Friday, February 10, 2012

Put Up or Shut Up….

BY: J Robert Giles

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“Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.”  - Jean Vanier


Can someone please explain to me why the liberals get to cry as if we’ve just kicked them in their Obamacles whenever we dare to mention God, The Ten Commandments, morality, scripture, verse, or hymn in public but they are then allowed to turn around and dictate morality to the Catholic Church? I am not a Catholic. I am a Christian, but I am not a Catholic. While I find Obama’s assertion that the mandate is “good for poor women” absurd, I have more of a problem with what the ruling represents.

Religion is not real popular among socialists. Religion is loyalty in something bigger than government. That is why Nancy Pelosi looks like a Pomeranian on meth every time she ObamaReligion attempts to defend her past claims of being a “devout Catholic” while maintaining loyalty to the liberal agenda.  Obama and Sebelius have officially made it impossible to do both. While the Catholic Church has maintained a consistent stance on birth control, Obama can’t seem to form a solid definition of “life.” This mandate, while getting a lot of attention and debate in the media is indicative of a much bigger Pelosi problem.

Whether you are religious or not is your own decision. Personally, God has played an enormous role in my life and I pray each day that He plays an even bigger role in my future. I know for a fact that many of the people reading these words feel the same way, but even if you’re not an overly religious person, you have to draw ire from the fact that this mandate is yet another attempt by Barack Hussein Obama and other ACLUeless types to poke holes in the freedoms that helped to create this great country. While the Department of Health and Human Services ruling would not require priests to hand out condoms at Church as some seem to believe, it would require Catholic charities, hospitals, and other organizations who employ large numbers of non-Catholics to provide contraceptives and abortifacients via the invasive scope of ObamaCare. Remember when we lived in a world where the word “abortifacients” rarely surfaced in everyday conversation?

We cannot give in on this, nor can we give in on the next attempt, or the next…. If the government is given more power than the Church, even in an argument for which you personally have no ardent opinions, socialism is assured. Obama cannot be given the freedom to dictate policy to the Church, in any fashion. Obama’s vision requires total government control and religion is a major opposition to this ideology. By giving His Barackness even the slightest permission on these grounds, we have given him control over our morals. He’s shown evidence of such arrogance in his ridiculously self-centered, Prayer Breakfast gaffe in which he insinuated that Jesus Christ would approve of his tax plan. I personally believe lightning should have struck him in the face as soon as he opened with his abhorrently condescending remarks about his “Christian faith” but alas, he Follow was allowed to finish. We cannot give him this win. This mandate represents an invasion. It’s an invasion of our freedoms. As Rick Santorum said in his speech before CPAC this morning, “It’s not about contraception. It’s about economic freedom. It’s about religious freedom. It is government controlling your life and it’s got to stop!” (Dear Howard Dean, THAT would have been the appropriate time for your high-pitched battle cry.)

Those of us who enjoy sex don’t necessarily do so as part of a religious belief. We do so because we’re human and no amount of Church policy is going to change that. We know it’s a sin, but we also know that Christ died on the cross to forgive those sins. We use birth control whether the church tells us to or not. Again, that fact is not going to change any more than people stopped drinking during prohibition. This mandate is no more about such causes than the Senator Obama Championed Senate Bill 511 was about proving John McCain’s citizenship. These types of moves are “testing” or “probing” maneuvers. Just like the many jobs bills he’s sent to Congress knowing they would fail. He didn’t want the bills to pass nearly as much as he wanted to force Republicans to vote them down. He can then use that information in a future campaign ad claiming that he would have saved us already if mean old Republicans didn’t keep shooting down all his good ideas. Allowed to stand, this ruling moves us one step closer to socialism. Allowed to stand, this ruling moves us one step closer to The Holy Bible as seen through the All-Powerful Eyes of Your United States Government. ObamaCare does not care for “the poor” or “provide access” as the left likes to tout. What it does is promote an ideology that the liberal view of birth control is more important than the view of a religious organization. I don’t necessarily agree with all the views of the Catholic Church, but I’ll fight to the death for their right to honor them over the political ideology of a controversial bill.

Faith is a belief in something that cannot be seen. Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama can be seen. He can be seen bulldozing any belief that contradicts his liberal orthodoxy. This is causing some organizations, communities, and longtime party-line voters to take notice. His brazen disregard for individual thought is starting to infringe upon freedoms granted by issues that transcend politics or government. I’m not real sure Obama believes such issues exist. He can make all the politically motivated “adjustments” he wants, but the fact is that this contraception mandate is just another failed attempt to indoctrinate a nation viewed as weak and controllable. Moreover, Shattered it’s an attempt to indoctrinate a nation viewed as being in need of this type of control. Put it into this perspective if your mind can possibly absorb it – Vice President Biden was the voice of reason in this “accommodation” as the White House is insisting we call it. Does that tell you anything? Joe Biden, who is normally kept in a day-care facility in the basement of the White House, was among many other democratic leaders urging Obama to make this concession. (Yes, Barackula, it was a “concession” no matter what you order the media to call it.) The concession now orders that insurance companies, not the employers, provide the contraceptive care. Great, they arrive in a different box, but religious institutions, charities, and universities are still required to provide the coverage which in turn provides things that go against their beliefs. It’s a carefully worded, veiled, vote saving maneuver that in effect changes nothing. This man is swine and he must go.

Stand up. Get mad. Whether you’re religious or not, if we keep giving Obama and all those on the left who think as he does the permission to chip away at our freedoms, we can’t complain when our country is run under the rule of their thumbs. Shout out ObamaShattered against the biting sting of media onslaught. One of the men left in the GOP race will be charged with the task of defeating Obama in November, but it is the duty of each and every one of us to keep the fire of this week going. Remember that he claimed Jesus Christ’s endorsement. Remember that his mind and his decisions belong to liberal ideology exclusively, to the point where his own Vice President has had to fight tooth and nail to get him to reverse a re-election destroying stance. Can you imagine that level of lunacy? We will elect a President in November, but it is the duty and responsibility of every American to keep him accountable, each and every day. It is our job to educate those blindly loyal to a party that has lost it’s way. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to stand up and stare down the destructive support our once trusted media has given to ideology over morality. Fight! Fight for the freedoms you hold dear and fight for the freedoms your neighbors hold dear. When you encounter someone who believes government knows better than individual, educate them. When you encounter someone who claims Obama has made rational decisions, silence them. When they try to sneak past our defenses, punish them. Our country is falling apart at the seams and we must repair it ourselves. A president is only as good as the morale of his country will permit. Get a President in office who’s on our side for a change, takeover the senate and force them to act according to the Constitutional intent set forth at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1786. Dammit I want to tackle something!!! (Insert Braveheart scene here.)

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