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Who Decides…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“All things truly wicked start from innocence.”  - Ernest Hemmingway

Innocence Lost 

On January 6, 2007; Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom went out to dinner at a Knoxville, TN restaurant. Channon was a senior at University of Tennessee. She was about to graduate with a degree in Sociology before five thugs carjacked her and Christopher. So far the story seems all too familiar, right? Unfortunately, it’s at this point in the story that all familiarity ends. The heartless thugs that carjacked Channon and Christopher may have originally intended to simply secure a ride home for themselves but it quickly escalated into a gruesome and horrifying nightmare. The couple was driven back to a home rented by one of the five thugs. Christopher was bound, gagged, and sexually tortured for several hours before being dragged naked out to the railroad tracks behind the house where he was set on fire and then shot to death. It’s hard to imagine that he was the lucky one.

Channon was tortured in ways that none of us should ever be forced to imagine. She was sexually assaulted with what coroners believe to have been a broken chair leg. She was repeatedly raped by multiple thugs. Her genitalia was so badly abused it was almost indistinguishable at autopsy. She was forced to drink household cleaning chemicals and then she was stuffed into a large plastic bag and shoved inside a trash can where she slowly suffocated. If that seems a little too graphic, I apologize but you must understand that this was a drastically cleaned up version of the details that emerged over the course of the trial. I will not name the criminals who perpetrated these horrific acts. They deserve no more fame or criminal credibility at the expense of their victims.

Christian-Newsom There are not many people on earth who can imagine the kind of pain the parents of Channon and Christopher must have experienced in the days following the discovery of their children’s bodies. That’s the kind of pain that doesn’t go away.

It’s all real and you are more than welcome to look up the details if you would like. Quite frankly the research is making me sick, but I will put a few links at the end of this article for those who want to read more. Racism seems to provide a nice, easy explanation to those too lazy or too ignorant to examine facts but it fails to answerThugs any of the real questions. Yes, racism may have played a role in a lot of the crimes. I certainly believe the story above started out as an “innocent” carjacking but once the five thugs realized they had themselves a couple of racial trophies, it escalated into a very obvious hate-crime. Five black thugs carjack and kidnap an attractive white couple and brutally torture, rape and kill them in the most sadistic manner imaginable…..that’s a hate-crime. I don’t care what the victims did in their past lives. That’s completely irrelevant. The fact is that five people tortured and killed two other people of differing skin colors. If the roles had been reversed, it most certainly would have been deemed immediately racist.  

So, what is it that makes us sit up and take notice of a case like the one involving Trayvon Martin, and ignore a case like Channon Christian? I don’t believe the racial angle. As previously stated, it provides an easy to attach excuse, but it lacks logic or credibility. Racism may have been a factor in the actual crime, but not in the coverage of the crime. News channels, shows, websites, blogs, and made-for-TV dramas are extremely competitive. To suppress a story for reasons of race would not only require an unprecedented level of cooperation among the media giants, but would also require them to actually honor any agreements made during such periods of accommodation. So, what is it then? Is it the details of the case? Is there a certain level of depravity to which our imaginations have yet to lead us? Some of the best shows on TV are based on horrific storylines, but even the imaginations of the shock addicted writers of those shows trail behind the reality described in the Christian / Newsom Trials.

Does the media play on the emotional tendencies of a certain race? Is it true that the black community typically reacts to stories of racism much more publicly and emotionally than the white community? Do media outlets play on the emotions of the black community in this “stirring-up” of racial conspiracy? There has been no evidence given to suggest that George Zimmerman acted out of racist motive. Witnesses corroborate his story and the police have stated that evidence supports Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense, yet Attorney General Eric Holder, whose credibility is apparently beyond reproach, has now thrown his services into the fray. Trayvon even got a shout out from His Barackness in a recent speech, fundraiser, campaign stop, or some combination of the three. Is there a political agenda at play? Remember James Byrd? He was murdered at the hands of cowardly white bastards but his name was only used to insinuate that then Presidential hopeful George W Bush supported such lunacy because the crime occurred in his (and my) home state of Texas. Did the emotional outpouring end with Bush’s election? The Duke Lacrosse Team Rape-That-Never-Was…..anyone remember that? Remember how those rich white boys took advantage of that poor, defenseless black woman? Remember all the cries for humiliating and outrageous punishments to be delivered in lieu of a trial? The crimes, despite any evidence whatsoever, were beyond our simple legal system….they were to be tried in the court of Jesse Jackson’s opinion. They were to be tried according to the rules of the Black Panther Party. Anyone who supported the legitimate legal process was labeled a racist. Remember that? It was class warfare and every single aspect of it was manufactured, inflated, and broadcast by those who feed off of ignorant, uninformed public opinion.

Media Bias I am not suggesting, in any way that the death of Trayvon Martin is a laughing matter. It’s not any easier to imagine the hole in the hearts of Trayvon’s parents than it is to imagine the one in Channon’s. A child was killed at the hands of a stranger. That’s a tough pill to swallow. My question remains, why the fascination with one case over the other. Jesse Jackson is rhyming his way to another vigil with cameras in tow…..Al Sharpton has regained the publicity induced twinkle in his eyes…..Trayvon’s mother has trademarked several of the more popular phrases bearing her deceased son’s name (but swears it has nothing to do with money)…..Channon’s killers are facing the possibility of freedom rather than execution because the judge in their original case was found to have been using drugs…..Spike Lee Tweets the wrong address to 250,000 followers ordering black people to “reach out and touch” the Zimmerman family…..yet we’re supposed to believe that the abolishment of racism is still a goal. If we ever find ourselves in a society where black people don’t do anything to draw attention to the fact that they are “oppressed” and white people stop feeling the need to “apologize” to anyone with a darker than Caucasian skin tone, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be completely irrelevant; do they realize this? Racism fuels their fame and they are not about to let go without a fight. Even if it means they have to publicly convict a man of a crime he may not have committed.

If the evidence comes to surface that refutes the witness statements and the currently existing evidence, I will gladly hand over George Zimmerman to the proper authorities. Can I get the Black Panthers to agree that they will stay completely away from the polling stations in November? Can I get Jesse Jackson to commit to the notion of innocent until proven guilty? Can I get a White Entertainment Channel, White History Month? How about a “Snow Leopard Party” to answer the “Black Panthers?” No, of course none of these things will ever come to fruition. They would be deemed racist and insensitive and would be met with a level of emotional outcry their ill-advised foundation simply couldn’t withstand. The fact is that George Zimmerman, until proven otherwise, acted in self-defense. It doesn’t matter what you think of the laws that provide him the right to do so. It doesn’t matter what you think of Trayvon’s wardrobe decisions…..the fact is that George Zimmerman, no matter how mad it makes you, has yet to be charged with a crime and there is a reason for it. You don’t get to let public opinion try this case but then discount public opinion whenever it goes against you. That’s not the way the world works. If it did, ObamaCare wouldn’t have required the involvement of the Supreme Court. I’ll end by stating for the record that a) Black Panthers are the most overtly racist group in existence. Their actions and demands make them far more racist than the Ku Klux Klan. b) Jesse Jackson is a racist, separatist idiot. c) Al Sharpton is a tad more entertaining, but just as big of an idiot. These statements have nothing to do with the color of their skin but rather to do with their actions. Act racist, get called out…..isn’t that what we’ve been told for decades? The phrase “justice is blind” means that you can’t blame skin color for motivation in a crime against one of your own, but then use skin-color to claim innocence when the story doesn’t go your way.

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J Robert Giles


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