Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jon Corzine – More Right-Wing Sensationalism…..

BY: J Robert Giles

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“Don't tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish.’      - Mark Twain


Before we begin, I want to take a few moments to thank all of the people who helped to make this past week so special. To my family: Thanks for the indescribable memories you forged over the time we all shared. To my readers: Thanks for the support, the feedback, and the occasional difference of opinion. Even when you’re disgustingly wrong, you’re motivating!

Now, Jon Corzine; there are very few names out there with the ability to make my skin crawl as quickly as that one. In fact, just to keep things in perspective, here’s the list of the Top Ten Most Offensive People on the Planet (in my humble opinion)

10. Michael Moore (His relevance has declined enough to warrant the 10-spot)

9. Matt Lauer

8. Rosie O’Donnell

7. Jane Fonda

6. Jon Corzine

5. Janine Garafolo

4. Any Clinton (Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Hillary’s Ankles, etc)

3. Nancy Pelosi

2. Dan Snyder

1. Barrack HUSSEIN Obama


I realize there are literally hundreds of people in the entertainment industry alone who deserve a spot on this list, but these are the ones that currently irritate me more than all the rest. I reserve the right to update frequently.

As we are all too aware, our current President is always at his most convincing when discussing the economy. Between his courageous blaming of an  fatal-error “inherited economy” and the strength he shows while staring down his nose at me, I personally feel terrific about the future of our nation. If you can sense the sarcasm there, it’s because I was laying it on pretty thick. Barrack always seems to fire off comments you know he’s just memorized but never taken the time to actually learn when he’s pressed about the economy. I’ve always hoped that someone would eventually get close enough to the benign sovereign to make him aware of his missteps. I’d prayed for someone to gain enough of his trust to maybe influence him in a new direction. One of those “slap in the face” moments that causes change at the deepest core of a man but Obama seems impervious to such progress. He’s shielded by a field of idiocy that logic simply can’t penetrate. Much of that idiocy comes from the people with which good ol’ Barry chooses to surround himself. Jon Corzine being named the “Administration Counselor on Economics” is a lot like accepting a completely unjustified Nobel Prize, is it not?

Jon Corzine is our President’s Counselor on Economics. Let that settle in for a moment. Jon Corzine: Former CEO of MF Global. MF Global seems to be “missing” 1.2 BILLION dollars of CUSTOMER MONEY. The company that was run by our President’s Advisor on Economics is missing $1.2 BILLION of customer's money! It’s no surprise whatsoever that very little can be found about this story in the mainstream media outlets, but there are some fascinatingly atrocious facts surrounding this tale of dishonesty. My question concerns the complete lack of outrage regarding this criminal behavior. Where are the painfully concerned reporters demanding answers on behalf of the “little man” who lost everything he owned? If this was a conservative, he would surely be forced into exile but when it comes to the esteemed Jon Corzine, reports tend to be supportive rather than critical. There are reports of praise for his “expected courage” as he stares down another onslaught of right-wing sensationalism with the full backing of the fifth amendment.

Okay, hippies…..time for another Constitutional Lesson: The Fifth Amendment, as written by our Founding Fathers, was never intended to allow a man topleadingthefifth B hippy rip-off his customers for $1.2 billion and then walk away without having to answer for such crimes. Like so much of our  Constitution, the Fifth Amendment has been twisted and manipulated over the years so that it is now a shield of the arrogant, guilty, and well-connected. When you hear of someone “pleading the fifth”, don’t you just sort of assume that they are guilty but have a good lawyer? I know I sure do. To “plead the fifth” is to avoid self-incrimination. In Jon Corzine’s case, he doesn’t want to say anything in Congressional Testimony that might “incriminate him” in the ongoing criminal and civil investigations surrounding the collapse of MF Global and his involvement therein. Seriously….doesn’t the wording of that last sentence just reek of sleazy attorney?

It’s shameful enough that Jon Corzine is most likely involved in the loss of billions of dollars. The fact that he’s the subject of as many investigations as he finds himself should automatically negate him from association with our President, right? Not at all my friends. See, you just don’t understand the complex wisdom of Obamunism. He didn’t give a no-bid contract to his buddies so that they could study and research $500 million (taxpayer dollars) worth of Small-Pox even though the disease was eradicated in 1978. No, no, no…..he simply “protected our biological interests.” He didn’t give away $443 million (taxpayer dollars) to Solyndra. He simply “moved America forward.” Get with it people. The train is leaving the station and you’re not on board.

Like most things that bring to question the ethics or credibility of anyone involved in the Obama administration, the Corzine affair has been swept underbailout,dollar,economy,funny,humor,money,photoshop,usa-e8139709ab481bfc6b30404184b80b6e_m the rug and scoffed at. Those of us who demand answers are just sensationalizing again. (I know I’ve used that word several times but THEY started it!) When we dare to ask questions of great leaders like Barrack HUSSEIN Obama and Jon Corzine, we are treated much like mere peasants questioning royalty. Where’s the money, Jon? That’s none of your concern, peon. Go do my bidding.

Get this man and all of his maniacal “advisers” out of office, NOW!! We simply can’t afford another term with this lunatic at the helm. We will not survive, America.



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J Robert Giles