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A dishonest man spreads strife and a whisperer separates close friends. - Proverbs 16:28

As I was out and about this weekend, it was impossible to ignore the fact that the Holidays are rapidly approaching. I say ‘Holidays’ because I am referring to multiple days of celebration, not because I’m afraid to say “CHRISTmas.” CHRISTmas is definitely one of the Holidays I will be celebrating with the ones I love, but this year, I would like to encourage each and every one of you to share your CHRISTmas cheer with a group that has given so much to us all.
This group often encourages those unable to encourage themselves and yet CHRISTmas is just another day on the calendar in their world. They defend the indefensible. They spend countless hours helping those willing to fight their own fights learn to instead blame someone else. They take from the rich and retain the richer to insure that your rights are not more important than those of their clients.
I’m talking about the worthless tireless efforts of the ACLU, of course. The ACLU, or American Civil Liberties Union, has given us so many gifts over the years and at the end of this article, I will offer a suggestion of just one way we can show them our gratitude. First, let’s take a look at just a few of the many, many gifts bestowed upon us, the little people, by the mighty ACLU.
NAMBLA: Due to the overwhelming generosity of the ACLU and their rock solid moral interpretation of our world, I now know about the existence of a group calling themselves NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association). The ACLU joined forces with NAMBLA in the Spring of 2000 when the group of disgusting perverts was having their precious ‘rights’ trampled by some angry parents who were upset when their son was murdered, THEN raped, then encased in cement and dumped in a river. These parents got all uppity when the killers were found to be card carrying members of NAMBLA and they started spewing out all sorts of hateful rhetoric. If there’s anything the ACLU won’t stand for, it’s hateful rhetoric, so naturally they agreed to represent NAMBLA in the legal proceedings. For those of you unaware, NAMBLA advocates sexual education among young boys by allowing older men to sodomize them. I would explain further, but researching the facts about this disgusting group is making me a bit sick. If you’d like to know more, PLEASE stop reading my words and go do your own research.
ChurchillVoters shouldn’t be required to read.”: Yet another stunning example of ACLU magic. This one stems from a Florida case, Stupid Votebut the ACLU has been involved in litigation against any state that dares to suggest ‘citizens’ should be required to read before voting. Their arguments contain such mantras as “our boys in the military didn’t have to  read the constitution before dying for our country” and  “you ain’t gotta read to pay taxes!” Both brilliant and articulate points but let’s push forward, shall we? While allowing imbeciles to vote has been an adventure, I say it’s time we start requiring tests for almost anything the easily fooled label as their “right”. At a BARE MINIMUM, I believe voters should be tested on basic essentials of Federal or State Government. It’s a right of citizens to vote, but that right has been stretched and weakened to the point that reinforcement is now a necessity. There’s a reason the ACLU wants illiterate morons with questionable citizenship to vote in our country. Those people will vote for whoever they believe will give them the most free crap.Those people come out of their feces filled tents on Wall Street to vote for the people the ACLU and other unions tell them to vote for. They vote, and they vote loudly so that we feel we’re making a mistake by voting with our brains. Just because they’re the loudest does NOT mean they are right. If you teach nothing else to your children, make it that lesson.

Keep Texas’ politically slanted textbooks out of our schools.”: I guess when someone doesn’t agree with the ACLU’s particular brand of lunacy, they are “politically slanted.” This quote comes from a form letter the ACLU posted on their website so that concerned liberals (most likely the aforementioned illiterate ones) could demand that a Texas Board of Education decision be overturned. They couldn’t trust the people that would listen to the ACLU to write their own letters, so they made it as simple as possible. Just input your name, dude. See, Texas refuses to bow to the will of the ACLU and they refuse to take Religion out of their curriculum. They’re not preaching one religion over another. They’re not demanding prayer. Just teaching the historical fact that religion is one of the freedoms our country was founded upon. That obviously got the ACLU all fired up and they called their legions to action. They were proud to report that almost 12,000 people sent in their steadfast opposition to an offensive and ideological movement by the “religious lot.” Twelve thousand? Really? That’s the number you were aiming for? Really? I was bumped into by more people than that this weekend! Just to bring you up to speed……sodomizing little boys in the name of sexual education: OKAY! Illiterate voters that may not even be US Citizens: OKAY! Mentioning religion in a school textbook: HOW DARE YOU?!
Same sex marriage is our {ACLU} top priority.”: That’s Anthony Romero (pictured to the right in an intentionally small photograph), Executive Director of Anthony Romerothe ACLU in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer. What about  National Security you idiot? Shouldn’t that be a topic you discuss in your fairy tale meetings from time to time? Do you think Ayatollah Obama can guarantee the safety of all your little same-sex marriages when our country adopts Shari' a law over the distorted constitution you’ve left in your wake? You continue to try to shove the absurd notion that foreign enemies captured on a foreign battlefield engaged in acts of war against the US deserve the same rights as a citizen of this country. How the heck is that national security? You’re an idiot and you should be tried for treason but I’m guessing that would violate some right you have mangled to fit your needs.
Thank God for dead soldiers.”: Finally, it would appear that the ACLU has found God. At last, the lost have seen the light and are heading boldly into moral sanity……oh, wait. Nope, I was wrong! They’re defending those idiots at Westboro Baptist Church. The ACLU has tried and tried to get the media on board with the purely insane antics of this so-called Christian group, but even the most hardened liberals are having a tough time wrapping their minds around defending a group that protests at a soldier’s funeral. Yes, it’s constitutionally legal, but do you really believe our Founding Fathers intended for this to be the application of Freedom of Speech? I sure as hell don’t. (And just as a side-note: These people are NOT Christians. They are a small sect that has gone severely off track. Tell your local media to stop using these fools as an example of “religious behavior.”) I’ve read a great deal of the Bible and I have yet to see scripture stating that God will send Improvised Explosive Devices to Iraq (Babylon or Mesopotamia back then) if the US supports homosexuality.
DF-09134<br />Nativity<br />,  <br />May 18, 2006<br />Photo by Jaimie Trueblood/<br /><br />To license this image (9139053), contact NewLine:<br />U.S. +1-212-686-8900 / U.K. +44-207 659 2815 / Australia +61-2-8262-9222 / Japan: +81-3-5464-7020<br />+1 212-686-8901 (fax)<br /> (e-mail)<br /> (web site) CHRISTmas: Surely by now you’ve heard an example of the atrocities leveled against Christ’s Birthday by the leftist nut-bags at the ACLU. Every year, someone gets sued for having a nativity scene displayed somewhere that brings mild discomfort to a non-Christian and the ACLU is right there in the thick of things. Again, I have to ask who it is that the ACLU is protecting? Based on the information outlined above, it would appear that the ACLU cares less about the baby Jesus in the sacred Nativity Scene than they do about the man who would wander into the scene with an erection and exercise his “right” to “sexually educate” the child.
I’m tired of having to refer to “The Holidays” because the ACLU tells me “Christmas” offends someone. So what? Anyone who knows me can tell you that I really don’t care if I offend people, but I care even less about offending a group that aims to simply rewrite historical facts to suit their agenda. No, no, that won’t do at all. It’s time to tell the ACLU to SHUT UP!! Separation of Church and State is not a law. It doesn’t appear in any Federal Documents. The ACLU would love for you to believe that this is one of the founding concepts of our country, but like most things they have severely distorted the truth on this issue. Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802. In it, he outlined the need for “a wall of separation’ between government and Church. Jefferson essentially said that government had no authority over man’s belief in God but that God should play a role in every decision made by government. Nowhere is it written that the Ten Commandments must be removed from courthouses, and “Under God” removed from our currency.
Now that we’ve seen a small sampling of the many wonderful things the ACLU has done for us, don’t you think it’s time we give back? This CHRISTmas season, take the time to send a Christmas Card to the ACLU. It will only cost you a few dollars and maybe a few steps to your mailbox, but it will mean the world to some sad, whining little man in a dark room in the bowels of Washington DC who may be on the verge of launching another attack on everything you hold dear. Please join me in doing this. I plan to send at least three cards this year. I will not include any vulgarities and I will not try to incite a riot; I will simply wish the clowns at the ACLU a “Merry Christmas”……..three times.
Send this article to everyone you know. Send as many cards as you can……organize card drives……..encourage your kids to make their own cards and send them…….buy cards for those who can’t buy their own and hire buses to drive them to the post office in time for the big send-off. Send as many as possible. The overwhelming amounts of mail will clog their system as they are required to open every piece of mail in search of donations. I implore you…..CLOG THAT SYSTEM!!! Has there ever been a system more worthy of clogging??
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