get things done. When everyone’s equal, no one’s a leader. When there is no leader, there is no direction and that’s sadly where we find ourselves today. We need to start behaving like one, big, collective CEO. No longer can we afford to give handouts to everyone who learns to milk the system. No longer can we afford to question the feelings that may be hurt in the execution of logical ideas. Yes…..all people receiving welfare checks should be required to take a supervised drug screening before funds are distributed to them, This shouldn’t even be a debate, yet there are groups out there who heavily oppose the issue. And you know what, they’re winning because we let them. Government is not the CEO in our lives, we are. It’s time to behave as if we truly believe that. We must learn to take the emotions out of our decision making and go with what seems truly right or logical. When names are added to the decisions, emotions get tossed in and then we get stuck in the land of indecisiveness and it sucks here. I want to relocate to Prosperity-Ville. I lived there when I was a kid and it was a great place.

Mitt Romney cut some dead weight at a company that survived. I truly believe that’s what we need at the head of our government today.  The American Spirit cannot beSolar Manufacturer Investigation crushed. It can only be fueled by extended periods of failure. Right now, the country is sick of political grandstanding and well written speeches. We’re ready to work. We’re ready to be free to invent, cure, invest, and advance. We simply can’t do that in the over-regulated world we have allowed to spring up around us. For example, Solyndra……the company that took $500 million of our money and is now in liquidation……they are now holding out their hands and asking us to give their executives $50,000 bonuses. No! You failed, you get no bonuses. You go work for someone who knows what they’re doing and you offer your limited expertise in whatever fashion they see fit. That’s how the real world works. You don’t always get what you want and you certainly don’t get it just because it was in a contract that should have been voided the second you accepted money from the US taxpayer.

Obama continues to talk down to Wall Street, pandering to the Occupy bunch. He continues to blast Romney as “big business” and “exactly the kind of leadership the American people don’t want.” Mr. President, we would accept almost any kind of leadership over the complete void we’ve endured in your glorious term. The fact is that Romney accepted $34,000 dollars in campaign contributions from various employees at Bain Capital. That’s not surprising, right? He founded the company and built it up. There’s bound to be a few supporters among the payroll, right? Obama accepted $76,000. Obama has accepted more money from Wall Street firms than Romney, Paul, and Santorum combined, yet he continues to promote himself as the voice of the concerned protestors.

22531_1286807806251_1111833000_862026_4536630_n Firing people is not fun. Any of you that have ever been in a position where such actions were required of you know that it’s a horrible task.Unpopular Progress Reality and survival often call for tough, unpopular decisions. When Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys he made the decision to fire legendary head coach, Tom Landry. Landry was the only coach the Cowboys had ever had. He was an icon. His fedora cap, his suit, and his stoic expression were as much a part of the Cowboys’ identity as the Blue Star. Jones then came in and traded Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings….another devastatingly unpopular decision at the time. What followed were three Super Bowl titles, a continuous flow of Hall Of Fame inductees and an eventual acceptance of the fact that the game of football had sadly caught up to legendary Coach Landry.

The kinder, gentler, more harmonious form of capitalism being offered by Obama and those GOP candidates trying to gather votes from the center doesn’t work. That kind of capitalism requires government involvement and more regulations to make sure that everybody plays nice. Free-Market capitalism is cut-throat and competitive. The strongest win, the luckiest get to witness the victory, and the weak demand the fruits of another man’s success. While it pains me to compare my childhood hero to liberalism, there is a definite comparison to be drawn. Coach Landry had what I’m sure he considered to be an innovative and successful playbook as he entered the final few seasons of his career. A 3-13 record in his final season proved that the rest of the league had finally caught up to his genius. The emotions I felt as a young fan told me that I should be angry. I should demand that this putty-faced man from Arkansas go back to the oil-fields where he belonged; he had just fired a legend. The same can be said of Obama and his campaign if his supporters would allow themselves to see the wisdom and truth behind the idea. Let go of the emotional side of your vote and cast like a CEO. Your loyalty to this man is based on emotions, most of them fed to you by the media and manipulated sound bytes. Look into your heart and vote this country back to dominance. I guarantee you that an honest inspection will not lead you to vote Obama. The hype is over. We simply can’t afford to elect a man based on skin color, empty promises, daydreams, or charm. We need someone who will step aside and let us work that magic that only Americans possess. We need someone who will cut entire programs, departments, positions, and policies; even in the face of emotional outpourings, in order to save this country.

As always, thanks for playing!


J. Robert Giles


P.S. I realize many of you may think of Jerry Jones as Satan himself, but I would strongly urge you to take a look at what he has done for the bottom line of not only the Dallas Cowboys, but for the entire North Texas region. We could learn a thing or two from men like Mr. Jones, even if you don’t necessarily pull for the team he owns.




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