Friday, March 23, 2012

Bastard’s Birthday…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.”   - Aristotle

Signe here to negate the Constitution....


ObamaCare, as it will be called throughout this piece, has now entered it’s second year of existence. According to a recent ABC News / Washington Post Poll, over two thirds of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, believe that the law should be repealed based on it’s author’s tenuous grasp of the United States Constitution. While several of the Constitutional infractions seem so painfully obvious, the upcoming hearings in the Supreme Court don’t really bring the level of confidence they should to either side of the party. Those of us hoping that ObamaCare’s second birthday will be it’s last are not all that confident that our Supreme Court is not corrupted by the insatiable ego of His Elena Barackness. It’s been well documented that Obama was granted a private meeting with all but one of the Supreme Court Justices prior to his inauguration. Conspiracy theorists and sane people alike have concluded that the meeting was in some sort of reference to the yet-to-be explained discrepancies in Obama’s birth certificate. Then there’s the presence of Justice Kagan.  Many believe she should recuse herself from these hearings based on her political influence used in promoting ObamaCare and her much publicized “wallering in the mud” after the necessary votes were gathered for the law’s passage.

The fact that the Supreme Court has a conservative majority within it’s ranks does little to quell the nervousness in the American people. But let’s put all that aside. There’s nothing we can do about the decisions made on that hill, in those robes. Let’s take a look at the notable absence of His Barackness from all the hoopla surrounding his little liberal baby. ObamaCare, a name which now seems to be offensive to His Barackness and all his quivering little counterparts, was supposed to be this President’s signature piece of legislation. This was supposed to be the thing that put his name in the history books as one of the greatest leaders the world had ever known. He campaigned on the grand promises of universal healthcare. He promised us little, but he did it with shiny words, so his infected base of support happily followed. This Act was supposed to be the crowning achievement of his presidency yet, he is painstakingly absent from any and all discussion surrounding ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act as he is now calling it. Funny, how “ObamaCare” was perfectly acceptable when people were buying into the hype. The man is trying to distance himself from a bill that for all intents and purposes CARRIES HIS NAME!

While Obama flies around the country in Air Force One, campaigning at our expense, he is not campaigning on his bold healthcare initiatives like he did in 2008. ($187,000 per hour to operate that plane according to US Military Sources.) A defeat in the Supreme Court next week, or whenever it may be handed down, would surely be devastating to his campaign and a victory might be just as bad. A victory, or a delayed-past-the-election decision, would lend itself to more criticism and conspiracy theory than would a defeat. According to what most view as pretty clear cut language in the Constitution, Obama is staring down the barrel of a defeat on at least the controversial “individual mandate.” The government is simply not allowed to tell us that we “have to” buy something. Auto insurance is only required if you drive. Homeowner's insurance is onlyThey Celebrate.... required if you buy a home. Neither of these coverages are required by federal law for every citizen, regardless of personal situation.

When Obama was still being carried around the country atop the shoulders of those he ordered to vote for him back in 2008, we were promised four major things about ObamaCare. These four things have conclusively failed and now the whole thing is headed to court. Obama refuses to address the issue.

  1. The Affordable Care Act will lower health care costs – Nope… estimates show that family healthcare premiums will increase by an average of $2,000 under this bill.
  2. The law will create hundreds of thousands of jobs – Again; those estimates are proving to be what we call in the business “bull$#!t.” New studies show that over the next decade, ObamaCare will actually cost the country over 800,000 jobs.
  3. ObamaCare will protect Medicaid – Sir, have you been locked in a tee-pee with Ricky Williams and Dave Chappelle? Your plan is currently estimated to be placing over $100 billion of new Medicaid costs onto cash-strapped states. It will also take an estimated $500 billion away from Medicare and encourage many employers to drop coverage for their employees.
  4. ObamaCare will allow Americans to keep their coverage – As long as those Americans are already covered with a government brokered, “Chuck E. Cheese prize” version of healthcare coverage and wish to remain covered under such horrendous conditions.

It’s time to repeal. Healthcare is a private and very individual issue. It should be a personal matter and it should be between patient and doctor. Yes, there are flaws in the current system, but once again the left feels that the solution is total government control. Their response to our contrarian stance on the subject is the same response they give to any other opposition. Those who oppose are uneducated, right-wing, Bible thumping, gun carrying, racist, environment destroying, war loving, extremists that are just here to amuse the almighty liberal. They twist numbers to support their “facts.” They distort polls and cherry pick the ones with which they grant credibility. No more. 67% of us (and I personally believe that number is actually in the low to mid seventies) are against this bill. Two thirds of a country are against something…..shouldn’t the Supreme Court take that into consideration? Happy Birthday, you little bastard.

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J Robert Giles


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