Friday, January 6, 2012

Misleading TheM asses…..(Oops! I Meant To Say “The Masses.”)

By: J Robert Giles

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“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”  

- Adolf Hitler


Wow! Didn’t that crazy little man from Austria just accurately describe the actions of someone in power today? Before you liberal whackos start sending me hate mail saying that I compared Barack Hussein Obama to Hitler, I didn’t. Save your breath and keystrokes. I compared Obama’s actions to those described in Hitler’s quote. It’s an accurate comparison, I looked it up. Now, stop reading my articles…..they’re not meant for you!

The liberal friendly media is going to make sure you know everything there is to know about Bain Capital over the next several months. Unfortunately, the spin they will put on their descriptions of this firm are jaded and manipulative to say the least. Here are a few facts to keep in mind throughout the initial volley. If we refuse to let their negative attempts take root, the issue will quickly die.

Romney / BainMitt Romney was hired by Bain & Company as a consultant but would later serve as their CEO. He pulled the firm from the brink of disaster and, once the parent firm had reached a self sustaining level of profit, started a spinoff firm known as Bain Capital. He took that small startup and made it one of the largest firms of it’s kind in a terribly short period of time. Yes, some people lost their jobs. Sadly, that’s the way it goes sometimes. When a company is facing obliteration and someone decides to turn things around, blame is often identified and laziness ushered out the door. There will always be people who object to change simply because they don’t want to work any harder. They haven’t bought into the overall mission. They believe the status quo should remain unchanged despite negative results. Those people are usually fired. (Hint, hint, Barackula!!) The termination of employees who, in one way or another, negatively impacted the forward mission of the company were let go. It’s sad, yes; but it does not mean that Mitt Romney is bad for jobs. In fact, lets take a look at a few real numbers being skillfully avoided in all negative reports about the current GOP front-runner.

Obama brags about adding 200,000 jobs to the Labor Force in December. Nice try genius, but most of that was temporary Holiday help. Did anyone go to the mall the week before Christmas? How about Best Buy? Did it seem like there were quite a few unfamiliar faces? Do you think they’re still there? No, they were temporary help for a temporary surge in consumer volume. The people who buy into those numbers as a win for His Obamanencyobama-lying will soon be crushed when January’s numbers show a drop of about 200,000 jobs. Obama is facing voters with the highest unemployment rate of any sitting president since World War II, yet he brags and manipulates. He uses “clever and constant application of propaganda” (sound familiar?) to make us believe that he’s turning things around when all he’s actually doing is lying creatively. With an average unemployment rate of 8.9% in 2011 Obama brags about adding a few hundred thousand jobs as if all problems are facing extinction. There were approximately 13,839,500 people out of work last year but thanks to the valiant and tireless efforts of our SHOTUS (Super Hero Of The United States…..”In” the United States would make a more fitting acronym!) we have seen that number drop to what we’re told is a MUCH better 13,639,500…..for a month. Thanks, your immanency. (By the way: I will continue to state the 2011 unemployment average as closer to 9.1% until someone can tell me why the eligible labor force inexplicably added 1 million people in September and October of 2011. Don’t say it was for Holidays because they were subtracted in November!)

Romney, on the other hand, took a startup company and propelled it to dominance in just a few years. Yes, he made himself a LOT of money along the way. In the industry in which he was thriving, income is the truest measure of success. Instead of painting him as a greedy fat-cat, why don’t we look at the fact that he succeeded in one of the toughest, most fiercely competitive industries on the planet. 

The media will do everything in their power to make you believe that Romney was a “draft dodger” during the Vietnam War. This too is categorically false. Please understand that Romney came from a very powerful, wealthy, and politically connected family. The left will have you believe that makes him evil, but let me ask you this….do you believe that Brad and Angelina’s children would be drafted into a military draft today or would they be given some kind of deferment? Would Bill Gates’ kids be shipped off to war? If you answered yes to either, you should stop reading here. You’re delusional. Still, Romney honored his obligation to the Mormon Church and had remarkable success in getting wine loving Frenchmen to convert to a religion that forbids alcohol. He was quickly promoted to Assistant to the Mission President in Paris, the highest position attainable by a missionary. In 1968, a car Romney was driving was struck by another car. Romney was not at fault but the crash killed the wife of the Mission President and rocked the entire mission. Disorganization and insurmountable grief throughout the mission launched Romney into the position of Co-President. He rallied the troops and they achieved 200 baptisms that year, more than any other year in over a decade. While stationed in France, Mitt Romney continued his defense of the United States presence in Vietnam in the face of French hippies. Can you imagine anything less attractive?

On the other hand, we have the man accusing Romney of being a draft dodger. Can someone please explain to me why Obama feels he has the right to question anybody’s service record with regard to the United States Military? Of course, Obama would never be so careless as to say anything himself, he just instructs his fleet of Wasserman-Schultz’s to spread the word. Young Romney

Young Obama While Barack Hussein Obama and his little media disciples may try to get in your head with their twisted facts and imagined numbers, please look at the track  records. Romney has had success wherever he’s gone it seems. His life has been one of determination and integrity. His overhyped opponent has led a life of mystery and unexplained gaps. Obama bypasses the Constitution of the United States to force his ideology down our throats despite proven failure. Please be smart enough to fend off any of the maniacal attacks that are sure to come Romney’s way in the upcoming weeks.

Now, for all you fervent Ron Paul supporters……when your man is the frontrunner, I’ll do a comparison of him and Obama. I’m sure he’ll come out ahead too, but right now, he’s in third. Settle down and stop demanding that I give him undue attention. If his time comes, I will give him an equal amount of research .

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J. Robert Giles


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