Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quietly Staying On Point…

By: J Robert Giles

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“A president who, after thousands of years of human history, a Harvard law degree, and four years in the White House, cannot tell us with certainty what he thinks marriage or life is, is not worthy of the trust of the American people or a second term in office.  It is time for leadership in America.  It is time again to stand for self-evident foundational truths.”  - Rick Santorum

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No longer is the race for the 2012 GOP Nomination being run by just two men.  Yesterday, Rick Santorum had the kind of day many would consider to be a “good day".” He won all three of the caucuses held. Santorum defeated Romney in Colorado where several polls showed the latter enjoying a considerable lead as recently as Sunday. He won Minnesota which is still trying to prove it’s sanity despite the existence of Senator Al Franken (D-MN). And he won here in Missouri in a “non-binding” primary.

Who is he though? We all knew he was so much more than just a sweater-vest, but why should we vote for him? I made a case for Mitt Romney when he won Iowa. I made a case for Newt Gingrich when he won South Carolina. Here is the case for Rick Santorum. Santorum was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1990 at the age of 32. From 1995 until 2007, he served as a United States Senator.

SantorumFamily As a member of the famous “Gang Of Seven”, Santorum loudly opposed many Congressional “perks” and investigated what would eventually become the House Banking Scandal and the House Post Office Scandal. His fierce opposition to what he viewed as governmental extortion led one Washington Post reporter to describe him as “a Tea Party kind of guy before there was a Tea Party.” In reading the information provided on his website, it is clear that Mr. Santorum’s family has inspired many of his political opinions. His views are those of a father and a husband, two titles from which he draws immense personal pride. He believes in empowering America to do what it does best, but he’s also willing to put laws into place that would make possible such noble endeavors.

Rick Santorum wrote and championed the “Born Alive Infants Protection Act” which protects a fetus that who survives an abortion procedure. This act received almost unanimous support when presented on the floor of Congress. In fact, there was only one Senator who opposed the bill. There was only one Senator with the “courage” to speak out against the bill on the Senate floor. There was only one Senator with a conscience small enough to allow him to support the possibility of a doctor having to stand in a room and watch as a human life faded before his bureaucratically tied hands. Can you guess who that Senator was? That’s right…..Barack Hussein Obama! When Pastor Rick Warren asked Obama in 2008 “at what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?” Obama, in full campaign mode at the time, responded “Well, you know, I think that whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a science perspective, answering that question with any specificity, you know, is above my pay-grade.” Eloquent as ever, Mr. President but Rick Santorum believes that marriage and human life are issues that transcend a campaign cycle. Opinions of these fundamental subjects should be rock solid, no matter what a political advisor may suggest. Santorum believes that marriage between a man and a woman is special and should be protected as such. He believes that it’s special in that it is the only union upon which life itself depends.

Energy is another topic being tossed around a lot lately. In addition to the immediate implementation of the KeystoneXL Pipeline, Rick Santorum has a carefullySantorum1 articulated plan for America’s Energy Policy. Whereas Obama’s energy plan is similar to Clark W. Griswold’s infamous roller coaster ride at Wally World (he’s the deranged, fake-gun wielding, psychopath – John Candy represents the public), Santorum’s plan is logical and doesn’t involve loaning billions more of our dollars to companies that build products none of us want. Santorum believes that America’s dependence upon foreign oil sources not only drives up costs of almost everything within our borders, but it also severely limits our defense options. Obama restricts domestic exploration and facilitates America’s dependence upon unstable, often adversarial sources. Santorum believes that Americans should be given the right to invent, explore, and innovate our own way to energy independence. Obama has weakened an already burdensome regulatory process and imposed ridiculously unfair ideology where solutions are needed. Santorum believes in getting government the heck out of the way.

Speaking of defense, Santorum served 8 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Even before 9/11, Santorum led the fight to reform our military not for budgetary or political reasons, but for logical ones. He wanted to transform our military from the Cold War model by which we now operate, into a force capable of facing and dominating today’s threats. Germany is no longer a threat yet we spend billions of dollars each year maintaining, staffing, and supplying several bases in that country. Countries that actually pose a threat to our country are supported by either trade agreements, or our own laws.

When it comes to education, Senator Santorum believes in a “Put Parents First” kind of plan. This obviously makes him an enemy of big-unions whose very livelihood depends upon the current system of corruption, cronyism, and indoctrination. His education plan calls for flexible options designed to maximize the potential of the individual student. No longer would parents be at the mercy of the government to determine the education path of their own children. No longer would good teachers be stifled or driven into other careers because of union regulations, demands, and involvement. 

Obviously, Health Care is a huge issue in this election. Romney can’t possibly speak out against ObamaCare which scares me. Santorum, again with a “family-first” approach to his thinking, says he will repeal ObamaCare as soon as he takes office. Healthcare options should be between a patient and a doctor, not forced upon both by government regulations. His Barackness promised us that ObamaCare would lower our costs, yet the law itself specifically calls for increases in cost, taxation, and regulation. Businesses and Santorum2 our gasping economy can’t afford anymore of Obama’s “help” or “wisdom.” The Obama plan calls for tax incentives to encourage employers to stop providing coverage, leaving employees uncovered and in risk of penalty unless they succumb to the Obamanator’s Supreme Power and purchase government controlled healthcare plans. Santorum erases all that nonsense with a market driven healthcare plan that allows for premiums to come from pre-tax dollars. There is no religious conflict in Santorum’s plan as healthcare options are left up to the patient which, in and of itself, protects the religious freedom Obama is working so hard to strip away from us. (Liberals, feel free to insert “witty” anti-religion comment here…..the response is coming in the form of Friday’s article!)

Lastly, and the most important issue we all want addressed is the economy. None of this other stuff matters if we’re all broke and living in our Chevy Volts under constant fear of a battery fire. Rick Santorum has an economic plan which makes more sense than any of the others I’ve heard. Again, as is becoming a pattern, his plan is obviously the plan of a man who takes his family as more than just an obligation, or a photo-enhancer. Rick Santorum is a devoted husband and father of seven children. (That fact alone earns him some street-cred, don’t you think?) He believes the family is the first economy, and government should operate as a household operates. Santorum plans to simplify income taxes by reducing tax rates to either 10% or 28%. All others would be eliminated. He will also eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax and other confusing, often manipulated code within our tax system. He will lower the Capital Gains and Dividend tax rate to 12%. (That oughta thrill the Occupy Wall Street types!) He plans to triple the Child Tax Credit for each child in the home. Marriage penalties, of any kind, anywhere they appear within our tax code, would be removed. He has several other points in his plan that would make it much easier and less costly for companies to expand and hire.

All in all, Santorum would be a fine candidate for President. He’s stood up to Obama in the past and has won. He’s got much more experience than people think. I do believe that despite the popularity of the sweater-vest, it’s time to put on a suit and start acting Presidential. I’m not asking to sit on your lap while you read me stories, I’m asking you to run my country.

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J. Robert Giles


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