Monday, March 26, 2012

You Owe Me…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”  - Sun Tzu

Barack Almighty

Entitlement apparently knows no bounds within the Obama Presidency. Too often, conservatives paint liberals with a broad stroke, saying that they all support entitlement programs. While it’s true that most liberals support the idea of the government providing for its citizens what they are too lazy or unqualified to provide for themselves, the idea that entitlement mentalities are exclusive to the left side of the political aisle is absurd. We’re all guilty of some measure of entitlement mentality within our daily lives, whether we admit it or not. Littering is an example of entitlement in that you toss something out your car window and feel that you are entitled to someone else’s effort to clean it up. People who leave messes on the tables at a restaurant feel that they are entitled to the efforts of the busser or server when it comes time to clean it up. These are usually the same people who loudly complain when a restaurant hostess has the nerve to make them wait for a table. They then complain that the meal is not “like they would make it at home” and then leave an unjustifiably small tip. When you put stuff that you decide you don’t need at the grocery store back onto a random shelf, you are displaying a sense of entitlement. You are creating more work for someone else. That someone else must be paid for his effort, and the cost of that salary is divided among the consumers. In the same logic, a server who complains about a small tip is displaying an obvious sense of entitlement. An ex-spouse who demands that the other raise the kids but then expects equal share in the credit for their success is displaying a sense of entitlement. Obesity is a form of entitlement. Those who lack the discipline to modify their diet or to stick to a structured workout cycle do not deserve the same health insurance premiums as those who do. Those who cannot figure out that $3,000 is ENTIRELY too much to pay for birth control don’t deserve to have someone else pay the tab. Those who major in Art History and minor in the destruction of liver and brain-cells do not deserve the same salary as a business owner who has sacrificed almost everything to build his company. In the same fashion, a corporate fat-cat does not deserve profit at the expense of customer health, safety, or trust. Companies that fuel a certain agenda do not deserve millions of dollars in taxpayer money to pay to their executives despite the fact that they are declaring bankruptcy.

In terms of political entitlement, on a grand stage, Obama seems to be the King of Gimme. The problem is that Obama sees the world through the haze of an antisocial Gimme some space..... personality, according to the definition of the disorder given by the Mayo Clinic. Many feel that the hearings being heard in the Supreme Court this week will prove just such a point with regard to the over-reach of Obama’s perceived power. Another example would be the mic’d up slip up His Barackness will undoubtedly be releasing Jay Carney to nibble away at in the coming weeks. Obama, while wired for sound, was caught telling outgoing Russian President Medvedev to relay to Vladimir Putin that Obama and his administration need more “space” with regard to the often stalled talks over the missile defense system. Obama implies that he will be much more “flexible” after his reelection and that he needs space to work his magic. Once again, America is made to look weak in exchange for Obama’s personal appearance of strength. He begs for personal assistance in the form of a delay on any talks that might make him appear as though he is not in control. The needs, safety, and concerns of the people in BOTH nations were cast aside so that Obama may feed his insatiable political appetite.

Politics has become one of the world’s best examples of entitlement mentality, Getting votes quickly becomes more important than principles. There is no pride in the workTrampled done if that work doesn’t produce massive amounts of public adoration. It would be like NFL teams deciding to play only the games they were guaranteed to win. The season would be short and relatively boring. Entitlement provides for a few but leaves in its wake throngs of others who suffer at the expense of those few. Again, Obama is a prime example but the rampant ridiculousness by which so many of his decisions are made can be found in almost any politician. There’s no pride in the work done by an entitled person. Their pride comes instead from the act of receiving something from another person. Occupy Wall Street and all their crazy tent-dwelling buffoons were a terrific example. There was no direction in their mission, but they all agreed upon a strong desire to get a lot of stuff for free. There was no sense of competition in any of their arguments because most of the people who take advantage of entitlement programs simply want free stuff. They have no drive to earn anything. Their job is the pursuit of that which they did nothing to earn. Obama has done nothing to earn any “space” from the Russian people. He can blast us with remarks from indignant advisors all he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Russian people have not received the message that our missile defense system is not designed to destroy them. There is still fear in their hearts and Obama only cares about his re-election campaign.

Shine His Barackness has made it quite clear he feels entitled to our undying loyalty and vote. His statements make it sound as if he is absolutely certain of his reelection. All voter fraud allegations and conspiracies aside, he is owed NOTHING. We do not OWE the office of United States President to anyone who so blatantly disregards the traditions, obligations, history, and responsibility of such an honor. His smile, charm and arrogance may deliver for a short while the entitlements to which others feel they are due but eventually he will be called upon to produce results. Deflection may keep the weak distracted temporarily, but eventually there will be enough people saying “hey, that’s not what we were promised” and the facade of his record will defeat him. Obama and the left do not “own” the votes of, nor the rights to any race of people. If he wants our vote, he will need to earn our vote. Not the other way around. He is not the prize he thinks he is. The lessons taught to most of us through the pain of defeat have never been delivered unto His Barackness. Photo opportunity basketball games do not count. He’s never truly competed for anything but has instead twisted rules, playing fields, history, and definitions to suit his own agenda. He has manufactured accomplishments and then demanded that we honor him with unearned accolades. He has stripped away our freedoms and then demanded that we like it. He has told us that we’re not capable of providing for ourselves and then demanded our blind agreement. He has manipulated numbers to support his claims and has then demanded that these numbers be taken as truth. He has placed personal political need ahead of OUR needs and has then demanded that we serve him. November 6, 2012 will deliver a few demands we have of President Obama.

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J Robert Giles


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