Friday, November 4, 2011

Keep the Change….




All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

-Ronald Reagan


I’ll be the first to admit that I simply haven’t been all that captivated by the so-called Herman Cain controversy. I’ll also admit, albeit with a bit more KKardashian shame, that I have paid more attention to the Kardashian publicity/wedding event than I have paid to the Herman Cain sexualHermanCainProfilePic scandal. Yes, although Kim Kardashian is a disgusting example of pretty much everything that’s wrong with America, she does have Mr Cain beat in the looks department. That’s about it.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this rant knows me well enough to know that I couldn’t possibly care less about anything Kardashian. (Except Bruce Jenner’s hair. It’s mesmerizing.) I care even less about the vague, baseless and transparently misleading accusations against Herman Cain. I have yet to hear a woman’s name mentioned in association with this so called scandal, but I cannot emphasize enough how little attention I have given to this story. If one has identified herself, then I sincerely apologize for not calling her a liar by name. Personally, I don’t care if Herman Cain wears a diaper and sucks on a pacifier when he’s in the privacy of his own home. I don’t care how he dresses or who he slept with twenty years ago. That’s for him to reconcile. As far as I’m concerned, he’s being attacked by the very people I consider to be my enemies.

No one at the schools Obama claims to have attended can remember him. There has never been a woman claiming to have been Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s girlfriend in college, high-school, or any other period in his life. I find the absence of past more alarming than a questionable one. A questionable past means Mr Cain fought through some demons. A questionable past means he has made mistakes similar to the ones we have all made in our lives and he has learned the lessons inherent in the pain. NO past means someone is going to great and expensive lengths to cover up a personal history that for some reason or another cannot be revealed. Why? Where are the people from OUR PRESIDENT’S past? No one makes it through the American political system without making enemies willing to expose, twist, and inflate even the most miniscule of indiscretions, so how is it that Obama seems to have no past? My theory that Obama was actually invented in George Soros's basement is starting to seem plausible, isn’t it? (No, I do not really believe he’s a robot. A demon? Yes. Robot? No.)

Sadly, this questionable coverage of Mr Cain’s questionable past is just another shining example of the infuriating control media continues to exert over the easily fooled. (Otherwise known as Obamanites, Barackians, Idiots, or Disciples of Obamunism)

Scott Whitlock, Senior News Analyst atCainClinton Media Research Center, points out that “NBC, CBS, and ABC have developed an insatiable hunger for the Herman Cain story”. The “story” has been told over fifty times in just three days on the three major networks, insuring that the spark becomes a flame in the kindling of public opinion. In contrast, the far more serious allegations of sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton were largely ignored. We had named women, with graphic descriptions of specific acts and they were Pelosi given far less airtime than this story with no named sources. The media is insuring our minds are consistently focused on something irrelevant while debacles like Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Nancy Pelosi’s facial tremors, and Eric Holder are being shuttled to safety behind our complacent backs. Shame on us!

So? What can we do? There’s an old saying in business: Never wage war with someone who buys their ink by the barrel. That saying is now antiquated like so many of our routines and beliefs. Media is no longer the “Great Oz” that it used to be. With all of the advancements in technology, we truly have the ability to insulate ourselves from the blistering onslaught of liberal lunacy if we so choose. As individuals, we lack the power to defeat the media. It’s sad but true. No, you can’t defeat the media, but you CAN and SHOULD do everything in your power to insure that the influence of the media is kept to a dull hum within the walls of your home and more importantly within the minds of your family. Media is not limited to TV and Internet either. Don’t be fooled. Your kids are being influenced at school, in advertising, with music, and even in the seemingly innocuous activities in which they participate.

Change starts at the dinner table. Such a simple statement from a man known for such things. It’s true, when you think about it. If we take the time to educate our children, media will eventually bow to their demands like the ratings driven, approval seeking, money dependent addicts they are. If we train our children to think for themselves; to seek the company of like minded, challenging people; to be unafraid to lead in an unpopular direction if it’s the right thing to do; to question hype; to study the facts and not memorize sound-bytes, we will eventually be okay. Teach your kids the difference between conservative and liberal and why the choice is so critical. Explain, in terms they can understand, comprehend, and repeat; the belief that small government and minimum taxation breeds success whereas big government and absurd taxation breeds dependence. Liberals are weak. Period. Anyone who believes someone else is better suited to make their own decisions for them is weak. Plain and simple. Put enough arrows in the quiver of a first time archer and they will eventually hit the bulls-eye. Your kids are going to face unimaginable influence from the very people, thoughts, and beliefs you fear. Are you giving them enough arrows? Could your teenage daughter defend her conservative opinions to an aggressive teacher with liberal views? Is your son strong enough to lead his friends in the direction he believes or will he follow in the direction of the pack? We can’t afford to just assume our kids will make the right choice when faced with such decisions. You have to get in there, get your hands dirty, and put in the work to guarantee they are.

Don’t let the world outside your home raise your children and then complain when your children behave exactly like the world outside your home.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles