Friday, November 18, 2011

They Just Can’t Let Us Enjoy the Good Things…..



“Our will was only emboldened by Mayor Bloomberg's heavy-handed attempt to eradicate Occupy Wall Street; our brutal eviction from our homes at Liberty Square has strengthened both our resolve and our legitimacy.”   - Actual Quote from OWS Official Website


Dammit! I was having such a good morning until the Occupy nutjobs had to go and ruin it for me! Woke up without the cold / fever that’s been hanging on for the past several days; 3436146348_f330ea5598 had a great morning with my beautiful bride, Jackie; the sun’s shining and despite the fact that he’s a Gator, I find myself inexplicably fascinated with the success of Tim Tebow. I’ve said many times that God doesn’t care about sports. He doesn’t. That’s a fact. But I have to believe that He’d give more than a passing glance to someone likeTebow Tebow who so openly discusses his Faith when shying away from the topic is most certainly the easier option. I’m not a big Bronco’s fan and I absolutely loathe John Elway (personal reasons – he’s worthy of my ire, I assure you), but I have to give a big smile and a manly nod to Tim Tebow.

After I filled my head with useless commentary from a former-Cowboy-riddled panel of experts (both openly Christian as well, just far more confusing attire), I flipped over to the news. I watch the coverage of ‘the movement’ in much the same manner as we all watch coverage of anything that takes place in a trailer park. I personally lend no legitimacy whatsoever to these jobless, clueless, deodorant-less idiots but some of their quotes are just comical. The passion they show for something about which they know nothing is amusing. I’m not even sure which channel I was watching this morning, but the commentator made some comment about the OWS Website. A website might lead to good material for an article, but instead it just got my blood boiling.

When I stumbled upon the quote above, I nearly ruined a perfectly good chair. Let’s break it down, word by enraging word. Okay, first…..your “will was only emboldened”. Use Bullshit of the word ‘will’ suggests that there is some kind of organized mission. That’s not true. You’re all uninformed morons who aim to disrupt capitalism. You can’t. Go home. You claim victory in the size of your crowds, but I’m not impressed. Finding a thousand people who want to attach themselves to a group whose flame is being fanned by media   exposure is not legitimacy, idiot. Second, “heavy handed attempt to eradicate Occupy Wall Street”. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that you “have the right to peacefully assemble.” I know it’s a moot point since nine out ten people who cite the First Amendment as their claim to legitimacy couldn’t tell you what the second or third amendment are. Heck, most of them couldn’t even tell you what the first amendment is about, they just heard someone else say it. Anyway, you do have the right to peacefully assemble but you do not have the right to poop in the streets. You do not have the right to turn a park on the border of what should be considered Holy land into a tent-city, slum-village. You do not have the right to keep anyone from going to work and you most assuredly do not have the right to interfere with the construction efforts going on across the street from your ‘headquarters’. That land belongs to patriots and fallen heroes who worked in buildings dominated by capitalist organizations. (Those buildings were destroyed by another ‘movement’) Your free speech ends when mine is restricted, got it? Third; your “brutal eviction” from your “homes in Liberty Square?” Seriously? Your ‘homes’? What the heck, bro? Dude, like, you can’t lay claim to public property and stuff, man. It’s like, not yours to claim. Go take a shower and an absurdly painful round of immunization shots. Congratulations, you’ve brought back Scurvy.

The last part of the quote, the part about “strengthening the resolve and legitimacy”. Well, that’s just nonsense. You have no legitimacy. You may have resolve, but it’s misguided and will soon fade just like everything in your world seems to do. Logic and true legitimacy will soon wash away the stains of your movement. (Kind of like your mom washing your undies for you, huh dude?) The holes in your theories will begin to expand as your demands are shot down methodically and logically. Your movement is nothing but a chance for a bunch of entitled, lazy, morons to get together and try to lay claim to something they didn’t earn. You have no leadership. You have no direction. All you have is blame. Sooner or later, blame fades to need. Those numbers you point to as signs of victory will continue to dwindle as quickly as media interest. Public interest is already gone.

article-0-0E55A3ED00000578-860_634x438Your movement is based on insanity. Your chants about “99%” are axiomatically false. That 1% you seem to hate so much has every right to use their wealth to influence government. They’re the ones paying into the system. Without the 1% you hold in such disregard, there would be no police to keep you safe in your “homes”. There would be no sanitation departments to clean up after you. There would be no parks for you to claim as your own. There would be no refunds for you to receive. Our corporations pay more in taxes than the corporations of any other country in the world. But that’s not what you’re complaining about, is it? You believe corporations should stay out of government, correct? So vote for someone who doesn’t take contributions from them! I promise you that candidate is NOT the one currently claiming to ‘have your back”. That man is as clueless as you are!

I’m willing to bet my left pinky that a minimum of 50% of the people in any “Occupy” location around the country either received refunds from the government last year, or didn’t file a return. I’m sure the number is actually much, much higher than that but if you want to wage your own finger to prove it, be my guest! You rant about billionaires but receive funding from George Soros. You vehemently oppose corporate greed from the platform of your pithy Tweets sent from your iPad while sitting in Starbuck’s personifying Massengill. Nothing you stand for makes any sense, so go back to your mom’s basement and assess your priorities. Perhaps use the time to remove the bolts from your face, wash the disgusting mess on top of your head, shave, and fill out a few job-applications. Don’t be afraid to contribute a little hard work to one of those evil corporations if they offer you the chance.


As always, thanks for playing! Have a great weekend!

J Robert Giles


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