Monday, March 12, 2012

Illegally Entitled…..

By: J Robert Giles & Jacqueline Corner

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“It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”  - Noel Coward

Elvis Presley wasn’t fat, he was just a “Jelly Doughnut Enthusiast.” Charlie Sheen isn’t street-rat crazy, he’s “suffering.” People who sneak into our country, exploit loopholes in our laws, tax-code, and generosity are not illegal immigrants, they’re “undocumented workers.” To make things easier, illegal immigrants will be referred to as “illegal immigrants” throughout the rest of this article.

Over the weekend, my attention was captured by three different stories in which our own laws and political confusion are allowing illegal immigrants to simply steal a better life from our great country. Before you liberals who, for some reason continue to read my articles, get all worked up and start accusing me of the heinous crimes of racism, patriotism, conservatism, or Americanism, I would ask that you share those opinions with someone who will actually give them credence. That person is not here, I assure you. I’m sick of giving away benefits that I don’t even know about to people who should not be entitled to them in the first place. Our laws have been written, rewritten, and manipulated to the point where the people breaking the laws have a better understanding of them than the people who write them. Here’s a few examples.

The first story is based in Internal Revenue Service code, as so much of the confusion in our country seems to be. The Additional Child Tax Credit is an IRS code that allows people who don’t have any taxable income to receive a refund. The steps by which illegal immigrants are benefiting from this American generosity is elaborate and shows a Illegal Immigrant Crossing concerted effort to take more money from people who have very little left to give. In other words, our country is broke, yet last year we paid out over $4.2 BILLION to illegal immigrants who have discovered a way to claim and receive benefit from the credit. Illegal Immigrants simply obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number by following methods actively marketed within their communities. I’ll say that again…..the methods by which illegal immigrants obtain legal, United States Taxpayer Identification Numbers are actively advertised among communities of illegal immigrants. The liberal response to such an accusation is usually to discredit the source of information, so you do your own search. Type ‘Immigration Attorney’ into your search engine and see how many ACLU-ish looking websites you get in return. Illegal immigrants are not entitled to the federal benefits granted the people who pay into said system. The vague language of the law itself provides an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside in, and work without authorization in the United States. We are over $15 trillion dollars in debt and the left is defending a program in which $4.2 billion is given to people who don’t even have the legal right to be inside our borders, let alone to receive benefit from a pool of money to which they have not contributed. In 2007, we paid $1 billion to illegal immigrants via this loophole. Barack Hussein Obama’s 2009 stimulus package expanded the benefit so that 2.3 million people took advantage of it in 2010. They’re now “looking into it” to see if payments through this loophole should be stopped. Yet, I’m a racist?

Our next story is about an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who invaded our country and earned enough money to buy an American lottery ticket. He won $750,000. That was in 2010. It turns out that a man who lives and works in our country illegally can’t just go out and post his resume on Monster and join the American rat-race. As Jose Antonio Cua-Toc learned, you just can’t trust the network of sleazebags who take advantage of the vulnerability of immigrants. As disgusting as it is that we paid out so much moneyJose Cua-Toc in tax refunds to people here illegally, it’s even more disgusting to hear tale of the treatment many of these people endure while searching for their piece of the American dream. Honestly, you can’t blame the immigrants for taking advantage of a loophole in our laws. If it’s there, someone will take it. Immigrants, for the most part, come to America for the same reasons today as the ones arriving on Ellis Island in the early 1900’s. They want a better life for themselves and their loved ones and they believe our freedom and generosity will lead them to it. Most are terribly appreciative and loyal. Most work their tails off to engulf themselves in the history, tradition, culture, and hope of the American spirit. What they often find instead are people like Erick Cervantes of Georgia. When Cua-Toc asked Cervantes, his boss, to cash the ticket for him out of fear of reveling his “illegal” status, Cervantes agreed. Cervantes then kept the money and started to spend it. He kept it as his own and Cua-Toc understandably lost his mind. He threatened to kill Cervantes and his wife. Probably a little over the top but it’s the situation in which so many immigrants find themselves. Backed into a corner with threat of exposure keeping them from the defense and authority we take for granted as citizens. Anyway, a court finally ordered that the money be handed over to Cua-Toc, plus $207,000 in legal fees and expenses, plus $25,000 in punitive damages. He now faces deportation over the criminal act of threatening death, plus the whole being here illegally in the first place thing. Let’s see, after the IRS takes their cut, let’s assume Cua-Toc returns to Guatemala with $650,000 USD. One United States Dollar exchanges at 7.703 Guatemalan Quetzal, so he’s sitting pretty in that regard. Pictured below are several views of a home that would only require a small fraction of Cua-Toc’s newfound wealth. I’d say he got his American dream, but his actions have prevented him from enjoying it in the country that gave it to him.

The last story in today’s trinity of illegal entitlement takes a look at the controversy over whether or not an identification card should be required for voting. The always logical and fair NAACP is taking their opposition of the voting laws in several states to the United Nations. Is there ANY chance we can get the doors to the U.N. locked on the day this Voter ID ridiculous argument is being heard and only unlock them when the building and all of it’s occupants have been moved to a country that gives a darn about their opinions? That would probably produce a few jobs, don’t you think? Like I was saying, the NAACP feels that any law requiring a proof of identification in exchange for entry into the United States election process infringes upon human and civil rights by suppressing the minority vote. Should I translate that one, or can you all pretty much read between the lines? I ask you, what kind of “minority” is having their vote suppressed by being asked to show a form of identification? People with the right to vote should have no problem providing some form of acceptable identification. A driver’s license, passport, military I.D… you know anyone who doesn’t have at least one of those things? Now go into the back of your favorite restaurant and ask that same question. How about a landscaping crew? How about a Latino gang? A prison yard? The actions of the NAACP are simple ploys to attract attention and will no doubt be used in some future “fact”, but the United Nations has absolutely zero authority over the states or their legal systems. The only people who would be impacted by the requirement of identification at a voting center would be those who should not be voting in the first place. If you can’t prove that you have the right to be there casting your vote, but are still allowed a voice, then democracy has failed. Doubt me? Feel free to go cast your vote in an Iranian election. How about Mexico? You think you would be allowed a voice in the election process of those countries?

You liberals can throw all your accusations of racism and insensitivity at me that you want to, but the fact remains that I’m right and you’re liberal! No one on the right is saying that we need to close our borders and put up signs around America that say “No Vacancy” but we are asking that you start treating our country like you treat your home. There is a door to your home for a reason. That’s the entry. That’s the filter by which you decide who gets to come inside and who gets left on the front porch to plead NOT Ellis IslandEllis Islandtheir case. If a gang-banger with identifying tattoos on his face knocked on your door, he would probably be asked to leave. If a family knocked on your door and then spent  fifteen minutes praising the history of your home and honoring you as a gracious host, you might be willing to invite them in. You would invite  them in as strangers and would not grant access to your banking information, your insurance policies, or your tax refunds, but you would let them into your house. Once trust has been earned, you might help them secure those things for themselves. I love the “melting pot” history of our country, but our compassionate laws and political correctness have led to a reality in which more people are taking from that pot than are contributing. People who do not value the history or importance of that pot are desecrating it. People who have not fought for that pot are dictating it’s future. The people who came here in the early days of this country…..they risked everything. The ones who sneak in here today risk nothing. Once they’re in., they are taught to exploit and steal their way to prosperity. Healthcare, jobs, education…’s all free and it’s all provided by that great melting pot. Well, dammit…..that’s MY pot! Back off. If you would like to come into my home and honor the traditions of my family as a grateful guest, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like to work your butt off as those people in your ever-mentioned “melting pot” of the early 1900’s did, then you will one day be able to call yourself an American. If that is not something for which you express great personal hope, then enjoy your temporary visit and feel free to come back when you’d like to embrace our laws, language, history, tradition, and freedom. When you can accept the concept that your freedoms end when they limit mine, you are welcome to call yourself an American. This country was not founded and defended so that you could come here and secure a better life for your family illegally. Accept ownership in this great land and humbly contribute to the reduction of its debt. Show our flag the respect it deserves and we’ll share with you everything under it’s protective cover.

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J Robert Giles

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