Friday, March 9, 2012

Dictated But Not Heard…..

By: J Robert Giles

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“It is not a sign of arrogance for a king to rule. That is what he is there for.”  - William F. Buckley, Jr.

Indeed it is not a sign of arrogance for a king to rule, as the father of conservatism so plainly acknowledged in the quote above. What is arrogant is for an American President to behave as if he is a king. Despite the fact that a crown would cover up a lot of the steadily advancing grey that is consuming Scalp-One these days, one has yet to be King Obama granted His Barackness. His increasing agitation and visible indignation in the face of questions that oppose his ideology has become more and more blatant as of late. He’s always talked down to us, and smirked arrogantly as if our trivial concerns are so far beneath his brilliance that we would be ashamed if we could see ourselves through his Immaculate eyes.

The outright disdain he shows for anything contradictory to his own radical beliefs is becoming more and more apparent. He has been, by far, the most polarizing President in the history of the United States, but a lot of that is our own doing. Hold on…..don’t go all Old Yeller on me and start foaming at the mouth with rage. We’re not always perfect, even though God, truth, logic, morality, business sense, common sense, financial wisdom, diplomatic reasoning, and patriotism fall on our side of the aisle. We occasionally get sucked into the liberal web of lunacy. For example…..we all fell prey to the disgusting allure of the Sandra Fluke nonsense. In fact, I myself wasted an entire day researching and writing an article (which was hilarious) about her testimony of false pretenses. We ate it up and it furthered his cause. We must stop it. We must stop obeying the dictations of Barack Hussein Obama if we expect any chance of celebrating our conservative posteriors off on November 7, 2012. Stop letting him steer the course of our values, opinions, and interest. Here are four examples in which we have allowed Obama and his loyal media-minions to tell us what to think.

  1. Unemployment: Just this morning, the Department of Labor released it’s much anticipated numbers and the world in which Obama is revered as god is celebrating like the stock market hit 30,000 and no one on earth is suffering. The fact is that the number went “unchanged” and “held steady” at 8.3%. 8.3% unemployment is now cause for celebration? Should we even trust the number in the first place? I mean…..every unemployment number this year has turned out to contain severaltruth-lies questionable assumptions or adjustments. Still, Obama flashes his charm and the world celebrates a victory they haven’t taken the time to verify. For example…..add the people who are unemployed and have given up their search for employment and the number is actually 9.8%. Factor in the numbers of people who have settled for part-time work, or are otherwise considered heavily “under-employed” and the number is a disgusting 14.9%. Despite these terrifying numbers, the economy does seem to be heading in the right direction, adding 227,000 jobs in February. We’ll give you that one Mr. President, but I’d like you to ponder this question…..Can you imagine how much better it would be doing without the choking effects of your obsessive involvement, regulation, and taxation? Stop letting these numbers go unreported. WE must stop letting these questions go unasked and therefore unanswered. WE must stop these assumptions and adjustments from being ignored.  
  2. The Chevy Volt:  Does anyone else find the new Chevy Volt commercial with the guy telling us that we “just don’t understand” the Volt to be a little condescending? Am I just not “getting’ the thrill of driving the equivalent of an unpinned grenade? I guess I’m not cool enough, huh? I get the same feeling from this commercial that I get from an Obama speech. They were most likely written by the same people, but here are some more of those inconvenient little facts that seem to get in Obama’s Melted Demand way when we’re loud enough to blast them into the atmosphere of his liberal world. Fact 1: Chevy Volt is not even the most fuel-efficient vehicle in Chevy’s lineup! That honor goes to the Chevy Cruze which, according to Chevrolet’s Website, gets 42 MPG compared to 40 in the Volt. Fact 2: Chevrolet recently “suspended production” of the Volt despite Obama’s continuous assertion that they’re flying off the lot. Sir, if they’re flying off the lot it’s due to the concussive force of their explosion, not intense public demand! Anybody know anyone who owns one of these things? Me neither. Fact 3: Millions of dollars were spent on weird, alien related Super Bowl ads….. Obama personally swore that he would buy one as soon as he’s out of office…..yet there were only 1,027 sold in February. I think we can all agree that the Volt is the bastard child of Bailout Blackmail and Barack Obama, but the fact is that they will never sell to the degrees of Obama’s predictions because they have not yet undergone the intense filters of American free-market enterprise. In other words, they’re not something we want, stop talking about them. I want more than a stereotypical car salesman out of my President, how about you? I want a President who is smart enough to realize that public opinion can’t be directed. Not even by someone as charming as His Barackness.
  3. War On Women: Let me get this straight…..we don’t agree with the dishonest, unproven testimony of a 30 year old activist who claimed to be a wide-eyed, 23 year old college student so therefore we hate women? Is that whet you’re saying, Mr. President? Again, I hate to keep piling on but I feel as though I would be remiss in my civic  duties if I didn’t point out a few more of those terribly intrusive facts you hate so much. You executed a well placed distraction with Sandra Fluke, but the fact of the matter is that her lies and deceitful testimony before a sluggish Congress was delivered under false pretenses. The calculated rage we gave you over this fact distracted Maherus from our fury over your Catholics Must Abort nonsense. If you thought of your daughters when you saw Ms. Fluke, then what do you think of when you see an aborted fetus, Mr. President? When you were the only Senator to vote against a measure that would require doctors to provide care to a fetus that survived an abortion, whose children were you thinking of then? What about the women who are stoned to death or beheaded in what you have referred to as “honor killings” in the Muslim world? Doesn’t that seem a little more like a war on women than us questioning the validity of Ms Fluke’s story about $3,000 birth control pills being the only treatment for her “friend” and the cancer she was battling? I don’t hate women, but I would submit that your treatment of women is far worse than mine. I think of my daughters every time I see you praising an ignorant pawn of your liberal orthodoxy. Why don’t you apologize to them? I think of my daughters whenever I hear you defending your destructive actions. You’re destroying morality, economy, and future yet you continue to receive praise in the media. No more. Our voice will not be silenced. And, Mr. President…..when you get through apologizing to all the daughters of parents you have offended, perhaps you can explain why Ms. Fluke deserved a phone call from the President Of The United States for the awful words she was called, but you have no problem accepting a $1,000,000 donation from a man who is so vile towards women he might as well be made of herpes?  Which leads nicely into…..
  4. Lobbyists / Super PAC’s: Obama has continuously argued against the use of Super PAC’s. So arrogant was he in his bashing of this practice that he was almost convincing. That is until he realized he was actually going to be challenged in the upcoming elections, then he changed his minds at speeds his Chevy Volt can only dream of. In 2007, in the early days of his campaign trail, Obama discovered that John Edwards has used a Super PAC run by his former campaign manager and you would have thought Edwards had committed adultery, had a love child, and casually watched his wife pass away while awaiting trial for other crimes.
    Obama vs 527 in "07
    Now, Obama can’t seem to gobble up the cash from these action committees fast enough. No explanation has been given other than the weak sauce thrown at us by Press Chihuahua Jon Carney which stumbled over himself trying to tell us the flip-flop was just misunderstood. Really? Is that the level of respect you have for those you serve? You think we’re that stupid?

These are just a few but there are myriad examples of Obama steering public opinion in his favor. It will continue until we rise up and stop it. He will continue to pour money into ready-fail ideas until we rise up and stop it. He will continue to smear our morals as something they are not until we rise up and stop it. We cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to his manipulations any longer. Focus and unite. Strong is the dark side of the force as our favorite little green Jedi would remind us if he were here. Fight back! Defend what’s right and demand attention be given where it is currently being arrogantly dismissed.

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J Robert Giles


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