Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Iran, We Ran…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“Avoid popularity if you would have peace.”  - Abraham Lincoln

His Barackness blessed his loyal subjects with his first press conference of the year yesterday. The fact that all eyes were on the GOP fueled “Super Tuesday” surely had nothing to do with it. More than likely, the quarter of a year delay was due to the inordinate amount of time required to prepare a steaming pile of verbal dung like the one he flung at us during yesterday’s presser. President Obama was peppered with questions of varying origin, and he responded with emotions of varying sincerity. I got the feeling Defiantly Ignorant that the press conference was keeping him from something. It was as if he was a little put-off by the fact that he had to take time out of his exalted day to answer questions from the lowly public. I assume the questions were keeping him from his fair-share of campaigning or golf. When someone had the audacity to question the brilliance behind his “sanction on top of sanction” approach to dealing with Iran, I thought his jaw might un-hinge.

“Iran is feeling the bite of these sanctions in a substantial way” he responded. Really? Are they really feeling the “bite?” Sanctions have been levied against Iran and their unique government for as long as anyone can remember. They’re piling up like parking tickets on an abandoned car. The owner of the car will never pay the tickets, yet the cops keep writing them. Obama rolled out the tired, old rhetoric about the drums of war, and how those warmongers on the right are beating them. Hogwash as usual, sir. It is you on the left who is beating the drums, yet they are not the drums of war. They are the tie-dyed, Birkenstock wearing, patchouli oil dripping, drums of liberalism. You have been trying since your first days in office to extend your liberal version of foreign policy to Iran. They have taken your offerings and made a fool of you and the country for whom you so valiantly campaign. Barack Hussein Obama also dropped a bit of his supreme military knowledge on us when he said “a casual approach to war leads to mistakes.” On this point, we are in agreement but I sincerely doubt that it is for the same reasons. I believe that war should be carefully approached. If handled the right way, there doesn’t have to be a war. Handled Obama’s way, with sanctions and finger wagging, and we will eventually be forced to interrupt one of the many Immaculated Vacations when Iran points a nuclear weapon at Israel.

His Barackness arrogantly explained his ever evolving position on Iran’s continued refusal to back up their claims of innocent nuclear intentions with proof. All we have asked for is proof that Iran is not using it’s nuclear program to develop a weapon. Just let the inspectors inside the facilities to insure that your low-grade uranium has not become highly enriched uranium. Taht’s all we’ve ever asked. They have sworn that they are not interested in weaponry, but they steadfastly refuse to offer any kind of evidenceMahmoudAhmadinejad- whatsoever of this claim. Obama says that his “policy is not containment. His policy is to prevent them from creating a nuclear weapon.” Just how the hell does he plan to do that? Does he plan to sit with Iranian President Badmood Inadinnerjacket down at the local pub to share a few pints and off-color jokes before working things out? Maybe they could exchange some of those sweet Members Only jackets. That’s been tried. Remember back in 2008 when Obama tried to extend his anointed hand to the Iranians and Ahmadinejad? Has any progress whatsoever been made in terms of proving Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

Sanctions do not work. In fact, these sanctions are causing more problems for the United States than simply ignoring them may have done. Iran is not the threat that many seem to believe they are. Iran’s government is a hybrid consisting of equal parts democracy and theocracy but the two have not seen eye to eye since the acceptance of this structure back in 1979. Their weird form of government has earned them very little respect in the heavily Islamic region and therefore does not lend itself to the retaliatory strikes that would surely come from a strike against a country like Afghanistan. Iran is all talk. Their false bravado has been sufficiently exposed, yet they continue to run their mouths. Now, the Supreme Leader is making mention of his intentions, with recent capture of majority control in Iran’s Parliament, to do away with the office of President in their confusing governmental structure. This means that any progress Obama believes he has made in Iran has been made with a man who may not even hold any power when it comes time to implement any deals they might reach. He keeps touting the success of his diplomatic approach but he’s approaching the wrong man!

This ‘wait-and-see’ approach of Obama is a slap in the face to Israel and is most likely being seen as such by Israeli PM Netanyahu. Obama is putting his own political needs ahead of the needs of a historically loyal ally and it’s about to bite him in his arrogant buttocks. Why does he believe sanctions will work? Sanctions are like traffic laws. Yes, they’re in place for a reason but are you more likely to follow them on your own, or when there is a State Trooper behind you? Admit it, as soon as you see that reinforced State Trooper front bumper and light bar in your rearview mirror you sit up a little straighter; you turn the radio down and find it much easier to ignore the incoming texts than when he’s not there, don’t you? Even if you’re not ‘ridin dirty’ as rapper Chamillionaire so eloquently put it, you still shape up, right? Now, imagine you’ve threatened to use your influence to jack up gas prices for not only that particular trooper, but for all troopers….and their families…..and their friends. Not only that, but you’ve ignored repeated requests by the Troopers for proof that you are not working on a weapon capable of annihilating a large portion of State Troopers and their supporters. In that situation, which do you suppose would have more impact…..a sternly worded letter from the American Association of State Troopers or a coordinated show of force? Would you be more likely to respond to a speed limit sign, or a heavily armed police shadow?

Israel has asked us to either show our support with military assistance or to step out of the way when they feel a strike is the only way to save themselves. That’s not beating the drums of war. To suggest such moronic lunacy is just tired, liberal rhetoric designed to give Obama a political edge in this election year nightmare. A nuclear threat is the last thing a weak leader like Obama needs right now. Thisimages will expose him for the political, self-serving monster that he truly is. He is going to have to find a way to convince us that he is not willing to sacrifice Israel to keep gas-prices from climbing even higher. Yes, the Ayatollah would absolutely love to see the United Sates do something stupid that he could finally pounce on and win the support of his Islamic brethren in the region but flexing our military muscle a bit does not have to lead to war. It only has to lead to war if there is a terribly weak leader in office. (Hint, hint….undecided voters!) We’re working on changing that scenario, Mr. President. Can you support us and stop dancing around hoping to get the best of both world’s from this situation? A true leader does what’s right in the face of political backlash. Obama’s ambitions only include Israel when they can benefit His Barackness. His Barackness does not like being put in a political-pickle. (Say it out loud, it’s fun!) This could get very entertaining watching him squirm if we can only get the media to ask the questions. Quit getting distracted with their carefully executed maneuvers like Sandra Fluke and force Obama to the carpet for his ineptitude. If we allow the media to give him room, he’ll figure out a way to make this whole thing look like it was either all his idea, or completely out of his control…..whichever helps his campaign the most.

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J Robert Giles


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