Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Problem With Boomerangs…..

By: J Robert Giles


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“As favor and riches forsake a man, we discover in him the foolishness they concealed.”  

- Jean de la Bruyere


When he’s not busy scouting out Colombian vacation spots for Michelle, because…..let’s face it…..that woman deserves another vacation; Obama often takes a break from the campaign trail to tend to some genuine Presidential business. Far too often that effort results in devastating destruction yet the campaign goes on. The campaign continues with the support of a blind media. Luckily, people are starting to see through the facade of Obama’s accomplishments. That’s the problem with boomerangs. Obama tossed out thousands of promises in 2008. Each one of them specifically designed to tug at the heartstrings of a different group of “victims.” It worked. People voted and they elected the man who they believed would deliver them from evil. They voted for the man they believed would pay their mortgage, give everybody a free cell-phone, bring those evil fat-cats on wall-street to their knees, and pull every last soldier out of harm’s way. He flung a LOT of boomerangs out there into the atmosphere. Now those boomerangs are completing their flight; coming in on fumes, and sputtering back to their unwelcoming launch point. Obama has no choice but to seek cover and do what he does best…..convince us all that it was Bush who threw those boomerangs.

The promises of his 2008 campaign lie empty and mangled among the shredded hope and change of this administration’s debris trail. Touting the success of their efforts is the same as saying that the devastating tornadoes to strike the Midwest this weekend were just offering “aesthetic alterations” to the victims. The fact is that hype can’t Mission Accomplishedmanage the needs of a country. Hype can’t support the weight of scrutiny or demand. Hype without ability is simply a lie and we have all been lied to. We have all been promised a reality that lies well beyond the scope of Barack Hussein Obama’s limited capabilities. Even more troubling than the general lie of Obama’s effectiveness is the fact  that all the hope for his re-election lies in his belief that the American people are too stupid; too poorly educated to see through his nonsense.

Everything Barack Obama does is political. Every word out of his mouth is designed to incite some sort of response he can use in his campaign. He carefully dodges questions about his record and redirects our attention to a manufactured war on {Insert suddenly helpless victim here.} But those boomerangs are smacking him upside his smug little skull. They’re becoming impossible to ignore. The War on Religion didn’t bode well for Obama so it quickly became the War on Women. Obama cried as he spoke of Sandra Fluke’s “courage.” He travelled the country telling of his love of women and convincing all who would listen that he is just a woman trapped in a man’s body. He stopped just short of gender reassignment surgery, but if it would guarantee his reelection, I’m sure it would be discussed. These wars and deflections are entertaining but what has he done in terms of actual Presidential duties?

    • Budget Management – Nope. He has failed conclusively in this arena and no amount of spin, manipulated data, cronyism, or charm is going to wash away the stains of this nightmare. If Obama’s budgets were sandwiches, they would be meatless but would come on a really nice looking bun…..that was plastic…..and cost $7 TRILLION over the next ten years. We are headed for an absolute crisis and Obama hints at the “flexibility” that he will have after his “last election.” He has added over $4 trillion to our national debt and he shows absolutely no sign of slowing down any time soon. I don’t care about manipulated numbers that show he’s only added $1 trillion or that Bush made him do it by appearing in his dreams. Facts are facts and his charm can’t outrun them. From $120 million in benefits paid to deceased federal employees in 2011 to appointing Jon Corzine as economic advisor; Obama has done very little to show any kind of management in this essential role. SMACK!!! That boomerang just drew blood.
    • Effective Investment of Taxpayer Money – Nope. This one really shouldn’t require a lot of explanation but his insistence that he knows what he’s doing cannot be allowed to resonate. Obama has invested our money into only those endeavors which would promote his ideology. The auto-bailout is a perfect example. The successes of that bailout come form the original bill…..written by George W. Bush. The parts that delivered such catastrophic failure and shame were the work of Barack Obama yet he’s out there on the trail singing his own praises to crowds who believe he’s “one of them.” Bush didn’t demand the Chevy Volt. Bush didn’t invest billions of taxpayer dollars into A123 Systems, Solyndra, Ener1, or any other “green” shipwreck. SMACK!!!
    • Effective Defense Management – Yes, Obama was in office at the time that Osama bin Laden was killed. By the time this election is over, we will be convinced that Obama was actually there during the fire-fight. The fact is that Obama’s military strategy serves not the protection and safety of the American people, but rather Obama’s liberal ideology. Set aside all the uninformed “war-monger” rhetoric the left heaps upon anyone who speaks out against Obama’s lack of military knowledge and look at the actual facts. More soldiers have dies in Iraq under his command than Bush’s. His feverish pursuit of troop withdrawal has weakened our reputation in a region of the world where perception of strength is often the mightiest weapon and he has left us extremely vulnerable. We didn’t pull out of Europe completely and we were never attacked by Russia. We didn’t pull out of Japan completely and we have managed to avoid Chinese attack. SMACK!!! He’s getting disoriented.
    • Effective Interpretation of Constitutional Intent – Seriously? Is he even trying to convince us that this is one of his concerns? I think he has shifted his offense in this arena from “convince them I’m a Constitutional expert” to “convince ‘em the Constitution’s outdated….and strike down the legitimacy of the Bible while you’re at it.” SMACK!!! Night-night, Obama Administration.

When effective leadership is in place, flow of success is unimpeded by failure, doubt, and a dissenting majority. Campaigning is not necessary. Smiles and hype can’t cover the destruction of his inexperience but what if the success of Barack Obama was never the mission? He’s tested the waters in so many areas once thought to be “controversial” or “political suicide.” It’s like he’s probing us. He’s managed to wage wars on anyone who hints at opposition to his brilliance and has then convinced us it is he who is the victim of “their” war. Even if unelected, his presidency has taught some indelible lessons to those plotting our demise. His presidency has exposed the very thinnest areas of our armor. These are usually the tasks of a scout, or an expendable drone. What if that’s all Obama is to the left? They don’t seem too awfully concerned with his record, but more concerned with the emotional reactions he can invoke. If Obama was just a test-dummy…..a pre-cursor…..what could possibly be coming at us down the road? Remember the boomerang analogy? I have an guess…..

Bill Clinton has masterfully distanced himself from Obama while still giving the appearance of support. Hillary Clinton, who is looking more and more like one of the FoundingHillary Fathers every time I see her, has stated that she does not intend to attend the Democratic National Convention which seems odd for someone so heavily involved in the Democratic Party. They have both made public hint of a 2016 Presidential race. I find it suspicious that Hillary bowed out of the 2008 race so easily. Obama’s extreme left views provide a nice “crash-test-dummy” to someone who cares more about the power of herself and her family than she does about orthodoxy. Have we just been subjected to Hillary Clinton’s expendable “forward team?” Think about it…..the groundwork has been laid. That boomerang has been tossed out into the stratosphere. The problem is that Obama may not have been the one to throw this one. Here’s the blueprint.

Obama fails miserably, but manages to blame Bush for everything. We have blasted him for his complete failure to accept ownership or responsibility for his actions. If Romney fails, we cannot blame Obama. We would appear incredibly weak and hypocritical if we did. Hillary has spent the last three and a half years quietly gaining support around the globe. She’s remained quietly loyal, showing support for Obama when doing so would advance her cause, but otherwise remaining in the shadows of this raucously inept administration. Her presence has been like that of a corporate spy. If Romney comes in and fails, she can swoop in with lessons learned from two failed administrations….support from countries we once considered to be allies but lost to ineptitude…..the seal of Bill Clinton’s slightly exaggerated economic success and strategy backing her…..and her version of ObamaCare – with Constitutional adjustments made in light of Obama’s failures. Remember HillaryCare? Remember how obsessed she once was? Does that kind of passion just die, or does it lie dormant until someone else clears the obstacles of failure, pessimism, doubt, and rage? Like the captain of the Titanic once said of the iceberg on his horizon; “It’s probably nothing…..go back to sleep.”

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J Robert Giles


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