Monday, November 21, 2011

Leadership Void…..

By J Robert Giles – November 21, 2011

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  - John Quincy Adams


Well….do you feel led? Do you feel as though the man at the helm of the sinking ship that is the United States Government is a  leader according to the definition above? The man who spoke the words in the quote above was more than certified to speak on the topic of leadership. Is the man pictured below?

funny-politicians-12 The audience I imagine reading my words; the people I hope feel a sense of connection to the messages contained in my articles are definitely not the kind of people who would answer yes to such an absurd question. There is absolutely no leadership whatsoever in the current White House Administration. None.

There, I believe that should have gotten rid of any overly caffeinated liberals simply trolling for locker room motivation. (I know, they don’t believe in competition and a locker room would only separate the genders and would therefore be unacceptable in a liberal world, but you get my point, right?) I’m not just spewing anti-liberal / anti-Obama rhetoric in those words. I can find no definition of a leader that could truthfully be attached to our current president. Using the definition above, the one by John Quincy Adams; Obama has done nothing to inspire others to dream beyond the color of his/their skin. Has he inspired you to learn more? Honestly? Has Barrack Hussein Obama inspired you to do anything but run and hide and wait for the storm of his lunacy to pass?

People have died as a result of this administration’s arrogance. Yes, soldiers died under Bush. Yes, 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. Did you ever once see Bush shift the blame onto the American people themselves? Did you ever once hear Bush refer to us as “lazy”? Did Bush’s Attorney General sign off on an operation that handed over the keys to the plane’s used in that horrific attack? Did Bush then act as if questioning his or his cabinet’s direct and proven involvement in those events was an absurd right-wing smear tactic? No. The only answer that should be coming from your mouth right now is “no”. Anything else is simply a lie. I’m sick of being told that I “just don’t get it” or that I’m not “enlightened enough” to see the greater plan at work with the Obama administration. There is no plan. His “plan” is to take his wife, you know…..the one that looks like an extra from a movie about prison riots, and travel around the globe at taxpayer expense. Have you noticed that all the ‘critically important’ trips our fearless leader seems to take are in tropical locations? Do they not have summits in Northern Europe anymore?

I am not a racist because I believe we can do better than a president who uses our tax money like his own personal checking account. I am not a racist because I believe our president should march Eric Holder directly to the front doorstep of Kent and Josephine Terry’s home so that he may deliver a heartfelt apology for the death of their son. I am not a racist because I want a president who openly admits his failings instead of looking down his nose at me as if I am to blame for his ineptitude. I am not a racist because I cringe every time I see Barrack Hussein Obama ‘honoring’ our military with obvious disdain scrawled across his arrogant face. I am not a racist because I demand a president who would not have signed off on projects that put billions of dollars of taxpayer money at risk. (Solyndra, Smallpox research, Light Squared, etc)

I could not care less what color the skin of our president happens to be. Failure is failure. It doesn’t matter if it emanates from the blue flesh of an Avatar, it’s still failure. Smiling and reporting that everything’s “all good” simply doesn’t make it so.

ObamaVacation Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. A man like ourReaganGorbachev current president simply tells us that he’s done all those things. The problem is that those things; the education, the genuine passion to lead and to lead well, can only be faked for about the length of a campaign. When it comes time to do the actual work required of a leader, falsified qualifications are easily spotted. Misplaced loyalty or loyalty given to those who serve only themselves and not the governed, are ferreted out with ease. Barry and all his little frat brothers are going to learn that lesson as soon as vote-counting begins next November. Well, at least they will be given the chance to learn that lesson. Their arrogance will most likely negate the wisdom available to them.

I want a leader who is passionate about the success of America. Not just one who makes clever speeches, or points to limited success in another area of their life as reason to trust them with the future of America. I want someone who wakes up every morning with the same drive, passion, and desire to lead this country as I do about writing my book and these articles. That’s the very least I think we should expect yet I’m not so sure we have been given that option as of yet. If we have been given such an option, the political system we’ve created for ourselves is doing its best to keep them quiet and in line with the established way of doing things. I believe that system requires the following: (1) Investigate all sexual relationships because sex is obviously the most important qualification. (2) Attack him / her for things that have no bearing whatsoever on the candidate’s ability to lead. (3) Lock onto one misstep in speech, fashion, or family and drive qualified people away from the race in favor of those who look good on camera. (4) Check with the most vocal of celebrities to see if they have granted us our opinion yet.

Bush never gave an overly eloquent speech and he sure as hell didn’t shine in any debates. Reagan obviously looked good on camera, but so did Clinton.patriotic-flag-respect-devotion-1 ClintonSquint Only one of those men based their political career on appearance and “charm”. The other man simply behaved as he would when the cameras were not around. One man lied about diddling fat chicks while the other brought sledge-hammers to the Berlin Wall. (See if you can guess which was which.) My point is that the qualified candidate IS out there. He or she may even be one of the candidates with whom we are already familiar but we have got to allow ourselves to see beyond the established template of campaign. We have to look beyond those stories that grab sensationalized media adhesion and look for the candidate who will passionately lead this country back to the pride we felt under men who didn’t fake their sincerity or their citizenship.


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J Robert Giles