Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Delusions of Incumbency…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.”   - Sun Tzu



Yesterday, I read an article by Jana Neweley on her website. Jana writes from a perspective that is unfortunately quite unique but growing rapidly. In the article titled Note to Republicans: Pay No Attention to That Democrat Behind the Curtain; Jana does a fantastic job of explaining the democrat’s campaign strategy. D-D-D (Deflect Distract Deny)

(Excerpt from Jana’s Article)

In regards to the War on Religious Freedom, this is how it went on the Democrat’s side:

Phase One is DEFLECT = “This has nothing to do with religious freedom or the First Amendment. Republicans don’t want women to be healthy. They want women to suffer. They want women to die.”

Phase Two is DISTRACT = “Have you met Susan?” Introduction of a female college student, who uses birth control, in order to make their argument more convincing. “See, we told you so.”

Phase Three is DENY = Pay no attention to the “Democrat” behind the curtain. The continued denial that states the new HHS mandate has nothing to do with religious freedom. Nothing to do with the First Amendment. But then the Democrats, like Pelosi, go on to make it a national debate by declaring there’s a WAR ON WOMEN and it’s the Republicans who are to blame.


Jana goes on to explain the importance of honesty in defending ourselves against this type of attack. Everybody knows that “the truth will always find its way to the surface eventually.” That’s why it’s a cliché. Not only must we “tell” the truth, but we have to remind each other of what the truth is from time to time. Reality is going to be distorted over the coming months in ways none of us can currently imagine. His Barackness is going to manipulate facts, numbers, emotions, and opinions in his effort to obtain incumbency. It’s up to us to remain focused on the truth. His record will soon leave him unsure of what to defend and what to attack.  

The primaries seem to be all but over. Mitt Romney may or may not be the candidate you would have chosen on your own, but he’s most likely going to be the candidate facing off against Obama in November and the narrative has already begun. We must seize that narrative and maintain our ownership until we see Obama driving his brand new Chevy Volt off the White House parapet. It’s time to unite. It’s time to stop arguing about who would be a better candidate. That decision was made yesterday as Santorum dropped out of the race. Gingrich has terrific ideas and an even better passion, but he has no realistic shot at the nomination. Paul’s chances are even less likely, so put your personal differences aside and focus on the mission.

While defeating Barack Obama is certainly at the top of the priority list, I believe it is equally important to deliver a crushing blow to the ideology that has supported his Immaculate Ascension. We must systematically dismantle the very core of Obama’s belief system. The way to do that is to take the fight to them. Nothing is more demoralizing than to be beaten with your own weaponry. For example: Who doesn’t believe that Mark Sanchez will get hurt just before the inevitable Jets – Broncos playoff game next season? Tebow will step in, win the game dramatically…..give a sincere thanks to God, and then move on. Nothing against Peyton Manning but this story pretty much writes itselfSLAP. We must use the weapons His Barackness is giving us. We must use those weapons to kick him and all of his little minions right in their Obamacles!

S.L.A.P. – Stop Laugh Address Proceed

  • · Stop – Don’t react immediately to accusations and lies.
  • · Laugh – Take a moment to enjoy the humor in their fallacies.
  • · Address – Distribute legitimate, easily proven facts; dismiss twisted version of reality quickly, efficiently, and convincingly.
  • · Proceed –Direct the narrative immediately back to Obama’s record and the reality HE has created for this country. No more hope and change. He’s been reading us a children’s bedtime story but the kids fell asleep over three years ago. It’s time to read something a little more mature and nonfictional.

Predict what they’re going to throw at us. We’ve seen plenty of “film” of their “game plan.” Obama’s going to try to increase the level of pessimism in our country. He’ll fan the flames of the opinion that “nobody could do a good job with what’s left of our country so we might as well just leave it alone.” Jobs were lost because of natural disasters in Japan, not ineptitude…..”we’re drilling more than ever”…..”Bush raised the debt too”… Dick Morris so eloquently said yesterday in his daily message: By creating an atmosphere of pessimism, Obama “concedes the field of optimism to Romney.” We must seize that advantage and defend it with everything we’ve got. After all, it was optimism that put Obama in office. It was false optimism supported by fairy tales and pixie dust, held up by the efforts of other people, and constructed by outsourced labor, but it was optimism nonetheless. Optimism is the essential element of the American spirit and Obama has consistently ignored it. Optimism is what fuels free market innovation, entrepreneurial ambition, and success. Pessimism is the enemy of such things. Pessimism has never won a presidential election and we simply cannot allow Obama to take back the optimistic platform once he realizes pessimism is getting him nowhere.

He will skillfully insure that racism is manufactured in instances where it simply wasn’t an original motive. His media legions will make sure that those unwilling to look beyond the sound-byte see Obama as the only one capable of ending the sudden outburst of racially motivated hate in this country. Knock that one out of the air, folks! The color of Obama’s skin has absolutely NOTHING to do with his record. There is no “pigmentation” column…’s just wins and losses. It’s not a skin color that I’m voting against; it’s the horrendous track record of an appallingly inept President.

His Barackness will release the likes of Jay Carney and Joe Biden, his two most trusted little handbag Chihuahuas, to spread his scent wherever he is personally unavailable. They will appear in front of union supported crowds, trying to convince us all that the mistakes we think he’s made were actually the fault of his predecessor. He will appear in front of throngs of swooning liberal women. (Yes, that image is what the doctor shows you if you’ve had an erection for more than four hours! Cures that problem IMMEDIATELY!) He’ll tell us that voting against him is the same as punching your own mother, sister, wife, or daughter in the face. Again, we must S.L.A.P. this nonsense right in its ugly little face. There is NO War on Women…..that’s a distraction. There is a War on The Constitution and that’s the war to which we must allocate our ‘troops.’

He will continue to try to paint himself as sympathetic yet powerless in our fight against absurdly high gas prices. He and his drones will recite heavily manipulated statistics and figures to imply that these too are somehow the fault of another president. Nope! We’re not buying it, you walking psych study.

He will do his best to convince us that ObamaCare, even if ruled unconstitutional by the one branch with the authority and duty to do so, is exactly what we all need. He will paint the Supreme Court, who was gloriously capable when dismissing claims against his Birth Certificate, as inept and “unelected.” We know they’re “unelected.” They’re appointed by Presidents. They’re appointed to uphold the ideology of the President who appoints them. If the majority was liberal, he’d be praising their efficiency, I assure you.

He will inflate his accomplishments just as he has done with the auto bailout. He claims victories in a process that actually was designed by his predecessor. The parts of the bailout that failed were the parts that Barack Hussein Obama added to the original plan. Bush didn’t agree to sell Chrysler to Italy. Bush didn’t agree to the exclusive creation of union jobs. Bush didn’t suggest government ownership. Tell the truth.

Obama will use his media legions to convince us that he’s winning a race in which we can find no genuine evidence of his advantage. They will tell us that he’s so far ahead we might as well stay home on November 6th. I don’t plan to follow that advice… you?

Tell the truth. Tell it often and tell it loudly. Do not be afraid for you have much more support and backing than you can possibly imagine. Do not be swayed by clever wordplay or narcissistic charm. Do not be persuaded by manufactured commonalities and adjusted reality. Tell the truth. Remind yourself of the truth and compare it to what you are being told in the news, or from the mouth of your country’s elected leader President. Let the anger that follows fuel you until you cast your vote.

As always, thanks for playing!

J. Robert Giles


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