Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mercy and Justice – Divorced….

By: J Robert Giles

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“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.”   - Aristotle

Does everyone remember the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Nazis removed the lid to the Ark of the Covenant and their faces immediately melted? As gory as that Justice scene was, there was some pretty impressive symbolism contained within it. The angels that appear on top of the Ark represent Mercy. The Ten Commandments inside the Ark represent Justice. The two of them are not supposed to be separated. Not in the symbolic metaphor of the ark which will apparently lead to melt-face, as it’s medically known; or in the spiritual sense.

For many of us, Church has always been that one place where we can go and escape whatever is happening in the world outside its walls. For one hour, every Sunday, I’m part of a community with one common goal. As soon as I buckle into my car and get back on the road with those same people, all sense of community is forgotten as I assume everyone outside the glass of my own vehicle is a slow, lost, imbecile who should have their license suspended for excess stupidity. That’s outside the Church; inside is another story. Inside, we’re safe. Inside we’re all working together, Ark trying to make our own life one that reflects our collective adherence to laws that transcend even the Constitution of the United States. The Word of God, and the Ten Commandments have always been our sense of Justice and Mercy. They’ve been the laws that we obey without the aid of an attorney. They’re the basis for the laws that govern the world beyond the stained glass and brick because mercy is contained within their simplicity.

When His Barackness decided that he couldn’t wait for thousands of years of Catholic belief to catch up to his genius, he was essentially telling anyone who believes in God that their beliefs are less meaningful than those of Barack Hussein Obama and his minions. He was separating mercy and justice in our lives. He was announcing to the world that he is more merciful than God and that his law is more powerful than the laws of God. I don’t think he anticipated the reaction he is getting. There are several reports that Obama and Biden disagreed heavily over this contraception issue, but their disagreements were based only in political strategy, not morality. The reality of the situation is that we have a President who believes himself to be well beyond the scope of our limited comprehension. We are expected to forsake all previous convictions, beliefs, morals and foundations and blindly follow the Immaculated One into whatever journey he sees fit. Many were willing to take that journey back in 2008. I’ve said it many times, the man can run a campaign. No one can take that away from him. He would be the perfect man for the job if I was looking to market a movie but sadly that’s not the job he’s been asked to do. He’s been asked to lead the United Sates of America but the only Americans to receive any of his attention are those with whom he shares a vehement loyalty to liberal orthodoxy. Many of my fellow “right-wingers” feel that it’s bad form to call those who support Obama “uninformed.” They say it equates to name-calling but I whole heartedly disagree. I personally feel that “uninformed” is about as nicely as I could put it.  Anyone who is willing to honestly look at the record of this president and pledge their continued loyalty is either uninformed or intentionally stupid. Which is worse?

Those stuck in the liberal quicksand will take that comment to mean that I am calling all democrats “stupid.” That could not be further from the truth. There will be many brilliant people who cast their vote for Barack Obama in November. The problem is that Obama’s re-election will help them personally in some way. They have allowed self-Ten Obamaments interest to get in the way of the greater good but that’s called being human. It’s one of those things that is only visible when it’s happening in someone else’s life. Those who truly want to see America advance in the necessary areas could not possibly vote for him. I personally believe that Obama’s camp is suffering big-time right now. Not financially although I’m sure even that measurable statistic is coming in far below expectations. He cannot avoid the fact that his record has failed. He no longer has the noose of “America’s first black president” to slip over the neck of our country.

Mercy and Justice are not supposed to be separated. They are a package deal that man alone is not meant to manage or interpret. Do what’s right and your world will thrive. Do what’s wrong and your world will suffer. The Bible could not be more clear on this point, yet we continue to justify our actions through interpretations that help only our cause. As a very wise mentor of mine recently said, we suffer from “terminal uniqueness.” We all believe that we are special enough as individuals to live outside of established logic. We watch news stories about Obama stripping away another of our rights and we believe that it’s happening to someone else, but he has finally overstepped a bound. He finally seems to have stepped over that line from which even his sickening arrogance can’t yank him back. Those blindly loyal to party lines or skin color must now choose the Word of God over the word of the Democrat Deity. The looks on many of the faces in the capacity crowd at my church on Sunday told me that many have already made that decision. While I would love to believe that Obama has sent a lot of Democrats over to the Republican side, I think reality gives us a more logical scenario. He’s taken the wind out of their sails. He’s taken their energy. They were willing to support him until he invaded their Churches. Now, confusion has set in. Voting for a man who shows such obvious disdain for the Word of God would be like punching many of our deceased loved ones in the face. I can’t possibly imagine justifying a vote for a man with Obama’s questionable  religious principals to either of my grandfathers. The reason religion is so important in politics is not because we want someone to force religion down the throats of people who don’t want it, but because religion represents a discipline in one’s life that is pure. It’s a moral compass to which the majority of us can relate. How we interpret the readings of that compass is based on personal experience, but Faith in general is a common, undeniable force that transcends politics. A man who would dare to fake such beliefs for political reasoning is simply evil. We must pounce.

The Contraception Mandate was just the latest example of people bursting back to lucidity after three years under the intoxicating haze of Obama’s hype. A substantial number of his supporters are now left disoriented and wandering where they had once felt the confidence and strength to race. They’re simply not willing to get back up and run for this man. We must pounce. We must attack and keep these thoughts in their heads. While I would love to see all of them go cast their vote for our eventual nominee, I would rather just have them stay home and save their vote. Encourage such decisions wherever you see an opportunity. Mercy and Justice are not meant to separated. They cannot be separated by changing the name of a bill from ObamaCare to the Affordable Care Act. They cannot be separated with “compromises” to horrendously liberal mandates. They cannot be separated by calling yourself the “champion of the 99%” and then taking 16 luxury vacations in just three years.  They cannot be separated by dismissingly laughing at questions of morality. They cannot be separated with the destructive blasts of conclusively failed investment philosophies.

Take the fight to them. There are people out there who are truly on the fence right now. In this election, we cannot afford to look at the “undecided voter” as stupid, or uninformed. We must look at the undecided voter as an opportunity. There can be no mistake left undisclosed. No failure left without broadcast. No deceit left unexposed. Confront him and his ideology wherever it appears. As I’ve said many times,  the Presidency is only the first game in a long season.

Keep your eyes on the prize and as always, thanks for playing.


J Robert Giles