Monday, April 2, 2012

Is There a Pill For That…..

By: J Robert Giles



We have been the forerunners of government. As soon as law and order was established anywhere, we never had any trouble.”  - Doc Holliday


There is something wrong with a man who fails to see any error in his ways after being given countless examples of its unquestioned existence. The most stubborn of men will eventually adapt a more effective line of attack to avoid another failure. It takes a special breed of human to truly seek comfort in failure. To create victory out of defeat. It takes an even more gifted and special man to be able to convince others that his failures are beneficial to them. Unfortunately, I’m not referring to the advertising industry that has done their best to inflate the demand for the Chevy Volt. They were only fulfilling the requirements of a customer. No, I’m referring of course to His Barackness. Our Deceit current President of the United States. Yes, ladies and gents…..there is something wrong with President Barack Hussein Obama. (Please take your time in picking your collective jaws up off the floor.)

All kidding aside, I firmly believe that Barack Obama suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder and will eloquently and factually outline my case for such a statement in the coming paragraphs. For those who view such a statement as blasphemy against your liberal god, this is probably as good a point as any for us to part ways. Good luck to you.

The staff at Psych Central, the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health and psychology network, has put together a nice list of the common signs of antisocial personality disorder, but the chilling part is to see how perfectly the signs describe the man currently sitting in the Oval Office. Here’s a few of the signs and a factual example of how it could be used to describe President Obama.

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder is usually characterized by a long-standing pattern of disregard for other people’s rights, often crossing the line and violating those rights.
    • Despite what he says in public or through his minions, Obama’s signature legislation, which many of us believe will be ruled unconstitutional at some point in the next few months, is a stunning example. The Individual Mandate is a pretty clear sign of a man who holds absolutely no regard for the rights of the individual in this country. He clearly believes that we are too stupid to go on living without his supreme guidance.
  • Lacks empathy – Does anyone out there really believe that Barack Obama could relate to you on a personal level? Honestly? He has gone to great lengths to make us believe that he and Michelle are “just like us” but the truth is that Obama sees our world and our needs and our struggles as somehow beneath him. Barack Obama couldn’t relate to the people of this country on a personal level any more than Clay Aiken could relate to Mike Tyson.
  • Contemptuous of feelings of others – The Contraception Mandate is yet another piercing scream for help from the very fabric of our country. Obama has taken thousands of years of Faith and demanded that we abandon it in favor of his own beliefs. When we refused, he countered with a fictitious “War On Women” and an equally fictitious Sandra Fluke.
  • SafetyInflated and arrogant self appraisal – While some of this may not be the fault of President Obama and more a result of the insulated environment in which the Office of President must be placed, Obama’s arrogance seems to be particularly expanded. This symptom is also highlighted within the infamous Contraception Mandate.
  • Sufferers of Antisocial Personality Disorder lack a realistic concern about their current problems or the future – While Obama’s insulated environment is certainly a contributing factor, it’s not the only contributor. Obama’s arrogance and adherence to proven failure would indicate that his own mind is to blame for many of the problems to which his administration has exposed America.
  • Sufferers may be excessively opinionated, self-assured, or even cocky. Need I say more? Have you ever seen a man that better fit this description than Barack Hussein Obama? I personally don’t believe such a man exists.
  • May display a glib, superficial charm. Again, does this not describe Obama to a tee?

While President Obama certainly falls under the description of several signs of this disorder, the question remains as to whether any actual symptoms can be found in our President. The answer is a resounding “YES!”

  1. Failure to Conform to Social Norms – Obama seems to derive some sort of a thrill from disobeying the law. Not just the written laws in the United States Constitution, but any kind of law, tradition, authority, or opinion that he thinks will force him to contradict to his own ideology. It’s a rush or a high to him.
  2. Deceitfulness – Do I really have to lay out a list here? The guy is a slimy, lawyer-politician-celebrity. He will do anything and say anything to keep himself in power.
    1. Signs of this symptom often include the use of aliases:
      1. Barack Hussein Obama has used the names Harrison J Bounel and Barry Soetoro that we know of. Why? That answer has never been answered. Probably because no one in the news has asked it! (Seriously, do a Google Search of either name. It’s creepy!)
    2. The Buffett Rule – Just today, Obama is out there touting the plight of Warren Buffett’s poor old secretary who pays more in taxes than the billionaire. Notably absent from his speech was any mention of the fact that Buffett is in the middle of an EPIC lawsuit over taxes he has failed to pay in the past. To the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. President Obama either knows about the ongoing lawsuit and is choosing to intentionally mislead us with mention of Buffett’s  name, or he’s blatantly incompetent.
    3. Consistently “Adjusted” Unemployment Numbers – Every month, Obama’s approval numbers avoid total collapse by leaking the truth about the economy to us gradually. The numbers are always “adjusted” or taken from a different “perspective” than used in the past. It’s intentionally confusing,
  3. Impulsivity – A failure to plan ahead.
    1. Could there be a better way to describe Obama’s Presidency? Since ObamaCare will most likely not be around for him to hang the hat of his legacy on, what about the premature withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the infamous Quran apology? Despite the catastrophic damage this move has delivered to our reputation in the region, it has also left us with very little presence to deal with lunacy in the adjacent countries. We didn’t pull completely out of Germany and it provided a nice, visible, warning sign to Mother Russia. We didn’t withdraw completely from Japan and we have yet to be attacked by China. Why is Obama’s wisdom superior to that of history?
    2. Green Energy Investments – Depending on the day, Obama will be out on the campaign trail inflating the tires of a different lie about the bastard children of he and Energy Secretary Chu. So far, almost everything they’ve touched has turned to bankrupt crap. On a bright side, the executives of these taxpayer funded nightmares are still receiving nice, big bonus checks.
  4. Angry Irritability and Aggressiveness – I’m willing to bet that Michelle has had to clean up after more than one Barack-ian temper tantrum in her day.
  5. Reckless Disregard For the Safety of Self or Others – The man demanded the Chevy Volt. Need I say more? He swears that he’s going to buy one of these mobile crematoriums as soon as he’s “unelected” and that’s a clear example of his disregard for his own safety as well as that of his family. In al seriousness, many of his demands have been met prior to any real testing or research. Companies have gotten caught up in the charm and power. They have delivered under pressure what should have been tested and proven. What about Fast and Furious? Why would Obama defend Eric Holder and the operation that ended the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? Lack of empathy? Disregard for the safety, feelings, and emotions of others? Others he sees as political “enemies.”
  6. Consistent Irresponsibility - “Indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations.”  Anybody care to guess how many vacations Obama has taken since he took office? Your guess would be as good as any since no real number can be found but in the last month I have read reports of the Obama women in Mexico, Vail, and now Vegas. The Obamas have taken numerous trips to Hawaii and justify the $10M of public funds Michelle Obama is accused of spending on top-shelf Vodkas and expensive massages by citing George W Bush’s trips to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Also, why is Obama not more upset with his democratic counterparts in Congress and the fact that they have yet to pass a budget under his rule? Cards
  7. Lack of Remorse - “As indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.” (Statement will stand on it’s own merit.)

Indeed there is something wrong with President Obama. The likelihood of him ever seeking the advice of a licensed medical professional for the disorder that consumes him is  about as likely as me throwing the winning strike for my World Series Champion Saint Louis Cardinals against the Florida Marlins on Wednesday, but I guess anything could happen. Should I loosen up my throwing arm in case Obama gives us a miracle? Nah, I’ll just continue getting old!

As always, thanks for playing!


J Robert Giles


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